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Author Topic: I Yearn For A Romantic Story! (MxM)  (Read 630 times)

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I Yearn For A Romantic Story! (MxM)
« on: July 21, 2012, 10:23:28 AM »
Good day! Before you dive into my search I would like to make a few things clear. I'll keep this short as to not ramble incessantly, I would like to mention before I start my small list that I highly enjoy planning out a story before starting. Do not be afraid to offer your suggestions or plots if you believe I'd be a good fit for them.

- I am not here solely for sex. Coupled with the need for a good story I am looking for a bit of romance in my rps. Now dark plots can easily be done, I would just like a bit of fluff in at least some of my rps.

- As stated in the title I am looking for MxM rps. Now when it comes to the question of a dominant or submissive role, I really have no preference. Now as for the question of a top or a bottom, I prefer the bottom. Be it a submissive or a dominant bottom does not matter to me. Just because a character likes it up the rear doesn't mean he can't take control in bed!

- My submissive characters are neither whimpy or push overs. Some may be cowards, some may be virgins. In the end they will now easily bow to someone's whim. Maybe seduction is the key, maybe a bit of force is how yo make him squirm in delight. Just be certain that, depending on the character, he will have a backbone. It all simply depends on the character.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2:Pairings/Plot Bunnies

3: Plots

-Other Forum-

For a more extensive list of my interests, please go here.

3: Pairings

4: Likes/Dislikes

5: Characters

Plot Bunnies
(Happy to brainstorm!)
(Preferred role)

Adventure! Hunting for treasure, a new land, exploration. I am certain a lovely plot could come from this.
Criminal on the Run
Crossdresser x Forced to Crossdress
Effeminate Male x Straight Male
Forced Public Nudity
Merman x Human
Super Hero x Super Villain
Zombie Apocalypse

These are all more character concept, any input or additions involving your character is more that welcome.

Hidden Wings
(Fantasy, Highschool/College, Drama, Possible romance.)(Potential for Scientist/Fae)
(Zeke can be both a dominant type or a submissive type. Simply tell me your preference, I have played him as both.)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Zeke seems to just be a normal student just like anyone else. He made sure that everyone believed this. Doctors notes to keep from having to take gym and change in the locker room, make up to disguise his markings as tattoos, jackets to hide his wings and beanies to hider his ears. He looked just like a normal boy trying to look like a punk.

This made things difficult when it came to the man he loved dearly. He had managed to land himself the love of his lie, through his social awkwardness, strange behavior, and strange fashion sense. They had been together long enough that he was beginning to get antsy. Though Zeke was, understandably, afraid to even remove his sweater when around him. He was determined to hide his features away, milking the happiness he was given for as long as possible.

Zeke's plan could not go one forever. His boyfriend was growing suspicious. While he didn't know what he was hiding, he was determined to find out.

Out in the Forest
(Werewolf, Public Nudity, Exhibitionism)
(Character= Virgil Benoit

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This one needs a bit of work.

While Virgil was roaming through the forest in his were form he accidentally gets caught in a silver bear trap designed to keep him at bay. He lets out a howl of surprise and agony before shifting back struggling to free his wounded leg from the trap. Your character stumbles across him caught up without a stitch whimpering and fidgeting in pain. From there he would be rescued and helped by the stranger. If he was lead to their home or somewhere else is up to debate. Romance easy to incorporate.

Uncertain of whether or not this stranger could be trusted, he kept himself wary around them. Explaining his nudity in the forest as either A) nudism or B) exhibitionism.

Secret Diary of a Call Boy
(Prostitute/Citizen or Client. Possibly Public humiliation.)
(Plot involving Jingy)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There was a taboo that Jingy's pimp had made sure that the boy knew. Love was out of the question. Never love your clients nor anyone else for it would cause his pimp problems. In order to avoid the pimp's wrath Jingy followed this rule without much difficulty. Then a certain someone can into his life. A possible mistake that lead the boy who hated his job to begin reconsidering what he wanted. Even as he continued to see the one who had his interested he kept his true profession a secret.

Slowly he began to grow far more attached to this stranger than he should be. To the point he began to consider telling them about his true lifestyle nor the path of addiction that had lead him into prostitution in the past. Not only did he worry what they would say, but he worried more about what would happen if his pimp found out he had broken a rule of his.
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Re: I Yearn For A Romantic Story! (MxM)
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2012, 09:54:03 PM »
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