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Author Topic: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2  (Read 1159 times)

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Offline LilianTopic starter

Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« on: June 05, 2005, 12:51:19 AM »
The game will be set in 1943, and this is highly alternate history. Rifts have opened up around europe, a couple in america. Demonic and sexual forces were released into the world, as well as monsters and demihumans from parrallell dimensions. It has been a year since this outbreak. This game will focus on on.. a group. People. Not the war raging around them. It will take place in northern italy, a center of it all will be a german patrol group stationed at an old italian keep, which has been turned into a communications relay and a dispatch point. There are sixteen members of this patrol group. It is understaffed and has not recieved any distinct orders for some time from its higher ups. Needless to say, they're enjoying thier vacation.

The group is involved in a lot of black marketeering and selling and swindling of german and other such equipment for profit. It does not  do too much of this, and is highly secretive about it. The lieutenant acquires items of luxury for her men (and woman!)  and for herself. Lately, things of interest have been popping up. Trains, mysteriously robbed that she knows nothing about. Abductions, attacks, ghostly noises in the night. Sometimes it is hard to sleep, even in the fortified keep with guards posted outside her door and above her window...

Now, I want to concentrate more on the fun, the plot, the mystery, the adventure.. and, of course.. the sex!  This game will be for the kinky and open minded, for those who enjoy the WW2 setting. I've played this out before in a solo and under freeform it seems to work QUITE well. I have extensive resources on WW2 things so please ask if you'd like.

Keep in mind this may be an axis-oriented game. You dont have to play a german soldier.. you can play traitors from other nations, agents from other nations, even neutral individuals who dont have a nation. One such concept was a dutch partisan who caught a train down to Italy posing as a mechanic  being relocated to a factory.  She jumped train and now works as a rogue agent, pilfering vulnrable equipment around northern italy for profit, under close ties with the patrol group, who takes some use of her expertise, not wanting to become involved in certain things themselves.

Another person was playing an SS Agent with a deep plot twist that sent her down on forged papers and a mission of revenge upon the lieutenant, by a close freind of hers.. a colonel.. who. Shall we say. Is a RATHER sore looser when it comes to bet making while alcohol is involved.

We also have a sniper out of training, who had been assigned to the colonel's unit. She was lost to the lieutenant during a pool bet. While alcohol was involved... <grins>   And is now assigned to the lieutenant's unit.

I will let you have other characters in play. You can have mooks or goons, but few, at your disposal. And please.. with GOOD REASON. The SS agent had a private assigned to her to take photos for blackmail material, and to assist her with her mission.

Having some girl who has a big, stronger brother to protect her there just because isnt exactly a good reason.
Having a close freind who was assigned to a same unit, even same vehicle as the person and they work together often is a good reason to bring in a character of your own. Though I WANT these characters to be of lesser power than your own, unless you are going to use them well.

I will let you play a non-human character. I will let you play characters with demonic taint. I will let you pick up little weapons that germans arent issued, like that british revolver you keep in the polished leather holster hidden away in your satchel for when your eally have to use it.  I wont let you, say, have a russian T-34 you stole yourself and drove all the way the Italy, know the intricate workings of, and have a mysterious supply of ammunition for. No. <Grins>

Anyways, please post here if you're interested. I'll be diverting folks from what will now be just the D&D thread.

Once again, this will be FREEFORM. I will have control over hits, misses, what you see, what you hear. There will be no annoying dice rolling, no needlsesly crappy and insane rolls. It works, I've tried it. It can be fun. I'd like effort on your part for it to be fun, too.

Good roleplaying will be rewarded, the more you want to pull off that perfect shot, the better you should work at setting it up. And if it misses.. there's a darn good reason in play but I WILL make it impressive, nevertheless, or something special. You will be rewarded with particular abilities or 'perks' that are expendable, like a "Good result" tick you can put into play, if you do really well. I'll decide on this later.

Do not assume you hit. Do not roleplay, you hitting a person. If you say "i walk up and shoot him in the head", I'll probably stop you. If you say you walk up quietly behind him, describing as your boots rest softly, flatly against the pavement with every careful movement, how the radio hides what little noise escapes. How you slip the pistol from your holster, aim it to the back of his head and pull the trigger...  yea! I'll reward you with a nice juicy headshot. Not too graphic, mind you, i dont want to disgust our audience. But you'll certainly do the job.

I hope folks get the idea.
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Offline Amberghylles

Re: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2005, 12:56:56 AM »
I'm interested.  Pondering a couple of concepts, since it's a very interesting and different setting.  I do like the idea.

Offline Lord of Shadows

Re: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2005, 01:38:57 AM »
Clearly interested in WW2 (which mean I drop the DnD game)...

I believe my demon possessed SS officer with mind controll power stands... Although I think I have to flash him out some.

Offline LordAnubis

Re: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2005, 04:48:40 PM »
I'm intrested in playing, just got to figure out what I'm going to be.

Offline LilianTopic starter

Re: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2005, 06:30:10 PM »
Please, take your time. There are a couple on elliquiy who also want to play, but havent posted. There will also be two characters that I will be running solo  in real-time away from elliquiy, who will also have effect on the events. <grins>

Offline Hunter

Re: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« Reply #5 on: June 05, 2005, 07:16:56 PM »
I'd be tenatively interested in playing a non-commissioned sniper type.  Eastern front, like.

Offline Xerial

Re: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« Reply #6 on: July 19, 2005, 02:19:20 AM »
I'm intrigued, and I think I could come up with something...

Offline MagicalPen

Re: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« Reply #7 on: July 21, 2005, 10:58:17 AM »
Gonna hop on this bandwagon...having run a WWII Paratrooper game (2000+ posts over the course of one mission) though it was pretty historical in the sense of etc. So yeah - i am interested.

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Re: Looking for players interested in Erotic WW2
« Reply #8 on: July 24, 2005, 03:36:16 PM »
Nice concept, count me as interested.