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Uploading Files

Uploading files is just a matter of clicking on the Upload file link in the toolbox on the left. You can do it whenever the fancy takes you, and for the most part I will be a bit lenient on what gets uploaded.

No Child Porn, Lolicon, or related! Also, this is nor a place for scat, guro, snuff, or necrophillia. Since beastiality (though not tentacles or monsters per se) is illegal in some states in the United States, that also will not be tolerated here.

This is not your personal pornography repository. We can only afford to spare a few hundred megabytes for the gallery at the moment, and so don't go willy-nilly. In addition, the gallery is meant to serve one of three purposes:

  1. To showcase your own, original work.
  2. To assist you with your games.
  3. Display work in which you have explicit permission to post elsewhere (where elsewhere can be here).

Entire doujins, or similar catelogs do not have a place here. Maps, pictures used for scenes, image macros (though don't try linking to images on Elliquiy from other sites), character pictures and other game-enhancing resources are fine.

I'm not going to ban the posting of the occasional 'inspiration', but I will reiterate that entire collections do not belong here.


After you have uploaded a file, you probably wish to add it to a category, or maybe a few. A single image might belong to Category:Tentacle Images and Category:Non-Consentual Images, or such. You add pages to such categories by typing [[Category:Category Name Here]], and you can similarly add [[Category:Images]] to link to the main Images category.

In order to link to a category without adding the page to said category, you prefix the name with a colon. For example, [[:Category:Hello Kitty]] links to Category:Hello Kitty, but does not add this page there.

Keep your categories thorough and distinct, please. ^_^

Other Uses

Wikis are a powerful resource for storing information. Keep this place in mind for character sheets, campaign information, and so on.

Please use subpages when making content specific to your campaign or character. For example

Elven Maiden Versus Human Barbarian - could link to the page for that game. From there, Elven Maiden Versus Human Barbarian/Maidens - could be a list of the various maidens the game has known, and similarly with /Barbarians. Keep it pretty, keep it clean. ^_^

Well, dirty-clean. Kindof...thingness.