A Dozen Roleplay ideas for creative ladies! (M seeks F!)

Started by Strident, February 14, 2012, 06:14:46 AM

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*now updated with a story line for more submissive minded females! See the last idea on the list! *

Hey everyone!

This is where I've listed all the RP ideas I'm currently interested in...all of them are open for the taking at present!

My basic RP theme is usually to set things in a "real world". The more realistic the better usually (with some special exceptions..see story idea 3!). I also like characters who are just ordinary people. People you might live next door to. Then, behind that, there is something bizzare, dark or unusual. Having said "dark" I should stress areas I won't go in RP: Not non-consentual. No Incest, no significant Violence, and no under-age of course. However there is a lot of very dark places an RP can go without stepping into that territory.

Thanks! Hope the scenes interest people!

For better or worse...

Simon was about as fine and upstanding as a 23 year old guy could be. He had been conventional and ordinary his whole life. The only extraordinary thing was his academic career. A First class honours degree from Cambridge had led to a career in economics which was already returning financial reward. He was a fine upstanding member of his local church, and when Michelle turned up one Sunday, he was one of the first people to greet her.

She seemed every bit the fine and upstanding woman. Perhaps the only thing that drew a slight frown was why a woman of 38 was still single, rather than married with kids.

In a few weeks they were "Courting", in 3 months engaged, and just 9 months after meeting, it's now Simon and Michelle's wedding day. Eyebrows were raised at the age gap initally, but they both seemed just so nice, conventional and sensible, that no-one really minded. And they'd done everything right...Simon was saving his virginity for his wedding night. He was so polite, he had never even asked Michelle if she was a virgin..he just assumed as an unmarried woman she would be.

But...Simon is about to make a shocking discovery...
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Michelle is a dominatrix!!    Well, no, actually, it's rather more subtle than that. She has a darker past than Simon knows. She genuinely has "turned her life around" and "cleaned up her act". However, old habits die hard. Particularly in the bedroom...she's demanding...and highly specific in what she requires from her submissive...sorry...husband! And, unlike with any submissive she has had before...he is offically and legally bound to her now.

I want Michelle to be a NICE character. She's not a pantomime villain character (as female dommes are often portrayed in role play) She's actually a nice person..just very very demanding and controlling. (maybe partly from insecurity? ) Shes' kept it all under control, but now the ring is on his finger...she's got her man, and her character traits burst into full view.

How will Simon react to his Wedding night and his losing of his virginity being so different to how he expected? What has he got himself into?!

**EDIT TO THIS IDEA** How about making this a historical scene? I can see there being the possibility (with some editing) of this scene being set in the late 19th or early part of the 20th century? 1920s through to maybe as late as the 1950s? The idea being these would be times and places where things of a sexual nature were kept behind closed doors and there were a strong set of expected Male/Female stereotypes to be overcome...that could be interesting.


Dirty Little Secret Two characters. One Male in his 20s, (Max - played by me) and a female 25-35 (Sarah). Probably a switch would be the best kind of person for playing the multifaceted aspects this character.

Sarah had been popular with the guys since she started at the office 6 months before...popular might be the wrong word. She was "sought after". Attractive and smart, there was every reason to think she'd attract male attention, and naturally she did. Perhaps the one thing that would hold her back is that she seemed a little shy.

Strange thing was, her relationships seem a little mysterious. Dating several guys in the time she'd been there, the relationships would seem to end without a clear reason why and very little said by either side. Sarah herself was a strange person to understand too. On the one hand attractive smart and confident at work...yet...rather uncertain; a hint of awkwardness.

Max was thrilled when he got the opportunity to date her however, and everything had been lovely for the last 6 weeks that they have been seeing each other. They started sleeping together on the 4th date, and it was great. Or..was it? Something was perhaps a little lacking. A relationship with Sarah was like watching a good Pink Floyd tribute band: All the right notes, but the soul just wasn't quite in it. Nowhere did Max get that sense more than in the bedroom.

The problem with that was, that Max was really falling for Sarah...big time. They liked the same movies, enjoyed the same music, had a great teasing playful rapport and at times seemed so close, and yet, there was...something...in the way. A weird sense of an "elephant in the room" that Max could not see, but also could not get rid of.

At first this was just a quiet unease, but the unease had started to turn into a greater degree of uncertainty in the last week or so. The little sad looks on her face? The mysterious way that her previous relationships seemed to end after a couple of months with no explaination. Max could almost bear it no longer.

"The lonliest place is in a crowd" they say. Sarah knew what that meant. Despite crowds of men, and rarely being single for long, she often felt lonley. The lonliness of knowing she was "different". Now in her mid 20s, she hadn't really felt totally comfortable in a relationship with a guy since she was a teenager. As her sexuality had emerged, with it had come a certain dark desire. A desire she pushed to the back of her mind for the longest time, but the thought played on her mind till it consumed it. The truth was she couldn't start to become aroused without the embarrassing debauched idea creeping into her mind. Recently it had got even worse. In the last 18 months she had entered the ultimate form of desire for her fetish: An Inability to reach climax without the fulfillment of her perverse desire.

What had started as an interest had, she admitted to herself, become an obsession. At one level she knew how silly that was, at another level she was powerless to do anything about it. She could not truely be satisfied with a man...any man..no matter how wonderful he was...unless he would accept her in the most appaullingly foul yet intimate way. Months of dissatisfaction, of faked orgasms, of unfulfillment was taking its toll on her.

And on those rare occassions she had got as far as nervously sharing her desire, she had been denied, rejected, hurt. She felt so alone.

None the less, she still felt filled with shame and dark desire in equal proportion. Could things be any different with Max?

What is Sarah's dark desire?! Click below!
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I'm open to several possiblities here, but my basic requirements for it are that 1. It's a "female dominant" desire - I like the idea that it goes totally contrary to her generally quiet and submissive nature. 2. That's truely nasty or filthy and will shock Max. 3. That it's NON-violent and NOT illegal.

"chapters" of the RP would be this
1. Intro - the tension in the relationship before she shares her secret
2. The Sharing of the secret- how she tells him? How he responds?
3. How the relationship changes once he knows.
4. The decision to go through with it
5. The aftermarth - directly after
6. The aftermarth - Some time later. How has their relationship changed? how has Sarah changed?

A key element is the ordinary "everyday" characters - contrasted against the bizzare and unusual nature of their sexual interaction.

Note also that I have left Sarah's motivations ambiguous. This is deliberate. What's her "back story"? What dark elements of her past might lead her to this desire? And will fulfilling it finally put her desire to rest, or merely fuel the fire?

And I can't stress enough, despite the theme of the RP, the emphasis is on characters and relationships, although obviously very graphic and full depiction of the erotic elements will be part of the RP...so if you're really not up for that it won't work.


Lead Me Not Into Temptation Two characters again: a male aged 18 (Max- played by me) and a confident woman in her 40s (Alison). Probably a Domme, but that's in terms of "mindset" rather than sexual activities.

Max is everything a Southern Baptist mother could want from her 18 year old son. Clean cut, vice free, about to attend college. She's not totally keen on his decision to start attending the "mega church" across town, but she understands: It's where the young people go, and it's big and lively. At least he's keenly involved in church, and she's so proud of that. In fact, he's the big promoter of the sexual abstinence campaign his church has organised. His mother felt proud. Since a young age, by every means she knew how, from positive encouragement to threats of dire consequences in this life and the next...she had instilled into him the importance of remaining a virgin till marriage.

Not only that, but she had ensured he was surrounded in his life by people he thought the same way. She had been worried initally when he started attending a different church, but was pleased to discover that, despite the trendy music and hip youth-culture veneer, the ethics underpinning it were reassuringly conservative.

Then, to her horror, she discovered Max was dating a girl from college who didn't attend church! Oh sure, Max told her they were "Just friends" and not dating. He even tried to tell her that the girl had a troubled past of sex and drugs and he was trying to lead her back onto the straight and narrow, but she was worried, very worried.

Despite her son being 19, she felt the need to interfere, and gave his church a call to speak to the Youth pastor there. She was suprised to find the leader of pastoral care for older teens was a woman. "Alison Mayborne" . She was somewhat disapproving when she found out that the youth leadership included women at his new church, but, that was a consession she could live with, if it would help avoid this crisis.

She gave the woman a call:
"Hello, is that Alison Mayborne? This is Louise Shipmarsh here, I need to speak with you...about my son Max, I'm terribly worried"

Alison had sounded stunned when she first spoke. Louise realised it was perhaps an unusual call. She explained her concerns to Alison, who she thought sounded vaguely familiar. She was incredibly kind and understanding and told Louise that she would certainly do all she could to counsel Max against the dangers of worldly women and to draw him away from this potentially disasterous situation.

By the time the call came to an end, Louise felt much better.

"Thankyou SO much Alison. I can warn him all I like, but it will have so much more influence coming from a woman who's not his mother. He's such a good boy, but, well, at his age, his hormones could so easily get the better of him in a moment of stupidity...and ruin things forever. STDs, pregnancy of course...but also the loss of that special gift to his wife on his wedding night. We must do all we can to make him see how dangerous this girl is! I'm so glad you agree! Goodbye!"

But...Alison Mayborne is not all she seems.....(Click to read her secret!)
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When the phone rang and she heard that voice from her past, her heart nearly stopped. The woman who had taken nearly everything from her, her respect, her life, her friends...on the other end of the phone.

She almost gave herself away, but mercifully realised just in time that Louise Shipmarsh had no idea who she was. Oh how glad she was that she had a new last name now! And, as the reason for the call became clear, all of Alison's dark resentment started to boil up inside her.

Now a woman in her 40s, it was over 20 years since she had heard from Louise, but the memories still hurt. She had been a young, niave 20 year old in the strict southern baptist church  Louise had attended. She had married very young, to what she thought to be a "nice" respectable man of the church. Too bad she was not worldly wise enough to see the signs prior to marriage of a manipulative, controlling wife-abuser.  Trapped in a loveless marriage, when the opportunity of an affair presented itself after a few months, she was in no position to resist.

Louise had found out, and without asking any further questions publically disgraced Alison. Harlot. Whore. Jezabel. Slut.  She was a marked woman. The one good thing was that her reputation was so ruined, seeking a divorce could scarcely push it any lower.

Having separated from her husband, she no longer had anything to prove. "You think I'm a slut? I'll show you a slut!" she screamed silently from within. For over a decade she immersed her self in every kind of depravity she could with near total abandon.  Along the way a deep rooted hatred of men learned to play itself out in a preference for Domination of them.

Then, in her late 30s she had surfaced out of that dark time. With a new veil of respectability. A new respectable husband (over whom SHE held all the power), a new name...and a new church.

And now, out of the blue, all those dark memories come flooding back...and with them a chance to hurt the woman who hurt her. Poetic justice. Nothing could hurt Louise Shipmarsh more than to see her precious son Max fall from grace. Truthfully, Alison knew nothing could hurt Max more either. She didn't just want to screw Max. She wanted to screw him up...to inflict the maximum amount of emotional baggage, guilt complex and self-hatred that she possibly could. In short..everything his mother had done to her. 

So, as you can tell, I'm looking for a woman who wants the chance to play a really quite evil piece of work in Alison!!! However, she MAY have some kind of redeeming feature within her? Maybe Max draws out the softness within her? Or maybe she's truely cold all the way to her core?

Alison is NOT an aggressive dominant character. She is all sweetness..soft tones and gentle touches. Until after she has inflicted her worst damage...only then may she let her dark side surface.

As with all my roleplays, the emphasis is exploring the darkness behind the closed doors of respectable "ordinary" people's lives. Hope that appeals!

Having said that, there is one more scene I'll throw out there a "fantasy world" type RP too...or at least one that includes a fantasy character:

Fragility in the strobe lights 2 characters 25 year old Max and Isobelle 19 - Suitable for a sub or switch

Going on dull "Product Vision" conference weekends to dreary Central England towns was never Max's idea of fun. Particularly unpleasant when he had to go with a group of four other junior managers all of whom insisted on dragging him out to the town's big club "Rage" on the friday evening. He had protested that there was nothing wrong with a pub, but they had insisted.

The club droned out lowest common denominator commercial dance music to a few hundred over-excited teenagers drowning in a sea of Vodka and cheap nasty Red bull  substitute, under bright neon and overly enthusiastic use of strobes. Max wandered out to the outdoor smoking area, a slight shudder in the cool winter air to escape the horror.

On the smoking Terrace, were around 30 people laughing and talking too loudly. One voice cut above the others; a girl clearly angry..."he's a BASTARD!". Then another female voice "Isobelle..don't be so over the top about everything. You don't even know him".

Dressed in a light coloured shimmering sparkling top the waif-like blonde shot past him..wipping her mascara streaked eyes. "Sorry" she mumbled not even looking up as she passed back into the club.

Max wandered back inside, only to discover that his group of work collegues, having dragged him to this horrendous place seemed to have disappeared. "Great" he thought. He would have headed straight home, but having paid to get in, he thought he might as well try and hang around for a little while and enjoy himself people watching if nothing else.

About half an hour later, he spied the girl he had seen earlier. She was dancing with a guy he seemed to be enjoying her company very much. Grinning from ear to ear as the girl plied her body against him with enthusiasm, clutching a bottle of some foul blue coloured alcopop. Possibly too much so in fact. too overtly sexual too quickly...too needy for male attention. He watched her steadily for a few moments, wondering what her story was. She was certainly pretty with big, rather sad looking eyes. She didn't have what many men would call a great figure: She was very thin..bordering on unhealthily so....with little "up top".

He lost sight of her again in the crowd for a while, but a few minutes later, spotted her again. Dancing with another guy...again her body language screaming that she was needy for attention. Between the crowdsd of people he caught a quick glance of her embracing him..tongues lewdly darting.

Max made another sweep of the club looking for his work friends, but they were nowhere to be found. Eventually deciding that 1am was late enough for him, he started to head to the door, pushing across the dance floor when he noticed that a small scuffle seemed to have broken out on the dance floor. Turning to look he recognised the waif-like girl's  latest mark having some argument  with another girl who appeared to be his girlfriend, slapping his face and yelling. Bouncers stepped in with their usual enthusiasm and dragged both away.

Just as Max was about to leave the dancefloor he spotted Isobelle again. Now leaning against a speaker at the corner of the dancefloor. Alone. moving absentmindedly with the music...staring into space.

And for some reason, Max found himself stopping and walking in her direction. Why? Lust? Compassion? Pity? All of the above?

One thing is for sure, he would remember that impuslve decision for a LONG time.

What is Isobelle's secret?
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Isobelle is a chance for a female to indulge herself in a full on drama-queen character. Isobelle is young, foolish, impuslive, emotional, irritable, moody, lustful, self-obsessed - yet deeply vulnerable and fragile and insecure

The details of Isobelle's past are up to the person I play with, but she has fractured and complicated past of abuse, distrust and an almost pathological habit of looking for affection in the wrong places.

If she had ever visited a psychatrist, she would probably have a long list of diagnoses Manic? Depressive? Personality disorder? OCD? Anxiety? Substance misuse? All of the above and more.

Sexually, Isobelle is a complicated mixture of lustful passions, outlandish fetishes coupled to almost puritan psychological sexual hang ups...the details of this again are very open for debate!

Will Max fall in love with her? Will he pity her? Will he be her Knight in shining armour? Or will he be another man on the list of many who have used her?


The Prom 21 year old guy - sports team captain, 18 year old girl - probably for a switch but open to all

Hannah and Dan were what their friends liked to call "a sweet couple". They had both turned 18 that year and were about to graduate. They had been dating for three years. Hannah  had come top of her class and was about to go off to an Ivy League college. Dan had also done very well. Hannah's parents loved Dan. He was the boyfriend every parent would want for their 18 year old daughter. Kind, gentle, caring, well-mannered. An absolute gentleman.

Indeed, they were quite thankful to Dan. At the time they had started dating, Hannah had been giving them concern. She had taken an interest in underage drinking and partying. Her grades were starting to slip. Clean-cut Dan had really brought her back to the straight and narrow.

Her parents didn't know whether they were sleeping together or not, but certainly if they had done so, it would only be a very recent development. Dan had often spoken disapprovingly of casual sex.

Dan loved Hannah dearly. In fact, he was planning on proposing to her tonight. Their graduation prom. Hannah had a suspicion it might happen and was pleased. She loved Dan too. Perhaps, not with the same intensity that Dan loved her, but she knew he was a "good catch". Her friends were jealous of how much attention he paid her, what a kind loving boyfriend he was.

Sometimes Hannah would sigh and say "yeah, I know", and her friends would laugh at her and say sarcastically "Try not to sound TOO enthusiastic!". And there was the problem: For all she loved him, Dan was perhaps not...exciting enough.

Hannah had no idea how exciting things were about to get....

At the prom, the principal stood on the stage and announced "Now it's time for us to hand out the prizes for top achievers this year, and to make the presentations we have our own local heros...MAX RIVERS!"

There were loud cheers as Max walked up onto the stage, waving and grinning from ear to ear. Tall, athletic, good looking and massively talented, Max Rivers was indeed a local hero. He had graduated from the school a couple of years before, and was just on the verge of "Making it" to the NBA, having been successful in college basketball since leaving the school.

However, his reputation at the school was, beneath the surface a little more mixed. "Over confident", "Arrogant" or just "Jerk" were words sometimes used to describe him. Opinion between girls on him was particularly devided: between those who adored him...and those who considered him an arrogant misogynist. He certainly was known for using girls who looked at him in wide-eyed adoration for his amusement, then dropping them and moving on to the next. A string of broken hearts were left in his wake.

As Hannah and Dan stood on the dance floor applauding, Hannah looked up and caught her breath as she saw him...

Dan looked across, "Did you ever know him when he was here?" he asked Hannah. "No..not really" she lied.

What does Hannah know about Max?
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Seeing Max stirred up memories for Hannah which reminded her why she was not as excited about being with Dan as she should be.

Back in those days before she started dating Dan, when she was going to wild parties, she had met Max.  She couldn't believe her luck. She had adored him from afar in school, and now at the party she had her chance with him...and she threw herself at him.

Max had initally been responsive, but when he realised how much younger she was he had thrown her off and told her to come back when she was all grown up. She had left the party feeling humilated, although she understood Max's reasons.

Now she WAS all grown up...and she wanted what she had wanted for three years: A proper alpha male, to take her and use her. To NOT be nice to her, to NOT be considerate...but just use her.

She almost hated herself for how shallow she was being...she knew it was stupid, but she couldn't resist.

And Max was the alpha male she had always wanted...and tonight might be her only chance to ever be with him.

And here she was..at her prom, with her longterm boyfriend...who she knew to be on the verge of proposing to her.

What will happen? I see Dan being something of a cuckold in this scene.

However, how does it finally play out? Ultimately does Dan turn out to be her hero when she realises Max is not what she wanted after all?

Or IS Max what she wants after all?

Lots of potential variations here. The only story I'm not interested in is Max falling in love with Hannah. Max IS the misogynist down to his very core...and treats women as disposible objects only. Single-use items.

The question is whether Hannah just likes the fantasy of being used that way and is appaulled by the reality such that it sends her running back to Dan...or does she find it's truely what she wants?

This scene could be anything from quite vanilla to pretty hardcore. Depends on your preference.



Lessons in Love 18 year old guy, similar aged female, possibly slightly older

This is just a very simple premise, basically telling a story of a guy losing his virginity. My suggestion is a scene where he meets a new girl who takes an interest in him at a party or social gathering, and a whirlwind romance follows.

He falls madly in love with her, and although he has always esteemed his "first time" very highly feels ready to offer it up to her much sooner than he expected.

The twist to the story here is that, ultimately, the girl (who is not a virgin) thinks he is a sweet guy...but isn't in love with him. For her its just fun. How that plays out in the aftermarth will also be part of the roleplay

Elements of this RP that would be important would be a realistic depiction of male virginity, so he is likely to suffer from premature ejaculation! lol. How the couple deal with this, his embarrassment, her reassurance and how they overcome it subsequently would be aspects to be included: so, expect lots of foreplay, mutual masturbation, dry sex and humping, female on-top sex, male orgasm control. etc...

Can't wait to play!



Arranged Marriage...Arranged Sex 30 something male, 20 something female

This is, in every sense, an arranged marriage. Anna has planned every aspect of the wedding, down to the colour of the table napkins. She met her husband to be only 2 months before the wedding, the proposal was made formal on their second meeting. Every aspect of the wedding has been planned and consulted with other people.

Except one aspect which she has planned and arranged all herself: The Wedding Night. Anna has it planned, scripted..down to miniscule details and timings. To be absolutely perfect. She even plans to video it, and wants it to look great on camera. After all, the rest of the wedding day is choreographed and videoed...why not this? It seems quite natural to her. The one problem is, that she is not able to discuss her plan with her husband until the wedding reception. What has he gotten himself into?! he he!

Ok, so..I'm not quite sure how to make this work, but, like many of my stories, its about a slightly crazy female character and how the male copes with her! The idea here is that she has almost Obsessive compulsive traits for planning and perfection and aesthetics..and has applied this in detail to her wedding night. Positions..timings...what they do..how they do it...she wants it to be perfect to her plan. (And her plan may be quite bizzare in places!) I think it would be fun to play the guy drawn into her web.

In addition to being rather obsessive, I think the girl in this scene would also be something of a "princess". Rich family, entitled, demanding.

Any takers?



Carnal Commuting.

The London underground is a strange thing. People never talk to each other. The bizzare thing is, if you commute, you may see the same people every day, day in, day out. And at rush hour, it's so packed that you may be crammed right up against the same person, every day..day in..day out.

How far could things develop between two people who have never even spoken...in full public gaze..on a ram-packed Underground train?

I'd love to explore this idea. Possibly over the course of several episodes of several days commuting..or possibly it all happens on a one off episode.

The challenge of this RP is..the characters never speak. When we RP we communicate in actions, and in the "thought voice" of the characters.


A second chance

They meet in an every day casual scenario..a night club, they chat, they exchange banter, they flirt, it becomes clear they want more...they end up in bed together that evening...casual sex, just like happens between singles in bars and clubs all over the place all the time...

And, just like others, it develops the morning after...into a relationship...

There's just one twist...
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She is 8 months pregnant! The interest here for me is the taboo of a heavily pregnant woman engaging in a casual sexual encounter. There is something about a woman in a heavily pregnant state which sends out the message "I am sexually unavailable" and CERTAINLY not available to anyone but the father of her unborn. In this story, very early on on the pregnancy the dad-to-be has left, and she is about to face motherhood alone. Men see her state and naturally assume she is "taken"...just assume she's sexually unavailable...much to her disgust.

The interest here for me is how, over the course of a casual meeting and flirtation they overcome that taboo..that social awkwardness..to end up in bed. I'd like to add a nice romantic happy ending to the story whereby a relationship comes of it, so she ends up not facing motherhood alone after all.

Pornstar Idol

There are many stories about how girls get drawn into the world of porn, but what about men?
I'd love to do a roleplay about a guy's first involvement in pornography...making an audition shoot. He's shooting his first ever seen with an experienced, perhaps jaded and cynical female porn star.

I'm fascinated by the cold, clinical, calculated and contrived nature of porn-sex. It's so alien to normal sex, and I'm interested to see how a guy would adjust to the unnerving experience of sex as a performance.

I'm also interested to follow his career and the scenarios he gets into. Who is his first time in porn with? Perhaps he is "tried out" by an older woman who owns a porn studio. Or, perhaps she has him perform for her with a young female porn model under her direction while she holds the camera? Perhaps both...

Etheral Passion

This story idea was inspired by this picture:

The idea is this, a young man, a possibly a virgin and not experienced in the ways of the world starts having strange dreams, and perhaps seeing things during his waking hours too. He meets the creature in the picture above..a feisty crafty little vixen, who it's never quite clear if she is friend or foe, if she is alluring, or just luring, real or imagined...

Lots of possibilities with this one, and happy to chat about it more...

The Swap

Two women, friends, have been in their relationships for a while. They go away on a cottage holiday with their partners as a foursome. Before the weekend, the girls have been bemoaning the lack of sexual excitement in their lives, and hatch a plan...to partner swap during the holiday!

The idea here is for an RP where it's slightly bitter-sweet for the guys. On the one hand, they get to have fun with a new partner and an incredible sexual experience, on the other hand they have to accept their partner being with another man.
Which characters we play is variable.

Idea 13
The traditionalist
(Male character age 30 to 45, female age 19-22)

A man from a traditional background, married his childhood sweetheart he met in the local church. They married young and were together 10 years. He became a successful business man, he expected his wife to fulfil the role of of a good little wife out of the 1950s. She decided that was not for her, and left him.

He is a decent gentleman, he believes in treating a lady well, but believes in things like a man being the head of the household. His sexual values are fairly traditional.

As a result, when he tentatively joins an internet dating site, he puts on his profile things like "looking for a lady who understands and respects Man's authority"

This has a rather surprising effect. His profile attracts young submissive women who are keen on D/s and BDSM to contact him!

He has never even heard of BDSM!

This story follows his first date, with a young, sweet sounding girl. She is deeply involved in BDSM and very submissive with a kinky promiscuous background. He has always been a traditionalist sexually, but this new encounter means he finds a new outlet for his authoritarian instincts he never dreamed of.

In one sense, he is a "natural" to be a master in D/s relationship with his confidence and authoritarian manner. In another sense, he has traditional values like "never hit a woman" and "sex belongs in marriage" which make doing things like spanking or caning initally difficult for him and breaking many of his taboos around sex.

PM,  or Email or possibly boards are all possible play methods for me.

Hope I can find someone who would like to play one of these scenes, please get in touch!


Just to say, I've expanded my original post to include 4 different roleplay ideas now.

Please be aware that the four ideas are quite different in content, so if the unusual fetish content of Idea one doesn't appeal..do have a look at the others, you may still find something you like!

Really looking forward to getting some replies. Obviously would love to get offers to play, but I'd also really appreciate just comments or chat about the scenes as well...so even if you're not interested in playing I'd love to hear your views.


Hey everyone...

Just to say I have now added a FIFTH RP role to the original post.

Would love to hear any comments on it. Hannah could be a really fun character for any girl to play I think...make of her what you will!

Please PM me if you're interested!

Miss Lilly

Hi Strident!

A couple of your rp ideas have piqued my interest...do you have an On's and Off thread I can stalk peruse?
Want to get wild in the west?
Visit Lola's!


Now 6 Story ideas for your viewing pleasure!

Would love to hear comments and suggestions!


Hey Everyone...

I'm still really keen to play any of the story ideas listed above.

Just to say, please don't assume that if you're not interested in idea one, then none of the others will appeal. They are pretty varied.

I'm also very open to variations or alterations on the above themes..so if any aspect appeals, please get in touch!


So, I've added an 8th Roleplay idea.

This one is based on the idea of Frottage between strangers. It's a rather technically challenging RP..but could be really hot! Would love to know who's up for it.


So, it's been a long while...I just thought I would let everyone know I'm still open to roleplaying any of these ideas. It's really interesting how the ideas which I thought would grab attention have not, while ones I thought were a bit obscure people have liked!!

Please, view the RP ideas as frameworks..not set in stone. I'm really keen to hear suggestions and comments. Even if you don't want to play...please leave a comment about the RP ideas and what you think of them!



Can I just say thankyou to those of you who have messaged me to talk about some of these story ideas or give your comments, even if not to play them!

Please, if you read your threads and have comments or suggestions to make about the characters and stories..please post your comments here, even if you're not necessarily interested in playing. I'm interested to hear your thoughts!


And I've rejumbled the stories slightly and added idea number 10...


I'm definitely interested in number four, though the scat and waterplay are kind of on the edge of what I'm okay with, I'd be willing to kind of test the waters, I suppose. Though, the half animal and half human thing is something I'm a bit familiar with, having a few characters that aren't quite human, and I definitely enjoy them.

Now, number nine is definitely intriguing, I'd definitely like to see where we could go with it.
[When I read through it at first, I thought it was connected to number ten, which could also be interesting when they actually connect further down the road.]

You can either message me or I'll come back here to see what you think. :3
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Thankyou for your interest BLueBerryWereWolf...I have sent you a PM, lets talk. :)


Just to say, I've added a "period drama" twist to Idea 1 now...

I'm quite keen on the idea of an RP set in the a victorian era, or the 1920s or 30s....a time of certain social expectations  and values regarding sexuality etc.

If you have something to offer along those lines...do let me know!


I've added a story idea 11 now :) Hope someone likes it.


Increased it to a round Dozen RP ideas now...woop.


Now 13 ideas on the list.

Also very open to discussing other ideas. Including some more traditional dominant male / sub female roles...



Just on the hunt for new partners and new RP.

My current interest is just about anything involving a virgin male and  sexually experienced female.

Also could be interested in any of my other previously listed story ideas!


Bit of a bump for this.

Still on the look out for all the stories here. Particularly anything with a virgin male and older female.

I used to be looking mostly for that with a 40+ female, but I'm now more open to something with a teenage virgin guy around 18 and a sexually experienced minx around 2 or 3 years older than him....


long time since this had a bump - coronavirus has given me some free time to play...please message if interested!?


Due a bump on this I think, I'd love to play a new story..