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Author Topic: Sho's Plot Emporium [M/m][M/f] [New Plots!]  (Read 1881 times)

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Sho's Plot Emporium [M/m][M/f] [New Plots!]
« on: January 30, 2011, 08:29:05 pm »
Welcome! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Sho. I've completely revamped my little shop of plots and am looking for partners to fill a few cravings that I currently have. I'm generally looking for writers who will give me at least two paragraphs, but I can go for much more as well. I'm also very flexible on my plots - if one of them seems interesting but you want to modify it a bit, or you want to play someone not mentioned, or you'd like to play it but change something about it...let me know. Also, even if none of the plots below appeal to you, but you'd still like to work something our or you have an idea of your own, feel free to PM me. So...without further ado, please take a look!

*plots are, currently, listed in order of interest but I am willing to play all of them*


Naruto!        M/m, M/f
I am currently part-way through Naruto Shippuden (just finished season 4) and would love to start something up involving that world. Characters that I would love to play include:

-Orochimaru (paired with Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sasuke, Kabuto or an OC)
-Kakashi (paired with Iruka, Sakura, Sasuke, Minato, Naruto, Guy or an OC)
-Kabuto (paired with Orochimaru, Sasuke)
-Naruto (paired with Sasuke, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Gaara, Sakura, Hinata or OC)
-Shikamaru (paired with Ino, Kiba, Chouji, Asuma, Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, Temari or OC)
-Gaara (paired with Naruto, Sakura, Baki, or any of the Akatsuki or OC)
-Kiba (paired with Ino, Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata or OC)

These are all loose pairings and by no means set in stone, but I'd be happy to build a plot around these or any others. Do please let me know if you're interested in working out a plot!

Prince of Wolves       M/m....particularly craving this in any iteration! Very open to shifting it around, but would love to work with this plot.

This is more of a picture-inspired plot, so if you have any ideas upon seeing this picture, I'm more than happy to work with them! I'm very flexible, but a loose plot to go with this is below:

Abandoned in the wild, he's been raised by wolves and has become one of them. He's been seen by humans in the area but it's unclear if he speaks the human language whatsoever, and he seems to be scared to approach them despite attempts to reclaim him from the wolves and offer him a human life once more. I'm seeing this plot going one of a few ways (though I'm more than open to others):

1. He is injured (perhaps caught in a bear trap) and despite his wolves trying to help him, he cannot heal himself. A hunter/farmer/nobleman in the woods finds him and takes him back to his own home to tend to him and heal him and slowly begins trying to reintegrate the boy into society. A romance blossoms from there as the two get to know each other better and mine slowly becomes to trust humans again with the help of yours.

2. Your character is traveling (he could be a noble, a trader, or just a traveler) and mine attacks him in order to try and steal his food along with the help of the wolves. He doesn't have any attention of killing or seriously injuring yours, but the experience is terrifying and suddenly alerts the rest of the community to the fact that this wolf boy is prowling around the outskirts of their town, stealing supplies. Your character decides to head up a search team and try to find and capture the boy.

3. This would be the same as the plot above, except your character wouldn't be a traveler but would instead be one of the members of the search team, possibly a policeman or a hunter.

4. A darker take on the plot would be your character being either a noble or a hunter/policeman of some sort who becomes obsessed with the idea of capturing the elusive 'prince of wolves' and, upon doing so, keeps him caged as a sort of feral pet. This would be a fairly dark plot; this would likely involve a great deal of non-con, bondage, and force.

5. Drawing on the plot above, your character would be someone who works with/is related to the man who has captured the wolfboy. That could make the plot either more gentle or rough; either yours could join in with the wolfboy's captor in using him, or could feel sorry for the boy and tend to him (either as a servant, a doctor, a brother of the owner, etc.).

Please feel free to reach out with any ideas that these inspire/that come up; these are all fairly loose plot ideas so I'm happy to shift them around or hash something new out.


Sex, Blood, Rock n' Roll        M/m or M/f

Background: Leo Suzuki is a rockstar. He's been a rockstar for five years, ever since he turned sixteen. Even at that tender age, he had the raspy, sexy voice and the introverted demeanor that drew girls and boys alike in. No one knows much about him - he has never directly answered where he is from, even now that he's twenty one years old. The only people he is close to are his manager - who he trusts with his life - and his bandmates. Otherwise he avoids the public and is known for having violent flares of temper and lashing out. Rumors abound that he has either dabbled in (or is currently addicted to) drugs. He has been romantically linked to men and women across the range of celebrity and non-celebrity society, though no one has confirmed his sexuality and he avoids discussing it.

I'm looking for one of two plots - either when the band is just starting to get big, or after it already has and they're at the peak of their stardom. I'm happy to do this with either a male or female partner (I don't care about the gender of the writer, of course) - your character could be one of the bandmates, an old friend, the manager, a personal assistant, a photographer or model...the list goes on. All in all I'm looking for someone willing to delve beneath the surface with Leo and pick at his dirty secrets. I would LOVE for a partner to play a tabloid reporter who ends up blackmailing Leo.

If playing across from a male, Leo is a switch or sub (though COULD be top to the right partner), and he's generally a top across from females though would be willing to switch.

Cafe Love or Working Through School...fluffy love or possible prostitution plotlines!   M/m
Ruki is a student (either college or high-school, either is fine) who is paying his way through school by working in a cafe. Things are tight - he lives in a crappy little studio apartment where he can barely afford the rent and, not being a great student, doesn't have any particular hopes for getting a great job after school. The only reason he is still a student is because he has no particular set goals and he doesn't want to disappoint his parents. He is, however, a very sweet boy. He is kind and honest and while very friendly to people at school and his job, he is somewhat shy. His main goal in life is to be happy, and he lives towards that goal, using what little money he has to pursue various fun things he wants to experience. He lives solely in the moment. Here are a few plotlines that I have roughly sketched out fo rhim:

1. Fluffy and Sweet Plotline: Ruki meets someone in the cafe he works at - possibly another student, possibly another worker, possibly a regular customer. Being friendly as he is, first he strikes up a friendship. One day when he is ready to go home he realizes that his bike has a flat tire. The client/student/coworker he has otherwise been kind to at work helps him out and they develop a relationship from there. This would be a very light plot, mostly romantic (though could involve some darker sexual elements provided everything was based heavily in love and trust).

2. Prostitution: Ruki doesn't know what he wants to do but the one thing he does know is that sex feels good, and he needs money. He meets a client (possibly a businessman?) either online (he would have posted an ad) or in the cafe and he starts fucking the other person for money. Over time their relationship becomes closer and he actually starts falling in love with the other man. I see the client either as one of three ways:

-Single and successful, just not looking for a relationship because they are so committed to work
-Married and unhappy in their marriage, seeking release with Ruki
-Single and unsuccessful, spending the last bits of their pocket money (possibly going into debt themself) in order to be with Ruki

Building the Perfect Catboy      M/m
So this plot is pretty much what it sounds like: a project has been put together to genetically engineer the perfect home companions. Beautiful, docile, and perfectly capable of helping maintain a house (or not, depending on how spoiled they are), they are bred not as humans but instead bred in the same way that cats and dogs are, sold on the open market. One young neko, fairly freshly put up on the market, is a lovely little thing, marked with his laboratory's marks - a koi fish inked onto the skin of his arm - and he has been promised a new owner will come to him soon. The question is, who will it be?

I'm looking for someone either to play his new owner, or alternately, the scientist/lab assistant who create him and then become somewhat obsessed with him, not wanting to sell him off to someone who won't know him as well as he does.

Black Butler Plots! 5 Plots Inside!    M/m and M/f
I'm DYING to do a Black Butler plot right now. I haven't fully finished the anime yet, but I should be done in a few days, and I'm absolutely willing to start something up. I'm looking to play Sebastian, and I'm very open to how I play him, either in a M/m setting or a M/f one, modern day or not. The plots I have listed below are just loose ideas, but if you have any plots of your own, I'm more than willing to work with them as well. If you'd like to modify these plots or change anything about them, please let me know, as I'm very open to that.

1. Sebastian/OC: I would see this taking place a bit before Sebastian becomes involved with Ciel. The same general time period, give or take a couple hundred years. He would not have worked for Ciel yet, so this would be less canon than other plots. A young woman (or man) would be contracted to marry someone who they found repugnant. Their family has kept them sheltered for years yet has no particular concern over their child's happiness. All they want is for the marriage to go through in order to gain money and business connections. Your character is desperate to escape the marriage, or at the very least to have someone on their side, they attempt to kill themselves. In doing so, as their life slips away, they desperately wish for another future, a future in which they can do things themselves, a future in which they have someone whose only concern is to be loyal and keep them happy. Sebastian appears before them, offering himself in return for their soul, promising to serve them loyally and help them at every turn. From here, this could either go with your character beginning their own company, exploring the world, or entering into the marriage yet finding comfort and escape in Sebastian.

2. Sebastian/OC: Modern day. A young woman or man has grown up in abject poverty and is absolutely desperate to have a taste of the finer things in life. They hate the fact that people are able to look down on them because they have no money or connections. Their life has been hell to this day: every job they go for is given to someone who has a family connection, their rent is due, and their life is falling apart. They get into a bad situation (perhaps owing money to the mob, a car crash, suicide, etc.) and in doing so, Sebastian opens up a deal with them. He will give them everything they want, serving as a faithful personal assistant (or butler, however you want to title it), but they begin to realize after the initial rush of having money, they still don't feel like they measure up. Sebastian patiently waits to gather his prize, meanwhile. Either there can be a specific point at which he would collect it, or it can be at the point of their death.

3. Sebastian/OC or canon: This would be a more inherently sexual plot. In his few hours away from his master, while Ciel is sleeping, Sebastian seeks out a little physical relief. This could either be with one of the characters in the house (Baldo, Finnian, Mey-Rin, etc.) or someone outside (Lau, Abberline, Will, Grell, Undertaker, OC). With an OC, it could either be with a girl he happens to meet while strolling outside or he could specifically go out to a whorehouse to find a bit of pleasure. This is a looser idea, but very open to collaboration with a partner.

4. Sebastian/Ash (or Will, Undertaker, Grell, or any other reaper, demon, or angel): So this one is obviously a loose one, but generally I'd like to play him across from someone who is non-human. With Ash I imagine it would be a purely physical giving in, but with any other non-human character I'd be open to how things happened. With Grell I would imagine that Grell eventually wears him down and pounces on him after he is particularly sexually frustrated by something Ciel has done.

5. Sebastian/Ciel: C'mon, you guys had to know this one was going to be in here. Since I'm not done with the series yet (though hopefully will be in a few days), this would either have to be one set just after the first season of the anime but with Ciel aged up a bit, or else we'd have to wait on things until I finish. Definitely open this pairing, though, so if you're interested, please reach out!

Kabuki   M/m
The theatre has always been a place for the underprivileged to run to, at least in Japan. If not to run to, certainly to be sold to. Such was the case with Kimika, born Aki Toyama of Hokkaido. He was born in snow and left his home in snow after his parents handed him off for a handful of silver. Slender and pretty, life on a fish farm hardly boded well for him. The training in the theatre was brutal, but he excelled, and had no qualms about sabotaging rivals in order to rise to the top. Fully aware that he only has himself to rely upon, his love for the theatre - and he has come to love it - is only dampened by the fear that one day he will no longer be heralded as the 'moon-like beauty, shining with youth' and will slip into poverty. Like most in his position, he will sleep with select lords and samurai for the right price, but only if it is arranged by his manager.

Still, though, the nights are lonely, and his fears for the future loom as he realizes that he has no more than a few years to secure a future for himself, given that he is already twenty one.

I'm looking for someone to play a fellow actor, a servant in the theatre, a pauper he takes pity on, a samurai or lord, or a magistrate. Or anyone, really. Anyone that would in some way run into Kimika and start to have some sort of feelings for him. This can either be a lighter plot with him falling in love and running off with someone, all the way down to a truly dark plot where he is effectively sold to a man who just wants to use him as a toy because of his beauty and status as top actor, showing off the fact that he's taken a famous beauty and made him his whore.

The Emperor's Whore   M/m
Bai had always been beautiful; too beautiful, in fact. His parents had sold him off, not that he could blame him - they were poor rice farmers, and with his small frame and milky skin he had a better chance for a bright future if he was sent to the big city, even if it was as a page boy to a minor lord. He didn't stay in that position for long, though. Quickly enough he moved from lord to lord, using his wiles and seeming innocence to rise through the strata of society. He was even awarded minor titles, enough to give himself a modest income and, more importantly, rooms in the castle.He plotted and planned to put himself at a feast where the Emperor could see him, but truthfully, he had never thought that it would work.

But it did.

How will he manage to keep the adoration of a man who could strike his head off at any moment?

There are plenty of roles open for this. Either you could play the Emperor (of any age), a soldier who he turns to because life isn't quite as idyllic at the top as he thought it was, or, my particular favorite, a son of the Emperor who wants Bai for himself. You could always play a magistrate or servant, as well. Really, I'm open to any role that would allow your character to see Bai on a regular basis.

Illegal Magic Shop      M/M
Felix St. Cyr is a mystery no matter where he goes. He has settled himself in Chinatown (in any major city), but it is rumored he came from New Orleans. No one really knows how old he is, though he appears to be in his early twenties, perhaps a bit younger. He's soft-spoken - indeed, very few people have heard him speak at all. What is certain, though, is that people are scared of him. People come to his shop for nasty little surprises - potions to stop a lover's heart in their chest, powders to make someone shrivel up like a worm in the sun, gels to poison food without leaving a trace. He deals in the occult - of course, he doesn't only deal bad things. He deals in beauty potions, in various teas, and other miscellaneous items, but his fame comes from his apparent connection to the occult. People whisper that they've seen him performing voodoo, that they've seen him talking to shadows or calling on spirits. He seems to have one foot in another world. I'm looking for someone to play...anyone, really. A customer, a victim of one of his products, a spirit he accidentally calls up, a neighboring shop owner, a cop, etc.

I'm looking to do a plot with Felix, now; I saw Howl's Moving Castle, recently, and loved it - I'd love to do anything with a wizard being consumed by his own dark powers - I'm happy to do this M/M or M/F, though it's been a long time since I've done M/F, so I might be a bit rusty.

Alternately, this plot can be done in a modern, big-time city, with Felix purportedly having ties to crime groups. Maybe he could be contracted to help a gangster (or a gangster's son) deal with some 'problem', or maybe a customer has gotten into a nasty bind and needs something to get themselves out but can't pay, and end up having to figure out a less traditional way to pay Felix.

I'm very open to plot modification on this; so long as it includes Felix, I'm happy with pretty much anything in terms of setting or partner.

Canon Plots     M/m     M/f
I generally don't do canon plots, but for a few select stories I will. Feel free to reach out if you have any interest in the following genres, and we can talk about plot. More specific ideas to come, but I am open to playing in these worlds:

-Attack on Titan (I generally like to play as Levi, but am open to other possibilities…paired with a male, I play him as a power bottom, against a female he's a top)

-Black Butler…see plots above, or feel free to suggest your own (I like to play as Sebastian, though I am more than happy to play as Claude, Alois, or Ciel…generally I like M/m plots for this but am open to M/f plots)

-Vampire Hunter D (I am open to playing almost anyone in this…D, Meier, Charlotte, OC, etc.)

-Spirited Away (I would love to play as Haku, either as a child or as an aged version of himself)
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Re: Sho's Plot Emporium [M/M] [NEW! Serial Killer Plot!]
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2011, 05:14:01 pm »
Hello :) I was interested in your Celebrity Rehab plot. If you would like to send me an pm we could discuss a few things and what not :-) Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Sho's Plot Emporium [M/M] [NEW! Insanity/King plot plot added!]
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2011, 12:49:23 am »
Holy Christ, another Preston/Child fan. I think I love you. Have you read Fever Dream yet? I'd be more than happy to do sort of an AU of that, where Helen didn't die, and be your Helen....

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Re: Sho's Plot Emporium [M/m][M/f] [New plots added!]
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2014, 02:47:50 am »
Added a BUNCH of new plots. Please PM with interest!

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Re: Sho's Plot Emporium [M/m][M/f] [Black Butler!]
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2014, 10:12:26 pm »
Black Butler plots added! Please PM with interest!

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Re: Sho's Plot Emporium [M/m][M/f] [Black Butler!]
« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2014, 03:52:30 am »
Canon plots added, please PM with interest…I am more than willing to work on original ideas or work with OCs!

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Re: Sho's Plot Emporium [M/m][M/f] [Black Butler!]
« Reply #6 on: September 18, 2014, 11:26:54 pm »
Just added two plots! Sex Blood Rock n' Roll and Cafe Love. Please PM with interest!

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Re: Sho's Plot Emporium [M/m][M/f] [New Plots!]
« Reply #7 on: February 22, 2015, 12:57:50 am »
Added Naruto plots as well as Prince of Wolves: particularly craving Prince of Wolves in any variation! Please PM with interest.