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Author Topic: Draconic Support Group  (Read 726 times)

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Offline Aludiana of the DuskTopic starter

Draconic Support Group
« on: November 06, 2010, 06:47:57 AM »
Originally this was titled "Virgin Eaters Anonymous" but so few people actually looked at it due to the title I wound up changing it. Posted originally on my long defunct LiveJournal account as a birthday gift for my friend, Meta, with his dragon character Red being the central topic. At the time I was experimenting with limiting myself to 500 words or less for one-shots. This was very early on in the attempt and except for the headings is entirely dialogue (which got interesting reactions from some people) The total word count sits at 309, 305 minus the headings.

This is, a story, or a transcript rather, of two meetings of a support group for dragons who are trying to quit, or are now prohibited from acquiring and eating young virgin women (as dragons are prone to doing in some legends) this is really mentioned only in passing though in the story, and references to sex are made, though nothing is explored graphically, but if these are things that don't appeal to you this may not be the best thing for you to be reading.

~ Meeting 1 ~

"Everybody, I'd like you to meet Red. Red, why don't you tell us why you're here?"

"I'm here because the court ordered me to stop eating virgins."

"And how did that make you feel?"

"If the judge had been smaller and less powerful, I would have eaten him."

"I see. But you know what, Red? Everyone here has -- for whatever reason -- decided to quit eating virgins. And we're all coping."

"What about you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Tell me about you. Why are you here?"

"I'm here because someone needs to lead this group."

"You're not here for support?"

"No. I don't need it."

"So you're still eating virgins?"

"Oh look, we're out of time for this week. I'll see you all at the next meeting."

~ Meeting 2~

"Red, you're back! It's been a month since the last time we saw you."

"I'm only required to attend one meeting a month, and only until I get my 30 day mark."

" Well according to the records you've been enrolled in the program for 30 days. And a saliva sample shows that you haven't ingested any virgin blood since enrolling."

"So I can leave the program."

"Yes. Here is the 30 day token."

"Ah. Thank you."

"Red, before you leave would you mind telling the rest of us how you were able to succeed so quickly?"

"Okay. Well, normally I'd lure a maiden to my lair and eat her. But I had to stop eating virgins, so I changed my plan."

"Go on."

"I starting luring maidens to my lair where I would offer them a hot meal and a goblet of wine -- drugged of course -- then once they were soundly sleeping; I'd deflower them and eat them."

"Red, that's not how it's done. You -- you know what, never mind; just go."

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Re: Draconic Support Group
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2010, 08:09:49 AM »
Very cute  XD Pardon the pun, but I would love to see this fleshed out. Descriptions and mannerisms could make this a great tale.

Offline Aludiana of the DuskTopic starter

Re: Draconic Support Group
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2010, 12:11:43 PM »
Very cute  XD Pardon the pun, but I would love to see this fleshed out. Descriptions and mannerisms could make this a great tale.
I've been toying with that idea myself. Red is a fascinating character to play with, and even more fun to write. At this point in time, though I'm not sure I could really do it justice with everything else that is going on and still needs to be done.