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Started by Requiem, May 08, 2009, 09:40:03 PM

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I may have enough brain-capacity to take one or two more solo games.  If you're interested in any of my particular brand of foolishness, let me know!

So, here are some things I would like to try out.  All of this is mutable, so if you want to do something similiar to anything listed below, feel free to shoot me a PM and let me know.  I'll mark things off the list as we get them set up, but if you're interested in a game that is already begun, let me know!  I might be willing to do it twice.

Established Settings

Star Wars: Clash of Worlds
Set during the Old Republic timeline, this game would be between interactions between a Jedi Knight and a Sith Apprentice.  The Jedi stumbles across the Sith while investigating a disturbance in a small system in the Outer Rim, only to discover the Sith is behind it.  While the two battle for dominance they come to respect each other, perhaps a little too much.  Will this this be a story of redemption, or damnation?  I would prefer to play the Jedi in this story, but I am fully capable of playing the Sith also.

X-Men: Danger Room Lockdown
Two young students at Xavier's School for the Gifted have never, ever gotten along and their conflict has captured the attention of the Professor himself.  Setting the Danger Room to force them into difficult situations where they have to rely on each, he leaves them to create a bond.  While inside, the Mansion is attacked and the Danger Room locks them in, its safety protocols disabled.  Constant danger mixed with brief interludes of nervous rest so that two bitter enemies might become more.

World of Warcraft Specific

Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt
Captured and thrown in prison, a young sindorei warlock is removed from the source of his power, but he find opportunity in his captor.  A force of the Light, her goal is to torture the disposition of the Warchief's troops beyond the ruins of the Thandol Span, but he see within her a seed of darkness that he can nurture until she is the one who is captive.  This story would work equally well against a priest or a paladin.

The Ashenvale Hunt
The Cataclysm has hit, and Azeroth is reforged.  While great champions mount an assault against Deathwing, others fight to claim territory.  Deep within the Ashenvale forest, the kaldorei and orcs do battle, fighting over the verdant resources of the ancient forest.  A night elf infiltrator strikes deep within Warsong Gulch, stealing documents that could end the war effort for good.  The honor of the Warchief rests in one orc hunter, who must pursue the elven thief... and to the victor go the spoils.  I see this game as being a great spar between two hunters, or perhaps a hunter vs. a rogue or druid.  There would very likely be strong NC elements involved.

Exalted Specific
Wyld Thing
A mortal is appeals to a local Fair Folk court to spare her village from their dream-thieves.  The lord invites her into his Freehold, twisting his promises so to keep her there forever.  Before he can seal her Fate, the Unconquered Sun chooses her and suddenly the tables are turned.  The two fight with words and steel, eventually coming to a mutually enjoyable arrangement.

Taming the Beast
Infuriated by the way of things, a young Lunar tracks down her bonded mate, convinced she will end this little whelp before she has to make good on Luna's bargain.  She hunts him down but is unprepared for the power of the bond, and before long, the hunter becomes the prey.  I see this one switching back and forth as to who is in control.

Infernal by Nature
A Solar follows instructions to rescue the reincarnation of one of his past Circlemate, only to find that the Essence has fallen and he has fallen into her trap.  I kind of see this a rotating cat and mouse game across Chiaroscuro, as both attempt to gain leverage on the other.  One thing leads to another, and there are many forms of leverage.  This one is highly open to interpretation, and hinges quite highly on the Castes of the two characters.   We can go with dice or free-form, either way is sure to be fun.

Whispers in the Abyss
When a Twilight sorcerer delves into the Underworld to rediscover the lost arts of Necromancy, he finds that the Neverborn have their own champions.  Under commands from the his/her Deathlord, an Abyssal is dispatched to either gain the loyalties of the solar, or dispatch them.  Set against the backdrop of Stygia, this should be a highly charged role-play that goes with the limitless theme of Exalted.

I love the Exalted game by White Wolf.  These are just a couple of the ideas I am interested in, but if you have a solid premise for Exalted, please let me know.  I am happy to go with will full-formed character sheets or just freeform.

Earth/Near-Earth Settings

With videos and papers to prove her case, a young DA has the chance to put away a mafia don for good.  But before she can, the don gets wind and sends one of his enforcers out to shut her up for good, one way or another. 

A righteous man is marked for a fall, and Hell releases a succubus to tempt him.  She has nearly unlimited power to tempt him, but he resists. As I am an atheist, I think it would be a lot of fun to use religion and God to resist sex. 

I Wanna Do This

This section is primarily for specific ideas I want to try, but don't fit in nice little categories, or may fit into multiple categories.  These ideas will require some work on both of us to really set up what they'll be about.

Female Gender Bend: I have really been wanting to play a woman lately, one that will have a relationship with a man.  I would really like to combine this with either my X-Men or Exalted: Taming the Beast, but anything is available.  I plan on her being smart and strong willed.  Very open to suggestions, and I don't care if the person playing the opposite is male or female IRL.
Mage: I don't have a real solid idea for a plotline as of yet, but I would really dig doing an old Mage game.  I can be talked into doing Mage: The Awakening as well.


Within minutes had someone interested in "Bad Girl" :)


PMed you about the X-Men one :)
I'm back!
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Werewolf- The Apocalypse: Breeding True [EX]
In the streets of the New York City, a young Silver Fang comes across a Bastet.  Forwarded by his own derangement and a sense of guilt over the War of Rage, the Silver Fang offers the Bastet reparations for the crimes of his tribe.  What will she ask of him, and how far will he go to please the cat before his own Rage takes control?  Another dominance story, but this is one that would make a classic tail for switches on both sides.

I'd be interested in this one I think.  I don't believe I've read the book series/watched the TV series, but I think I could catch up quickly enough for an RP.
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Requiem, I am very interested in the Star Wars RP. I have an existing character that comes very close to sith, but hasn't gone darkside. I'd be interested in discussing the possiblities with you..

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Sounds good :)  Sorry I've been out the last couple of days!  Let me get my current posts popped up, and I'll talk about the new things!


 Hey R!

If you are still looking to do "Enforcer", let me know, I'd love to RP it w/ya! :)
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Reorganized, posted two new ideas, and unmarked some that were marked forever ago now that I am back.


Some more organization, and I rehashed "Strength and Honor" into "The Ashenvale Hunt", and added "Beyond the Shadow Of a Doubt".  Looks like I am very much in a Warcraft mood.


Updated new roleplay status, and added the "I Wanna Do This" section, as well as the "Female x Male" and "Mage" idea.