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Welcome to Elliquiy's Wiki! Don't ask how that shortens to Elluiki, we have no idea, but it just is, alright?

You will need to have an approved account at the forums before being able to edit the wiki or see private areas.

We currently have 1,186 articles and 116,169 files. This is clearly not enough, please write and upload!

Wiki Notices

  • elliquiy.com has hotlinking protection - do not try to link images here from elsewhere (Blue Moon Roleplaying excepted)
    • Please remember to tag your images when you upload. Just type [[Category:nameofcategoryhere]] with the double square brackets into the summary box.
    • If you would like to delete an image from the wiki, please PM a Wikimin or change the category of the image to [[Category:Delete]].
  • The wiki really hates the ampersand - & - in page and file titles. The system refuses to acknowledge anything once an ampersand comes into the title. Thus "Lost & Found" becomes simply "Lost". So, please just spell out "and" in file/page titles (or skip it entirely). Thanks, the Management.
  • In order to access this wiki, you will have to log-in using your Forum login name and password. Only those with full access to the Forums will be allowed in here. If you don't have such an account, then you will have to introduce yourself through the forums.
  • If your forum login includes an underscore, you may have trouble logging in. Please contact Vekseid to help you correct that issue.
  • If you upload files to the wiki, please make a note in the summary about how you would like to see that image used - whether people can use it freely or if it is only for a specific person.
  • If the above is not available, and you find an image on the wiki that you would like to use, you can view the original uploader of the file at the bottom of the page. Contact them to see if your intended use is appropriate.
  • In the event that the above is violated, please be civil if you object to the use.
  • For the most part, we consider non-original images uploaded to the Elliquiy wiki to be transformative. That is, they are generally presented as inspirational material, displayed to a private audience, to drive stories and/or discussion, or are significantly downsampled to be displayed as avatars and/or signature lines. This also means - to put it bluntly - that Elliquiy's wiki is not a porn stash. Upload the items that will enhance your stories or discussion if they are not your own.
  • Please name your files descriptively and meaningfully. Elliquiy is not a chan.
  • IMPORTANT! NO IMAGES OF UNDERAGE SUBJECTS WILL BE TOLERATED. It doesn't matter if the context is non-sexual, or whether the subject is real or fictional. Elliquiy advertises itself as an adult forum, and we would prefer to err on the side of caution.

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