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Started by LiliPep, February 01, 2012, 02:58:48 PM

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Note: I prefer roleplaying with men that can give me at least two paragraphs per post. I find detail is more enjoyable and helps us both be able to have enough to work with in order to provide the same in return. I traditionally am a sub, but if you persuade me, I will consider changing that. All of this is subject to change and I am more than happy to tweek all of it to suit my partner. I also prefer a story over sex. I enjoy it as much as the next person, but find I get bored quickly with a sex based plot. I am also open to both male and female partner.

Also, I enjoy both modern and fantasy type settings. Currently craving more towards fantasy and am open to any ideas or suggestions separate from what I have posted.

Can you claim what you can't see?
This idea goes toward a secret club that you must be invited or something of the sort to attend. The catch about the club is that when arriving, every person must be wearing a mask. The masks can reflect different things if we wish and the purpose of the club is up for discussion. Perhaps our characters know each other, or are both looking for some relief away from real life. Depending on what we create the club's purpose to be, the options are infinite!

You know what, I would like to do just a straight real life type romance. This does not mean I want the standard roles that we come up with for simple roleplays. I would like it long term and feel more realistic than meet-sex-and such-done. Any thoughts would be awesome because these are my only requirements.

He is the jealous courtier or ambitious knight, secret lover, etc. that kidnaps the princess. Maybe because he wants to marry her, he wants the thrown, is working for a different country. Will he try to persuade her or use force? The possibilities are endless.

Duct Tape
(No this is not bondage, just a clever title)
This is a Star Wars based roleplay where two friends/siblings/aquaintences grow up together and are suddenly separated somehow. Years later they meet again, but not under the same circumstances. She was taken in by the Jedi council and became a Jedi Knight. He was trained to become a sith lord (howso we can discuss). How they reunite and how they react are up on the drawing board for further discussion. This can go in many different ways.

Skill for Passion
In a world where some people are born with special skills, she was born with a skill for passion. A burning passion for anything and everything her heart is set on. If she wants to learn to dance, climb, fight, her whole being would be put into doing so and she would almost always suceed. Then one day someone who knows of her skill uses his to manipulate her's. For he is skilled with manipulating thoughts and emotions and decides he wants her to focus her passion on pleasing him. (This can be any number of roles or scenarios)

A curse has been set on one of the characters. A unique curse. He can only be human for a limited amount of time in the day. He is forced into another form when that time is up. This form can be real or fantasy (tiger, dragon, etc.) Somehow she meets him (in either form) and he falls. But how does he convince her to love him when he can only be human for a few hours. Or does he kidnap her and try to convince her/force her to be with him.

Of the Gods
What goes on behind the scenes of the Roman and Greek myths of their mighty God's. How did Zeus manage to sleep with so many woman under Hera's watchful eye? How did Aphriodite keep the men at bay? Did a warrior as wise as Athena ever have a lover? So many stories. So little time to get every single detail. This can be a roleplay focused on just one story or we can link them and create multiple.

Only as good as it's cover
Currently this is a very simple idea, kind of like Inkheart I guess. One of the characters is pulled into a book and becomes a part of it and ends up meeting the other character. It could also go with both of them are pulled into the book. Kind of an open ended idea to be discussed with my partner.

General Pairings/Ideas:
Mythical characters
Abduction (Alien and otherwise)
And anything else you can think of, I will be open to hearing ideas.
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I'd be up for the Star Wars, kidnapped, or Curses.

For Kidnapping probably as someone from a neighboring kingdom hired to do so for their King.

I'm reminded by a fairy tale of a a prince cursed with living as a hare for the cursed one so maybe something like that.

As for Star Wars I'm an absolute fanatic for the setting and I'd be up for anything.


Camtipli, do you have any ideas on how to mix them? Send me a PM and we can discuss if you are still interested.

Also to note: added availability and roleplay preferences.
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I'm brand new if I get stuff wrong, please forgive me, but I like the sound of your "Romance" RP.

My favourite kinds of RP are "real world" based and generally explore some kind of "what if" scenario. A romance with some kind of unusual terms of the people involved or the nature of their relationship would be lovely.

May we chat more about this?


Howdy, Pep.

Just thought I'd let you know I shot you a PM about your Duct Taped idea. You can color me very interested.


Added three new plots for everyone's viewing pleasure.
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Hello everyone!
Been gone for a bit and want to start back up again. Figured I would start with my old ideas and go from there. PM me if you are interested.
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Sixties Throwback

I'd be interested in...

1) Romance
2) Only as good as it's cover
3) Can you claim what you can't see?

Please let me know if you are interested in getting any of these going, though a PM.