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Author Topic: Pokemon: Chains of Evolution (Closed)  (Read 440 times)

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Offline RevenentTopic starter

Pokemon: Chains of Evolution (Closed)
« on: September 18, 2012, 06:16:29 PM »
The Adventure
OOC Discussion
Interest Check
Character Roster
Region Map/Event Listing
Tetso Pokedex



First of all, welcome, and thanks for reading this! This thread is to find new interested players for the Pokemon: Chains of Evolution RP as new players are needed. In the threads listed above, you can find detailed information on the premise (Interest Check), what sort of action has gone on already (The Adventure), and what characters are already in play (Character Roster). We aren't too far in yet, so new players should have an easy time jumping right in. Some general stuff to know:

-This RP is set in the non-canon Tetso region, which is depicted in the (work-in-progress) map above. Tetso features its own set of towns, lore, and non-canon pokemon (111 and counting!). See the Tetso Dex thread above to check out the few that have already been discovered.
-The "main" roles in the RP, or the ones I'm seeking to fill first, are actually the Gym Leaders of Tetso's newly forming Pokemon League. The RP is starting out with a Pokemon League Summit, where the leaders will be meeting for the first time and will be introduced to the public. However, regular trainers are also welcome, and will be given equal prevalence in the plot and interactions.
-While this is most definitely not a system game, I'm trying to keep things well-paced by having an Evo Point and Skill Point system, which allow players to keep track of each pokemon's progress toward evolution and toward unlocking new attacks. This is more fully explained elsewhere, so just ask if you want to know more. Otherwise, battles and everything are done through free-form writing.
-For those interested in playing Gym Leaders, the following Type specialties are available:

Various (a la Blue in the second generation)

* denotes that the Type belongs to one of the Elite Four members, so if you want to do that one, you'll have to REALLY convince me to let you have it. It's pretty unlikely, though.

That's all I can think to put for now. If you're interested pop in and say so, or feel free to put up a character app right away if you're playing a trainer. If you want to play a Gym Leader (of which there is only one unconfirmed slot left, unfortunately), just post to say hi and reserve your Type. I'm still waiting to here from a current trainer player if he wants to upgrade to the Gym Leader slot, so keep in mind that this may end up being taken. Hence why I wouldn't advise you to type up a whole Gym Leader bio yet.

Now I think that's it. Post any questions you have, and I'll be closing this off (for now) after four have showed interest. Thanks for your time!


Code: [Select]
[b]Age:[/b] Being that this is a new Pokemon League, it's reasonable to expect most of the Gym Leaders to be younger.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Pictures are welcome, but not necessary. If you don't include one, be sure to be detailed with your description.
[b]Specialization:[/b] Mandatory if you're playing a Gym Leader.
[b]Orientation:[/b] Might as well include it. Any are welcome, but feel free to leave it blank if you haven't decided yet.
[b]Personality:[/b] Keep it simple if you want, but remember that this will probably reflect on your character's Type choice and the style of Gym Challenge they instate, as well as their battle methodology.
[b]Hometown and Region:[/b] If they're a local, you don't have to include the town, unless you've already thought of a name for one.
[b]Background:[/b] At least a paragraph or two would be appreciated. Especially important is their trainer history, how they came to choose their Type, and probably how they got noticed by the Tetso Elite Four.

[b]Starting Team:[/b] Since they're all new Gym Leaders here, and we want some sort of progression in the RP, here are the rules for your opening team:

-One first stage pokemon and one second stage (mine being a Turtwig and a Gloom, for example).
-No second stage starters or pseudo-Legendaries (i.e. you can have a Charmander or a Dratini, but not a Charmeleon or a Dragonair, at least not until the former evolves).
-A second stage of a two-stage family or a pokemon with no evolutions or preevolutions is acceptable for the second slot.
-Pokemon that seem too powerful may be denied. (I wouldn't want someone starting with a Rhydon, even though it's only the middle pokemon in its family. A Magmar might be okay, though.)
-Include their moves. The first stage can start with three, the second stage can start with four. Keep it as something they would learn under level, say, 20 or 25, or by TM if it's not too strong.
-For the sake of making this less confusing, without special permission, you may only nickname your character's primary pokemon (or just one of your choice).
-No legendaries, obviously.
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Offline AribethAmkiir

tentatively interested.  Gonna have to look at it in more depth later.  I'm still in finals, Rev.

Offline RevenentTopic starter

No problem. Just let me know what you think when you have a chance to look. :-)

Anyone else?

Offline apygoos

is the gym leader slot still open?
Im also assuming that the gymleaders are as much part of the adventure as the trainers are?
in any case, if gym leader is still open, ill take dragon