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Author Topic: <Borderlands> No Rest for the Vault Hunter [Seeking Moxxi & More]  (Read 10472 times)

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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Currently Seeking!: Mad Moxxi, and other non-Vault Hunter characters, see third post. Vault Hunters still welcome. The game is currently active, but recruitment remains open.

Recruitment Thread <--You Are Here!
OOC/Character Thread <Post any sheets in the recruitment thread or a PM, I'll move them when they're approved>
Idea Thread

IC Threads

Note: The videos are just here to set a mood, they aren't indicative of anything in this plot, just the openings for both games and their theme songs.

"So... you want to hear a story, eh? Well, too bad... I don't have any stories. No... you'll have to make your own, but that's what guns and bandits are for, right? I guess I could tell you a little story, it's about a planet called Pandora, and the mysterious mineral called Eridium. Once upon a time, those things existed. That time is now."

"What? That's not a story to you? Fine fine... Pandora is called the 'Vault Planet', because of the mysterious locations known as the Vaults. Years ago, four very interesting strangers came to Pandora and created the tradition of
'Vault Hunters'. They unlocked one of the mysterious vaults, but it didn't hold the treasures they had hoped. However, it did make Eridium veins appear throughout the world. They say, more of the Vaults exist, as well... Now, the planet is covered in bandits, soldiers, robots, monsters, guns, Vault Hunters, and best of all... Money... There's lots of opportunities out there, so please, stop by, get a gun, and shoot those opportunities in the face!"

This game is set in an alternate timeline of the Borderlands games. It will take place during one of Pandora's summers (Pandora has a 7-Earth-year winter, and a 3-Earth-year Summer), and will be closer to the second game in setting, than the first. Guns will also be more like those in the second game, and there won't be a huge focus on loot (like in the games). Trying to figure that crap out would take forever, so most bandits will use shitty, barely worth picking up, Bandit manufactured guns. Occasionally, I might suggest that something interesting shows up, but otherwise, characters should pick a few interesting types of guns at the beginning.

The game is primarily freeform, but I will employ some balancing, technical details, and a 'system' or two to keep track of things. For the most part, unless you do something stupid, if you're a Vault Hunter, you're a Big Damn Hero, and if you attack a reasonably-sized group of bandits, you win. I am willing to take on Co-GMs to help run NPCs and come up with some ideas for how to implement special abilities, guns, and other details.

Okay, so, what makes this an 'alternate' world? First, only some of the characters from the game will exist in this world, and the plots of both the first and second game never happened. All the manufacturers (including Atlas, but not S&S) will play a part in this game. The First Vault Hunters, are not Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, and Brick, but four mysterious figures who have become a legend on Pandora (the OOC thread will discuss them more, especially as they become part of the game's primary plot).

Sirens will play a notable part in the game, and are discussed in the third post of this thread. <Just a minor note, the Siren page has more info, but there ARE spoilers on that page.>

Another major note, is that death is common in this world, and not permanent if you have a 'New U' profile. All Vault Hunters are likely to have one, as well as really anyone not directly opposing Hyperion (except poor people, screw them, if we start resurrecting poor people, how will I afford my diamond pony?). The cost, however, will be much more substantial than in the games, and won't be 'level' or 'money' oriented. I won't track actual dollars, but I'll probably track 'wealth' or some similar statistic. If you're poor, and you die, you can suck it in Hell, bitch! n.n

The OOC Thread will cover more information on the setting as a whole, but a basic outline of notable factors in the world can be found in the second post of this thread. If you are approved to play, you are highly encourage to read through the OOC thread and definitely to join the discussion in the Idea Thread.

Now for the rules:

  • Communicate! Tell me what's up, ask me questions, whatever! Just keep the lines of communication open!
  • The first thing to make me want not to read what you write is poor writing skills. If you don't speak English as your first language, that's fine, I'll cut you some slack. However... (if ur sentancez luk liket his with no punctuashun whatsoever) Then please, let's save everyone the headache. I don't want to reject you, you don't want to get into a fight with me and no one wants to look like a dick. So let's just agree that it's no fun to play together.
  • I tend to move stories along quickly. Slow posters will likely be turned off, I hate to make people wait, including myself. I'll keep it reasonable, and I would never intentionally penalize you for having other obligations, just try to stay involved.
  • Do not insist on arbitrary post size or post amount or anything. Post enough to play off of, and try to keep with the flow of the game. Honestly, it's all about common sense.
  • Do not make assumptions that you're in, and all character sheets are to be posted here or in PM. I'll put them where they go if you're approved. I won't say most players will be approved, but enough will be that it shouldn't be a big issue.
  • Multiple characters will be allowed, but by specific approval. Don't post two characters right away, post one, then we'll see about you getting another.
  • Read the 'On the Nature of Group Games' section... Do it... do it... Seriously, do it.
  • There are exceptions to every 'rule', and someone who is genial and really tries to make an effort will be welcome much more than someone who isn't.

On the Nature of Group Games: I've worked on a lot of Group Games and group game ideas since starting here, and so far, I've found them to be a major pain in the ass. However, there are ways to defeat this, and I learn from every experience, active or failed. They are some of the most rewarding experiences I've had, even when they fail before starting. So here, I'm going to discuss the beast that is group games and how we can keep them alive.

Before we get into anything, let me post the Oath of the Drake. If you can't meet even the basic tenets of the Oath, I honestly doubt I'll care if you fall to the wayside in my games. A group game is not just an obligation to the GM, it's an obligation to the players, and obligations don't have to be bad things. However, when you join a group game, you're agreeing to contribute to a game, not just be in one. People rely on you to help tell a story, and you're messing with their free time as well as yours, so have a little consideration for them, because their time is as important as yours.

The most important aspect of a group game, if it is to really thrive, is communication. An OOC thread is a place to foster relationships and keep everyone abreast of everything that's going on. Everyone has different styles and different paces, and a game suffers when slower players get left too far behind and faster players are forced to wait.

Fast players should find ways to curb their impatience, playing multiple characters or multiple games can help, as long as they can actually keep up. If one player isn't moving as fast as you'd like, and is involved in the same 'scene' or activity, use a little common sense. If it's been an hour, you need to chill out; if it's been a day, see what's up; and if it's been a couple days and you haven't heard a peep, then we can move on. This shouldn't have to happen often, but accept it if it must.

Slower players, however, need to understand that it's inconsiderate not to keep people in the loop, and it's even more inconsiderate for the game to hinge on you and it gets left waiting. If you can't make a post yet, inform people (sometimes that's not possible, you can explain it after the fact, but don't get angry if the game moves on), but when you're working with this many people, don't force them to wait on you. If you need a hiatus, or your stuck, or you're swamped with work or school, say something. We'll move the game on, or wait, and try to get something else moving.

In the vein of pacing issue, don't try to make every scene "big". Not everything has to be drawn out, and a big group doesn't mean everyone has to be in every scene. Instead, have characters meeting up in different places to play out different situations. Unless a big event is happening, there should only be 2 to 4 primary actors in a scene. This way, if someone falls short, it doesn't drag down the whole game.

Sex scenes can be problematic in this vein as well, and you have to consider how much of the game will go on while a few characters are... co-mingling. First and foremost, in most group games, unless everyone (or most of the group) is involved, take the scene to its own thread. This can be waived if for some reason it happens in public, but that could quickly become distasteful, so if that happens, it better be discussed beforehand with more than just the people having sex. If two or more characters decide to go off, they should keep the scene reasonably short, or accept that the game will go on without them for a scene or two. If the sex scene is mostly "smut", and little character or plot progression, feel free to continue it like a solo-game type scene, and return to the game as if you two (or more) involved individuals had done your thing and the time had already passed.

Next up is trust, I will keep trying to earn your trust so you guys know I'm going to be on top of things. I'm watching everything and trying to make everything mesh; and if you trust me, and you aren't a dick, things should go well. I will do what I can to neutralize problem players, or get them someone to help them improve (whether or not that's me). If you have a problem, tell me, or start a PM between me, you, and the person you are having a problem with, and don't accuse or be a dick. Just address the problem, and we can work it out like adults.

Finally, there's the issue of character "interaction". Like, someone's fist interacting with someone's face. Fights and antagonism happen, but not everyone is here to get beat up, be respectful. Try to inform them first, and keep your wording vague. You don't just punch someone, you take a swing at them, maybe they dodge, block, whatever. Of course, if someone 'dodge, blocks, and whatevers' everything, I'll find something they can't dodge. Seriously. If you see your character getting into conflict with another in the near future, maybe start a conversation OOC before it even gets there, it'll save a lot of headaches.

Sometimes you want a swing or an attack to be a surprise, which is fine, focus on vague wording, and maybe drop a note in the OOC thread afterwards to let them know that you wanted to keep it dramatic or whatever. Again, do this everytime, and I'll keep it dramatic on your ass (okay, that's a weird threat...)

Again, most importantly, group games need to keep communication open! Active OOC discussions make games run better, because it helps everyone know what's going on. When you agree to a game, you're agreeing to a social contract, be considerate of your fellow players. If you prove over and over again that you are harmful to the game, I'll drop you, no matter how much I enjoy your writing style or your character.

(Here's a Signature Banner for the game.)

Code: [Select]
[url=][img height=100][/img][/url]
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

No Rest for the Vault Hunter <World Info>
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2012, 04:23:43 AM »
The Borderlands

Here I'll write up whatever information about the world that seems reasonably important. Some of this will be made up information for this setting specifically, so don't question why you've never heard of a 'Arsenal' digistruct module or whatever.

Digistruct - Digistructing is an important part of the Borderlands universe. This technology allows the user to upload a blueprint into a Digistruct Module and create a physical copy of that blueprint at any time. Essentially, this allows for storage, but on larger modules (such as Catch-A-Ride machines), it can fully form a vehicle or something similar. Digistruct devices have a limit to how much they can store, which can be added to using a Storage Deck Upgrade (SDU). Digistruct devices have limitations, and it can be quite costly to digistruct an object for which one does not have the materials. Recently, Eridium has been used to power these devices, which has proven much more effecient, and more Eridium allows for more 'storage'.

There are three commonly recognized Digistruct devices on Pandora. The first is the 'Arsenal' personal device, a small Digistruct Module that can be attached to a belt or something similar, and allows the user to quickly Digistruct items such as weapons, shields, and other such items. This also has a special storage space which contains ammunition.

The second such devices are the 'Catch-A-Ride' machines, though the devices are officially referred to as 'Vehicle Digistruct Machine', by Dahl. 'Catch-A-Ride' was a colloquial name given by 'Scooter' and one that caught on, given Scooter owning every 'Catch-A-Ride' machine on Pandora, not to mention the unpleasant implications of the 'VD Machine'.

The final device is a unique patent, created by Hyperion, known as the 'New U' device. This is able to upload a user's DNA and $ Account, as well as 'downloading' a way for the 'New U' to detect when the user has died. If the user dies, a notable sum is removed from the user's account to fund a total reconstruction of the body. This means, with enough money, a 'New U' machine can 'reform' anyone to the state they were in when they last uploaded themselves (weapons, clothes, and all). 'New U' machines constantly upload data whenever someone with an 'account' is nearby, and anyone can opt to shut down their profile (in which case, when they die, they stay dead).

Hyperion has refused service to groups and individuals in the past (though almost never to bandits or Vault Hunters). These devices also have a secondary function, referred to as the 'Fast Travel' system, which allows the user to be stored and transferred to any other 'New U' machine at a minimal cost.

ECHOnet - The ECHOnet is a communication system provided free-of-charge to all residents of Pandora. This allows individuals to communicate over long distances, and was perfected by the Dahl corporation. ECHO devices can also be used as recorders, which is not an uncommon practice, as many people still treat Pandora as an exploratory experience. It is generally not difficult for anyone to contact anyone on the ECHOnet, and a person can block another individual's signal, but there are ways to get past such blocks (particularly for those working higher up in the various companies).

The Companies

A small company mostly focused on providing 'Insta-Health' stims. These help with physical healing and have immune system boosters, but have no vaccinating or curative effect. Anshin also makes shields which are designed to adapt to the situation at hand, as well as working with Maliwan to create the 'Transfusion' grenade.

One of the major factions on the planet, Atlas controls the private military known as the Crimson Lance. Highly efficient and known for some of the most dangerous soldiers and best guns out there, Atlas is likely the most dangerous group on the planet. The Crimson Lance employs heavy armor, specially trained medics and engineers, digistructed turrets (known as Scorpio Turrets), and a number of other tricks and abilities to the field. The current branch dedicated to Pandora is run by 'Admiral Mikey', a 7-year-old boy with a very nepotistic uncle high up in the ranks.

The Crimson Lance is also known for its assassins, usually women, who are specially trained to use stealth devices, agility, and digistructed blades to bring down their foes.

Atlas made guns are some of the best out there, with low recoil, easy reloading, high power, and high accuracy. However, Atlas guns are otherwise not notable for any special features. Atlas primarily specializes in soldiers, armor, and special military tech (such as cloaking devices for their assassins).

Dahl is a major corporation, which runs a private military that is a bit lower-tech than Atlas. Dahl, however, is quite capable, having created the 'Catch-A-Ride' machines and the ECHOnet communications system. They also provide numerous other items and facilities on the planet. Dahl originally sent convicts to Pandora to perform manual labor (specifically mining operations) on the planet. When the operations became too difficult to manage, Dahl abandoned the convicts, which led to the high rate of bandits on the planet.

Dahl is also known for their Sabre Turrets, which are less capable than the Atlas Scorpio Turret defensively, but are much more modular and have greater offensive capabilities. These turrets are still portable (and in fact, in many cases, moreso), using special digistruct devices which are, themselves, modular.

Dahl guns are generally known for being resilient, strong, and utilizing burst fire mechanisms. Dahl grenades are also interesting in that use bullets to create a fragmentation effect, rather than just using the shrapnel from the grenade itself.

Hyperion is possibly the most notable corporation, having its hands in space travel technology, robotics, satellites, security, and most notably, the 'New U' devices. Hyperion is possibly best known for its CL4P-TP line of robots, known as Claptraps. The little helper robots can be found all over, and have very interesting personalities.

Hyperion objects are often recognized by a single lens which acts as an 'eye' or 'scope'. This eye has become as recognizable as their logo, and can be found on just about anything made by the company.

Hyperion is also known for making guns with a strange technology that causes them to become more accurate as they are fired. However, the flipside is that this technology causes the gun to be rather heavy and often sways notably until it kicks in. Hyperion also created the 'Singularity' grenade, which creates a small 'black hole' effect which drags enemies into it.

Jakobs is a weapon manufacturer known for creating some of the best quality guns. They use old style processes, like working with wood and iron, to craft powerful guns. They're best known motto is: 'If it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jakobs.'

Jakobs guns are known for high power, and certain models (most notably their revolvers) allow the user to 'fan the hammer'. This allows the shooter to hold the trigger and constantly 'cock' the hammer, firing as fast as the user can perform the action. Jakobs is primarily focused on manufacturing guns (and their other endeavors have not generally gone well).

Maliwan guns are best known for their special tech capacities. A Maliwan gun always has fire, electric, or corrosive tech on it (and recently, they've been known to make 'Slag' guns). Tech guns are quite valuable, and bandits often strip broken Maliwan guns to make their own.

Fire tech is good for damage output and often burns the opponent for long lasting damage. Shock tech is good for shutting down shields and taking out turrets and robots. Corrosive tech eats through metal like armor and robotic plating. Maliwan is also known for creating elemental tech shields which create a nova when broken or have a 'spike' effect against melee attackers.

Pangolin is a minor company, which specialized in high capacity shields. They also make very basic grenade mods, but otherwise have very little notable presence on Pandora.

Tediore is best known for crafting the cheapest guns of all. These guns are so cheaply made, it is actually more efficient to build in explosives and allow the user to throw the gun as a grenade after depleting it and digistruct a new loaded gun. Tediore is the 'Everyman's gun', for the killer on a budget. Tediore also makes modifications to the standard shield and grenade mod types.

Torgue guns use 'gyrojet' technology to fire bullets which have low speed, but a lot of power. Torgue guns are most noable for their explosive bullets, and every Torgue gun is guaranteed to create only the most horrific, explosive deaths possible. Who needs speed or firing rate, when even a single bullet could turn a bandit into chili. Torgue has no real presence on Pandora, other than weapons, as well as some grenade mods and explosive shield tech.

Vladof guns are known for high firing rates. If someone needs to saturate the air with bullets, a Vladof gun will do the trick. The Vladof company seems to have a strong 'anti-fascist' streak, and are most likely to provide guns to those 'fighting back their oppressors'.

Vladof makes guns with high firing rates and relatively large magazines, and are also known for a specially crafted 'digistruct' shield which can absorb bullets (adding them to the user's arsenal).

Not technically a company, this simply represents the types of guns created by bandits. Made from stripped guns and spare parts, these weapons are known mainly for their high ammo capacities, as Bandits love anything that shoots more bullets.

Eridian weapons and E-Tech weapons are very rare weapons that use Eridium to power energy bolts rather than bullets. Eridian guns require no ammunition, but do require a recharge time, and their shots can fire in many different ways. One of the most common forms of Eridian guns shoot 'orbs' of energy which explode, similarly to rockets. E-Tech guns use Eridium technology to attempt to mimic and improve upon Eridian weaponry, to varying degrees of success.
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

No Rest for the Vault Hunter <Character Info>
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2012, 04:24:01 AM »
Character Info

Important Note! First things first, if you have any ideas for the story, or for character concept, or if you don't quite understand anything, ask. Ask ask ask, I don't mind answering questions. If you say, 'I want to be a Psycho-type character,' and then ask how to go about it, I'll help you understand what you need to know to get that character going. This section provides some guidelines, some explanations, and eventually, maybe some actual hard rules, but don't hesitate to tell me that you need help.

Players in this game can be anything that reasonably fits into the storyline. This includes bandits, Crimson Lance soldiers, Dahl soldiers, civilians, mercenaries, scientists, company men (and women), and of course, Vault Hunters. First, I'll note our current set of characters:

<Zhu Que> Gaige {Mechromancer}
<Geeklet> Vanessa {Commando}
<Jinxed One> Sera {Siren}
<AribethAmkiir> Circe {Siren}
<Latooni Subota> Saga Sawa {Siren}
<Ryuka Tana> Adrian 'Dri' Keir {Assassin}
<Pyrkinas> Nikolai Reznov {Guerilla}
<Pentagious666> Victor Cain {Crimson Vanguard}
<Cold Heritage> Acheron {Berserker}

Marcus Kincaid (Played by GM)
Scooter (Played by GM)
CT (Played by GM)

Next, I'll list a few character concepts, other than Vault Hunters, that are open and desired.

  • The 'Doctor' - This is a replacement role for Zed. The character doesn't need to be a real doctor, but acts as a medic, and provides Health stims and 'medical advice'. It can be a male, female, whatever, and may or may not have any skill with a gun.
  • Mad Moxxi - Scooter's mother, and the owner of 'Moxxi's' (duh). Moxxi has a partially created character sheet here (at the bottom of that post). Notably, she'd also be the mother of the next wanted character:
  • Scooter, the Sister - 'Hey! Name's Scooter! I's named after my sister.' Scooter has a sister, presumably named Scooter, which I think is extremely hilarious... So... I'd like to see someone do an interesting take on her.

Again, any character concept is acceptable. I'm going to try to break this down more clearly.

Character Concepts - You may make a completely Original Character, so long as it makes sense in the confines of the setting. This is not only acceptable, but encouraged. You may also remake one of the game's characters, as long as you twist it to fit the story of this setting. You can even just say, 'I want to make a character named Lilith, that is a Siren, and looks like Lilith, and is otherwise an entirely different character.' My response will be, 'Okay, let's do that.' Unless my response is, 'Sorry, someone's already doing something that conflicts with that.'

Basically, unless otherwise specified elsewhere, everything is up for grabs and none of the canon characters exist.

Another note, is characters will mostly be humans, cyborgs, androids/gynoids, and Sirens. You can have a Claptrap, Skag, or Rakk or other thing as a companion, and I may allow a Guardian character (no actual Eridians, though, at least not now). Most notably, there will be no bestiality and no weird Guardian sex... If you try to screw a Claptrap... Well, that's up to you... Anyway, I don't figure I need to say that, but I'm going to, because this is E and you never know... Children characters are allowed, but obviously, no sexy time for them.

(Also, we're not going to talk about the Rakk Hive's mouth in any sexual way, that's just not happening...)

Skills and Powers - Every character is allowed one major 'power'. Sirens should see the 'Siren' section below. Otherwise, this power may be a pet (like a skag or a... uh... Bloodwing, or a Deathtrap), or it can be a turret (like Axton and Roland). The power may be something as yet completely unseen, or really any special ability that could reasonably make the character a cut above the rest.

Not every character should have a special ability. Moxxi does not, nor do most civilian NPCs, or just other basic civilian-type characters. All Vault Hunters, however, will have some kind of special ability.

As for skills, a character should specialize in at least one type of gun (Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Rocket Launchers), and Vault Hunters and trained Soldiers should specialize in two, maybe three types. A character may substitute specialization for a special melee weapon for a weapon specialization. Characters may also note a few special skills (like hacking, lockpicking, Moxxi's seduction, Gaige's metal arm, Scooter or Gaige's mechanical skills).

In the end, it will be best for each character to be taken on a case-by-case basis, and some characters may simply be inherently more powerful or skilled. An experienced Vault Hunter may have many skills, but they are also likely to be considered a threat and have more enemies and notoriety.

Guns - This will be quite complicated, but for now, most characters should have a primary weapon and a side arm (as much as this is applicable). Non-combat characters are still likely to have some kind of protection, such as Moxxi's pistol, Rubi. These guns should be modeled after a company's specific style, though I can help players figure out what that should be like. The rules for guns may become clearer as we go, but these rules will have to do for now.

Sirens - There can only be six of these at any given time in the entire Universe. I don't care if they all end up on Pandora at the same time (it's hip and exciting, everyone's adventuring there), but there are never more than six. This means 5 slots are available, and 1 Siren is reserved as part of the First Vault Hunter group (not actually Lilith). Each Siren has a unique power, 'Phase-something', and have the ability to 'Phase Strike' (create a small burst of energy from their hands to use as an attack).

Sirens are born Sirens, and all have tattoos along the left side of their body, notably along the arm, leg, and along their chest to their heart. When manifesting their powers very strongly, they often have wings made of energy coming off their backs as well.

Sirens are able to strengthen their powers by using Eridium. However, doing so causes them to become addicted, and eventually Eridium withdrawals are fatal for the Siren. Using her Phase power once addicted will drastically speed up the time before the Siren must have more Eridium.

The Six Siren Powers (In this Game)
  • Phasesight - This mysterious Siren ability is wielded by the Siren among the First Vault Hunters.
  • Phase Leap - This allows the Siren to make a quick 15 to 20 foot jump, after taking a moment to focus. With longer focus, the Siren can jump farther, and the Siren cannot jump farther than she can see. This is the ability of the Siren, Saga.
  • Phaselock - This ability allows the Siren to lockdown a target in another dimension temporarily, making them unable to move or fight. This is the ability of the Siren, Circe.
  • Phase Tunnel - This ability allows the Siren to create a opening and exit 'portal' through which small objects (like bullets) can pass through instantly. This is the ability of the Siren, Sera.
  • Phase~ - (This ability is free to be determined by a player character.)
  • The final Siren power is a spoiler, even naming it could give something away, so I'm going to be careful with this one.

Character Sheet

Below is the general character sheet for the game. I'd prefer if people look at the OOC/Character sheet thread for examples, before working on their character. If you're interested in multiple characters, post each profile in the font/color you intend to write that character in.

{Note: Taglines are those lines like this and this and this, you don't have to have one, it's just for flavor}

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img]<Image URL Here>[/img][/floatright]
[b]Name:[/b]     [b]Player:[/b] <Link to your profile here>
[b]Gender:[/b]     [b]Class:[/b] <This is just for fun, make something up if you want>
[b]Age:[/b]     [b]Height:[/b]     [b]Weight:[/b]
[b]Appearance/Description:[/b] <Picture alone is fine, if you have more, add it here>

[b]Durability:[/b] <Describe your character's ability to withstand fire once their shield is down.>
[b]Shield:[/b] <Describe your character's shielding, and any special effects.>

[b]Special Ability:[/b] <Describe your character's special ability. Delete this section if its not applicable.>

[b]Weapon Specializations:[/b] <Not always applicable, but note no more than 3 weapons the character is notably good with>
[b]Skills:[/b] <Note a short list of extraordinary or otherwise notable skills>

<Describe any guns or other weapons, including grenades. A character should have no more than 3-4 major weapons (including grenades), and it is always best to work with the GM. A character with good shields/durability, a powerful ability, or strong skills may be asked to tweak down their arsenal. In the end, try to exercise good judgment and while 'Rule of Cool' is in effect, don't try to go for too much.>


[b]Sexual Interest/Boundaries:[/b] <Note any sexual interests/boundaries, and a general idea of what sort of things you are okay with OOC, such as NC scenes (which would generally not fall under your character's 'sexual interests')>
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Offline AribethAmkiir

Sooooooo interested in playing a Siren.  Haven't played the second game yet though

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Sooooooo interested in playing a Siren.  Haven't played the second game yet though

"Won't be using the plot, otherwise, uh... Imagine Pandora has more scenery than barren wasteland, and imagine the gun manufacturers have very distinct styles."

Online Geeklet

Looks like this could be quite fun. Are we going to be limited to the classes in game, or can we do our own thing if we want (provided its on a reasonable power level, of course).

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"I'll be working with any idea, so long as it fits the setting. I'll put more in the third post."

Offline Pyrkinas

You already know I'm definitely up for this.

Offline Zhu Que

"There are possibilities I will play this..." Shifty eyes.

Offline Cold Heritage


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"Does that indicate interest?"

Offline Cold Heritage

"Does that indicate interest?"

Yes. It does. In punching people/things/robots in the face so that they explode. And shooting them. With bullets. All the bullets.

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"Okay then, I enjoy the enthusiasm."

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  • Gozer the Gozarian.
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I have yet to play either game personally but youtube does go a long way for those that don't have a fortune to invest in games lol.  Joking aside, I might see how this goes and do some research into the different classes and stuff, but I'd probably be a sword swinging assassin or whatever they're called.  Can't think of what the name is for that particular class but a sexy stealthy assassin seems the most logical choice for me, especially the one from the second video where the dude seems to 'teleport' behind the two mech walkers or whatever they are and stabs both of them with one thrust of his blade.  The rest as they say takes care of itself from there since they were on a moving train before it goes up in flames lol.

Offline Cold Heritage

@Ryuku Tana: I'm guessing that the events of the main game happened - albeit with your caveats from the first post - in this timeline, but not of the events in the Secret Armoury of General Knoxx or Claptrap's Robot Revolution DLCs?

@Vergil1989: If you've got a PC that can run it, Steam puts Borderlands 1 on sale fairly frequently. I got the Game of the Year Edition for like 12 bucks when Steam put it on special.

Offline Vergil1989

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My PC sucks so that's unlikely to happen lol.  Still, I do have Steam and I do play Terraria more or less alright.  Beyond that though I wouldn't waste money on a game that probably wouldn't work on this thing.  Still, thanks for the idea Cold Heritage but that's why I have a PS 3 and Gamefly lol.

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"The events of the first game kinda happened, the four Vault Hunters were different people, there was no Angel, no Tannis. Honestly, it's best to say that unless I wrote it here, there's no guarantee it happened. Unless someone else took it, anyone can play a tweak on any of the characters in the game (for instance, one could play Steele as a Siren Vault Hunter character, rather than an Atlas corporation Commander)."

"Also, not everyone has to play a Vault Hunter, there's room for a Zed role (not specifically Zed, just a doctor or medic, who doesn't have to actually be medically trained). Moxxi will likely be available, since Scooter exists, and I'd love to see someone play Scooter... The female one... Cuz he's named after his sister..."

"Marcus and Scooter will remain generally the same, some locations might as well. The original Vault Hunters (that is, in this story) will likely eventually be playable, and will probably factor into the story. So far, I'm thinking there will be a Dahl soldier, a Siren, a 'Tactician', and a 'Bruiser/Brute/Psycho' type. I'll specifically ask players if they want to take them up as secondary characters, and I'll probably take over at least one."

"Any role in any part of the world (Bandit, Atlas soldier, Vault Hunter) is up for grabs, I'll work out the Character Details soon. If you guys have any other questions or ideas, shoot them my way."

Offline Zhu Que

"So, yup... Gonna play Gaige... Like she's been living on Pandora for a little and is now about 17yrs old." Nod nod.

Offline Cold Heritage

I want to play a 'serker of some kind. Not too sure on whether it would be ber or gun variety.

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Alright... Aaaaaaaaand OPEN! I'm taking ideas, character concepts, whatever. Let's do this thing."

Offline Cold Heritage

Right now, I've just got the basic notion in my head to play a Bruiser turned Vault Hunter. I haven't really decided whether I want to be a berserker like Brick or a gunzerker like Salvador. In light of starting with two guns, I'm sort of leaning more towards the former. This being freeform, it's also more conducive to punching things in the face actually getting the job done than it was in the game. Probably specialize in combat rifles and shotguns, although maybe pistols if mashers are still around and a Jakob's two-shot masher could be an approvable sidearm. If we get a Moxxi, I'd give serious consideration to the character being an Underdome prize-fighter who got Vault fever after word got out that the Vault Hunters actually managed to find a real one. Otherwise I'm sort of thinking he would just be a bandit leader who got tired of being in charged of a band of stupid jagoffs, killed them all, and then decided to get some phat Vault loot once, again, word got out that those things were legit.

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Notably, the two guns thing is more of a guideline, it's difficult given the whole freeform thing to say what's too much and what's not. A Gunzerker would reasonably be an exception. Also, melee weapons aren't entirely out of the picture, a Sledge type would be viable. Also, I'm not so much using straight up guns from the game, but a better guideline for guns will come from the secod game. Jakob's pistols are revolvers, able to be fanned (as in, actioning the hammer repeatedly to fire semi-automatically)."

Offline AribethAmkiir

Planning on playing a character named Circe who is one of the Sirens.  Going to snag up Phaselock while I can.

What I've got so far is that she's known she was a Siren since she can remember.  Of course, that comes with a price on her head.  A price high enough that her own mother, if she'd known her, would've been tempted to collect.  Luckily for Circe she was quick to learn the use of her abilities and not squeamish when it came to protecting herself.  Life on the run, isn't much of a way to grow up, but she manged.  Once she was old enough she signed on with a group of mercenaries/pirates/what have you.  Fortune smiled upon her once more as very few of the group ever tried to collect on the reward.  Of course, there was quite a deterrent knwoing what she had done to the first few who tried.

Years passed and she did whatever job she came across, without asking many questions and not paling to do what was needed.  She left the crew when it became obvious to her that her bounty was becoming a bit too enticing, even to those she called friend.  Enticed herself by the stories of Pandora's Vaults and the strange effects Eridium had on a Siren's powers, Circe decided to hop on the first transit planet side and suddenly became a Vault Hunter.

---- Something like that.  looking maybe to write a joint background with CH

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Changed the character info section to be a bit clearer. Aribeth, you may want to check out the newly added Siren section."

Offline Zhu Que

"Just because this is probably my favorite page right now; Gaige's Echo-casts."