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Author Topic: Skipping Payments (M/M; NC, Bondage, Blackmail)  (Read 2609 times)

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Skipping Payments (M/M; NC, Bondage, Blackmail)
« on: February 09, 2011, 05:09:27 PM »
Skipping Payments.

Picture Inspiration: Both are NSFW! One, Two

Role Desired: Dominant Male (Loan man)

Setting: Modern Day

What to Expect: N/C, bondage, violence, blood, etc. (This won't be a pleasant story)

Plot: Jacob Darling, Jake to his friends, runs a simple newspaper agency in the downtown streets of an otherwise grand city; it is a rundown area in the grip of poverty and strife. People that live in the dilapidated flats and crumpling houses do not do so because they wish to; they simply do not have the means to move away to the inner reaches of the city. No matter how Jake tries, he cannot find any stories worth the money it takes to print, and even if he did, he knows that the people nearby (his only customers) can barely scrape enough money for food, let alone newspapers.

Upon deciding to drown his sorrows using what little spare money he has, he finds himself in a rather grizzly and grimy bar on the outskirts of the inner city, getting steadily drunker as time goes on. His mind goes hazy, speech slurred and as he has a seemingly innocent drink, he is unaware that he is being watched.

The man observing is the head of a seedy loan business in the inner city, dealing in large sums of money, gathered from and unknown source. There is nothing pleasant about the man as he approaches Jake, however drunk as he is, nothing odd is noted and after several drinks are bought, several prods made as to why such an 'attractive man’ is in such a sorry state, Jake finds himself drunkenly spilling his money woes.

At the point, the fact that the unknown man could loan him the money is like a beacon in the dark, and without thinking the offer is foolishly accepted; a cheque for $100 000 is written right there and handed over, with the instruction that the money be paid back by the end of two months time.

The next morning, Jake cannot remember a thing of what had occurred; the cheque in his pocket is terrifying as he had no idea where he received it from. That being the case, he had no idea of the impending threat that approaches as the two months slide by, the money having not been paid for.

A sharp knock one day is heard upon Jake's door and he is greeted by the scent of chloroform, waking up in an unknown location, tied to a chair in front of the man who lent him the money. Even as he is told of his borrowing money, Jake has little idea what is being discussed, however despite his pleading, the loanshark remains unaffected and, upon realising the Jake hasn't the means to pay, he decides to take the money from his body instead.

Jake struggles, fights futile against the initial assault, however the other man is much too strong and he succumbs, being left with pictures being taken of his beaten body and the ominous threat;

If you don't want these pictures going public, then you'll do exactly as I say...

Potential Plot Expansion: From this point, the story could go many ways depending on the man's uses for Jake; he could simply continue to be used, or perhaps he would be taken as a form of prostitute or personal servant. Perhaps eventually he becomes used to the abuse suffered and accepts his new life, or maybe a happier ending results with Jake somehow finding the pictures and escaping? I'd love to do this story, so discussion is very much encouraged.