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All Elliquians are invited to participate in the Monthly Writing Contest, both to enter and to vote for a winner.

It is a prompt-based contest, where we'll give everyone a concept, object, quality or action that must appear somehow in the story. A new contest prompt will be posted to this thread every month, confirming the date the contest will close and when the voting will run and when a winner will be announced. The submissions will be posted to the contest thread, which is where the voting will take place.

This writing contest is entirely volunteer-run, and not endorsed, hosted, or subject to Elliquiy administration and staff beyond the dictates of Elliquiy's site rules.


Currently, Butterflykiss is in charge, so if you have questions, concerns, or entries, please PM her.


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Contest Archives

October / November
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Monthly Writing Contest Rules


  1. Any subject material acceptable on Elliquiy is permitted in the contest entries. All entries must abide by Elliquiy's rules, or be subject to a removal.
  2. Submissions must be written for this contest. Nobody reading a submission should be able to connect it to an existing post on Elliquiy.
  3. Failure to use the prompt element in a recognizable fashion may result in the request for a rewrite or the elimination of the piece from consideration.
  4. The length of the submission should be between 1000 and 3000 words; the word count function in Microsoft Word™ will serve as the final arbiter.
  5. Collaborative works are acceptable so long as they meet all other requirements.
  6. The title of the submission should be 'tagged' by including the category that the submission would be tagged under in the Storytelling board, e.g., Non-Adult, Light, Bondage, Non-Con: Human, Non-Con Exotic, or Extreme, in the format [Category]. An [NA] tag means that the entry does not contain explicit material. A list of tags can be found here.
  7. Submissions should be PMed to Scott, who will post entries into that contest's thread without reference to the identity of the author.


  1. The deadline will be one month after the contest start date, e.g., for a contest starting April 23rd, the deadline would be May 22nd.
  2. Voting will be don through the poll function, and will run for two weeks, commencing the day after the submission deadline.


  1. As the authors of submissions will not be disclosed, voting will be blind. It is not acceptable to reveal to any other Elliquian the identity of any author, even oneself. It is acceptable to tell others that you have entered, but not to state or even hint which submission is yours. Violation of this rule will result in the disqualification of the submission from the author whose identity has been compromised, even after the contest closes, and even if it would mean the disqualification of a winning entry. If such a disqualification would ever occur, the second-place entry would become the winner of that contest.
  2. All Elliquians able to use the poll function may vote, and may change their vote until the end of the voting period.
  3. Voters should consider how well the prompt element was integrated into the story as part of their decision.

Contest End

  1. After voting ends, the identity of each author will be added to the submissions, and the winner will be announced within the contest thread.
  2. The prize will be a graphic suitable for use in a blog, webpage or signature. Each contest's graphic will be unique, and customizable within reason by contacting Caeli.


Month, Year Winner Winner Graphics
October / November 2008 Kyrsa MWC Kyrsa A.jpg

MWC Kyrsa B.jpg

MWC Kyrsa C.jpg
January 2009 Elandra MWC Elandra A.jpg

MWC Elandra B.jpg

MWC Elandra C.jpg
February 2009 Ferran MWC Ferran A.jpg

MWC Ferran B.jpg

MWC Ferran C.jpg
April 2009 Darius MWC Darius A.jpg

MWC Darius B.jpg

MWC Darius C.jpg
May 2009 Mithlomwen MWC Mith A.jpg

MWC Mith B.jpg

MWC Mith C.jpg
June 2009 Valerian & Caeli MWC Val A.jpg

MWC Val B.jpg

MWC Val C.jpg
July 2009 mudchaser MWC muchaser A.jpg

MWC mudchaser B.jpg

MWC mudchaser C.jpg