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Started by Cosmo_ac, January 27, 2007, 07:09:20 PM

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This is a game idea that came to me a few days ago, and has grown on me.  This can be a one-on-one game or it can be played with multiple people.

The naked casino.  A private, hidden casino in Las Vegas where only those invited are allowed past the doors.  All those who are there, have been invited by a mysterios gold card, left in a place they would assuradly find.  This golden card is their ticket of admitance.

When they enter the doors, they are given $500 dollars worth in chips.  They are given complimentary rooms, where they can stay for as long as they reside in the Casino.  The servers and people who work in the casino, save the security gards, are all naked, each one a blessing to their sex, as their bodies are lith, lean, and well uquiped, with plenty of variety for the man or women who has different tasts.

However, when one enters this casino, they must win their way out.  They must stay in the casino, and must make a total of $100,000 before they can leave.  Those who bust, are forced to become laborors in the casino, either as table workers, in one of the restaurants, serving drinks, or cleaning rooms.  Those who work in the hotel are also service the people who gamble there.

Their are many pleasures to be had in the Naked casino, as a person when they like, can go to the "Xchange counter" and if they like, spend their chips on sexual pleasures.  They can buy anything from a blowjob, to a romp in the bedroom, hiring a personal slave for the entire day, or even buy into an orgy.

A player might also win special prizes, for example, if a player gets a "Blackjack", they might win a free blowjob token they can offer to any of the women in the casino, and as sex isn't limited to the players bedroom, it's not an uncommon thing to see a gambler recieving a blowjob while they play.

I have more details, but i need to get going.  This game would use Dice rollers to determine what a playor has for a hand.  If this game idea sparks any interest, i'll share more info.     

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Sounds fun. Don't think I'll hve time to participate though...we'll see.
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I could be snagged into this one too...

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some other details in my mind.

Now, the servors, table workers and such might not be naked.  It might be better, and the GM will probably decide this, is if they wore special uniforms.  Say, a female black jack dealer might wear a body suit that looks like a business suit, but it would have the breasts, ass, and crotch cut out of them.  A Male would have the crotch cut out.  Serving girls would wear uniforms, consisting of thigh high stockings, a shirt that comes up to just under their breasts, and one of those skirts that have the front and back of the skirt cut out, and have her not wear any panties, etc.

Some of the games could also have punishments.  Ie, perhaps their are slot machines where if you get three things, say a paddle, in a row, that player will be taken to the dungeon, in the basement of the hotel, and be punished.  The GM will have to discuss punishments with the players before hand so all are happy.

Their would be poker tables that have just the players, where players play against each other instead of the house.  Asside from reguler chips they would be able to take out "Pleasure" or "Punishment" tokens.  Ie, if marcy wanted to, if she ran out of chips after a raise, she could offer a blowjob token to the person she is playing against, so if she loses, she owes that person one blow job, or she could take a spanking token, gaining X number of poker chips from the house, where if she could win and not pay the house back right away, she would be brought to the dungeon for a spanking.

As to wheather players could be clothed or not, my opinion would be that players begin the game naked, and must buy clothing with their winnings from the supplies shop, where players can get reguler, non-kinky objects and supplies.


This sounds very interesting... I'd be up for it.
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Sounds interesting, though some female involvement'd be nice.  :)  I'd be up to taking on one of the male staff members, probably someone who went broke a while back.
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As a bit of reality check, unless you skew the odds no one is at all likely to turn $500 into $100,000.  If you are using actual random number generators most players will go bust in a matter of hours.  So where do all the gamblers come from?  You would quickly have a casino full of servants.


you do have a good point, and i'm thinking $5,000 might actually be a better starting number.  Also, players can exhange  tokens (ie, blow job token) for money at the Xchange booth.  Also, as the players get money, their living conditions will improve.  Say, they start in a simple room, ie, bed, bathroom, etc, but if they reach certain marks, we'll say 20,000 they will get a better room.  If, they lose all their money afterwards, they will be able to exhange their better accomidations for say $500-0-10,000.  They can also sell back their clothing if need be.


Sounds good. I would play.

Elven Sex Goddess

This sounds interesting and could be fun.  When do you plan to start up, I would play. 


Any word on when this might get started up?
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Hmmm...the lack of female response is slightly off-putting...
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There is that, but there may be lurkers on this thread waiting for a start up.
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At this point, I'd argue the main problem is we're lacking a GM.


Quote from: Cosmo_ac on January 30, 2007, 04:18:17 PM
At this point, I'd argue the main problem is we're lacking a GM.

Ah.  My misunderstanding/misreading then.  With the "mechanics" posts the whole thing sounded more like an interest generating thread than a "need a GM" thread.  Especially since there's nothing in the first post (or others) indicating that there's not a GM/Mod, save for being in this part of the board - which has been used for interest gauging in the past.
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QuoteAh.  My misunderstanding/misreading then.  With the "mechanics" posts the whole thing sounded more like an interest generating thread than a "need a GM" thread.  Especially since there's nothing in the first post (or others) indicating that there's not a GM/Mod, save for being in this part of the board - which has been used for interest gauging in the past.

As it's in the GM's/games wanted, i assumed i didn't need to state i needed a GM.  I would have simply put it in the other section had i intended to run the game myself.  However, yes, we do need a GM.


 This does souns fun. One thing that might be interesting is to let the players start with whatever clothes they want -be it their birthday suit or bundled in winter clothes. Then you have some other options for the slot machines and other games(say if you get a certain symbol you have to remove an article of clothing in order ot win the amount, games of strip poker, or having to remove an item everytime you lose a hand at Strip Blackjack.) Also once you may sell articles of clothing for tokens or money. once you take off an article of clothing for any such reason, a staff member will quickly show up and dispose of it. The only way to get back clothes would be to earn clothing tokens(dispensed at some slots machines, scoring a blackjack at certain tables, sexually pleasing an employee, etc).
  Also if you need a Gm I'd be willing to give it a go. I have been away for awhiel due to a loss of internet but I'm back now and looking to do something fun, and this definately could be fun...though we do need some more female interest.


i think we're on the same page here Rob.  And it would be great if you were interested in GMing.  I'd be illing to help you come up with systems for the games and such.  And yes, i would hope for more females as well, but pperhaps once the game is opened and an add is placed in the "Looking for players section", we'll get some female players out there.


Ok give me a few days to work on it then I'l lpost here, for any suggestions, comments then we'll make any changes and run with it.


Okay here is what I came up with. I'm wide open for suggestions (changes, additions, etc)

                                                     CASINO EROTICA

     Welcome to Casino Erotica, where sex is the ultimate payout. From a blind date blow job to making love in a Chevy Van, we got it all. Our highly skilled, highly professional staff is here to cater to your every sexual need. The games here at casino Erotica are designed to offer you not only the chance to win tons of cash, but also fulfill your sexual desires. So what are you waiting for? Come join the orgy.

For reservations call 1-800-438-5243. Rooms start at $500.00.

once you enter the premises you will not be allowed to leave until you have acquired a minimum of $1,000,000. Any persons who have $0.00 at the end of the day(midnight) will become permanent members of our staff. Other rules and regulations apply. See the brochure for details.


1)Arrival: Upon arrival you will be given a small room, with a single bed, and a lovely view of a brick wall. You will also be given $1,000.00 cash. All guests are limited to twelve articles of clothing at any given time. Should you be caught with more than twelve, out staff is authorized to rip any extra items from your body and dispose of it. Once you enter the casino you cannot leave until you have acquired at least $100,000 (this may change depending how quickly people arrive at this amount). Any guest who is at $0.00 or less at midnight will become a permanent part of our staff, usually working in The Dungeon of Sexual Torment. Certain games or special events will require you to lose an article of clothing. You may not clothes removed this way back on unless you pay for them at the clothing store.

            A) Slots: We have several different types of slot machines in denominations of $.01. $.05, $.25,
$1.00, $5.00, $25.00, and $100.00.  We offer many unique bonus games that offer a wide variety of prizes.

             BEAVER HUNT: Usually a favorite for men, quite a few ladies seem to enjoy this one as well. This machine features voluptuous women of varying ethnicity in some extremely revealing poses. If you get three bonus symbols( woman with her legs closed and the word bonus underneath) on the pay line you enter the bonus game.  But, be carefully. If you get three Dominatrix' in a row(a woman clad in leather's with a crop) you lose all current winnings and are sent to our infamous Dungeon of Sexual Torment, where you will be in the hands of our highly skilled dominatrix' or maybe even one of our lucky guests, for one full hour. The word Dungeon is spelled out on the pay line you earn a dungeon token which entitles you to visit our dungeon to have your way with one of the more unlucky guests, or one of our volunteer Staff members.
          Bonus Game: several lovely ladies appear on the screen with their legs closed. Click on them to spread their legs to reveal a number between 1-10. For every ten points you acquire you receive one free Beaver Token. You may continue as long as you want but beware! If you you reveal the dreaded STD icon you lose all points/tokens and return to the main game. In addition if you reveal the vibrator icon you must remove one article of clothing.
     Beaver tokens may be redeemed by any female employee, who will allow you to perform oral pleasure to her for thirty minutes, or in the case of female customers the customer may choose to give or receive.
     You may give a Beaver token to a female guest as well. If you choose to do so the guest has four options available. She may allow you to perform orally, or if your female she may offer to give you oral. She may decide to remove an article of clothing instead and return the token to you. She can choose to give you two of her tokens in return. Lastly she can pay you $100.00 for the token.

HEAD HUNTER: This machine depicts hunky men, naked in drool inspiring positions. For obvious reasons this one draws a lot of ladies, but more than a few men seem to enjoy this one as well. If you get three bonus symbols(three Chip N' Dales with bonus along bottom) you enter the bonus game. The rules are the same as Beaver hunt except the vibrator icon is replaced by a Cum shot icon.
   Head tokens may be redeemed by male employees in the same way as Beaver tokens except for the obvious differences. Also you may give these tokens to male guests who have the same options available to female guests.

BLOW JOB BARBIE/MUFF DIVER KEN: The reels of this game depict Ken and Barbie in various sexual positions. A depiction of Ken/Barbie performing oral and broken into three sections(top, middle bottom) count as wilds. If all three are aligned to form the complete picture you enter the bonus game.
   Bonus Game: Barbie/Ken is naked on the bed. Touch them in various parts of their anatomy and see how they react. The hotter you make them the more points  you win. Every 25 points earns you a Sex Token which can be redeemed by a staff member or guest for Sex. When you make them cum, the bonus game ends.

VILLAGE PEOPLE/GIRLS GONE WILD: Similar to Beaver Hunt and Head Hunter but geared toward to homosexual guest. The reels of these machines feature either scenes of the Village People in compromising positions, or girls in compromising positions. There are also lettered reels. If you spell out Y.M.C.A. (***need a good one for the female side***) you go to the bonus game.
   Bonus Game: A naked guy/ girl is laying on a bed. Same rules as for Ken/Barbie except you win points as per Beaver hunt/Head hunter. Tokens must be given to someone of the same sex, and all the normal rules apply as per Beaver/Head Tokens.

    B) POKER GAMES:Their are two types of poker offered at Casino Erotica.
          Strip Poker: Standard Poker rules but you may wager articles of clothing.
          Smiles: As per poker with the following addition:
                       Two staff members start the game underneath the male one female. They proceed to randomly choose a player to perform oral on. The player must not look below the table. The first player who shows signs of being pleasured or who climaxes loses and must replace one of the people under the table.

   C)BLACKJACK: All guest Black Jacks are rewarded with a token of their choice.
           Strip Black Jack: Every time the dealer gets blackjack you must remove an item of clothes.(if naked lose one token, if no tokens lose $10)
           Smiles: as above except your playing against the dealer and if the dealer loses you win $100.00. If you lose you lose an article of clothing.(same as above in no clothes)

     D)SEX AUCTION: Bid cash or tokens to purchase one of our volunteer guests. They become your sex slave for 24 hours. Beaver/Head tokens are worth $1, Sex Tokens worth $5.

STD Prevention Beer: This prevents you from catching any STD's as long as you drink at least one every six hours. Free.
4)Anti-Pregnancy Alcoholic Beverage:Same as above except it prevents pregnancies.

          Mojo Monday: Every three hours a drawing is held. The winner acquires the sexual services of one lucky guy for 24 hours. Guys sign up for free on a first come first serve basis -though if you perform a sexual favor to the sign up desk employee she may decide to boost you up on the list. The cost to enter the drawing is $1 per entry.

      Titty Tuesday: Same as Monday but this time it is the the female up for grabs.

      Wild Wednesday: Every six hours eight lucky drawing winners (4 male 4 female) get chosen to be part of a public orgy with 1-4 of our lovely employees. (winners may choose to have a private orgy instead). There is also an all male and all female drawing.$1 per entry.

    Blind Date Thursday: $1 per entry. Every six hour a man and woman are randomly drawn to be blind dates for the next 24 hours.

   Fantasy Friday: for $500 dollars we will make any fantasy come true. Simply describe the fantasy and enter our special Virtual reality room, and let the fantasies begin.

   Sexy Saturday: Throughout the day if you see a sexual encounter that particularly grabs your attention drop a vote in the the voting box. At midnight the votes are tallied and the winning couple each receive $100. $50 to second place and $25 to third.

Sinful Sundays: Staff hands out $100 bills to couples who they feel are experiencing their sexual experimentation to the fullest. (Any player may play the part of an employee for this)

  F) MISC: Guests should feel free to engage in self initiated sexual activities.

   Room upgrade. At $25,000(or whatever number we decide upon) your no have a room with a water bed and a scenic view. At $50,000(or other number) you now have a spa/jacuzzi, and a balcony.


   Any ideas on how to handle the outcome of slot machine rolls and cards dealt for poker/blackjack? I have a system ready to go, but it would involve rolling dice, which is a turn off for some people. Aslo any suggestions or comments are welcome.