Bella's Requests [Sub F for Dom M]

Started by BellaVita, September 18, 2015, 04:32:10 AM

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♥Welcome to my humble little request board!♥

Before you read, you can find my Ons/Offs here :)

Some of my expectations:

- If you want to do any book or movie related plots, please know the series we are playing.

- I play females only, and usually like to do one character at a time. I can play multiples if they are unimportant, but I prefer one main character.

- Please let me know if you are going to be unable to post if it's going to be a long time and I'll do you the same courtesy.

- I am a Submissive

- Romance: All my stories must have an element of romance. Even if they have a master/slave relationship, there should be some chemistry and feeling there.

- Posting: Please be able to try and post once every few days. I hate having to go back and reread a whole thread just to remember what our RP was about.

- Please do not request me to get on an IM client to discuss our RPs. It is not my method of contact!

- On that note, I only like to RP on the forums, so please don't ask to RP on email or IM.

- Please look at my Likes and Dislikes I tend to look at them a lot when beginning a new story as well as previous writings.

- Do not be afraid of asking me ideas or wanting me to elaborate on anything. I have these Ideas here for a reference not a guide. Nothing has to be followed to the T.

- Keep in contact with me if you have questions of general comments on the RP.

- While there is no post length requirement, I would like a certain amount of literacy. We all make mistakes, but sometimes reading a post that's riddled with spelling errors can be quite the turn off. And just remember, if you give me 2-3 paragraphs, I'll likely be able to do the same. (Though I understand that with talking posts they can be quite short)

General Likes:

- Anything with a fantasy/supernatural feel
- Modern/Fantasy or Realistic
- Medieval/Fantasy
- Futuristic/Fantasy or Realistic
- School Setting

Some books/games/shows I like:

- Harry Potter
- Pirates of the Carribean
- Pokemon
- True Blood
- Dexter
- Teen Wolf
- DC/Marvel Universe
- Charmed
- Reign
- Game of Thrones

Plot Ideas:

(Remember, all plots can be tweaked or talked about! Just shoot me a PM)

The Club

He owns the club that she walked into that night looking for work. She needed a job and he was willing to offer one, for a price. She wasn't used to the supernatural scene, but he was ready to show her everything he had to offer. (For this one, I'm thinking of a guy who is a vampire/were/warlock and takes this human girl under his wing. Perhaps she stumbled upon this supernatural community or maybe they are known in the world? He gives her a job and she's willing to do just about anything for some cash.)

The Arrangement

Two werewolf clans need to band together against an opposing threat. There's a lot of bad blood there but the simplest way to bring them together is an arranged marriage. (For this one the threat could be just about anything, a large wolf clan, humans or something else. I would be the daughter of the former Alpha who died recently and you would play the current Alpha of the other clan. This could go a lot of ways, but generally I would like for them to be a sort of love/hate relationship.)

The Secret

Your typical popular girl and nerd/jock/whatever. She is a bossy rich bitch who rules the school and would hate your guy for one reason or another. One night they somehow end up alone together and he shows her his secretive dom personality. She ends up really liking this side of him, being bossed around instead of being the bosser, and she feels conflicted. (Another sort of love/hate relationship idea I had. They could end up together with her being too drunk or perhaps he blackmails her in some way?)

Men that get me going:

Joe Manganiello. He's rough, rugged and sexy as hell.

Alexander Skarsgard. Tall, blonde and handsome.

Chris Hemsworth. Another tall, sexy blonde with a big hammer.

Jason Momoa. Mmm.. that long hair.

Orlando Bloom. He can rock the hell out of that man-bun.