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Started by Xillen, June 14, 2008, 05:48:17 AM

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This game is somewhat based on the Cube trilogy, with a sadistic twist mingled in. All the victims are female, and in order to survive and travel from room to room, they are subjected to a wide variety of sexual devices. Thought and cunning will be required to grasp the system of the rooms, which is required to escape.

Note, knowledge of the Cube trilogy is not at all required, as this story will be independent from the movies. Likewise, the rooms and the way they interact with each other won't be similar to those in the movies (like how Hypercube works different from Cube and Cube Zero).

At the start of the storyline, the characters will find themselves naked inside a square room, unable to remember how they got there. In fact, they can't remember anything at all, not even their own name. Basic knowledge still remains, such as being able to talk, identifying objects and bodyparts, etc... The characters originate from the regular modern world, with this Cube system, and everything related to it, being the only supernatural object.

As the characters explore, they will find the whole place one big puzzle, filled with small puzzles and traps, most of which are of the sexual type. If the characters are smart enough, they might find the solution and discover where the exit would be, but it would still be a big problem getting to the exit.

This game is something that came up in a discussion between Ellyssa and myself. I'll be running the role of Game Master, without controlling a character myself. Ellyssa will be playing a victim. Since we thought the game would come off a bit static without anyone to talk to, we decided to open a thread to see if someone else was interesting to play a victim as well.

There are a few requirements for playing a victim:
- Female player only (Sorry guys)
- Female character
- Should be ok with playing a victim role
- Should be tolerant to toys and weird creatures (but no plain animals)
- Should be tolerant to anal (the player that is, it's fine if the character doesn't like it)

All other ons/offs will of course be respected as normal.
This game will go in Non-Con Exotic Freeform Single Threads.


I'll be perfectly honest... I've never heard of the cube movies before. But, this sounded rather interesting, so I hopped over to wikipedia, and now that I have a bit better idea of what your'e suggesting... Well, I would love to play a victim for this, it sounds, honestly, like it could be a blast!


Sounds pretty amusing...  I'd be interested in taking a role in this game.  If there's space of course.


*Scratches head* I guess I forgot to mention, but we were only looking for one additional victim.

I guess I could squeeze in another, but I'm gonna let Ellyssa have a say in it first.


Nothing to worry about if its a two person gig, its a two person gig.  If you start up something similiar in the future, let me know.


Sorry, been a looooong day (and hectic weekend) so not on as much as I'd like.

I'm fine either way to be honest, ask Xillen, he's the one who seemingly is going to be burdened with most of the work, though he doesn't seem to believe me. :P

X: If you think you can handle it then sure, go ahead! I most certainly don't mind making a new friend! Else if you think it goes better with two then we'll stick with two, with apologies to Seraph and maybe a hold on the substitute spot if one of us drops out sometime. :)


Hmm, I'd have to adjust some puzzle ideas, since they'd be real easy to pass by when you have another person, but that shouldn't be too tough.

So I guess I'll let Seraph decide if she wants to join in as 3rd or not.

Greetings, Xillen.


If your sure you can run three people Xillen,  I would love to play.


Started the thread:

I hope it's not too complex for now to describe your roleplaying without an actual name for your character.

Each of you has bruises on the side of your body that's touching the ground (I'll leave it up to you which side that is), as if you're literally thrown down where you're lying. Your characters are naked, meaning no jewelry or other accessories as well. There's nothing to keep your hair together either. Each of you has something tattooed on the inside of her left thigh, which I'll describe in detail if your character bothers to inspect it. Other than that, the characters are totally up to you.


What an excellent idea! I wish i could play!

I loved the films but i didnt realise there was a third one?


This sounds... hot. I like the idea. You mentioned the word 'anal' which always makes me sit up and take notice. Then sit down. Then up again. Then down. Up. D... you get the idea. Though you seem to have a lot of interested girls now.

Is it possible to have, say 4 girls in two pairs and competing as 2 teams somehow? Or something like the crystal maze TV game where the team moves around the challenges in sequence and can see into a room and kind of get an idea what the challenge might be and must choose 1 of their number ONLY to beat the trap/puzzle at which point the doorway opens to let them all on to the next puzzle. Those not in the room can shout encouragement/give hints advice to the one performing the task.

Or if Seraph is still interested we can do 2 games side by side?

Or... if I'm waaaay off target just tell me to shut up ;)

And I'll sit down.


Etcetera... hahaha, I'm happy!


Actually, Seraph was in, but backed out of the game. I wouldn't mind you taking her place, but since I'm not alone on this, I'm giving Ellyssa and Nephili a say in it.

And sorry about that, Jester.

As for Cube Zero, it feels sort of different, because it also shows from outside the cube, but I liked it more than Hypercube, which really didn't have anything for them to focus on.


no worries Xillen. I am going to enjoy reading.

let me know if you want an NPC though :-)


Awww, poor old Jester! I turned you down yesterday too! I'm such a meanie! *hugs*


And now the world knows!

I hope one day you will regret your decision you saucy minx :-)


Um, we're spamming... but you know a few good spanks often cures most minxes of their sauciness  :P

PM me, we might be able to arrange for me to go over your knee sometime?


I don't mind the spamming in general, but it caused me to have 4 threads among the top 7 listed on Players Wanted.

People might consider me a hog :(


Any updates? *gets itchy when a game that sounds interesting looks like it might stall*


Love the idea.  I am kind of sad I cant play but think it will be a hit.

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Hello? Any life round here?


I think, considering my recent activity, I'm not actually gonna try and fire a new copy up, until stuff is sorted out.


Seeing this thread a while back, gave me an idea. What if, instead of a Cube, it's a dimensional maze of sorts. Has anyone seen Doctor Who? Basically, it's the far future but for everyone stuck inside this maze, their memories are erased and they think it's still the twentieth century. There are no puzzles to solve, only a number of doors to choose from. Each door leads to a different room, and once a door is entered, the person is altered, whether physically or just with the type of clothing they wear. Sometimes the character will wind up a mermaid underwater, or dressed as an Amazon in a jungle. But the common thing is, she will either encounter a very horny male, or a machine/robot wanting to have its way with her. Once she manages to satisfy them, the doors appear and she can choose which one to enter next.

What the people stuck in there don't know, is that it's all part of a gigantic galactic porno operation. People who are extremely in debt or suicidal, enter into the operation, having their memories removed and being thrown into the dimensional manipulator. So oftentimes they'll be interacting with one another, and not knowing that the person they're having sex with is just another 'contestant', where all the footage of what they're doing is being watched all over the universe. And the viewers get to vote what kinds of situations the hapless contestants wind up in after entering each door.

As time passes, they gradually remember a specific sequence of doors can lead them to freedom and answers, so there IS a way out. But...will a lot of them want that? Inside the maze they are basically immortal, unable to get sick or age because of the constant body manipulation.

Is that a twist you guys might want to utilize or am I a little too overboard?
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Since I'm more active lately and keeping a better eye on my schedule, I've been running some more games again, and I want to give this idea another shot.

Same requirements are before apply. I'm looking for either 2 or 3 female players.

Haibane and Sethite get priority if they're still interested, since they bugged me about it back then. Other than that, I'm not automatically going with first come, first serve.

Currently linked thread can be used as an example of play. I'll be starting a new thread, though.


I would love to do this if you do accept other players. Please, please pick me!  Waves hand.


I'm open to other players, just giving Haibane and Sethite priority, since they showed interest back then. They might no longer be interested, though.

Either way, I'm giving them a chance to respond to my PM before actually picking players and starting this.