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Author Topic: The Elder Scrolls: Ancient Nations [Probably Exotic, maybe some NC stuff...?]  (Read 3917 times)

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Offline KoHTopic starter

The message was simple. 'Come to Cyrodiil. I have a job for you that pays well.' The mercenaries, obviously, knew that money and danger went hand-in-hand in their trade, and they were willing to take the job. Coming from all over Tamriel were a variety of races, lifestyles, and combatants, who wished to partake in the gold, and the fight.

The mysterious person who tasked them never spoke to them directly, often talking through anonymous heralds who owed him a debt. But he needed something done... and the mercenaries never knew that that something could change their lives...


A Few Rules

1) Just to get it set down, unless you know a fair bit about the TES universe (playing Oblivion is probably your best bet), you're going to feel very, VERY lost.
2) This RP is set in Cyrodiil, so, naturally, we'll be seeing a lot of the more human races, but, our cast should be as diverse as possible, both in classes and otherwise. I don't want a cast of six Orc barbarians, or six Breton spellcasters.
3) I expect at the very least semi-regular posting. You will be warned if you lag behind.
4) During this RP, I will try to counter-balance combat and free-roam. We are a mercenary party, so, it is to be expected.
5) I want everybody to come from a different area of Tamriel (Black Marsh (native species are Argonians), Skyrim (native species are Nords), Cyrodiil (native species are Imperials), High Rock (native species are Bretons and Orcs), Morrowind (native species are Dark Elves/Dunmer), Summerset Isles (native species are High Elves/Altmer), Hammerfell (native species are Redguard), Elsweyr (native species are Khajiiti) and Valenwood (native species are Wood Elves/Bosmer) are the main provinces). Nobody is coming from the Shivering Isles, Akavir, Oblivion or anywhere else. And please, no species that are extinct or anything stupid like that...
6) THE YEAR IS 3E 429. (Third Era, year 429.) Emperor Uriel VII is alive.
7) We're mainly aspiring mercenaries, so no suits of full daedric armour. Nobody who's broken from an Imperial jail and killed two battalions of troops on the journey. And, please, please, please, no 'daedric servants'.
8) will be your best friend if you need filling in on anything TES.

The Base Plot

We're mainly going to be alternating between heated combat between us and whoever stands between us, and free-roam. We will, in time, gain a rival mercenary group (fittingly the Black Hawks to our White Eagles) headed by a Redguard and a Nord. Their fate will be revealed later.

We'll move cities after every few missions, but we start in the Imperial City (our base is in the Talos Plaza district).

Other Stuff

There will be a single RP thread, and the free-roam will be limited for the most part (in area). The furthest out of the Imperial City I will allow is Weye, and even then, that's a bit far.

Seeing as it's set 4 years before TES:IV, there will be no stupidly drastic changes apart from Kvatch still being around, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

You can control as many NPCs as suits you. During combat, so long as you don't godmod or steal kills (=P), do whatever works.

Equipment change... well... just be realistic. Daedric armour is rare and expensive. Iron armour is cheap and common. Put two and two together.


I honestly don't mind. Do whatever suits you. Romance a team-mate. Romance an NPC (whom you can control). Pay off cheap prostitutes. Hell, rape cheap prostitutes if you want.

Province List

Whilst I want one person from each province (somebody to accompany myself from Black Marsh is an exception), they don't necessarily have to be native there. And I want a minimum of three others and a maximum of five. More spots will open later.

Tur'naaka the Argonian Gladiator (KoH) - Black Marsh
??? (?) - Black Marsh
Orrin the Redguard Predator (Odin) - Hammerfell
Dar'Talasma the Khajiit Thief (CrazyIvan) - Elsweyr
??? (?) - Valenwood
??? (?) - Morrowind
??? (?) - Summerset Isles
Jack Viking the Nord Rekkr (Lost Viking) - Skyrim
Dramic the Argonian Aquatic Avenger (Ironwolf85) - Cyrodiil
Felicity the Breton Mage (Kate) - High Rock

Sign-up Sheet

Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] Make it correspond to your character's race.
[b]Age:[/b] Pretty much the same for every race, normal humanoid aging.
[b]Race:[/b] Breton, Imperial, Khajiit, Argonian, Orc, High Elf, Dark Elf, Nord, Wood Elf, Redguard. Pick one. Try and get good variety.
[b]Sexual Preference:[/b] Whatever floats your boat. Give a little description.

[b]Class:[/b] Be inventive with the name (should be a single word). Just tell me whether the specialty is Combat, Magic, or Stealth.
[b]Weapon:[/b] Maces, axes, swords, staffs, whatever... just make it so it's not too powerful.
[b]Armor:[/b] Full suit, robes, whatever, again, not too powerful.
[b]Trinkets:[/b] Enchanted? Give some description.

[b]Bio:[/b] Make it as long as you want to, but give some description and history.
[b]Region:[/b] See above.

[b]Picture:[/b] Optional.

I'll have mine up ASAP.
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Offline Ironwolf85

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(I played an Argonian so i'll grab the last argonian slot!)
Name: Dramic
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Argonian
Sexual Preference: still in the experimental stage of life. kind of loike a collage student
Class: Aquatic avenger
Weapon: Fine Steel Sword
Armor: Steel breastplate and leggings, without helm, hardened leather boots and gloves.
Trinkets: He knows a few lightning spells, and carries a silver knife in his boot just in case.
Bio: Dramic was an unwanted child, left at the docks in cyrodill by his father, unwilling and unable to care for a child, and not willing to take the kid home to his wife and admit he'd slept with someone other than his mate, Dramic never saw the deadbeat again and grew up a child of the warf in the Imperial city. unlike most Argonians Dramic never touched the sap of their homeland that most take as a child, and never felt the innate connection to his homeland as a result. as he grew and developed, he never had the raspy argonian voice, his scales turned almost completely blue, with a purple underside. he ran with the other pickpockets and Warf-kids, using his mastery of the water to escape higger foes.
In his teens he took up exploring a few of the aquatic ruins around the edge of the lake, adopting electric spells, and heavy armor because of it's redused weight in the water. he discovered that his underwater skills, could be adapted for on land combat as well. He soon became an adventurer of minor skill and sell sword.
Region: Cyrodil (only region I ever played in)
Picture: Optional.
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Offline KoHTopic starter

Races aren't slots, regions are, but I forgot to add those on the sheet... -hits self-

Offline Kate

Name: Felicity
Gender: Female
Age: Mid 30's
Race: 1/2 Breton  / 1/2 Altmer
Sexual Preference: Dome, Bisexual



An orphan, Felicity spent most of her time alone begging for food for what seemed to be an eternity to her.
One day a mage took her under his wing mainly for want of a servant to see to his laboratory being cleaned,
although she was treated as well as most servants could hope for, his food and shelter was at a price which
was paid every night in the mage's private rooms. Knowing no better Felicity thought it was her lot until
another mage heard of Felicity being used in such a manner and easily convinced her to be an apprentice to him.

Her new master taught her well and although without other skills for survival her talents at magic became
well rounded enough for her to be able to hold her own in most circumstances. Once at such a stage pride and self worth
shortly appeared there after and since then Felicity has been roaming in search for gold to see to many of the dreams
she has.

Felicity has resolved many issues some villages have paid handsomely for, gold she keeps mainly to further her magical
knowledge. As such although her possessions could be deemed modest, the amount of spells she has mastered is formidable.

Class: Mage
Weapon: Magic
Armor: None
Region: High Rock


Illusion: Master


Alternation: Expert

   Open Lock
   Water Breathing

Restore: Journeymen



Clothes in her portrait have been exchanged for a set of white-and-black set of robes.
Trinket:  Amulet of Luck
2 x Shoulder-slung Waterskins
Coin pouch (under blouse)
1st of 2 Large Traveling pouch (Slips on belt)
   - Reserved for potion flasks
         - 3 x Steel Potion Flasks
         (Two empty, the other containing 3 x combined dispel potions) (assuming a flask can contain 3 potions)
2nd of 2 Large Traveling pouch (Slips on belt)
   - Empty
1 x Silver
(in leather-leg sheath)
2 x Map/Scroll Cases
 - Smaller one containing map of the imperial city and an assortment of crude maps (random places)

Current Gold: 85 ... (pending)
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Offline KoHTopic starter

You'd have to at least start off on the same foot as everybody else - you wouldn't exactly be evil for some time, and you'd join the Black Hawks from leaving the main mercenary company (The White Eagles) - but that'd fly. I've only got two confirmed members of the Black Hawks for now, and even then, they won't make an appearance for some time.

You would still have to fill out the sheet though.

Offline CrazyIvan

I will be coming up with a character shortly if people don't me playing a female Khajiit from Elsweyr

Offline Kate

updated her

Offline KoHTopic starter

@Kate: Felicity is accepted.
@Ironwolf: Dramic, for the moment, is postponed, until you add the region.
@CrazyIvan: I'll hold a spot.

Offline KoHTopic starter

Name: Tur'naaka
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Argonian
Sexual Preference: Straight and dominant, prefers elven races or human races to Khajiiti and fellow Argonians, although he's not fussy.

Class: Gladiator
Weapon: An enchanted steel claymore, Blackheart. The hilt is jeweled, and the jewel seems to have some sort of bond with Tur'naaka, often appearing in his dreams, and flashing the more his health deteriorates.
Armor: A full set of rusting iron armour.
Trinkets: A small magic-repellent ring.

Bio: Tur'naaka, born under the sign of the Shadow, was technically a Shadowscale, and because of this, he should have been drafted into the Dark Brotherhood upon birth as an assassin of Black Marsh. However, this, of course, wasn't what his parents wished for him, and smuggled him out of the country, spending the next few years on the run before settling in Morrowind, where his parents were subjected to gruelling slave labour day after day, and the ruthless owner of the fine estate had plans for the young Argonian boy.

One day, Tur'naaka's parents were called up to the owner's personal study where there were two men; the owner himself and a shady man toting black robes, with a symbol on his back. As soon as it became clear that this man was a Dark Brotherhood Speaker, and wished to draft Tur'naaka into their ranks, as should have been the custom at birth, Tur'naaka's father quickly drew a dagger and killed the owner, and made an attempt on the Speaker, before he turned the knife around and stabbed his father, and slit his mother's neck. Upon hearing the messy combat upstairs, the boy ran.

Somehow managing to get to the Imperial City by leeching off of various peoples' good will every now and then, Tur'naaka spent a few more days on the streets, before he was found at the mercy of two Imperial Guards, malnourished, ill and unconscious, and they were pondering throwing him into the sewers just to clean up the city, before a Altmeri woman on her way back to one of the more prestigious Imperial districts took on this spectacle, and decided to take him back to her house. By this time, the boy, only ten or eleven years of age, had been through a lot, and explained to the woman, before she quickly decided to clothe him, feed him, and teach him, deciding to hide him until the time came where could fend for himself.

And so the lizard-boy grew to be a lizard-man for seven years, due to his luck and his luck only. Before he knew it, he was released into the world, and where did he go first? Looking for mercenary contracts, naturally, sword in hand.

Ever since then, Tur'naaka has been mixing up being on the run from shady assassins and completing the odd mercenary contract where he could, scraping along and making enough to survive. That...

That was when he got the message.
Region: Black Marsh

Offline CrazyIvan

Name: Dar'Talasma
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Khajiit
Sexual Preference: Is still a virgin as such is a bit unsure what she wants. She is more on the submissive side when it comes to things like this, and is unsure if she is just attracted to males.

Class: Thief
Weapon: Prefers long range combat with her fine iron bow armed with steel arrows, though if someone or something gets close she fights with her claws and a silver dagger.
Armor: Full set of leather armor.
Trinkets: Has a lesser ring of Chameleon, several iron throwing knives, several lockpicks, and some Moon Sugar

Bio: Talasma was born in the southern part of Elsweyr in the wetter more forested part of the country. This is also where most of the cities and large scale trading areas are located, as opposed to the drier and more nomadic north. She was born under the moon sign of Suthay-raht which is the most common type of Khajiit, though Ohmes and Ohmes-raht which look more like men are the Khajiit people mostly see outside of Elsweyr. Talasma was not one of the few lucky children to be born the daughter of the few aristocrats instead she was born the daughter of a father who in his time had done a bit to much skooma and Moon Sugar, yes Khajiit are more resistant to the addictive effects, but enough use and abuse and even they can be effected by it. Her mother was not much better as her father tended to hit her and be a bit abusive to her and her children, so she tended to do skooma and Moon Sugar to try and forget. Talasma didn't like her home and even from a young age did everything she could to try and get out of her home, even if that lying, making up reasons, and sneaking out to get away from it.

Since she didn't learn much or spend a lot of time around her parents she was learned what was important and how to survive from the streets. She learned how to pickpocket, know which people to target, how to pick locks, and if worse came to worse how to run and sneak your way out of getting caught. She made a gold bit of gold doing this and got enough food for her to survive, and of course she didn't share it with her parents who would only spend it on themselves and beat her for it. When she was 14 she had enough money, food, and enough connections that she didn't have to stay with her parents any longer. After she ran away from home she spent the next 5 years stealing, lying, and pickpocketing for a living and becoming better at it. She also started to pick up the bow since sometimes people or creatures weren't to happy to have there things being taken, and if things got close she also knew how to fight with a knife and her claws.

Unfortunately her luck of not getting caught or barely getting way didn't last forever. One night she was sizing up an aristocrats place and lets just say she bite of more then she could chew and got caught red handed by the guards. She of course of was taken to prison and all of her goods were taken away from her and it looked like she might spend the next couple of years there, if she hadn't managed to sneak in a lockpick. She managed to break out and get her stuff back, but this meant that she couldn't stay in the city anymore otherwise she would be hunted down as a criminal. So she decided then and there to try and see what other countries were like and what riches they might have.

She has spent the last 2 years honing her skills in both combat and thievery moving from country to country till she finally stopped in Imperial City, sure it was risky but there was a lot of profit to be had. Not to mention that in that city there were certain individuals that offered contracts for her skills. It was here that she received the message.
Region: Elsweyr


Offline KoHTopic starter

Outstanding and accepted.

Offline CrazyIvan

so how many more before we start just curious?

Offline KoHTopic starter

The initial application stage is open til Wednesday, 7PM GMT, at that point, I'll start the RP no matter what, but spaces will be open until they're filled. With an open world, it's easy to work characters in.

Offline Odin

Name: Orrin
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Redguard.
Sexual Preference: Straight.

Class: Predator.
Weapon: Fine Steel long sword.
Armor: Steel breastplate. Iron leggings, gauntlets, boots. Steel shield.
Trinkets: A beaded strand of leather, glows in the dark and grants additional poison protection, as well as Minor Fire Touch, used mostly to light fires.


Orrin was a simply child, who was born in to a clan of heavy fighters. His mother and father, both champions of the group, set high standards of him from birth. Taking on the training that was necessary to be allowed to stay beyond the age of 10, his hard and grueling challenges lasted until he was 16. He, along with several other members of the clan undertook the Challenge of the Worthy in his clan. One month to gather ten skulls - each. Were you not able to vouch that each kill was worthy of defending itself, then you would be cast out of the clan, and ultimately humiliated as an unworthy member.

Passing this test, Orrin watched two others of the five who set out leave the camp, with nothing but the skin they were born in. Humiliated, and unworthy of the honor bestowed to Orrin and his other companions. Finally, he set out with a small group at the age of 18, wandering the land in search of treasures, and prey, to hone the skills of the hunter, and learn the ways of the Champions. Two years on, at the age of 20, once he had returned to the camp he was swiftly banished, forgetting one of the many clan traditions. At the age of twenty, if you had not found the one you would marry, you could not remain. A fighter needs something to fight for, and a Champion needs someone to return to after the bloodshed. Orrin had neither.

Wandering the world he continued to claim membership of the clan, knowing that if he were to return with a loved one, then he would be accepted back, and perhaps granted the title of Clan Champion. Two years on, he found himself inside the mighty Imperial city, now lost on his quest for love, instead focusing on becoming the best warrior that he could be, to perhaps at least bring pride to his Mother and Father.
Region: Hammerfell.

Picture: Linked.
« Last Edit: December 28, 2010, 12:24:35 am by Odin »

Offline Kate

I have populated the spells and items that my character has.
(Approval needed). Also looking at her I thought to change her race to what I think feels right when i look at her profile.

Offline KoHTopic starter

@Kate: Felicity's new spells are approved.
@Odin: Orrin is approved.

Offline Ironwolf85

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@Ironwolf: Dramic, for the moment, is postponed, until you add the region.
edited and changed, back from a tireing holiday...

Offline KoHTopic starter


Offline Ironwolf85

  • Eletronic Scribe of naughty things.
  • Lord
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  • Join Date: May 2010
  • Location: New England Somewhere I won't tell you
  • Gender: Male
  • Here to have fun, Role play, and maybe get laid
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thanks, I haven't experienced a lot of the world beyond oblivion, I HAD morrowwind, but it wouldn't play on my old computer, and gave it away.
so I got the jist of the world without much of the details

Offline Kate

hey guys lets start ! :) im all ampted

Offline CrazyIvan

I think we were waiting till Wednesday or that is what KoH said last, though I could start whenever.

Offline KoHTopic starter

Tomorrow, yeah, that's when things should let up a little so I can start it.

Offline CrazyIvan

Is the game thread up?

Offline Lost Viking

If you haven't closed the applications just yet, I would like to throw in my own hand as one from Skyrim. I'll post a CS if you let me know ya got room for one more.

Offline CrazyIvan

I think he was still accepting them, we were just going to start the game today, though I don't know for sure.