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Author Topic: Ophelia's Ideas. Mostly Extreme. (Male or Female Partners)  (Read 5324 times)

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Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Ophelia's Ideas. Mostly Extreme. (Male or Female Partners)
« on: November 24, 2011, 03:48:24 PM »
Anything here can be turned into F/F xx  After reading these. Feel free to send me any ideas you might have. I am quite open to ideas and sometimes I even like Romance, Don't be shy ;) XXxxXX

Payback's A Bitch
Twenty years ago there was an accident. A driver whose name is Frank had far too much to drink and decided to drive. The roads were clear, but it was raining. How was he supposed to know that a family was coming home from holiday. A mom. A dad. A daughter. He was driving too fast. Lost control. His car went straight into the family's car. It was a horrible wreck. There were however, two survivors.

Frank survived, and so did the father in the other car, both were in critical condition but survived. Frank felt guilty and sent money to the man whose life he ruined. He sent him $200,000 and wrote it off as paying his debt. Yes. Frank was an asshole. He got on with his life. Had a daughter of his own. His own wife died so she was the only thing he cherished. He had forgotten all about that night that changed the life of a man.

One day, Frank came home. It was his daughters Seventeenth (Can be older or Sweet Sixteenth) birthday. He was going to take her out fr a nice meal, just the two of them since she'd had a bit of a party the week before. Something was wrong though. She wasn't at home. Her cell phone was off. She hadn't been to school that day.

He called the police they let him know she had to be missing for a certain amount of time before filing a Missing Person's report. He was furious. The doorbell sounded. Frank answered the door and signed for the letter. When he opened it he wept and then phoned the police again.

The little package had a picture in it. His daughter naked, tied to a chair and blindfolded. Written in big red letters across the top was 'Payback's A Bitch'

He had been waiting years for this. There wasn't a day since the accident that he didn't think about his wife and child, or the man who took them from him. He hadn't forgotten the gasps from his wife as she was being slowly drown from the inside with blood. For his daughter it had been quick and hopefully painless. But his wife suffered for at least an hour before she died and he was there for every agonizing second of it, unable to do anyhing but watch.

It felt good to finally get his own back. It was just a pity Frank hadn't had a wife. His daughter, Emma would have to pay for both of them. She was going to suffer for what her father had done.

He was going to make Frank's life a living hell as he tortures his daughter. Rapes her. Tortures her some more. Sells her to the cruelest men or women. Turns her into his whore. Makes her start to like it. To love him. He's going to send Daddy updates. Pictures and videos. Her screaming. Begging for it to end. Begging for people to fuck her. He starts to feel for her...It twists him up inside. He keeps her for a year, maybe two...Finally...He kills her.

Looking for any or all of these: Bondage, Blood Play, Exhibitionism, Prostitution, S&M, Torture, Pet Play, Bestiality, Violence, Possibility of Pregnancy, Possible Watersports, Snuff.

Pretty much anything you can imagine. If you are up for it, please send me a PM. Hope to play with you soon! xxxx

Gift For An Ex Soldier
There once was a soldier. A great soldier, he was one of the best of the best. Special Ops was his game and he played it well. Unfortunately he was injured in the line of duty. He saved the life of another soldier who was also injured, but wasn't dead. They were both discharged. They weren't friends or anything so they didn't keep in touch after the fact. The soldier we are focusing on tried to fit back into society, but he was a bit traumatized. His moods would change with the wind. After hitting his wife quite a few times she left him along with taking his two children with her. His view on women didn't get any better. It had been a woman bomber that had caused him to lose his job and life.

He got a construction job, hired hookers to tend to his needs, but he always felt disgusted afterward, not so much with himself, but for them for doing this to themselves. It was hard. His entire life had changed. He lost everything he had, he'd lost himself! Luckily he had some money put by. Enough to buy a nicely sized house in a secluded place in the woods. And so, he moved. He spent his days hunting and fishing, every now and then a job would come in that required his skills. So he spent all his time to himself and was a hit man on the side. It was a lonely existence, but one he was content with.

Now we go back to soldier two. He also had trouble fitting in, but he went down the totally illegal route. Human trafficking and underground slave marketing. He was a delivery boy who sometimes got special benefits. He had to dispose of the unwanted, the wrongfully grabbed.

And so...He was supposed to do away with Alexis Martell She was young and pretty and blonde. Perfect body, the only problem was...the buyer wasn't interested in blondes so threw her back.

Soldier two had an idea. He knew what happened to the other, he'd kept tabs on him, always thinking of a way to pay him back for saving his life. So one day while soldier one was on one of his special jobs, he broke into his home.

When soldier one comes home there's a letter taped to the outside of his door, it just said. 'Thanks for saving my life. Left you a gift. You saved my life...I'm giving you one.'

The girl was locked in the basement, hands tied above her head attached to a beam in the ceiling, there was a blindfold over her eyes and she was naked, all except a red ribbon tied around her neck.

Hurt Me...Please?
Angel was once in a terrible relationship. Her boyfriend didn't only slap her around, but he used his fists and occasionally his feet as well. He liked seeing women suffer for him and when Angel came into his life all innocent and lovely, he corrupted her. He liked to bound her up and let his friends rape her. Nothing she ever did for him was good enough and he had no problem with berating her for it.

One day it went a little too far. They were in the back garden and had been having a good evening in the pool. He wanted to fuck. Told her to get her ass over to him and of course she obeyed, but she didn't make the right noises, wasn't as into it as h was...It was turning him off, so...He pushed her head under the water. She came to life -then- and he once more got excited. He held her under until her struggles were getting slower and pulled her by the hair back up. Once she caught her breath she screamed and screamed. Head back under. Head back up.

It was very lucky for her that some neighbour called the cops. She was more than afraid that this session would be the end of her. One of the police helped her out of the pool, and practically carried her when her legs refused to move. Angel was eternally grateful...

About six months later she met the cop again and they actually got to talking which found it's way to dating. He was coming over regularly and they did things adults do...but she wasn't getting off on it anymore and she knows why...What will he do when she asks him to hit her? Will she manage to make him do it?

What I'm looking for is a partner who's not against Extreme scenes, abuse verbal and physical...One who's reluctant to do so at first, but after a while he starts to like it. How far will he go? How much can she take? If she asks him to stop...can he do it?

I also wouldn't mind someone wanting the role of Vinny as a Before it all happened story

Vampire's Pet
Tereza after going through a bad break up decided to take a little holiday. She told her family she'd be going on holiday with one of her friends but didn't specify which one or where she was going, they were super easygoing so weren't that concerned. She just needed a change of scenery. She is an English speaking Italian. She took off to America; Florida where she could relax in the sun.

After about two weeks of relaxing and enjoying herself, forgetting about her ex and starting to like life again. She was attacked. One night she had gotten herself all dressed up. It was time to show the world she was ready to move on. She had been bar hopping (with a fake ID); only having a glass of wine at each and only sitting at the bar. Well...a glass of wine soon adds up when you have one at every bar you visit. She was just about to hail a cab to take her home when she was grabbed from behind. a man's voice said something about little girls should be in bed at night. He had two friends with him.

Tereza was up shit creek, no one came when she screamed. She fought like a tiger, but three men can fight back. They beat her to unconsciousness and started to go for her body. They never did rape her, though they had torn her clothing off.

When she woke she found herself not in a hospital but in a house, disoriented she got out of bed and tried the door. Locked.

She was there for at least thirteen hours on her own. After dusk the door finally opened and a man came in. She begged to be able to go home, but he was a vampire and had tasted her sweet virgin blood. There was no way he was going to let her go. So...he kept her prisoner.

Two years gone and she's still there...only she now has feelings for her captor who she still doesn't know is a vampire. When he feeds from her, he uses his powers to make her in a dreamlike state, and she sleeps the entire day afterwards. Well she finally starts to let him know how she feels and...he feels the same..aww bliss!

He isn't normal though. Eventually she convinces him she will never leave the house and he unlocks her door. They are much like a proper couple now. She starts to explore and finds herself in a wing of the mansion that is off-limits to her. She just had her hand on a door handle when a stern 'what are you doing up here' comes from behind her. She jumps. He grabs her and drags her back to her room ranting about how he should never have let her out. Does she not know what privacy is? Tereza stands up for herself and before she knows it, he strikes her. A backhand across the face and since he's a vampire it knocks her to the floor and he storms out.

Later her door is smashed open by another vampire who is similar looking to the first. He grabs her and tells her he's to teach her a lesson in respect. He punishes her, bites her, let it be known he's a vampire. Makes her look at the mirror while he does things to her, forces her to do things to him. He is cruel. He is violent.

When he is finished with her the first vampire comes back and picks up the pieces. Treats her like a child...treats her like a lover. The second vampire has got a taste for her now and when the first goes off on business he uses and abuses her in every way possible.

One day she finds out the secret hidden behind locked doors...The two...are one and the same. Each fighting for dominance, each wanting her. Which one will she fall the hardest for?

The Runaway
Athena is a special girl, some would word it more as ‘troubled’. When she was young she went through a traumatic experience. Athena has MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). She was in the foster system, going from one home to the other, but no one could put up with her swings. Once she was committed for a few years until she was better. She wasn’t really better.

She’s 16, was living in a nice foster home. Such a sweet girl. Lovely girl. About a month ao she began to show up at school with bruises and cuts, she didn’t know how she got them. Then one day, her faster father touched her…not because he really wanted to, but because she had seduced him before. They had been touching each other on and off for some time, but this time when it was he that went to her, she freaked out and ended up stabbing him with a kitchen knife.

She ran. She ran and ran and ran. That’s where your character comes in. She was distraught, blood on her hands and clothes. Dark rainy night. She ran right in front of your characters car. It wasn’t a hard hit, but enough to knock the girl down. For some reason your character takes her home instead of taking to the hospital or calling the cops, maybe he/she has a record or is on probation or something and is afraid this will fuck things up. So he/she takes her home. At first it’s like she has amnesia, can’t remember a thing, but as she gets used to your character, her personalities come out to play.

It's your fault
Cassandra lived in a nice country town, until daddy got called away for work, mum and daughter followed him far away from all she knew and into the city. They lived there about six months before dad had been called away again. This time mum and daughter stayed in their new home. Mum had become quite fond of the drink and she had made friends here. Cassandra hated it from the start, so as soon as she could she got a job, hoping to save money to move out. She got a job as a waitress in a bar. That's where she met ______

They flirted with each other and stuff then one day he was waiting for her outside and took her for a burger after work. He was the definition of charm. He had everything going for him. Good Looks. Charm. He was a bit older and had money. He was nice. Mum liked him...They started seeing more and more of each other and he was the nicest person ever in Cassandra's mind...but one day when they were out, they had just started to have a good time when he took her by the arm and marched her out of the club. He explained there was someone in there he didn't like...when really the problem was he was jealous. She was wearing clothes that he liked, short skirt, cleavage enhancing top...but he saw other men looking at her and it pissed him off.

He took her home and of course she invited him up, her mother was on one and confirmed his thoughts by telling Cassandra she looked like a tramp...well the relationship starts to change...he tells her what she can and cannot wear...starts to verbally abuse her…then one day he slaps her, of course she'll think it's her own fault. He's sorry. Had too much to drink. She starts to drink. They argue more often... He convinces her after every argument, every abuse that he loves her.

This roleplay could go many ways depending on situations and our characters :)

It's Not my Brother...It's ME
A split personality thing. Man has another side to himself; my character would fall for the good guy. Maybe things are lovely at first, they might move in together. He's mentioned before that he has a 'brother' but she's not ever seen him. One day when he goes out, his 'brother' comes in...and gosh do they look alike. Must be twins. What she doesn't know is that they're the same person. When the 'brother' sees her he is instantly attracted. He rapes her. Picks on her. Uses her. Eventually she begins to like it and fall for the more evil brother...what happens when she finds out they are one and the same?

Amy had had a perfect life, she was one of those girls who got everything she wanted and was completely spoiled by her parents, she was also a snob and her circle of friends consisted on people whose families were as rich as hers. She was a girl who liked to make other people's lives miserable; picking on them constantly. There was one boy in particular her hateful spitefulness turned to. His mother was a maid at her house and because of that she was nasty to him and when he complained to the principal about her, trying to get her in trouble for the pot that was found (put) in his locker just before a school locker check, she had his mother fired. Ten years later they meet at a high school reunion and she's taken by his good looks and charm. He's changed so much she doesn't recognize him; he's changed his name even. She has long since forgotten the person she was, but he hasn't. He's now a very successful man whereas she's living in a crappy one bedroom apartment and is good friends with anything she can swallow or snort up her nose.

Better Than You
Man and woman were in love, they got married, about six months in he loses his job and she's now the bread winner. He's ok with it at first; he'll just look for another job, no reason to get down about it! That was his opinion for the first couple months. Applications, and CV's went out, nothing came in. He's taken up drinking for a pass time and its grating on him that all his money is her money.

Their loving relationship turns sour. They're fighting all the time. He is convinced she's seeing someone on the side.

Putting Her in Her Place
He was older than her. He was an associate of her Father's intent on expanding her Father's business, so when the naive girl was asked if she would like to take a walk she went. She was only young seventeen years old; he was twenty-five and a very rich and sought after bachelor. They saw each other for only six weeks before he proposed to her. Of course she had some trepidation, they had only been together a short time and he hadn't even kissed her yet.

He asked her father who agreed, in two week's time they were to be married. A very short time to prepare an entire wedding, but he had some very important business to attend to and he lived in another state and claimed he didn't know when he would return.

On her eighteenth birthday they got married and skipped the honeymoon and went straight to his home where for the first weeks as a wedded woman she was left alone in a huge house, being told what rooms she could and couldn't enter.

She entered them of course. The house keeper kept a watchful eye on the girl and when her husband's nephew came unexpectedly the flirting between he and Athena was purely innocent. The housekeeper caught them hugging and assured herself that she had been unfaithful. Every little thing Athena had done wrong was put in a report. If she wore sexy clothing it was written down. If she was rude to anyone, didn't answer the door, when out for a long period of time. It was all written.

When he came home he was given this report and was none too happy about it. He decides to teach her her place.

Witness Protection
Girl witnesses a murder and is seen, but there's not enough time to do away with the only witness thank goodness! She goes to the coppers and says she'll testify, she goes into witness protection. Guy gets hired by murderer's boss to do away with girl and due to crooked coppers he gets placed in witness protection as well, same place as her. He's to take any means necessary to find out what she knows, who she's seen then dispose of her.

Double Crossing the Pimp
Ophelia has a tough life, she always had. Practically had to raise herself and when she was 14 ran off to become a star...Well...we know how that turns out for most. She met a guy. Got addicted to cocaine. The boyfriend decides to drop her as he's tired of looking after her. It was fun at first. Bring his mates around and give her what's for...making her work for the drugs. So...out on her ass she does the only thing a girl like her can. She finds herself a pimp. She's pretty. Pretty face, nice figure, friendly, and knows how to work it, so she makes good money...or did...She's now 20 years old and her daily payments to her pimp have gone -way- down. She's pocketing the cash and favours one client who she sees for free...Pimp is NOT happy. Opal was his best girl...he even wanted a turn with the word from the grapevine is that she's not only ripping him off, but she's giving it for free AND thinking of quitting to move in with her rich client (the one she's spreading her legs for for free) well...Opal has to be taught a lesson in respect...manners...and one steals and double crosses HIM.

She's Mine
Athena and Ryan had been dating for a whole three years before he got sent away. He was in a gang and she? Well she met him at a party. Athena was a stripper who occasionally did some extras on the side and private parties. They had sex. It was good. They started a no strings attached thing., He talked her into not making him pay for it and so started the proper dating. She even stopped seeing men on the side, it was a blow to her bank account, but it was love wasn't it? There was an age difference since she was a sixteen years old with a fake ID and dreams she'd never realize.

Every now and then there was some abuse, he'd have a tough day and she'd piss him off a few slaps, pushes, some violent sex, rarely she'd have a black eye or something, but in her world that was no big deal. At least being with him it meant she had protection from worse in her career.

Well three years on and Ryan was in prison. Accessory to murder. Athena was pregnant and visited him as often as she could for the first month. She had an abortion without telling him. She didn't want a baby and she didn't think she would ever -really- see him again. A few more times she visit, but then she stopped all together. She'd found someone else.

She couldn't wait around for him could she? This someone else was from a rival gang and was cruel to her, making her whore herself to get money.

Ryan was kept up to date with her actions. He considered her his property after all. He got strong. Worked out, had a prison bitch. He wasn't gay...but a guy had to get off somewhere and he was never on the receiving end. He became well known. Had contacts on the outside and Athena's new fling was shot down. She was alone after that. She had been with him when the drive by happened.

Athena took to locking her doors and drinking herself to sleep.

Ryan got out a whole 18 months before his sentence was up from good behaviour. He was a changed man. He had never been a pussy or anything, but not he was harder. Meaner. Determined to make it to the top. First he wanted Athena and the kid he thought he had.

He has to convince her that she's his through and through. She's moved so it takes a while for him to find her...but find her he does. How will he react when they see eachother again?

Once a Whore....
Damon was overall a good guy sure he's made a few bad choices in life, but who hasn't? He makes good money. Sure that money comes from selling drugs, but it keeps a roof over his head and he has some pretty regular clients so the money just rolls in for him. It might not be a persons dream job, but hey...when you've not finished high school and don't have any qualifications a job is a job and besides...he makes almost the same amount a year and a bloody doctor!

Being a drug dealer was how he met -her- Cassandra. Cassandra is a hooker and was a hooker when they met. She got his name from a friend of a friend of a friend. He knew right away what she was, the way she was dressed when she approached, the bruises on her face from a client that got out of hand. She overpaid for what he gave her, but if he was going to provide for trash, he was going to milk it for all it was worth.

She became a regular. Of course he didn't see her for a week after the first time. She couldn't work with bruises on her face, what would her clients thing? They'd all want to treat her like a ragdoll. The next time he saw her he noticed how pretty she actually was. Lovely face, hair most girls are jealous of and quite a hot body. When work was hard to find she begged him for some drugs, just a little to take the chill out. She offered a blowjob. Who was he to refuse? It was good. And so they worked out an understanding. She'd even let him fuck her for some pills.

So, they got together through sex. They got why not? They started dating...or at least going to parties together and fucking after...or during...or before. He kind of wanted her from her life and when he asked her to move in? Well...He thought she'd give up the job, she wasout of her rat infested apartment building, didn't have to scrape around for rent. He provided for her. At first that was fine with her. She became a regular house-woman, but she became more into the drugs. Demanding even. He decided to try and help her kick the habit so stopped bringing it home. Refused to give it to her..,Saying he couldn't afford to give it to her for free.

So, she went back to the streets while he was out conducting business. Once a whore, always a whore. He had a few times slapped her when she got whiny or shouted at him during her withdrawl, but that was it. Until he came home early, surprise her for lunch and found her with her back to him, on top of some random guy telling him how she loved to fuck him.

A guy can only take so much. He was well respected, lived in a great neighbourhood...what would people think....what would happen if the COPS showed up at his door? He'd be fucked. There was no way he was going to do any prison time for some skirt. He went un noticed as he approached her from behind, his fist was in her hair and she was on the floor before one could even bat an eyelash.

Cassandra was too stunned to say anything. The guy on the bed quickly made his exit, tossing some change onto the bed. Once he was gone she shouted at Damon. What the fuck was he doing home? He listed her up by the hair, pulling so she was on her toes so they were eye to eye. He didn't slap her. No. He punched her. In the stomach, she didn't see it coming. She screamed and he dropped her. She fell to her knees...He got his cock out and fucked her face so hard that her head was hitting the wall. Once again he grabbed her hair and threw her on the bed. She tried to scramble off, but he grabbed her ankle. God he was pissed off.

She sat up, as much she could, crying about how she was sorry...Sorry...ha! He hit her..she'd have a nice black eye, he flipped her over and shoved himself into her whore pussy and fucked her for all she was worth, slapping and punching her back as he did, pushing her face into the pillow so hard it was a miracle she didn't suffocate to death. He hadn't meant to be so rough...she'd just pissed him THEIR bed. And he remembered how she couldn't work because of the bruises when they met...

When he came inside her...something he never did he just pulled out, turned over and went to sleep.

Cassandra slept too, her body hurt too much to storm around. He woke up before her and felt guilty. He looked at her and bruises had already  formed. He got out of bed and had a shower and for about ten minutes he felt bad for what he'd done. He hadn't lost it like that for a long time. Once upon a time he was a bad boy. Joined a gang...he'd beaten the fuck out of his share of people, but all of them were men and it was questionable wether they deserved it or not. His mama always taught him to never hit a girl.

Feeling sorry for himself. For her. He came out of the bathroom, but when he saw her he couldn't help but feel a little satisfaction. She really -had- deserved it hadn't she? Besides...he WAS sort of doing her a kindness wasn't he? At least he won't go out for a few days maybe a week or two. She'd be his. No more fucking. He could deny her all the drugs and it'd be a kind of rehab...It was for the greater good. If she couldn't see that so what? Where was she going to go? He didn't dwell on the fact that it actually felt good to pound hid fists into something made of flesh and blood. He wasn't a monster.

Things were a bit rocky for a while. Cassie...well she didn't want him to hit her again, so she was the absolute perfect woman. Had dinner made every night when he came home, she took up baking and the house had never been cleaner. After a few days she didn't cry when they had sex, she was becoming enthusiastic again. The bruises faded and were almost gone. Anyone would be proud to call her their woman. They went to a party, kind of a fancy one as one of his upper class clients wanted hm'd be good business for him and everyone would be happy. Cassandra was the perfect arm-candy...for a while.

The wine was flowing nonstop, and Cassandra had more than she could handle. One of the men had recognized her, and she flirted with him while Damon was off elsewhere setting up a deal. She and this other man found a room to go into. Damon came looking for her.

They weren't having sex...but her breasts were on display and she was just undoing his pants while on her knees when she was found. She was too drunk to pretend surprise or feel embarrassed or sorry. She just slurred out that she could make some money too. Her mouth was getting her 300. The man zipped up and walked out.

Damon was once again pissed, but his name was called, so he left her there on her knees.

Smugly, Cassandra got up, packed her breasts away and sauntered out. She began to dance to the music that was being played. She kicked off her shoes and climbed onto a table. It was embarrassing to all who attended as she was moving like a stripper. Damon was approached by the house owner and asked to kindly remove the filth he brought from the premises. A taxi was on the way and for now on he would conduct his business elsewhere.

Living Doll
Jessica had a boyfriend, he loved her. She loved him. They're both just out of high school. Boyfriend belongs to a wealthy family. Perfect upbringing. Jessica's mother is a whore and her daddy is a drunk. How did they get together? Well...It was at a party. Jessica is a fabulous party girl. She can forget all of her problems when she's leathered (drunk). They had blissful, mindless sex.

Two months later she came to him. She was pregnant. Or at least she'd thought she was. It was a false alarm thank goodness! They go out for something to eat after the Dr's appointment. They get on alright so they start to secret. His family wouldn't approve...Her family wouldn't approve.

Eventually it gets frustrating for him, she just loves that someone pays attention to her. They start to argue over stupid things...He goes off on holiday with his family and dumps her via email.

Her summer was quite eventful. She found that not only does drinking make her feel better, but sniffing white powder up her nose makes her feel fantastic.

A little while after he returns, she waits for him, as soon as he sees her he's a bit put-off. He had fully planned to move on. She cries and begs. He grabs her wrists when she gets on her knees after spouting something about sucking his cock...right out in the open. Luckily no one was around. He shoves her. Jess stopped crying as he'd shoved her a bit harder than he meant to and she actually fell.

Feeling guilty he invites her in. They end up having sex. She introduces him into the world of cocaine. He gets a little carried away and fucks her like she was nothing, fingers bruising into flesh. All that matters is his pleasure. He thinks of her as just some bitch cum dumpster as he fucks away.

She gets into it. Begs him to hit her. Harder and harder. They start seeing eachother again, he brings the drugs.

He's not addicted though. He watches her while she does it, like a drug dealer. Being the son of Super wealthy parents there's a lot of expectations. His life is outlined for him...Everyone needed an outlet and she was his. He doesn't even like her. Not really...It's like...she's addicted to drugs, but he's addicted to her. Maybe it's her desire to please him. Maybe he just likes hurting her. Maybe he likes the fact that she'd dependant on him.

Next time he goes away on a short term holiday, Jessica goes off the edge. No sex. No drugs...What does she do? Cuts herself. It calmed her down. When he comes back he finds it sexy, encourages her to do it. At first he just...likes to watch, but then when she's too drugged to notice anything, he cuts her himself. His cock instantly getting hard.

When he goes to University he takes her with him, lets her live in his home...She's not really a person to him anymore...She eats when he feeds her, does what he tells her...No she's not a person anymore...more a living doll. An object to be played with. Jessica wouldn't have it any other way.

Rock Bottom
Alyssa had a tough life, booth her parents were alcoholics so she pretty much had to raise herself since they were out most nights and slept it off most days. There was many a night where she'd go to bed hungry. They lives in a poor neighbourhood, one of those ones where misery loves company so no one tried to better themselves or get help for anyone else, a few times when her mother made her lunch for school, she'd open her bag to a bottle of booze. She vowed to never drink. Never end up like her parents.

As she grew she became rebellious, fighting at school, running away...Her parents started to punish her, locking her in her room. Shouting, a few times lashing out and hitting her. She was forced to see a youth worker, all the things she did, talking back, shouting, hitting...It was all to get attention. At least that's what she was told. Ally found something else to vent her energy. It started when she was shaving her legs and cut a little line in her leg. So started the routine, every time she felt frustrated and alone, Ally would cut herself. It started with her thighs then moved to her arms. No one knew. She was calmer and seemed happier in school.

She grew out of the phase. Finally when she was 18 she moved out. Got a job at a restaurant where she wore a revealing uniform to get tips. She was struggling to survive in a disgusting apartment that really should have been torn down, but the rent was cheep and here was a roof over her head and that was good enough for her. It was  lonely and depressing existence, but it got better. She was introduced to the world of drugs by a work mate. First it was pills, then it was powders.

Sometimes she'd go out with her work friends and wake up in a strange place with strange people. On those days she told herself she'd stop. That'd be the end of it...That would last maybe a day before she started to feel horrible, the only thing that would make her better was more.

Eventually she lost her job, no money was coming in and she was desperate. She was out of work, out of money, out of drugs and soon out of a roof over her head. At rock bottom, Alyssa had a clean out. Anything valuable she owned was taken to a pawn shop. TV, jewellery...She didn't argue when the jeweller offered her 50 for the lot, she just took the money and went on search of a dealer.

It was late about 3am when she finally found one. She was in bad shape, had the shakes pretty bad when she approached the man. She offered him the money. He didn't have any pills...didn't have any powder...but he did have heroin.

He took her to an alley way and showed her how. He tied a tube around her arm, found a vein, stuck the needle in and emptied straight into her blood stream. She didn't handle it well when her body started to shake and her eyes rolled back the dealer took the money and fucked off. She was on deaths door. It was a miracle that she was found.

Days later she awoke in the hospital, she was sent to a group home type place with other addicts and had to attend mandatory group meetings.

That's where she met Him. He was her saviour, or at least that's what she thought when they met. He'd been sober for a couple of years and came to the meetings to help support others. That was the cover anyway. He's one of the types of people who likes suffering in others. He couldn't keep a girlfriend because he was a bit...mean.

Growing up he had the perfect life. Went to the right schools got everything he wanted, had a powerful father and a home maker of a mother. They say behind a great man is a great woman...well, that was bullshit. Behind a powerful man was a woman to tend to him. His father spent years turning his wife into the perfect woman for him. She let him sleep with other people, she entertained his friends, she cooked and cleaned and dressed the way he liked. Sometimes he hit her, sometimes he lost it and beat her, but she stayed with him. Loved him.

That's what he wanted. A woman that would do anything, endure anything because it's what he wanted. That's why he came to these places. His idea was to find a woman who was pleasing to the eye and was at the bottom of the food chain. He'd find one, take them out a few times, be their sponsor, help them through withdrawls and them get back onto the drugs. He was an addict. Addicted to addiction. It was easy to get what he wanted when someone was completely dependant on him.

He's done this a few times, his last girlfriend was now a cheap street whore.

Ally was perfect. After a couple of dates she was already ready to move in with him, he'd get her pills, she'd give him sex. He saw the cuts on her thighs and arms and convinced her to let him cut her. She was like a toy now. His personal toy to play with or discard, share or lock away. She took his abuse, when high she got off on it. The perfect relationship.

Love Spell Gone Wrong
I'm using the example as M/f, but as per my norm you can always sub a F in for the M role. I'm not fussy with genders :)

Summer wasn't popular in school, but she wasn't un popular either. She had friends and stuff, but what she didn't have...Was a boyfriend. She did however have a crush on a boy. One who is well out of her league. Captain of the football team, dating head cheerleader. The cheerleader found out about the crush and being the bitch she was used it to her own entertainment.For a week the couple pretended to be split up. The boy came to Summer and invited her to a party. He'd noticed her in math class and wanted to hang out. The party wasn't for another week and during that time he paid a lot of attention to her, even going as far as sitting at her table at lunch. He even KISSED her. It was her very first kiss!

They agreed that instead f him picking her up that they should meet at the party and arranged a time. Summer was just on time, she stood outside and waited and waited. She must have gotten it wong. Maybe he was inside. Inside she went and there was her 'date' making out with the head cheerleader. Summer turned to leave, but then the laughing started. The cheerleader said something about her being pthetic. Someone like him would never be interested in a girl like her. He chimed in saying she was pathetic and disgusted him.

Outraged, she went home and did some research. The next day at school she managed to pull one of his hairs out. Which made her even more of a freak, but she didn't care. She'd show him.

So she worked a spell of love. He was to love her more than -anything- how was she supposed to know it would turn out this way.

He dreamed of her that night. He thought of her during the day. Thought of her while with his girlfriend. He sat with her at lunch, but she just left him sat there, getting up and leaving. She thought it was anothersick joke...well she was't going to play along...not this time. Of course he dumped his girlfriend for real and started following Summer around. His every thought was of her awake or asleep. She had to be his.

Each time he made a move, she shot him down. Torturing him. All he wanted to do was love her. Why did she love him back? There must be someone else. The thought made him so mad that he literally punched a hole through his bedroom wall. If she wasn't in love with him....Well...He'd just have to MAKE her love him.

Pictures that need plots :)
These are some pictures I've come across on the internet. I don't have any plots for them, but if they appeal to you please PM me and let me know if you have any ideas or if you'd like to work on an idea together xx

More pictures that need plots

Extreme Photo's that need plots

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I like the sounds of your dual personality role play idea.  I sounds fun and open ended, im interested if your up for it.

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