Silver's Search for Romance! (Light to NC) -Inquiry Inside!-

Started by Silverfyre, January 26, 2011, 12:10:02 PM

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Hello folks!

Currently, I am looking to expand into one or two more RPs that focus on romance, whether it be something "typical" and vanilla or something rough and rocky.  I have a few threads going right now that fall into this vein of story but I am craving more.  Please check out my O/Os (in my signature) to see if we might be compatible!  Here are some ideas that I have been tossing around lately, but please, they are not writing in stone and if you have a similar craving to mine for romance, then please PM me and we can build on whatever ideas we might have!

b]"The Things that Bring Us Together" (M/F or F/F)[/b]: It's rare to experience the thrill of romance tempered with a mutual interest in a sexual fetish.  It's even rarer when two such individuals find themselves in pursuit of not only their mutual passion but also their love for each other and all of life's little adventures along the way.

With this story, I'm looking for a female character who would be interested in a fetishist/romance story.  As far as what "fetish" would bring the pair together, I'm interested in mainly costuming/clothing fetishes such as hosiery, business attire, or something of that nature, voyeurism/exhibitionism, footplay, and others that are along that line.  I'm not looking for BDSM type of stuff as I've gotten quite a few stories going like that already.  I'm more than willing to discuss details but mainly, I'd like to do a romance story that is peppered with character growth, plot, and their exploring of their shared and possibly even new fetishes.

"Ren-capades" (M/F or F/F): They have worked together for years on the Ren Faire circuit as an acrobatic/crafting duo who ply their trade/skills for a living.  Wandering the countryside like modern day bards, the pair go from city to city, state to state, and this is the story of their mutual, and sometimes separate, adventures.

This story could honestly be anything, from romance to a sort of NC-themed story with one partner dominating and using the other one or something of that manner.  I just love the idea of two characters set in the Ren Faire atmosphere, as I'm a long devoted Rennie myself who has secretly wanted to run away from all of my responsibilities and live that sort of life style.  Obviously, life dictates otherwise so why not write about it?

Please PM me if you are interested.