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Author Topic: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Closed)  (Read 2229 times)

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Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Closed)
« on: April 26, 2012, 05:24:26 PM »
Into the Unknown

An Epic Adventure


[Group 1 - Into the Unknown]

The 13th Legion. Proudly dressed in Red. Banners fluttering in the wind. The 13th Legion of the Red. The Ghost Legion. One of the greatest mysteries of the world. It, more than anything, is the reason people have heard of the town of Tetrarch.

Tetrarch, prior to the Legion, was an out-of-the-way town, nestled in the Northern reaches, on the White River. It was the place those wanting to get away from society came. One brave soul managed to cross the White River and erect a ferry to its northern shores, the only crossing for hundreds of miles. It allowed men to venture into the Wilds, hunting and tracking for animals not found elsewhere. Tetrarch gots its first boom.

Years later, Gold was discovered in the hills surrounding Tetrarch, drawing people from all walks of life. Tetrarch became important. A Gateway to the North, sitting on Gold resources. The Empire took notice and its first detachment and Mayor arrived. Tetrarch boomed again, expanding beyond its original borders.

The Old Town still exists, along the shores of the White River, squalid and rife with people up to no good, its the place you go if you want something ‘dirty’ done. Its homes are mostly wood. The New Town, wrapping around Old Town though centered on the White Keep (named after the river) is a little bit better off. By no means a City, Tetrarch is more like an oversize village with its newer additions made out of stone - like the 20ft walls that surround it. It’s still an out-of-the-way place not to grow much beyond that.

The 13th Legion arrived with fanfare. They set up camp outside of Tetrarch, red banners flying high over bleach white tents. They stayed for a year, building the Stone Wall and Keep, paving the main street, straightening out Tetrarch and eliminating much of its ruling criminal element. But the 13th was destined for greater things. Bringing the town up to speed was a means of establishing a base that could support the forthcoming expedition - traveling into the wild, untamed, unmapped Northern Wilds.

There were, of course, plenty of rumors of lost treasures and civilizations, monsters and creatures of the night. Many a man had gone venturing into the Wilds. Few ever returned. The 13th Legion was to correct that. It took nearly a week to transport the Legion and its supplies across the one small ferry to the Northern Shores and the Wooden Palisades that guarded the outpost on that side.

The 13th Legion marched into the Wilds on a foggy morning. They left behind wives and children and loved ones standing on the Southern Shores waving and weeping. It was the last any would see of the 13th Legion, as the last soldiers, their red capes laying flat against them, disappeared into the fog. Not one noise, not one survivor, not one artifact has ever been seen. A few brave souls have ventured forth in search of the Legion - The Ghost Legion as it is now called - never to be heard of from again.

Group 1 will center around my original group game, where a (dare I use:) Fellowship of Folk are gathering at Tetrarch. They have a wealthy benefactor who has agreed to pay for their supplies from the onset, and an even heftier sum once they return, should they venture successfully into the North on some expedition (yet to be determined by me) rife with danger and the likes. All sorts of people are welcome to join this expedition. Humans and Elves are the preferred races, Dwarves are NOT allowed (see Group 2), and any other Fantasy Race needs to be OK'd by me (thus the Interest Check, to see what ideas people come up with!
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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2012, 05:24:44 PM »
The World of Ribenheim

The Races of Ribenheim:

There are three distinct races of Ribenheim.

Human - Humans are the most commonly found Race in Ribenheim. While possessing a shorter lifespan, they are a hardy and resourceful race. They rival the other races in Artistic works. Due to their ability to breed easily, they are the most numerous Race and are able to field large armies against their foes which has helped spread their borders. Humans come in all shapes and sizes and personalities, making it hard to fully understand them.
--The Nord: Men from the North, large and muscular, at home in frigid climates and snow. Considered an uncivilized race of men. Most tribes are still at war with the Empire.
--The Der'ati: Men from the South, slender and olive/dark skinned. Wearers of Turbans and light garments. Inhabit the regions around the Great Desert. Possible remnants of an Ancient Empire.
--The Ribens: the most commonly found race, your typical varied human.

Elf - slighter of build than humans, in most world elves are also slighly shorter (not in Audalis, however). They have pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes; elves love nature and the forest, and tend to dislike cities. Elves live an extremely long time - 600 years is very typical. Conversely, they do not mature as quickly... 60 to 100 years is cosidered to be the elven equivilant of manhood. Elves commonly consider themselves to be the 'highest' race in a world, and are often thought arrogant by other races. Elves have natural skills with bow and sword. Elves are very agile but are not quite as sturdy as humans. Elves possess a special ability known as infravision - basically, they can see in the dark, to a limited degree.
--High Elf: Slightly shorter then their Human Counterparts, High Elves are the Elves typically in charge of Elven Lands and Peoples. A little straigher postured, a little better maintained, they are also the keenest on seeing peace among their peoples and extend such offers to the Humans. Fair skinned, typically with 'metalic' hair (Silver, Gold, etc).
--Wood Elf: Perhaps the greatest Rangers in the world due to their ability to blend with Nature, skill with Bow and Arrow, tracking skills, etc. Browner skin then their cousins and shorter, expert wood-crafters as well. Brown skinned with browned hair and eyes.
--Iron Elf: Shunned by their cousins, these Elves have abandoned their homelands and harm the land, mining for Irons. As such, they are shorter still and slightly more bulky then their cousins, preferring to fight in Armor and with Sword. Still a force to be reckoned with even in small numbers. Usually employed as Foremen in mines dues to their ability to smell gases and see in the dark, along with a streak of cruelness not seen in other elves. Pale skinned with dark hair.

Half-Elf - Half elves are not truly a race, per se, but a result of human and elven intermingling. While longer-lived than humans, their lifespan is shorter than that of elves, typically 250-300 years. Like elves, most half-elves have pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes; unlike them, most half-elven males grow facial hair. Half-elves tend to fit in better with humans, but in some cases, don't fit in at all. They posess infravision, though not as strongly as elves.

Dwarves - Dwarves are rumored to still exist despite all reports to the contrary. Were once known as Master Stonemasons and Weaponmakers, any weapon or armor of Dwarven Design is highly sought after. It has been nearly 250 years since the Last Dwarf was sighted. Not much is known or remembered about them, other then their shortness in size, burly bodies, and their skills with both Hammer and Axe.

Magic is, by all accounts, a Lost Art. It appears sporadically here and there, mostly rumors of a Witch causing an illness, or something along the like. There are those who devote their whole lives to the study of it, reading ancient accounts, searching for lost Towers and Tomes, but all end up with little to report on. However, the stranger truth is that Magic is slightly more active then being a Lost Art. There are those who are blessed (or cursed) with its powers. Most have short lives and not because they can't control the Magic. Mostly it is because once it is known they posses a 'special' touch, villages turn on them when loved ones die or crops fail. Magic is, essentially, shunned. Those who posses it are best kept to secrecy.
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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2012, 05:25:00 PM »

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2012, 06:10:28 PM »
Will be updating with World Information later.

Currently, have a few people interested in this game. Looking for a select few more to join.

Please, send me a PM if you haven't already.

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2012, 03:44:52 AM »
Now that I am done with my vacation, I am reopening this Group Game as well.

Offline RedEve

Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #5 on: August 26, 2012, 08:51:54 AM »
Mentioned this before in a PM, but still interested in the Lost Legion game. :)

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2012, 10:25:34 AM »
Feel free to send me a character sheet. I still plan on running this game, even if only a few people.

Offline Siereis

Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2012, 01:07:05 PM »
Sounds like a great setting/intro for an RP.  However...a few questions:

1) What sort of story content could I expect to experience? For example, roughly how much combat, socializing, sexual content, etc will there be?
2) If there will be sexual content in this RP, how will it be handled? For example, is sex purely between player characters or is there the threat of non-consent monster 'stuff'?
3) Any other information about how the game would actually be played would help!

Thanks and once again...sounds like a great starting point.  Definitely interested, but I'll wait until my questions are answered to make a character.

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #8 on: August 26, 2012, 01:12:57 PM »
All good questions! I plan on posting more world information to help answer them.

Depending on the party, there is a risk of NC/Rape scenes (but only if a character decides it). Relationships between characters can also lead to sex (warming a bedroll, a tumble in the woods late at night) but the sexual element won't be the main theme or feature of the game (unless you want your character to be much more sexually active, at which point we can work something out).

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #9 on: August 27, 2012, 04:23:11 AM »
Accepted Characters

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Character Sex:[/b]
[b]Character Appearance:[/b]
[b]Character Race:[/b]
[b]Character Items:[/b]
[b]Character Strengths and Weakness:[/b]
[b]Character Skills:[/b]
[b]Character Background and History:[/b]
[b]Characters Reason for Joining the Party:[/b]


Character Name: Conner O'Fearghail

Character Age: Actual - 18, Appears - 18

Character Sex: Male

Character Appearance: Refer to Picture.

Character Items: Chainmail vest with localized plate armor, padded leather gloves, leather pants with leather-armored greaves, boots, Iron Helm. Heater Shield with Family Crest, Family Engraved Longsword, dagger. Traveling Rucksack: (Waterproofed, contains change of clothes, food, waterskin, flint-and-steel, wetstone, bedroll, sewing-needle).

Character Strengths and Weaknesses: Hubris - especially in regards to his family. Fighter - very skilled all around fighter. Stubbornness - when he is set in his ways there is no stopping him. Narrowmindedness - has been focused on the small picture for so long he does not see the big picture anymore. A Hard Life - always expects the worst conditions, does not know how to relax or take comfort in others. 

Character Skills: Horse Riding, Sword + Shield Fighting, Weapon + Armor maintenance and repair, Command, Map + Compass Reading, Tactics + Strategy

Character Background and History: Conner O'Fearghail was 8 years old and living in Wittenburg, a quaint village in the warmer southern regions, when his father marched North, at the head of the column. At the head of the 13th Legion. Captain Cearbhall O'Fearghail, veteran of two campaigns, leading his first campaign, well known and well respected amongst his Troops. Married, a father of two boys (Conner and Cathal). A man about to become Legendary but for all the wrong reasons.

Conner well remembered that week, waiting for the messenger to arrive with news from his father. Every day Conner, the youngest of the two brothers, would stand by the main gate, waiting, peering down the road for the Messenger on Horseback. The Messenger arrived four days late, and Conner soon learned that his father had 'disappeared'. But 'disappeared' was better then 'dead' as it meant there was hope that he was still alive.

In the 10 years since that fateful day, Conner O'Fearghail has not given up hope. He never let up in his studies of the art of war, training night and day to become the best soldier that he could. His father had left a legacy as far as Conner was concerned. While others viewed the O'Fearghail name as shamed, Conner held true. But even his dreams could come to a crashing age.

At the age of 15, one year shy of being able to enlist in the Legion, Conners older brother, Cathal aged 17, was killed in action. His actions - a suicidal charge at the enemy - had saved the lives of his men, buying them enough time to fall back after being cut off, but at the cost of his life. But it brought a measure of honor back to the O'Fearghail name. But Conners mother was heartbroken, her husband lost and now her eldest son dead. She could not bear to lose Conner and refused to allow him to join on his 16th Birthday - that meant he'd have to wait until he was 18 to enlist and lessened the chances that he'd discover the whereabouts of his father.

So Conner fled his home and joined up with the Black Fist, a Mercenary Company of Soldiers. There he learned the grim realities of life on the road, of fighting for money. He honed his skills from amongst the best the Black Fist had to offer. He also traveled to many places with the Company and grew his own reputation as a skilled swordsman. But there was always that greater goal of his gnawing at the back of his head. With two full years of service to the Company completed, he was allowed to go on his way at the ripe age of 18. He had learned all he could to heighten his chances of success and the Company assured him he'd always have work with them if he ever came back.

And it is now, after all these events in this young mans life, that we arrive at our present location: Tetrarch - Gateway to the North!

Reason behind joining the Party: The Party Leader, Conner is looking for a few good men (or women) to join him on his quest to find his Father. He knows that alone he has little chance of survival, but with a small group his odds are much improved. Safety lies in numbers, his father had always told him. But too many and the danger increases.

Additional Notes:

Logan Marshall

Character Name: Logan Marshall

Character Age: 24 Years Old

Character Sex: Male

Character Appearance: Flowing wavy blonde hair. See picture for further description.

Character Items: Traveling rucksack containing twine and sewing needle, sharpening stone, food, coin, Sleeping Roll and red cloak, waterskin. See picture for clothing.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses: Battlefield Intelligence - is always aware of what is going on even in the heat of combat, able to influence with such ability. Dual-Wielding Weapons - armed with sword and battle axe (instead of a shield), provides a two fronted attack. Where Sword is useless, Axe excels (and vice versa. Stamina - tied into dual wielding and years of fighting, his stamina goes above and beyond that of the average man. Paranoia - used to living life on the edge, he finds it very hard to relax even in the best of circumstances, also trusts few people. Coin - A mercenary always goes where the coin in the pockets run deeper.

Character Skills: Dual Wielding Sword and Axe. Weapon Maintenance. Armor Maintenance. Bartering. Athletics. Running.

Character Background and History: Logan Marshall was the youngest of three brothers, born to a Veteran and his Tavern Maid wife. One could say that fighting was always in his blood. Growing up, he was often the brunt of his older brothers play-fights. Always outnumbered and always out muscled, Logan made it a point to be quicker and faster then everyone else. It allowed him to outrun his brothers when they became more violent and the quickness allowed him to dodge their blows. But with it came his lifelong paranoia, of always being on edge around everyone, never knowing when the next blow would come. Over the years he has developed the ability to see the actions of a man shortly before they make them and he has grown aware of everything on the battlefield, knowing that one attack is often followed by another.

Both of his brothers - 6 years older and 4 years older respectively - went off to join Mercenary Companies at the age of 16 each. Like all Mercenaries, they would go through two years of intense training while squired to veteran Mercs. They would start at the bottom of the rung and have to work their way up the ranks before being made full Mercenaries at the age of 18, able to join whichever Company they wanted at that point. The coin was far better then joining the Kingdoms Army and one could live life as they wanted. Logan, of course, set his ambitions on such goals as well and followed in his brothers footsteps. Especially after what happened to them.

Logan was only 14, which made his brothers Liam (18) and Lachlan (20) full Mercenaries. The two had managed to stick together and joined the same Company - The Red Fist - before taking a new assignment in the North. They were attached to the 13th Legion due to the Red Fists penchant for fighting in the woods. It was the last anyone ever heard of from those who went into the mists that fateful day. It did not deter Logan and he strives to follow in their footsteps. Its been 10 years since that day and now Logan finds himself as a Free Mercenary, taking coin and work where and when he can get it.

The rumor mills are churning once more and Logan is about to embark on a quest to find his lost Brothers.

Reason behind joining the Party: Seeking to find answers to the disappearances of both Brothers.

Additional Notes:

Enji Rimoon

Name: Enji Rimoon
Race: High Elf
Age: 82

Physical Description: Enji is a model of her kind.  She stands tall for an elf - barely over 5 feet tall - yet shorter than the average human.  She has quite lovely pale skin and short silver tinted hair that is cut into a 'pixie' haircut with a small ponytail in the back, tied back with a ribbon.  Additionally, she usually has a streak of her shiny hair dyed a light blue color in order to give her paleness some additional color.  The girl has large blue eyes and a heart shaped face.  She is rather slender in build, yet has modestly sized breasts, wide hips, and shapely thighs.

Apparel: The High Elf girl wears heavy armor passed down through her family.  The thick plate armor covers her chest and midriff completely and extends over to her shoulders and arms.  The plate vest has been built so as to shape around her breasts and hint at her body's grace and shape.  The armor extends all the way up to her neck where the high collar would protect her.  Her arms are completely covered as well, with not even a peek of her flesh visible.  However, despite her heavy coverings on the top, Enji has chosen to wear a simple loin-cloth style skirt under her armor, leaving the sides of her hips and her thighs bare in order to grant her higher mobility.  The amount of flesh visible on her sides is quite revealing, yet even that does not continue on for too long.  On her rather cute and petite feet and legs, the elf girl wears a pair of thigh high metal boots with 2 inch high heels built into the heel.

Background: Enii is only now going through her coming of age trials.  Because of this, she has decided to venture out into the wilderness of human and dwarf lands in order increase her experiences of the world outside of her sheltered home.  Armed with her armor, a spear and her shield, Enji is brave in the face of the unknown and eager to learn more.  She is now eager for a life of adventure and loot.

Personality: The High Elf girl has grown up sheltered from the outside world and is therefore  only accustomed to the ways of her own kind.  She tends to be quite innocent in nature - not fully understanding the mentality of evil or wrongdoers.  Additionally, she has quite a black and white sense of morality - oftentimes judging others unfairly on first impressions.  However, despite all of this, the girl is quite curious about the outside world.  She is naive to most of the ways of humans however, so she tends to embarrass herself all too often.

Character Name: Xelina

Character Age: 24

Character Sex: female

Character Appearance: see photograph

Character Items: Three blades, a dagger, protective armor, a coin purse, a satchel for food and water

Character Strengths and Weaknesses: Equally proficient as a dual wielding sword-fighter as she is with her dagger or a single blade. Good tracker. Strong and fast. Her main weakness is overestimating her own abilities. She can also be too impulsive and charge into battle without a plan.

Character Skills: Horse riding, sword-fighting, tracking, navigation

Character Background and History: Xelina is a member of an Inceni tribe, a small island to the South of the realm. The island people mostly keep to themselves, though some have been known to wander the mainland in search of wealth and adventure. Xelina is one of them. She was one of three of her tribe who set out three years prior, but their life as swords for hire has meant the demise of her two companions. She is now left roaming the land on her own.

Her restlessness and thirst for adventure has not been dulled by what happened to her tribesmen, if anything it has stoked the fire inside of her. She takes on increasingly more dangerous contracts and has survived many close calls and bad scrapes.

Reason behind joining the Party: Xelina is always looking for new challenges. She has taken on so many well-paying and dangerous jobs that it is increasingly harder to find challenges that really excite her. The chance to go deep into an area from which no man or woman has returned will be hard enough to resist on its own, and that is before she even heard of the reward that would accompany the risk.

Additional Notes: Xelina has been alone for nearly a year and a half now, which was when her second companion perished. She is not always the best at working together with others and can be easily annoyed if she considers a person incompetent.
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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #10 on: August 30, 2012, 01:28:05 PM »
I will be posting submitted characters soon.

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Recruiting)
« Reply #11 on: August 31, 2012, 03:10:51 PM »
Updated with characters.

If yours is missing (or the picture doesn't show) you need to send me a PM with a fix!

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth
« Reply #12 on: September 04, 2012, 02:16:09 PM »
Final check. If you're interested in this game, please check the Accepted Characters post and let me know if yours is missing from the post!

Offline Siereis

Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Accepting Characters)
« Reply #13 on: September 04, 2012, 03:18:32 PM »
Actually, count me OUT for the time is really picking up and all of a sudden I have less time than I thought.  Sorry and if this changes I'd happily ask to join in again!

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Accepting Characters)
« Reply #14 on: September 07, 2012, 02:28:16 PM »

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Accepting Characters)
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2012, 08:12:37 PM »
*Slowly bookmarks for now.*

.... So much to reads. >.>

Any who. Is there magic or is this more action fantasy inspired?

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Accepting Characters)
« Reply #16 on: September 10, 2012, 02:05:54 PM »
OOC and Main Threads + First Post are up - if everyone is still around/interested?

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Accepting Characters)
« Reply #17 on: September 10, 2012, 02:19:09 PM »
Oh - Magics - more Fantasy based, but I would allow *Minor* Magical Power - like a healing touch, or something that could be passed off as Illusion (like a circus performer would have). Anything else, you'd have to really convince me to allow in this game.

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Re: Into The Unknown: Rebirth (Closed)
« Reply #18 on: September 13, 2012, 10:28:08 AM »
And I am officially giving up on this idea.

Game CLOSED due to inactivity.