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August 20, 2022, 12:40:52 am

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Author Topic: Doctor Who Fan Stuffs (Filled)  (Read 949 times)

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Doctor Who Fan Stuffs (Filled)
« on: October 20, 2010, 02:18:51 pm »
The Last of Their Kind...

I'm looking for a group RP with two or three other people. One person playing the Doctor, and the other(s) playing whatever characters they like.
You're welcome to play your own character or a cannon character.
PM me if you're interested, or post here and I will PM you

Important Point:
I demand cannon stuff. Here is the WIKI on Doctor Who, so if you like you can check things.
However, I'm not a rabid angry fan, either. Mostly, I want any time lord characters to remain asexual by nature. (Flirting is ok)
Sex between anyone and the doctor won't happen unless its very extraneous circumstances. Similarly, sex between my character and someone probably won't happen.
Also, I can't say this enough, ONLY THE DOCTOR HAS A TARDIS.
To give everyone their own not only kills the RP, but its also sort of godmodding, since there's only supposed to be one. (The show has shown us that there are other timelords, but not other TARDISes)

This RP would have the Doctor and his entourage, (us,) run around having adventures.
I think for the most part adventures we make up are better, but I don't mind using a scenario from the show once in awhile in order keep the ball rolling, or to re-establish character's personalities.

For history, I am including all generally accepted cannon- this includes things from the remake of the series. (Old Who fans, despair not! I haven't forgotten!)
The exact point on that time line will be determined later.

My favorite doctors are Tennant and Baker, but Smith is okay too.

As far as posting, I imagine we would have an order that we followed. You know, Person A, then B, then C every time.
Also, while I generally prefer longer posts, I won't be so strict about that in a group setting.

Here is my non-cannon stuff for my character: Maruna and the Doctor were friends on Gallifrey.
She is really much older than he was, and put on trial under the name Chrona for secret crimes. Supposedly she was executed.
She took the name Maruna and masquerades as a timelord of the Doctor's age. Profile is below

Age: Unknown - Appears mid 20s
Species: Timelord
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Personality: Maruna is very saucy, and rather flirtatious. She likes to joke around with people by hitting on them, which is very atypical for a Timelord. She is smart, and detail oriented, but she is sometimes too careless. She can take things overly personally and forget about Human morals when she looking at the bigger picture. She is very resourceful and likes to work out puzzles, and when she's determined, nothing can stand in her way.
Biography: Officially, Maruna is around 900, the same age as the Doctor from Doctor Who, however there is evidence that she is much older than that, and has been lying about her name and Identity. Maruna is certainly not her real name, it is an invention. She majored in mechanical arts at the Academy on Gallifrey, and then promptly left to find her childhood friend, the Doctor. The Time War took place while she was gone, and now she is stranded without a TARDIS.
Appearance: Maruna has several forms. The Generation I usually start with has red hair, and dresses in a corset style shirt, and long olive green skirt. She has green eyes that match her skirt, and wears heels.
Settings: Sci-Fi, Modern, Original
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Re: Doctor Who Fan Stuffs (The Last of Their Kind)
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2010, 03:28:23 pm »
I am an absolute DIRE fan of the Doctor, and as such there is no way I'd ever bring myself to play him seeing as I could not do him justice. But I would love to take part in this, though I'm kind of new, if you don't think I should that's perfectly fine.

Ryan Rahl

Age: 23 (human years)

Species: Human

Sexual Preference: Straight (not looking for sex however but does flirt on occasion)

Biography: Ryan Rahl was just a kid the first time he had seen the Doctor in action. The Doctor had saved him from a Darlek as a young child along with many other people in a human military facility. As Ryan grew up he looked for adventure and tried his hardest to help as many people as he could. He has always dreamed of some day meeting the Doctor again and thanking him for saving his life. Ryan is a very intelligent and polite fellow with a quirky attitude and loves to have a good time.

Appearance: 5'9" in height, has short spiky brown hair (kind of like David Tennant) usually wears casual business wear, made for l comfort-ability and lots and lots of running =)

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Re: Doctor Who Fan Stuffs (The Last of Their Kind)
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2010, 10:30:24 pm »
By the way huge Dr. Who fan. There were other TARDIS by the way just Time Lords had to have permission to have one they were a finite resource. But in the 2nd Doctor back then one time meddler Time Lord had one the Doctor sabotaged it to have a tiny inside. And Romana in E-Space supposedly could have made one K-9 Mark I had the blueprints. But the Doctor had one for his own use likely due to the Celestial Interventioon Agency meddling. But really for this the Time Lord would have the only one. Sorry geeky me likes to argue such nuances.  :D

Lady Serina Olos 
Age: 40
Species: Genetically Enhanced Human
Sexual Preference: Lesbian
Biography: A knight with the legendary Grand Order of Oberon she dedicated her life to fighting evil fighting in many campaigns including the Daleks on their invasion on Earth. Its on such a campaign she met the Time Lady and defended her from a Dalek squad and adopted her as a quest to help in fighting villiany throughout time and space. Her family was killed in the first wave of the invasion and since then the Order and her purpose to fight evil is all she has. She has little love for the Daleks.
Equipment: Machine Gun Like Weapon (is a small folding stock two handed machine gun able to shoot through Dalek armor) - Official Weapon of the Grand Order & Is Just as Dangerous in Other Froms of Combat

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Re: Doctor Who Fan Stuffs (Need a Doctor!)
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2010, 08:15:12 pm »
Alright, we have an entourage- and though we will still accept another one, we need a Doctor, too!

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Re: Doctor Who Fan Stuffs (Need a Doctor!)
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2010, 09:10:15 pm »
I could play the doctor, but I'd have to rewatch some Tennant-period episodes to get the character right. I'd be happy to give it a shot though.

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Re: Doctor Who Fan Stuffs (Need a Doctor!)
« Reply #5 on: November 01, 2010, 08:53:19 pm »

Age: Actual age unknown. Appears to be in her early thirties.

Species: Timelord

Sexual Preference: Asexual. Has on occasion enjoyed the romantic company of males.

Personality: Gentle by nature, and very civil. Lady is the more observant kind of woman, and usually quite.
She's very clever, and quick witted, but never uses her wit to make rude comments. A caring woman, and sometimes a bit motherly.
Lady enjoys adventure, but tires easily of too much action - she prefers life to be slow, and easy going.

Biography: Lady once had a TARDIS of her own, but sometime during the Time War it was destroyed. She escaped the war at near the end of the conflict. Why she chose to leave Gallifrey is a secret she keeps to herself.
She may perhaps be older than the Doctor, but it's hard to say. She keeps to herself, and so nobody knows much about her.

Appearance: Lady is a tall, pretty woman with thick, wavy blonde hair. Her eyes are a dark brown, and she has light freckles on her nose.
She wears a checkered, black and white outfit, and a few pieces of gold jewelery. Her boots are black, with small, pointed heels.
Generally, she wears very modest, though classy, clothes.