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Started by kingmaster1, August 01, 2012, 04:19:18 PM

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Me and a couple other people started a zombie game and one of our people dropped. Anyone wanna take his character?

Name: Lance Corporal Charlie ó Raghallaigh (O'Reilly)
Age: 24
Occupation before Outbreak: Scout Sniper in the United States Marine Corps
Background: Charlie wanted to be in the armed forces for as long as he could remember; it was back when he couldn't have been more than five years old and his 12 year old brother took him to a fair ground and led him to one of the old rifle games where you shoot tin cans and win prizes. His brother, Liam, handed over the carnie a few dollars and they sat side by side for hours, picking off tin cans - this was when Charlie's talent in marksmanship made itself known and he excitedly turned to his brother, another military nut, that he was going to be a soldier just like Liam was going to be when he grew up.

6 years later and Liam enrolled into the Marines as part of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal team and quickly rose up the ranks to become a Staff Sergeant. He did 2 tours of Iraq before coming home, telling his younger brother all of his stories and experiences in the Corps that only made Charlie more enthused to be a soldier. Liam then shipped out again to do a year long tour in Afghanistan and a week before he was due to come home, the ó Raghallaigh family received a letter of condolence, announcing that Liam had been killed in a roadside bombing in an attempt to diffuse a bomb strapped to an innocent man's chest. The entire family was devastated, perhaps none more so than Charlie. But the tragedy did nothing to put him off joining the forces, if anything, it only made him want to enrol more so.

Which is exactly what he did on the day of his 18th birthday and rose to Lance Corporal with ease, sending mutterings throughout the higher ups on his expert marksmanship and extreme determination.

Charlie was on leave when the outbreak struck; he was living on base when the zombies attacked but luckily, the base faired well given that it was full of weaponry, ammunition and men and women expertly trained to kill. After the base was once again secure, the base was given orders like all other bases within the country to gear up and fight against the threat like they had been trained to.

Sometime after leaving the base and travelling where they could in the armoured convoy, the relatively small team of Marines were attacked in the dead of night by a hoard of the creatures that overwhelmed them despite their efforts and despite their mass of ammunition. It was a bloodbath that continued for hours and when dawn broke, there were only 3 men left - Charlie, a Private who had managed to climb a tree just as Charlie had and one man on the ground, sobbing and moaning in agony, whimpering and calling for his mother. Charlie and the Private picked off the last of the lingering zombies from the trees and cautiously climbed down to the man on the floor. As they had seen through the days of infection, the man was slowly turning into one of the creatures; frantic and distraught, he grabbed Charlie's fatigues with a bloody hand and tearfully begged for death. The man nodded and carefully took off the soldier's dog tags, slipping them into his pocket before he shot the man in the head before he could turn.

Charlie and the Private - Benjamin - then collected as many dog tags as they could retrieve, as much supplies and ammunition as they could carry and set off on foot, knowing the vehicles weren't salvageable. It was mere days before horror struck again - in the midst of searching a Walmart for food, Benjamin was jumped by a zombie, knocking him to the ground and pinning him to the floor. He yelled and Charlie acted as fast as his could but it was too late, after kicking the twice-dead corpse off the young Private, it was there, clear as day on his left cheek - the bite mark that condemned him to death.

Charlie sat with the Private for a long while; they talked as his healthy slowly started to decline, talked about why they joined the Corps, what they'd seen, who'd they'd left behind, who they'd lost. It was only when the sunset that Benjamin passed away and Charlie finally got up, slipped Benjamin's dog tags off his neck and put them safely away then lodged a bullet in his brain before walking away to find shelter for the night.

He hadn't posted yet so you get a blank slate for it more or less  ::)


come on now, perfectly good character here!


Maybe if you talked a little more about the game...  :P


It's a zombie apocalypse game taking place in modern day Colorado. It's based a lot on the walking dead so if you like that it's perfect for you.

here's the OOC:

and IC:

we aren't very far with the IC since we're waiting for someone to take up O'Reily.


Am i to understand correctly that he was to be currently posted at a base in colorado?




Alternatively we could kill off the lost player's character and therefore the game only needs a new player who can create their own character.



I would be interested in playing a new character at some point, I do like a good zombie story.

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okay, I think we could use another male character, so if you're okay with that post your profile on the OOC


Yeah, we only have one guy at the moment >.<


Will do soonest. I may have to sleep before that, so look for it sometime tomorrow.

Oh, and I am happy to play a guy! I am one of those strange twisted Lieges your mother warned you about after all.
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