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With another return to the forum, I have a bit of room for one or two more stories. So it is time to dust off and clean up this old repository.

Some are cross-posted in the One-Shots boards, as they might be done as a quick and dirty story or as a longer, more evolved one with consequence involved. I encourage communication while developing and playing any story out, and will try to keep up with letting partners know when I am in a bit of a time-snag. I am usually able to post daily, though may get busy around the weekend. I will try to give my prospective partner a heads up if there is any change of my schedule. I typically only play with partners who play the gender of the character involved, but may be persuaded otherwise.

With that rambling done, on with the stories.

Name: Don't Stick Your Dick in Crazy (DC Comics Story - Redux)
Tag/Keywords [BON] corruption, redemption

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Scenario: Tad Ryerstad, the man formerly known as Nite-Wing, has tried hard to reform himself, and to put life as a vigilante aside. It was trying to be a hero that got him thrown in jail in the first place, and his face all over the national news. Fresh out of prison, Tad moves back into his old haunt and tries to keep his profile low while trying to make something of himself.

One evening, on his way back from night school he comes across a site that brings back his old urge to apply extreme violence to wrongdoers. A pack of thugs has surrounded someone strung up in an alleyway and they are taunting and threatening her. When a few calm words only serve to draw attention to himself rather than dispel the situation, Tad's jailhouse conversion to Buddhism is tested. In the moments that follow he lays waste to the pack of thugs. Only when he hears an (in)famous voice cheering him on does he recognize the woman hanging upside-down in the alley: Harley Quinn.

Now Tad finds himself at a crossroads. It seems that Batman has left Harley to hang until the Police arrive. He could just walk away. But would that be the right thing to do? Not in his mind. Of course Tad learned right and wrong from a combination of comic books, action movies, prison life, and a rather infamous cellmate, so his view of things is a bit... warped. In a snap judgement he decides there is only one course of action. If the Bat is not coming back any time soon Harley is going to be hanging there for a while. The Joker disappeared a few months back. Word is she is on her own. And the Police never don't know how to handle her, so well, it is up to Tad to try to help her see the error of her ways...

...that is if she does not end up corrupting him first.

After a rather lewd offer is made he lets her down, Tad has a choice to make.

Setting: Gotham City, primarily in Tad's apartment. Could end up going elsewhere around the city, however.

Requirements: A partner to play Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad movie Harley is a good cue for the personality I am looking for. I see her as crazy, but not completely mad, sinister in her intellect, but she can play dumb really well and is not adverse to using her body to get what she wants. While she is heartbroken over being abandoned by Mr. J, she is also trying to make her own mark on the city of Gotham without being seen as the sidekick.

Notes: Notes: There are two possibilities that come to mind for how this could start:

1. We can play out the initial discovery of Harley in the alley, which may lead to an initial bout of smut followed by some tough decisions for our would-be-hero; or

2. We gloss over the discovery and she wakes up chained in his apartment.

This was originally marked as a one-shot, but beyond the initial wake-up scene it could evolve into something longer with a willing partner. We could delve into his attempts to help her reform, and her attempts to seduce him towards a life of crime. Either way, neither of them is especially right in the head, so there are some interesting possibilities.

Name: Share with the Group
Tag/Keywords: [L-H] or [BON] taboo, exhibitionism

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Scenario: A night on the town and a bit of harmless flirtation with a young woman in a club end up turning into much more. First they end up in the bathroom of the club, then in the alley while they wait for an Uber, and the night only goes on from there. It is the kind of story a guy would love to tell but there is only one problem... the people Jason spends most of his nights with are the last people he is going to share that kind of story with.

Jason is an addictions counselor and he is currently working as the facilitator for group meetings out of a church basement. The group that he is meeting with tonight is a sexual addiction group, his regular Sunday evening. What Jason could never have anticipated in all of his years doing facilitation is that the newest member of the group is the woman who he spent a wild night with just that evening before. The woman who only hours before had woke up in his bed raring for another round.

And of course every new member of the group is expected to share...

Setting: In and around a church, with flashbacks to the night before and that morning in various settings.

Requirements: A female partner to play the role of the sex addict who spent what she thought was an anonymous night the night before with my counselor.

Notes: Age-gap can be negotiated, as can other details. I see this being smut heavy, with the flashbacks being played out, so it might evolve into something a bit more involved than a typical one shot.

Name: An Awkward Lesson
Tags/Keywords [L-H][BON] ...or [NC-H]? corruption, exhibitionism, taboo

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Scenario: During the last week of August, just before the school year starts, a teacher decides to cut loose for once in his life and spend a night on the town. Through a series of spur of the moment decisions he ends up spending a seriously hot evening with a young woman who is a perfect stranger. Neither of them ask each others' name since they have no intent on seeing one another again. They both enjoy their time together and part ways anonymously.

A week later classes begin. The teacher enters the classroom and prepares to begin his introduction when he spots someone intimately familiar in the front row. The young woman whom he had spent the night of passion with is there, ready to learn, and both of them have to conceal their shock at the recognition.

Setting: In and around a learning institution, possibly other locations as suit the story's evolution.

Requirements: A female partner to play the role of the one night stand who ends up as a student in my character's class. I would prefer that she is a wicked-minded tease as two awkward types tend to make for a stumbling narrative. If you want, however, we can flip the roles and he could be the one who presses the relationship further.

Notes: This can be set in any age-appropriate setting. Senior year of high school, a university, or some other institute.

Name: A Summer to Hopefully Forget
Tags/Keywords: [BON] coercion, blackmail, exhibitonism

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Scenario: To say desperate times had befallen her would be an understatement. When she began her career as a teacher she was idealistic and full of hopeful intention, and then the reality of things hit her. Two years on the job and she found herself under a mountain of debt and struggling to make rent. Unable to find a part-time job with compatible hours and facing a stack of overdue bills she got desperate. She pulled one of her old club outfits out of the car, drove into the city, parked her car and walked several blocks to a stretch of quiet road where she had seen women gathered in the past. She had never expected to find herself working the streets as a prostitute, and told herself it was only going to be short term. Two months later she finds herself still working the streets, ashamed but making more than she ever thought she could before. She is just adjusting to things when a fateful encounter changes everything...

It is not a car that pulls up that evening. It is a limousine. And when the window rolls down the arm that reaches out points to her. The car might be fancier than she has ever seen on that street, but the implication is typical. She joins the man in the back compartment, her questions are met with a gesture to an envelope with some crisp bills sticking out of it, and business is transacted as the car rolls on. Only when things are done the divider to the front rolls down and it is not a chauffeur like she expects, but a face from her past that is behind the wheel. A former student who dissipated after becoming five-minute famous, and with all the money in the world at his disposal he now has the one thing he never could: her.

Setting: Modern day city, various locations.

Requirements: A partner to play the role of the desperate teacher.

Notes: This is a story about an absolutely vacuous social media celebrity newly rich kid blackmailing a proud, but defeated professional woman. He is not a sadist, and does not want to hurt her. What he is, however, is a teenager who is going to live out a whole mess of his fantasies with a teacher he used to hit on, and who would have nothing to do with him. This is the kind of guy who records every little aspect of his life in order to post pieces of it online and boast about his money, and who has a massive following for it. He is all ego, and would be embarrassing enough to be around even if the arrangement wasn't for her to be his sex kitten summer fling. Picture the kind of kid who thinks it is totally alright to promise to destroy the video he made of her and the guy in the limo at the end of the summer, and to give her a hundred thousand dollars, as long as she wears French Maid outfits, gives him road head and anything else he can think up along the way.  `Just a bit of fun and we'll totally be cool, right?'

Name: An Unexpected Result
Tags/Keywords: [BON] coercion, reversed-blackmail, corruption

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Scenario: If you can't get ahead in life on your own merits, why not a little blackmail? That is the logic behind YC's recent actions. After her parents told her to sort out her grades or get off from their (considerable) support and resources she tried to seduce several of her teachers and failed. And then she struck what she thought was a jackpot. Her advances were accepted by one of the younger teachers. She thought she was set and then midterms came and the bump in her grades was not enough. She expected As. He told her to be realistic. So she decided to record one of their tutoring sessions and use it to blackmail the young teacher. Instead of fear she was met with laughter. The teacher pointed out that the angle of the camera was off, and that there was no way to tell for sure it was him. He challenged her to go to the administration and then cut her loose from their arrangement.

So now YC, faced with no way to get her grades bumped and furious at being laughed at, does what she was challenged to do. She arranges a meeting with a senior administrator (MC). She shares a copy of the recording with the man. She waits for his response. His response is not what she expects

Setting: School Administrator's Office/Possibly Other Locations

Requirements: A writer to play the role of an entitled brat of a student who is trying to figure out why her parents and teachers are no longer fawning over her. I see her as willful, but in this moment so shocked that she is submissive. We can work out details, as always.

Notes: This could take place in High School (with her as a Senior trying to get into a higher learning institution while facing a sudden lack of parental support) or a university/college. Whether this is her last chance or she is just arrogant enough to think this would work out of the gate is subject to discussion.

Name: Confidential Affairs
Tag/Keywords: [NC-H], power disparity, blackmail, shady cop

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Scenario: It did not take just one bad decision to ruin your life. Or even a string of bad decisions. What it took was those bad decisions leading you to an encounter with the wrong cop. He seemed alright at first. He was charming. He talked you down from trying to run. Better still, he did not arrest you or even book you.

What he did at first was turn you. He arranged for an official enough looking immunity deal and a series of payoffs that really helped with your heaps of debt. The meetings were innocuous at first. He just asked you to keep an ear out at work. To give him a few names. Nothing too intense. That did not last. Soon he wanted more information...

...and then he fucked you.

No asking. Barely a warnming. He just pinned you against a wall and had his way with you. He left you dripping cum and reminded you that your immunity deal was contingent on compliance. After that he became positively charming again.
That was two days ago. Now he is talking about turning you into an active agent of the police. Which means wearing a wire... unless you can convince him otherwise.

Setting: A motel, a sedan, maybe a cheap apartment paid for by 'the city.'

Requirements: A partner to play the role of the Confidential Informant. We can talk about how deep she is into being turned, and how much danger she is in.


Renewed this thread and changed out one of the plots.


Added a plot with a main character that for once made me shudder a bit. Internet Bro... going to be an interesting one to write.


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