Transformation & corruption My list of RP ideas

Started by krakenknight, May 20, 2011, 08:35:01 AM

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1/07/2012 lot of free time really keen for the shifter idea

I am a little free on time at the moment so I’ve set up my RP list as follows. I am willing to play Male or female in most of these scenarios but as for the moment there is no pure M/M proposed, I’m still new to RP and not quite willing to do Yaoi until I’m comfortable.

I am always keen to RP the following universes but the bolded ones are preferred (PM or IM For details)
In any of these settings I am willing to do either OC or canon characters.

Digimon (02 and Tamers)
Pokémon (Up to Sinnoh region not familiar with Unova yet)
Kampfer (But it needs to have more story than the actual Kampfer).
Code Geass
Final Fantasy VII
Chrono Trigger
Star Wars: KotOR

Full Metal panic Fumoffu
Haruhi Suzumiya
Star Trek Voyager
Golden Sun

Bleach (Oddly craving this at the mo)
Persona 3 / 4 universe

Fan derived ideas:
6 years post D-reaper, Rika Nonaka and Renamon help save a strange Digimon from some aggressive bullies. The digimon grants Rika what he sees as a great reward making her the unnaturally desirable to her friends. After some awkward mishapsm Rika comes to discover that being the most desirable member of her group is not what she thought it meant.
Essentially its a corruption story with Rika trying to fight off the more extreme responses to her new desirability while at the same time finding her mind breaking further every time.

I'm also keen to try the following kind of relationships generally
Incest (like brother/sister best but anything can be arranged)

These are a few scenarios I’m putting up as well some of them are vanilla while others have varying levels of kink. All details can be discussed over PM.

The exhibition: artist Conrad Verner's work was always controversial, but his latest piece literally changes people into his exhibits of exhibitionism. Anyone who looks at "the eyes of the devil" is infused with a wild exhibitionist streak and totally stripped of moral limits. Can the lust be contained?

Shifter: Danny met "klio" in a chat room and was shocked to discover that her claims of changing her shape are true. This small pixie of a girl can change any part of her body of a whim and she has agreed to give Danny a camshow. It starts off small but as time goes on he gets bolder and more outlandish with his requests for her on camera changes. Until eventually the two agree to meet.

Good morning handsome: Yesterday he was given the supplement, today Eric Mantle has to deal with the fact that he has imprinted on his single mother and she'll do anything to get him.

A mystery worth solving: Cheryl McGinnis is a schoolgirl detective investigating a string of strange disappearances. On her investigation she discovers a trafficking ring that turns ordinary girls into obedient slaves and she is now a target.

Sparkly to darkly.
May made the wrong girl angry now she's turning into a sexy goth girl with a filthy mouthand mind
This idea is currently being planned with Reena but I like the concept enough to try it with someone else.
The City in the sky.
The City of Dunnmanifestin is the capital of the Goddess Gaia, in this world Angels and the demons of Oblivion live in an uneasy peace and the angels have become accustomed to the peace.

The city sits on top of a huge mountain wreathed by clouds and surrounded by a mix of elemental magi and steampunk technology.
Most of the community are highly moral but there are seedier elements on the fringes. What the angels don’t realise is that someone is spreading a new kind of insidious corruption, slowly turning these peaceful innocents. The characters are a pair of young engaged angels who are corrupting slower than average, noticing the growing depravity while fighting their own fall.

Alex in Wonderland: following a showgirl in white down a back alley was one thing but 16 year old Alex fell down a hole and finds himself in Wonderland, but its a corrupted version of the classic tale. Alex has always been androgynous but the first thing he eats turns him into a true girl. Now in order to reclaim his manhood and go home, Alex must please the mad hatmistress, and the attentions of a strange man named burton by becoming the greatest whore in wonderland, with the help of her catgirl friend chess.

Student exchange: (body swap group sex) my name is Ingrid sampson and not so long ago I was a professor, a few days ago I woke up in a strange bed in one of the student dorms to a face that wasn't mine. The problem is, the body I'm in belongs to Dana Saxon the biggest slut on campus and she's in mine, I know I have to fix this, but for now I have to live her life, getting forced into sex arrangements she made and listen as rumours about the deviancy she's comitting in my body. can I make it before she ruins my reputation, or will I end up succumbing to hers

Living with myself (Another open freeform anything goes.): I don't know how it happened but something changed a few weeks ago, everything I say about people comes true and I can't stop myself. I want my normal life back but I keep putting my foot in my mouth when I talk to people." The main character would essentially be trying to normalise his life after the initial events (Maybe calling a friend or family member something hurtful only for it to happen). Not an intentional corruptor he keeps making things worse for himself in sexy ways.

It doesn't take much (MF inc)
Life for the Roberts family changed immensely when the family moved to Beckett's crest in rural New Mexico. For you see they bought a house that had been built upon the lost temple of an ancient fertility goddess. When Mr and Mrs Roberts enjoy the priveleges of married life, the goddess awakens and after finding the town has turned into a quiet conservative community seeks to increase the population by any means necessary, starting with the 3 Roberts daughters. This is either for a group or single player with multiple characters like  Mischief

What if you woke up one morning and the rules of the universe had turned into the rules of an 80s exploitation porn flick? How would you react to a world where your day can start with a blowjob and end with a sexy cheerleader on each arm? What if you remember the old rules? Would you try and restore them Ive seen a few similar ideas to this on E and they're all gone too quick for me to get in on them

Disturbed (Possible MF)
A man awakens from a 3 week coma with a frightening vision, unless he can stop a young girl from visiting a Shrine in 10 days she will be brutally murdered and a demon will be let free upon the world. The problem is that the man lives in rural England and the girl lives in Urban Tokyo. It also doesn’t help that the girl, is the daughter of a Yakuza crime lord, or that she’s getting forced into an alliance marriage at the shrine

Sharing (Incest, FF, MFF)
Two sisters make an agreement, until they both find a partner they will share everything with one another even their bodies. When one sister finds a boyfriend, it turns out to be the boyfriend’s lucky day.

The Puppet made me do it (Romance M/F)
Joyce is a sweet woman who just joined the drama club as a stage hand. She is shy and innocent and hopelessly in love with the director of one of the College plays. One day she meets Philip a travelling puppeteer who is nice and his puppet Joey who is crass and brazen in his comments. Feeling spurred on she bizarrely finds this good natured duo her ticket to winning her chosen man’s heart only to realise the one she wants is the strange man and his felt friend who are already leaving.

Contract with a god (Mind Control, Incest, multiple characters)
Jacob is a young man in a troubled family. One of his sisters is getting married to an arrogant weasel of a man, his other sister is slowly withdrawing into herself like a hermit crab and his parents are on the brink of divorce thanks to the revelation of his father's affair with his boss. But after the death of his much beloved grandmother Jacob discovers a box, inside the box is a contract with a god. Anything he desires in exchange for the deity taking one of his male offspring as his own page, but can Jacob trust Bacchus to keep his word, especially when the girl of his dreams is sleeping over with his sister the night he seals the deal.

Wishing (Pretty much anything barring the aforementioned nonos)
A woman is given a hideous lamp by an elderly relative. Too gracious to refuse the woman later accidentally knocks it over revealing a genie willing to grant her infinite wishes with unknown Faustian side effects.

Keep it a secret (MF, FF. MMF, bukkake, gangbang)
A teen discovers that his mother was once a successful porn star about 20 years ago and has managed to hide it since then. Using a copy of her rare and highly collectable movie, her son blackmails the woman who founded the morality foundation into committing progressively more depraved acts for his own amusement culminating in a party where all his friends join him in taking her.

Without a trace (Possible MM, MF or FF depending on characters)
A private detective with a mission arrives in Las Vegas, follow and determine if a husband is straying. However when his target is murdered he and the victims unfortunate lover must go on the run to stay ahead of a mysterious conspiracy out to get them.

Mischief (TF TG BE Mind control)
During a thunderstorm a mischievous Kitsune is freed from an old stone idol and sets to work changing the people she encounters in the park to suit her own devilish sense of humour. Willing to try this one with another partner

The Beast Below (FF)
Before Jennifer met Cassandra she had never thought about girls that way. She was a brash class clown who couldn’t stop talking while Cassandra was the sly and sarcastic goth who sat at the back making snide remarks. Jennifer has a huge crush on Cassandra and when one night the two are accidentally locked in the PE storage room overnight she confesses and sparks fly. Serious takers only this thing has been aborted twice.

My big sister (MF MFF incest, first time, non-consensual)
A sweet and innocent virgin girl discovers that her best friend has developed an unhealthy relationship with his elder sister who has been using him to relieve her sexual tension. Will the sweet girl succeed in saving her friend or will big sister pull her into the growing net of sexual perversion.

Eaten (Clothing fetish, non-consensual)
A woman finds that the new jacket she bought at the shop is actually a telepathic shapeshifting alien who is slowly taking over her body.

Time release (MF, Time stop, Mind control, non-consensual)
A man discovers a magic stopwatch that allows him to stop time for those around him. Also anything he says while time is stopped is unconsciously processed by people who hear it when they wake up.

Empowered (MF)
Lisa awakens one day to discover she can read the emotions of others. Using this skill she begins to manipulate the people around her into couples only to realise the ache she has to find a companion of her own and finds it in her well meaning science tutor.

Daddy’s little princess
A girl returns from college with a new relaxed sense of dressing and her widower father is being slowly tortured by her low cut tops and cutoff jeans. After a month of apparently unintentional teasing he comes home early one day to find her masturbating to porn on his bedroom floor. The girl gives him a smile and says, “Why don’t you join me daddy”

The perfect man
In the 23rd century Raymond is a unique commodity among the hitchhikers of the universe, Raymond is an empathic metamorph a man who is completely able to become the perfect mate emotionally for any person just by touching their skin, prolonged exposure deepening the imprint. Therefore he is in quite a pickle when on his travels he encounters both the haughty and aggressive Lady Priscilla and her submissive maid Milly at the same time. What will happen to Raymond’s fragile psyche when two diametrically opposed women are shifting his personality to suit their will at the same time?

Lost girl : (Fantasy, MF, Romance, Corruption)
Shaehera is a young clergywoman of the Luanian church sent to spread the gospel of Lathlander to the natives of a foreign land. However when she encounters Caelin a young Warlock she makes a personal vow to save him from his infernal contract. Will she succeed in saving her new friend from the fire, or will his contracting devil pull her under with him?

It feels so good : (TF, Furry, Corruption)
A pair of lovers are lost in the woods and become the playthings of the lust spirit living there. The spirit tempts each of them winding them into a sexual frenzy all the while slowly changing them into various anthropomorphic animals to serve his perverted desires before finally making them beasts.

Something inspired by this story about people transformed by clothing at halloween

Held in : (non con, TF, MC, maybe TG)
A young girl just about to leave highschool is transformed into a busty librarian style hot girl. The girl in question is not very developed physically and a bit of a wallflower. She finds the slow changes in her libido and looks both alarming and secretly what she's always wanted as people suddenly take notice of her. Even her female friends.

Ophelia Jaxon

I like Contract with God and Keep it a Secret x
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added Fan derived ideas and "it feels so good"





Opened a second possible game of Mischief


Added grindhouse universe idea.



Really want to do a posessed costume RP for Halloween >:) >:) any pairing, costumes must be sexy.




I noticed we have a bit in common when it comes to ons/offs. Of your ideas the Shared and Daddy's Little Princess story are appealing to me.
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Added Alex in womderland, reopened sexploitation film universe.


Want to do an XXXMAS RP preferably short post or non forum (IM/PM ) I have an idea or 2 involving a christmas party taken over by mind control devices or a family gathering with sexy side effects.


New year and one of my older Rps has died over the December break, time for some new blood.
Looking for someone to do a short character intense RP in the new year. I want something about adjusting to life changing circumstances.



Marionette: "The only thing scarier than not having control over your body is knowing the person who does."
For Caroline discovering that her brother has made her his living puppet is the ultimate insult but as time goes on, he does wear down her resistance.

Callie Del Noire

I admit I find some of these interesting. :D

Particularly the Alice and Kitsune ones. : D


Send me a PM if you want to push something further.


The Changeling : A guy is given a drink that allows him to transform into anything and becomes completely obsessed with orgasming as a woman. When he changes shape. Based on this awesome doujin.


Kind of craving a bit of post apocalyptic setting at the moment. I've been inspired by another RPer on the site and would love to try a Brother and sister surviving and redefining morality after the bombs dropped to repopulate.


Added Good morning Handsome and A mystery worth solving.