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March 02, 2021, 05:43:10 pm

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Author Topic: The Elder Scrolls: Ancient Nations [Probably Exotic, maybe some NC stuff...?]  (Read 3920 times)

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If you haven't closed the applications just yet, I would like to throw in my own hand as one from Skyrim. I'll post a CS if you let me know ya got room for one more.

Accepting until we're full. You're welcome to throw one in.

I think he was still accepting them, we were just going to start the game today, though I don't know for sure.

Apologies, I was sure I posted the link here...

Offline Lost Viking

Name: Jack Jotunn
Gender: Male
 Age: 24
Race: Nord
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Class: Rekkr (Combat)
Weapon: Fists (Varies between gloves and gauntlets)
Armor: Robes, clothes, clothy stuff.
Trinkets: A simple silver pendant hung around his neck. Is said to grant the wearer the favor and protection of the gods.
Bio: Born sickly and frail, Jack had a hard childhood among his Nordic brothers. Where they would spend their time rough housing, and learning their father's trades, he was bound to his bed.

 During his fifteenth year his parents spoke of the cost of his medicine and how they would not make through the next winter. Enraged at his burdensome form, Jack snuck out into the night snow. As this occured, fate would have it that the nearby Temple of Akotosh was putting out the candles for the night. As the Altar attendant moved to cap the final candle he would stumble upon his robes, knocking the miniscule flame into sanctimonial oils of the Altar.

The flames burned a bright as they engulfed the front of the Temple. Jack, who was passing by in his grief had been paralyzed by sudden outbreak. The altar attendant's cries could still be heard within and Jack knew not what to do. The weak Nord coming to, a strange warmth filled him. Although he did not acknowledge it as such or notice, it was almost as though his ailment was being melted away. A compulsary deciscion forced him onward into the Temple.

He awoke later in his bed. Among him his family, the Altar boy and his father, The Head Priest. The Temple gifted him a pendant, saying with it "May the Nine Divine forever bless you and keep you from harm." From hence he flourished into fine young Nord. His illness holding him back no longer, there wasn't a single young man in his village that could best him in feats of strength, endurance or spirit.

Having done all he wanted to in his village, he began to grow curious of lay beyond Skyrim. His chance to venture forth into the world came in the form of mysterious letter beckoning him to depart for Cyrodill. 

Region: Skyrim

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I'm reediting Dramic's profile, making it more professional when I can...
too often i write some elaborate detailed profile... and the group just dies in a few days

Offline Primarch

I spent about 6 hours today playing Oblivion, so I could really enjoy this, if your still accepting.

Name: Divayth Indoril
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race: Dark Elf
Sexual Preference: Straight Dom

Class: Grey Knight (Combat)
Weapon: Steel Dai-Katana
Armor: Imperial Chain Left Pauldron, Imperial Steel Right Gauntlet, Chitin Cuirass, Steel Greaves, Iron Boots
Trinkets: Acrobat's Amulet
Spells: Fire Bite, Lightning Bolt, Disintegrate Armour, Summon Ancestral Ghost, Shield

Bio: Divayth Indoril was born into the great house of the same name, however he is also the youngest child of the youngest child, as such there was essentially nothing remaining for him to inherit in a house that already had little holdings in the form of land or anything that would have seen the boy financially secure for his life. In his early years however there was little concern of that, his family was largely secure in general so as a young boy he received a fine education and never went without food. Often he would work with his older siblings, learning of their trade or chosen craft. However, this boy had been born under the sign of the warrior and politics and trade held little to know interest to him.

It was the Ordinators that held his interest, the gold and blue clad guards of Vivic city. So keen was his interest in this warriors, and quite to his pride for they were adorned in Indoril armour, that at times his powers would promise him the chance to watch the Ordinators in training should be please them with efforts of the mind in his studies. It was in his mid-teens that Divayth was even planning on enlisting to become one of the Ordinators, but after a falling out with his parents such a thing seemed unlikely for he was plotting to leave Morrowind, to venture out into the great big world and make his own fortune so that he might some day return as a powerful noble and show his family that he was the one they should have paid more attention too.

Escaping didn't seem to happen as he had planned however, he had grown up in wealth and upon becoming a man he didn't have any to stand on, nothing to inherit or set himself up unless he wanted to orchestrate assassinating a member of his family. Every plan he had to get away required money, he did however start to do what work he could, mainly with the Fighters Guild, and the smallest bit with the Mages Guild. When he eventually received the letter to head to Cyrodiil, he saw it as his chance. Gathering up what coin he had he paid for transport to Cyrodiil, and the rest is history.....

Region: Morrowind


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(hey! wanted to join a while back, had to wait to be accepted into Elliquiy!
Name: Kr'Santha Shadowfur
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Khajiit
Sexual Preference: Bisexual, but leans more toward women. Might do it with a man, but may need convincing to do so.

Class: Assasin (combat)
Weapon:A dwarven longsword, and a silver bow and silver arrows
Armor: Full black assasin's outfit, cowl and all.
Trinkets: Enchanted boots for a silent step, and a necklace for water breathing.

Bio: He has a warm face and dark green feline eyes, and has the fur pattern similar to that of a leapord's. His pelt is mostly a dark brown. Kr'Santha grew up in a harsh environment; his father always serving as a soldier and away, his mother dealing with poverty. He left at age 16 to make a name for himself, possibly claim a few titles. He has been on the road since, taking up every assassin's job he could find.
Region: Elswyer

Picture: None.