Current Plot Driven Cravings! (MxF/MxM)

Started by MistaKing, February 04, 2011, 01:04:52 AM

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Forced Crossdressing
Forced Public Nudity
Horror/Dark Rp
Drama/Sad Rp
Superhero/Super Villain
Psych Ward

I am open to numerous rps and numerous versions of my rps. Simply ask or just tell me an idea you have! I don't mind.

While I don't normally classify my characters as such, I have to the best of my ability for those who are wondering. I consider myself a switch.
I can go with about anything. I will normally play a male but can be talked into playing a female. I namely rp M/M or M/F, if talked into it playing a female f/f is a possibility. On the context of herms I don't mind playing with them either, just don't have a herm character myself. For the rest, convince me.

Can modify my characters to be the opposite gender. May be strange but it is possible for me. Interesting to try as well. =p
I write between 3-8 paragraphs depending on how inspired I am. There have been times I  have wrote even more thanks to how many ideas were flowing through me. While I do not require the same from my partner I would prefer if it is over three sentences. I tend to match posts and have been known to go crazy with posts when I get overly inspired. Just the fun of it!
My favorite location for rps in Forum or PM.
I write in the third person when it comes to roleplay and as such would prefer it if you did the same.


Hidden Wings xTOP CRAVINGx
(School rp. StudentxTeacher or StudentxStudent)

Zeke seems to just be a normal student just like anyone else. He made sure that everyone believed this. Doctors notes to keep from having to take gym and change in the locker room, make up to disguise his markings as tattoos, jackets to hide his wings and beanies to hider his ears. He looked just like a normal boy trying to look like a punk.

Without all these items though he was a pixie, a scared pixie who worried what would happen if his secret was exposed to the world. He has spent years pretending to be normal but his secret would soon be exposed. The plot revolves around when the boy is exposed as a pixie. This can go numerous directions, be it he finds another one like him who had been hidden, he gets ridiculed and made an outcast or maybe even that he was in a couple and even his boyfriend/girlfriend didn't know about what he was.

Program variant: The story is about a couple (m/m or m/f), a love that had slowly been fueled. Zeke would be perfect for this rp mixing it with The Program. I would prefer playing the one in the program if only one is in it. With his stress and arousal that the little effeminate exhibitionist gets from suddenly being exposed to the school his secret becomes known. His pixie heritage was something he hadn't even told his lover, having delayed sex and intimacy for a time to try and keep what he was hidden. What will they have to say to the revelation? Will they be angry or understanding?

On The Road
(Band Rp, MusicianxMusician, MusicianxManager or MusicianxFan)

They have grown to be a world wide sensation. After years of work their band had made it to fame and fortune whilst hiding all their dirtiest secrets. One of these secrets includes that of their Guitarist whose mental condition was fairly hard to miss when actually speaking to him. during interviews they normally made sure he kept quiet, when on stage he was never the one to introduce them and when his other side reared its head they made sure to reschedule any plans involving the public. Ciel from an early age always had a rather strange imaginary friend, his guitar.

Mister Jangles, the guitar he had been given by his father, came to life after the suicide of Ciel's father. All his pain, confusion and anger towards both his parents was simply locked away as he resorted to spilling his problems to his friend while practicing and mastering the guitar. Over time Mister Jangles grew to be Ciel's closest friend. He brought 'him' practically everywhere. His mother and psychiatrist tried their best to convince him that Mister Jangles was just and instrument, how wrong they were. As he began to get more friends who grew used to him continuously talking to his guitar in public the figment of his imagination grew fairly jealous. It went from a common case of PTSD to DiD. There were times Mister Jangles would take over Ciel's body. All those poor emotions that the ever happy Ciel ever locked away were forced upon Jangles leading him to be a far less friendly version of him.

So what happens when the bands secrets start getting sold off to the tabloids? Who would sell out their fellow band mates and how well their reputation stand when the population finds out that the lead guitarist of the band had a strange and sometimes dangerous fixation on his guitar?

Friends Not So Imaginary
(Genders of either character can easily be changed. Would prefer being the real one but I can easily play as the 'imaginary' character.)
(If I am the real kid then I am likely to use Tamas. If imaginary I am likely to use a variation of Eliot, Zeke, Kekkon or a new character that fits the personality of the real kid.)

It had started out as a normal imaginary friend. A young child who spent his time with a friend no one but him could see. He talked to him constantly and played with him often. It was perfectly normal and his friends and family paid no mind to it. That was until he grew older. See around this time was when he began to show signs of schizophrenia. Many things changed, he saw far more figments than his original imaginary friend, yet that same friend stayed a constant. A figure that was always there for him. When he was left an outcast thanks to his strange behavior, when his parents grew more and more worried and protective of him, when he felt there was only one person he could trust that friend was always there. After every bully and shrink he always had someone to talk to.

Then something strange began to happen. The friend began to exhibit strange talents that had not been shown before. From the ability to touch and manipulate items like any other human to occasionally being seen by others who had insulted him for the supposed existence of this figment. It wasn't long before that very same being was no longer just a personality created by a lonely mind. Everything was exactly the same. From their looks and personality to whatever strange additions and abilities he had thought for them. He could finally hug them, finally rest against him. It was a dream come true. Would this the only piece of his imagination that would enter the realm of reality?

The Program
The Pamphlet from the Original Website, for the complete info. (Exhib./Public Nudity)

Any who have read the series of stories involving the program at the Naked In School website know what this is about. This can go a number of ways but the basic plot is this. The program was made once sexual diseases became wiped out and the world grew to find nudity to be less taboo. Yet this was namely in the parents. Teenagers still found that they were rather shy about their bodies.

To try and prevent them from seeing nudity and sex as taboo the Program was created. Its rules namely involved the choosing of two students of each year. One male and one female usually to spend the week without a stitch beyond their socks and shoes. That is the basic idea, there was far to much info about it so I instead posted a link to the pamphlet on the story site.

I would love to set up a roleplay with the same idea, we can talk about who we would be but this is one of the rps I don't mind trying a female character. Just remember it has been a while since I rped one.