The Caverns of Chaos[D&D]

Started by Giant Moth, March 04, 2007, 09:37:12 AM

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Giant Moth

If you chose spiked chain, she will walk into an reverse gravity feel, fall 200 feet up, then deactivate, and fall 200 feet down again.

Giant mother cuter than you!



Heh? Got an issue with that weapon? I just wanted to do something different for a rogue-type. :p
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Giant Moth

Munckin weapon #1

I would STROGNLY prefer if my players didn't use it (hinthint)
Giant mother cuter than you!



Having a downloaded copy of the SRD is nice, but I find it's easier to read on a website.  Like this one:


I'm strongly tempted to go with a kobold rogue.  ^_^