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September 27, 2021, 09:52:40 pm

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Author Topic: Revamped but Not Forgotten. Wonders Aplenty and Sights Unlike Any! (MF, FF, etc)  (Read 4790 times)

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First off, I'm going to try and take this slow, but I am thinking about coming back and hanging out like I used to around here.  That said, I'm also trying to concentrate on my fanfiction stuff, so I'll likely do that more than this, so delays are to be expected more than usual most likely.  Meaning I probably won't post every chance I get like I normally did lol.  Seriously, I tend to post anytime my muse kicks in or I have a particularly active partner.  Also, I want to apologize for disappearing on everyone, again, but RL got pretty rough, to say the least.  More  on that can be found in my A/A page, but I am thinking about coming back, but for now I'll likely be very selective about any stories and stuff I get into.  Thanks for understanding folks!

A few rules to consider first though, if you'll bear with me.  You came this far so I take it you are intrigued if nothing else.  Anyway, here goes.

Rule 1;  I do have an RL life just like everyone else, and of late it's been a little rough.  So, I do offer fair warning now.  If I disappear for any extended amount of time, it's because certain events, (check A/A page for more details,) have not worked out and I won't be able to get to a comp for some time.  For now, things are alright though so hopefully that won't be an issue anytime soon.

Rule 2;  I don't do straight sex or endless smut stories.  I love details, character driven, plot oriented stories of considerable length.  Posts should be a minimum of two paragraphs, five sentences a piece.  More is always welcome, but I understand RL and time restrictions, time differences, and stuff like that.

Rule 3;  Grammar is also a must for me.  I can take a few mistakes here and there, but please PLEASE try to be intelligible.  There's a spell checker here on E as well as on any MS Word program.  Use it, it's not that hard.  I won't be a grammar Nazi or anything but I do expect some level of coherency is all.  Is that too much to ask for?

Rule 4;  Chances are I'm going to want what I have listed already over something that's down in my general interests.  I'm merely saying this now because I hate to disappoint people lol.  Still, thanks for the interest and hope to hear from ya soon regardless!

Rule 5;  The most important rule of all.  HAVE FUN!  "Pulls out party poppers and whirly gig things."  Lol, joking aside there, I do hope that no matter where we go from here, that we are able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest.  Now, to the stories!


I've come to realize that other than a few rare instances which I can number on one hand, most of the stories I've been asking for solo wise have been rather lack luster of late, and always seem to die off due to an inability to come up with anything because either A, the posts are abysmally small, or B, they are of a quality that is rather...lacking unfortunately.  I hate starting up a promising story, especially if it's something I've been craving, only to be unable to continue because I can't think of anything to put up in reply.  To that end, I think I might have to start asking for writing samples, just to see what it is I'm getting into.  If you can't impress me, then it's probably best we don't even start a story together.  So, PM me a sample first of whatever comes to mind and if I like what I see, then I'll be happy to continue plotting.  ;D  I know I'm not the best writer by any means but even my more smut filled ideas have some plot and development thought into them.  I just want to be given a challenge, is that too much to ask for?  :P

Regarding Systems

A quick side note before I forget.  I'm actually hoping to learn a little more about system gaming.  I have VERY limited experience with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and 5th edition, but not nearly enough to feel even slightly comfortable with trying to do so without a patient GM.  I've also recently gotten into Vampire the Masquerade related stuff, but I haven't even played a game of it so my experience there is pretty much a big fat zero.  Still, I AM curious about it, so it's not impossible to bring up, let alone a few other system ideas of similar content most likely.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.  See ya!

And now, for the stories.

Zelda/Gerudo guardian story:  F/F centric since, outside of Ganondorf, all Geruda are women

I stumbled across something online, a short three minute video of Breath of the Wild's Zelda being introduced to some rather tender if erotic and sensual lesbian love by Urbosa, one of the Four Champions.  While I'd vastly prefer a story to mindless smut for smut sake alone, that would at least be the goal, obviously lol.  I honestly think I'd do better and enjoy playing the Gerudo in the pairing, but everything else I'm happy to discuss.  Unless we can come up with a believable way for Link to accept such an arrangement that doesn't break with his character as a noble and selfless knight and possible love interest to our Hyrulian Princess, chances are it'd be far less of a headache for both of us if we just had it be the two of them alone.  At any rate, just wanted to drop this off while I was thinking about it.  See ya!

Nailkaiser's Origins:  An Angel Blade origin story.

We know Phantom Lady transformed the girl who'd become Nailkaiser, but who was she before that happened?  What was it like to grow within the Dark Mother Organization?  This, and much more, I'd be interested in exploring if at all possible.  That and I'm just a fan of futanari monster women and their actual mutant companions, call me weird.  Despite the obvious bend towards a more sexual story, I'd actually like a plot where our characters grow and learn how to use whatever powers they're given, especially since it's speculated the transformation Nail underwent wiped her memory for the most part.  If that's indeed the case, then it explains why she doesn't find it difficult to do all of the bad things she does until her eventual betrayal.

Inheritance  A harem type idea.  There was a time not so long ago that they were all the rage, but most of them died out pretty quick.  Still, a few stuck around and were pretty interesting, all told.  My idea isn't all that original, but meh, everything's been done at some point lol.  I will say though I'm interested in getting to know the various girls that are a part of whatever inheritance my guy and possible his twin sister gets their hands on from an obscure aunt or uncle or something.  Even if the plot isn't all that fleshed out, character development alone would be worth the effort in my opinion, and as far as kinks go, I'd be willing to indulge in a little more than I normally do for other stories.  Pegging, futa on male, cosplay, maid outfits, and whatever else we agree on.  If we agree he has a twin however, there won't be any incest between them, beyond that and my usual O/O stuff I'm open to most things.

NSFW harem pictures

Crossover ideas.  Over on Fanfiction.Net, I have a well known reputation for being able to combine two different fandoms together in new, interesting ways.  Sometimes it's as simple as throwing a few characters into another world all together, while sometimes I think of a way to unite their respective worlds in usually believable ways.  Either they already were part of the same space, or they were just in the next planet over.  Whatever the case, this section is dedicated to my more outlandish ideas I've had pop up into my twisted imagination.  While the idea of crossing over fandoms is hardly unique, this is just a few of my own twists.

Sheparding the Future (Post Mass Effect 3 and Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover)

Basically, the idea was spawned by a story I found over on SpaceBattles called By the Goddess, where a self insert character was reincarnated by the asari goddess, Athame, to try and save the Mass Effect universe from the Reapers.  To do this, this self insert gal asked to be put into the Marvel universe, reborn into the body of a young X-23, or Laura Kinney from her more comic book origins rather than the recent Logan movie, which was incredible, don't mistake me, but it made sense for the author to have chosen a different version since she'd needed to be old enough to effect real change, as well as to have her start early enough into the 'movie and show verse' that she can collect allies, resources, technology, powers, and whatever else she'd need.  The same idea would apply here, except it'd be Shepard herself rather than some random self insert, being given a new life to try and get it right.  The catch, is that Shepard would NOT return as herself once her task in the Marvel verse is completed.  She'd be stuck in whatever body she'd 'wake up in'.  Not only that, but reality can bend just enough to allow for her to influence certain things, such as creating a completely original person.  For example, I'm actually running a Quest over on SpaceBattles where Shepard was voted to wake up in the teenage body of Victoria von Doom, the daughter to Victor von Doom and Wanda Maximoff.  SO, if anyone's interested in this idea, feel free to hit me up with ideas.  ;D


Also, in the Quest, she has a love interest that was given the same choice as she was, so you could actually take on whoever ya like from Shepard's crew and put them in the body of someone on the Marvel side.  The catch there however is that they wouldn't be able to immediately start in the same area as Shepard or vice versa, due to the risk to all of reality imploding.  :P  Once the transfer is complete however, both Shep and whoever possibly follows her will be subjected to whatever emotional attachments those people have to those around them, any fears or anxieties, abilities, etc.  That also involves anything malicious, such as a trigger scent in Laura's case that, when activated, forces Laura to go into a murderous rage until the target with said scent sprayed on them is dead due to the people who 'created her' in the lab, as well as any PTSD or the like that might be lingering for whoever gets chosen.  Just something to keep in mind.  ;D

Take It Back (A Legend of Zelda and Dragon Age crossover

There's a Quest being done over in SpaceBattles by the same name, where the author has seamlessly melded the worlds of Dragon Age with that of the Legend of Zelda, specifically the map from Breath of the Wild.  The premise is that the current Queen, a young Zelda vas Hylia, must contend with the Empire of Orlais trying to conquer the known world, monsters running rampant, corrupt nobles in her own court, Majoran Cultists trying to destroy all in their path, Gerudo trying to invade from the deserts of their home, the Yiga clan trying to assassinate everyone and their mother, and that's not getting into the darkspawn, the Qunari, the Tevintur Imperium, or the threat of Corypheus and his Venatori a hundred years from now.  The goal of those trying to keep Hyrule from being taken over is to stave off assaults both within and without, while also preparing for the threat of Corypheus as best as we can.

For this story though, we'd mostly be just dealing with the day to day in living in this weirdly fused world of demons, blood mages, Templars, and three golden goddesses and their blessed land of Hyrule.  Whether that's from Zelda and someone just trying to find a safe haven at the castle, or just a couple of average knights, whatever, I'm open to suggestions.  :D  There would likely be some fighting, demon attacks, monsters, and just people doing stupid things for all the usual reasons, but it'd be heavily story driven whatever form this ends up taking.  So, who wants to take it back?  ;D

More to come as I can think of them/are given suggestions.  See ya!

Solo RPs I'm In Right Now

Martian Magic with Evilnerf

Solo RPs No Longer Active

Yugioh GX/Persona 5:  Thieves of the Deck with Dwarfvader
The Surprise Inheritance with Andol
Trials of the God Born with Mannik
Blue Blooded, Armed, and Collared with Arkaniel

Fandoms I enjoy

Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Star Wars
Game of Thrones
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10
Young Justice
Justice League
Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender.  (Duh lol.)
Yu-Gi-Oh  (Not Zexal)
Stargate  (Definitely not Universe.)
Dungeons and Dragons
Babylon 5
The Matrix

Hentai I enjoy:

Bible Black and Bible Black Origins (Not New Testament)
Angel Blade and Angel Blade Punish
Dark Love
Angel of Darkness
Inyouchuu and Inyouchuu Shoku (Not Etsu)
Viper GTS
Hell Knight Ingrid
Discipline and Discipline Zero
Armored Knight Iris
Living Sex Toy Delivery
Taimanin Asagi
Mahou Shouju Ai

This list is vastly incomplete.  I'll likely add a few more as time progresses.  For now though, it's a start.  ;D
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I've included a new list of currently active RPs, as well as a couple of new cravings while removing a bunch of old stuff.

There's one for a Mass Effect/Marvel crossover reincarnation story that's been on my mind quite a bit actually.

And while I didn't list it although I probably could, there's actually a Quest over on SpaceBattles being run by another and very talented author, where he's taken the world of LoZ and thrown Dragon Age into the mix in such a way that they've always been the same world.  The Quest is called Take It Back, but the general idea is that, (since people voted to start in Hyrule), is that the people of the elven centric kingdom of blessed magic and monster infested lands are trying to rebuild their civilization, with Zelda vas Hylia leading the way forward, as is her birthright.  Corrupt nobles, threats from Majoran Cultists, raiding parties led by the Gerudo, Orlais trying to conquer the entire world, and far more have either already happened or they're unfolding as we speak, but I'm all for hearing possible ideas here for something a bit less grand but no less story driven.

That and SpaceBattles isn't smutty like this place is, so there IS that to consider lol.

Offline Vergil1989Topic starter

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  • Join Date: May 2010
  • Location: Menzoberranzan, dark city of the Drow
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  • Win a thousand fights, but you can only lose one.
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I listed that Legend of Zelda and Dragon Age crossover, and I also included a desire for an Angel Blade story, exploring Nailkaiser's origins before she became a mutant, loyal to the Phantom Lady.