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Started by Jester, October 29, 2007, 11:15:31 AM

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I am looking for a female player interested in playing an Aes Sedai. I imagine the game focusing on different parts of an Aes Sedai's life. I will play the GM and manage all NPC's within the story however I am looking for someone who can lead the story as well and perhaps be quite happy to write length detailed descriptions of their day without GM input as I would like to avoid short sentence posts (of which I have regularly in the past been guilty of).

The setting will be in the more prosperous years of the Aes Sedai when the Novice and Accepted quarters were not only a quarter full and when the White Tower was bustling with new initiates and Aes Sedai.

The stages of the story would be as follows:

Accepted and or Novice

I would like the story of the Aes Sedai in her early years as an Accepted before she attempts the tests and before she becomes a full Sister. With the White Tower as full as it is the life of an Accepted is even more difficult with demands from Sisters being even more strict and demanding. The Accepted would have to:

1. Cope with the dis-respect and bad treatment inflicted by the servants and soldiers who think it is part of their job to ensure Accepted stay In-Line and also perhaps some who know that they can get away with an awful lot.
2. Keep Full Sisters happy at all times even when confronted with strange demands, sadistic sisters and the full fury of the Mistress of Novices who takes a rather strange pleasure in punishing all those that are sent to her. I imagine at least two sisters will find they take a lot of pleasure in ensuring the Accepted meets their standards and demands.
3. Be prepared for pranks from other Accepted who would enjoy seeing another accepted suffer punishment or humiliation in front of their peers and sisters.
4. Ensure their allotted Novices are performing well and receive appropriate comfort and support.
5. Pass the Test for the Shawl, choose an Ajah and become a full sister.

If you would prefer we could start off as a Novice as well.

Find a Warden

The next stage in the story will be the challenge of finding an appropriate Warder and maybe more than one if they choose the Green Ajah. This would involve

1. Finding someone suitable.
2. Convincing them to become their warder either by seduction, persuasion or cunning.
3. Training the Warden and building up a strong relationship with him/them.

Entering Battle

The next stage will be a few years later when the Aes Sedai finds themself alone with just their Warden for support. Little does the Tower know but a great threat is growing in a most unusual place and only this Aes Sedai can stop it. 

The Aes Sedai would have to cope with the following.

1. Being captured and left battered, humiliated and a wreck.
2. Finding themselves free of the restrictions of the Oath rod and able to avenge themselves. They would feel a lot of internal conflict as they become able to use their enormous power for evil.

Please feel free to let me know if your interested and PM me so we can discuss the background of your character.



I have had a response to this and have started.

I may be looking for a potential Warder sometime so let me know if you might be interested.

Zaer Darkwail

I am intrested to be potential warder for female aes sedai :).



It wont be for a while yet but do you want to start thinking of a a history and bio?

Zaer Darkwail

Sure, I work on it. But can I ge tlink to the thread so I can read what is going on :).


Here you go.

Airindel has taken a break for a few days so it has yet to start.

Zaer Darkwail

Ok, but so far as I can see it is very intresting story :).


The stories will be seperate for a while I think. So i would start a single thread with you first but I would like to get the first one sorted so it might be a few weeks before we start.

Zaer Darkwail

Ok, I PM then details of my char when I think more about it.


Anyone interested in playing an Aes Sedai?


This is a great idea, and wish I had thought of it (If any ladies out there are interested, I more than happy to duplicate!).  Looking forward to reading this roleplay!


I might consider also doing a Warden idea if you were keen and maybe the stories could merge.

Alternatively if we get two games going then maybe we could merge them from tim to time.


Quote from: Jester on May 05, 2009, 10:34:32 AM
I might consider also doing a Warden idea if you were keen and maybe the stories could merge.

Alternatively if we get two games going then maybe we could merge them from tim to time.

That is a great idea :)

Wistful Dream

I might be interested....after finals.


I believe someone tried running a Wheel of Time group game last year.
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Did you find your Aes Sedai yet Jester?  If so, I'll try to hook up with another one that shows interest.


My Jordan's a bit rusty, but I could try my hand at a Sister of the Brown Ajah.  I like the inquisitive types.
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I have a story now so Requiem feel free to take over the search.


I love the theme.  Give me a shout if you need a writer.
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Hi Elayne.

Did you choose your name from the Elayne in the books? I am looking for a new game if your still keen. pm me.


I am reviving this idea.

Anyone interested?


i would love to try this again. get in touch x