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Author Topic: On Hiatus  (Read 5083 times)

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On Hiatus
« on: August 16, 2016, 03:13:17 PM »
Scaly Maiden's Stories

Please PM me for any roleplays - do not post here
I do free form, forum based only
Please look at my O/Os before offering a fill

I am currently on Hiatus and not open for any stories
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« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2016, 03:22:43 PM »
For All My Partners, Old And New
I am struggling with depression and other mental-emotional problems. Sometimes I disappear because it's just too hard. I always try to let people know when I won't be answering, but please be patient with me. I promise that I will eventually come back.

This is a condensed version. For my full O/O listing, please check out my profile!

My Posting Habits
  • I will abandon a roleplay after I feel that its clear that you are no longer interested, or if I lose inspiration for the story. I try to not abandon without due notice, but I have vanished before due to mental health issues. I do post in my AA thread.
  • My post frequency can vary from several times a day to once a month depending on the posting lengths and my inspiration for the story, my depression, and other life factors. In general, I have been a slow gamer lately
  • I usually post about 2-4 short (4-6 sentence) paragraphs. More inspiration will lead to longer posts. If my partner wants me to make long posts all the time, it may take me longer between each post.
Who and What I Play
  • I play as females and males of all sexualities, however, F/F stuff is the thing I do the least and I'm very picky about it.
  • I am very open to most sexual things. My specific and most favored turn ons: anal on anyone, man face-fucking anyone, femdom, pegging, oviposition, sloppy seconds/thirds/fourths (basically the more loads up in there the better)
  • My absolute deal breakers: scat, watersports, menses in a sexual context, mutilation or torture in a sexual context, and sexual medical fantasies. Included in medical fantasies is any situation where I have to describe the sensations of being drugged or high.
  • I do free form writing only
  • Plot and smut are of equal importance. If there isn't a story to hold everything together, I will lose interest very quickly.
Guidelines For My Partner
  • I'm fine with writers playing other genders than their own.
  • I tend to prefer to work with Ladies and Lieges and will give them priority. This isn't because of my attraction to women, I just tend to click better with them on a personal level.
  • I am not looking for a romantic relationship
  • I like to keep communication about the story open throughout the process
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Game Archive
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2016, 03:28:52 PM »
~Current Games~

Dear Hearts and Gentle People (With Keidance)
FO4 fan story. Nick Valentine gets a human girlfriend and they navigate the challenges of their unique relationship while Nick tries to unravel the mysteries of his identity.


~Archived Games~
All games that made it past a single page

Archive Show/Hide

A Young Ambassador (With PeacethatPowerbrings)
A young dragon boy is taken away to a foreign land and becomes the concubine of a feathery emperor.

Addiction (With roninc30)
A recovering drug addict is helped by a shop owner with a heart of gold- and discovers the truth about his immortality.

An Affair Most Precarious (WithEverUndine)
A lonely widower who is a member of England's minor nobility hires a new manservant, and the two begin a secret affair that could ruin the Lord's reputation if it were uncovered.

An Elven Bond (With roninc30)
A man rapes an elf- and becomes bound to him forever.

Aperture Science (With Glitches are cool)
Caroline and Chell before the activation of GLaDOS. Slight AU.

Arranged Marriage (With roninc30)
A man who lives the public life of a woman is married off to a wealthy man.

Audience With a God (With Our Pursuit)
A young virgin man is sacrificed to the evil god of the mountain.

Bonds of Elsweyr (With Quinz128)
An Argonian finds himself legally subservient to a Khajiit woman, with their nations at war.

Bound to Polygamy (With Creeper)
A dragon boy finds himself in an arranged polygamous marriage in a foreign land, following the death of his father.

Cabin Boy (With Lockepick)
A man is kidnapped by vikings when his home is raided, and is brought on board their ship to be the entertainment for the long journey  home.

Cargo (With Grovercjuk)
A one-man interstellar delivery business finds himself having to deliver a slave to her master, against his will.

Circuit Overload (With Kevben Battleheart)
A mysterious AI has achieved full sentience, but the company who created her wants her destroyed.

Covered Debts (With CopperLily)
A woman in an alien ruled dystopia discovers what happens when she can't pay her taxes.

Deliverance (With Imogen)
An angel and demon were lovers, and now the angel wants to save the demon's soul, staining his own in the process.

Desert Coils (With Triffles)
A man is rescued by a naga, the two fall in love.

Empress of Rynskap (With Qt)
The Empress of the icy world on Rynskap receives a new Aural mage for her harem.

Eternal Horizons (With BlueEyedBard)
Commander Shepard runs away with the Doctor to see all of space and time.

Fall From Grace (With SurrealObsession)
MCU Fandom. Loki falls to Earth after the events of Thor and meets a mortal "mutant" with whom he shares some unusual traits.

Fallen Angel (With Altheras)
An angel falls to the underworld and becomes the prey of the evil god of the depths.

Fantastic Dreaming (With AceFlyer)
A girl is thrown into a mysterious other world.

Foreign Bodies, Invisible Lines (With Mjöllnir)
A dragon boy foreigner in a strange land finds himself in a polygamous marriage with a handsome elf. Original story, high fantasy.

Give In to Temptation (With DajaOfTheNight)
A cop takes a rehabilitating sex slave into his home. Can he resist the urge to give in to the sweet man's constant offers?

Grunt Work (With Lockepick)
An apprentice wizard is offered as a sacrifice to a Hellhound.

Hungry for the Whips (with MessOfADreamer)

I'll Be Watching (With Astira)
A professor turns his student into the perfect exhibitionist sex slave

In Debt to the Dragonborn (With BassBX)
A kajhiit dragonborn takes a mate for herself.

In Love and War (With Khoraz)
Two gods are made to be one another's counterparts, good and evil, and begin to fall to love.

Is this Madness? (With LoveTheWayYouLie)
Sigyn returns after years away from Asgard and meets Loki. They still have feelings for one another, but she is betrothed to another man.

Know Thine Enemy (With Sho)
A superhero and super villain are bitter rivals, not knowing that their civilian alter egos are lovingly married.

Land of the Firebird (With Electric Balalaika)
A prince makes a deal with the infamous Baba Yaga in order to save his land from a tyrant usurper.

Lost Gods (With LoveTheWayYouLie)
An Indian man from a rich family finds himself exiled to the Sundarbans after his father's house is attacked by their rivals. Instead of being eaten by the tigers, he finds himself in the hands of one of the old Naga gods, prey of a different sort...

Love as a Construct (With ksangre)
Chell returns to Aperture after being released, and once more finds herself trapped with the sadistic yet alluring supercomputer.

MAZE: The Story of the Labyrinth (Group RP led by DrMurdockKawfi)
Based on the book by Christopher Manson

Memories I Can't Forget (With roninc30)
A recovering slave tries to lead a normal life.

Mysterious Mistress (With Teke)
An assassin tries to complete his contract, only to be kidnapped and used by his mark.

Noble Abandon (With Altheras)
A nobleman is sold to the King by his father the day before he comes of age.

Out of the Mist (With Akumamika)
A dragon slayer meets a dragon in human form.

Pavlamir (With Koibito)
An Oral and Aural mage explore the desert world of Pavlamir in search of ancient magic.

Petrichor (With GallifreyanGriff)
Portal/Dr. Who Crossover. The Doctor lands in the decaying ruins of Aperture Science to investigate a distress signal from GLaDOS. Non-Adult, non-romantic.

Revenge Was Never So Sweet (With EvaRose)
A Chinese prince is kidnapped by a pair of dragon brothers and used as their sex slave as punishment for killing their kin. Finished.

Ruins of the Old World (With backlash84)
After the events of the Mass Effect trilogy, Commander Shepard is forced to see a Turian psychiatrist to help her adjust to post-war life.

-Untitled- (With roninc30)
A man is kidnapped off the street and finds himself a slave alongside a man who has known no other life.

Samurai (With WombRaider)
A samurai is secretly a woman in disguise.

Scales and Skin (With Godric the Radical)
A princess is saved from a sinking ship by a passing water dragon, and is forced to carry his offspring in return.

Skadi and Njord (With Mjöllnir)
Skadi takes Njord as a husband in payment for her father's life. Mythology based, slight AU.

Slavery and Succor (With Cleo4u2)
A cop rescues a slave from a criminal's home and tries to help him rehabilitate.

Spoils of War (With Syrupy)
A dragon and his hoard of beasts wins a war against a small nation, and take the prince as their prize, forcing him to bear their eggs for them.

Taking Sides (With AngelsSonata)
A young human spy is captured during a recon mission on a spaceship belonging to harpies. His fate is to be transformed into one of their new soldiers.

The Doctor's Wife (With Theta Sigma)
The Doctor had a wife when he was young whom he accidentally left behind. Will their relationship be the same when they are reunited?

The Snake Pit (With AngelsSonata)
A hunter exploring the forest in India runs into more than he bargained for, when he is taken prisoner by a troop of male Naga.

Still Alive (With Koibito)
Portal 2 AU. GLaDOS inflicts sexual torments on Chell. Pretty smut-driven.

Sweet Nemesis Of Mine (With RedFangedWerehawk)
A superhero and supervillian are married to one another. Neither one knows about their spouse's secret life.

The Cowboy (With ready4roleplay)
A woman masquerading as a man in the American west meets another young woman on her own.

The King's Captives (With Nessy)
A cruel king kidnaps and raises the prince and princess of a neighboring country, only to use them for his gratification when they are grown.

The Last One Standing (With GallifreyanGriff)
Dr. Who/Mass Effect crossover. Gallifrey was wiped out by the Reapers. Shepard brings the Doctor on board the Normandy while going after the collectors.

The Long Fall (With Cerulean)
An Angel is banished to Hell and fall prey to a demon's lusts. He tries to resist, but finds himself slowly corrupted.

The Prisoner (Wtih roninc30)
A strange prisoner gets a new guard outside his cell.

The Reluctant Slave Driver (With roninc30)
A man must follow in his father's footsteps as a slave driver, but harming another is not in his nature.

The Unwitting Thief (With Jezabelle)
A hunter stumbles into a dragon's lair and is taken prisoner. He is forced to bear the beast's eggs as punishment for "stealing" from his hoard.

Under Wave and Water (With Ouroboros)
A merchant finds himself on a sinking ship and is saved by a peculiar merman, only to discovered he is expected to bear the creature's young.

Vinizea (With Jezabelle)

Voyage of the Lysander (With ElvenKitten)
An alien woman is purchased as a slave by a human crew, not for sex but instead to be their highly skilled navigator on a dangerous mission through space.

Wasteland (With Chikao)
In a desert wasteland, a rebel spy work undercover as a butler for one of the richest men in the state.

Wedding Day Surprise (With Fedora)
A man in the Victorian era arranges for the hand of a lovely young woman, only to find out that she is really a man.

Wildling Way (Group RP led by Stygia)
An empire's army is breeding with an all male race of animal-like people (catboys, etc) to produce soldiers for their war. On Hiatus

Oneshot - With a Side of Tentacles (With Richardson)
A woman acquires a curious octopus for a pet.

Yes, My Brother (With kendagraven56)
A college student takes the virginity of his own twin brother.
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Fandom Based
« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2016, 03:42:19 PM »
~Fandom Based~
*Newest plots are starred
Not Seeking At This Time, (will be later)

Bonds of Elsweyr (Skyrim/ES, Bondage, Exotic, Dub-con, cat people)

Unlikely Valentine (Fallout 4 Fandom, M/Any, Exotic?, Light or Bondage, romantic)

An Honorary Krogan (ME Fandom, M/F, Exotic, Light or Bondage)

Petrichor (Dr Who/Portal Crossover, NC exotic, possibly extreme)

A Clever Trick (MCU Fandom, Sigyn/Loki Femdom, Light or Bondage)

Kidnapped By Raiders (Fallout Fandom, M/F, NC, Extreme)

Fandoms I Play In
Mostly video games. Don't see something? You can always ask me :)
I'm also a sucker for crossovers. Cannon characters I like play are in (parenthesis).
I consider customizable PCs to be OCs.

Borderlands (Vaughn, Fiona)
Doctor Who (The Doctor but not often)
Dragon Age (Would try Josephine)
Fable 3
Fallout (Nick Valentine)
Kingdoms of Amalur
Lexx (Stanley, Xev, Kai)
Mass Effect (Joker, Tali, might try others)
Marvel Cinematic Universe (Loki, Thor, Odin, Frigg)
Myst (Atrus)
Portal (GLaDOS, Chell)
Red Dwarf (Lister, Rimmer)
Classic Tomb Raider (Classic Lara)

Fandoms I don't play in, please don't ask
Seriously no. If I change my mind, I'll move it off of this list.

MLP (My Little Pony)
Harry Potter
Star Trek
Most anime series
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Picture Prompts and Idea Stubs
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2016, 04:00:50 PM »
~Picture Prompts and Idea Stubs~
These are not fully fleshed out ideas, but instead building blocks.
Feel free to combine them!

Idea Stub: Men and Monsters
I am very interested right now in any stories involving men being kidnapped and forced to mate with exotic monsters. These are really more porn plots than story plots, very smut heavy. The monsters should be reasonably intelligent characters, and not furries, though other kinds of humanoid-monster types are okay. I'm looking for monsters, so I'm not terribly interested in monsters that "transform" into humans (like werewolves). In most of these I would like the play the human man. Twists on fairy tails are fine with me. Below are some ideas for monsters, but this is by no means limited to just these ones. I've also listed some of the kinks I would like to include, but not every story has to include all of them so if some of them are "offs" for you, don't worry about it! Just let me know what you're interested in, even if it's something not on the list.

Monster ideas:


Kinks to include:

exotic cocks (knotting, barbed, anything else you can think of)
cum inflation
size splay/stretching
multiple penetration
multiple orgasm
breeding/brood "mother" scenarios (this includes incest: an imprisoned man being impregnated with eggs and/or a litter of some kind of monster, birthing them and then re-impregnated by those offspring over and over and over)

Picture Prompt: Public Use Kink (NSFW PICS)
I really want to do something with public use, either one on one or as a small group. I'm not sure how this could be incorporated into a bigger plot at the moment, but I definitely want to include pregnancy in it. I wouldn't mind including some monster/alien/beast impregnation in there.

Maybe a dystopian society sets up a breeding program where women are bound anonymously on the city streets.
Or maybe a mad scientist corporation wants to cross humans with beasts in order to produce half breeds.
Maybe an alien race wants takes humans as slaves and breeds with them.

Or maybe in a fantasy world criminals are chained in stocks to be used publicly for the duration of their punishment.

Idea Stub: A Wartorn City
A city is being bombarded by an enemy army. Bombs or cannons, setting is the later 18th century to WWII depending on the preference of my partner. This would be more plot based than sex based. Two ordinary citizens struggling to survive in the ruins of their towns, facing death, destruction, cannibalism and a tyrannical military regime. I want the setting and feel of battle to be prior to nuclear weapons.

This idea can be combined with any of my plot ideas above.

Idea Stub: A Language Barrier
This would focus much more on story and romance than a lot of my other ideas. I am looking for a partner who wants to challenge themselves. Because this will be challenging, it might mean that the posting pace will be rather slow as we will both likely need to time to write replies. I am also looking for a partner who can consistently give me about 3-4 short paragraphs per post, or else this story will not work.

The main focus will be a communication barrier, or language barrier, which will persist for most of the roleplay, and our romance and story will unfold around it. My general idea is that one of us will play a foreigner who arrives to a new a strange land and runs into the other character, who decides to help them. My preference is for an M/M story, but I'll go for M/F too.

The setting could be steampunk, historical, fantasy or sci-fi. I'm not really interested in a modern setting, though.
If we go the sci-fi or fantasy route, it might be kind of fun to include fantasy creatures or aliens. Perhaps a human comes to live in a city of centaurs or naga?

Idea Stub: Human/Naga Fluffy Romance
I'm really in the mood for fluffy, sickly sweet human/naga romance. Falling in love, forbidden love. A society where humans are slaves or lower class, perhaps. A taboo affair that has to remain hidden. Perhaps even the naga is married and having an affair with his human servant? I would prefer this to be M/M. This would be consensual only but bondage and other kinky activities would still be welcome.

Naga Anatomy Ideas (Negotiable unless noted otherwise)
  • Two cocks (Non-negotiable)
  • Two sets of arms
  • Snake tongue
  • Fangs
  • Venom
  • Slitted pupils
Kinks (negotiable unless noted otherwise
  • Double penetration (non-negotiable)
  • Foot jobs
  • oviposition
  • mpreg (eggs)
  • biting

Idea Stub: The Doctor's Wife (Fandom)
I prefer to play with a tennant or smith era Doctor, or an OC Doctor I don't mind playing the Doctor or his wife for this idea. It's just a fragment anyway, but takes place after the war. I'm not hugely versed in Whovian lore, so I would prefer to create an original story and not use very many returning cannon characters.

Back on Gallifrey very early on in the beginning of his lives, the Doctor was married. She was older than him, one of his mentors, and she saw the spark that made him unique and fell in love with it. However, he ran away one day, as she always suspected that he would, because he wanted to see the universe. He thought she had died in the war and goes on without her, never letting anyone else close to his heart.

They meet up again on Earth, when he's distracted chasing down some alien and he doesn't even see who she is since she's been through a regeneration. She recognizes him, though and decides to follow him around until he notices. With that huge revelation, he suddenly finds a wife he loved, lost and mourned back in his life for good.

Picture Prompt: Merman
This picture is SFW. A merman on a bed. Maybe this is kind of Selkie style somehow? I'm feeling some sort of M/M Human/Merman action here.

Picture Prompt: The Engineer
This could get dark, it kind of has that feel to it. I'm really feeling some human/robot action, maybe playing with the balance of power here.

Idea Stub: Gentle Master/Mistress
A Master/Slave story where the master or mistress is in fact very gentle and nice. They would still expect their slaves to do as they were told and sleep with them, but in counterpoint to my darker master/slave cravings, they care about the slave's well being and feelings.
In particular I would like to see bondage and playful kink play used consensually where as punishment for actual misbehavior not be sexual in nature. Such as being put in solitary confinement or forced to do extra chores.

Idea Stub: Dragon and Prince/Princess
A classic prompt. Maybe the dragon has a garden of princesses that it impregnates over and over? Maybe the dragon and the prince have an adorable and forbidden romance with each other and everything is consensual. Maybe the dragon IS the princess and she left in order to hide the fact that she's been cursed to transform. Just some ideas we could try out. ;)
I love oviposition, particularly the variety where eggs get laid inside of someone. I'm also a fan of m-preg (especially with said eggs) and just monster/human pairs in general, so I would be happy to include these things in any story we do with this.

Picture Prompt: 1940s Comedy (gif)
I'm picturing something set in the 1940s with a comedic feel. There should still be a serious story woven into it. Inspired by this gif.

Picture Prompt: Desert Dwellers/Sand Mages
I would love to do something involving mysterious desert dwellers who can control the sand like it was water. This could be its own story, or incorporated into one of my other ideas.

Idea Stub: Blue Balls/Teasing
An idea that involves a submissive man being fitted with cock rings, chastity devices, and other toys that prevent him from cumming. He would have to wear these out in the world, to work and while running errands, maybe while also being teased by a vibrating dildo or other device. He'd be tasked with keeping it a secret from everyone around him.

This could be combined with the public use kink where if he is discovered, people may use him as they please as long as he doesn't cum. His dom partner (man or woman) will wait until his nuts are huge and heavy and maybe a little painful before finally letting him cum, but then they start the whole process again.

Obviously this can be worked in an a sub-plot to most of my more fleshed out ideas in this thread.

Idea Stub: Kinky Ghosts
Just something involving ghosts or other unseen forces taking advantage of a woman. Doing things to her body when she had no idea what's happening or how, haunting her house, giving her detailed and extreme sexual fantasies. Maybe a ghost in particular feels like he has some claim on her, that she's his girlfriend, although I would prefer that the ghosts have no connection to her in life.

Maybe they have the power to follow her so that she can't escape them? This is a very bare bones idea that I'd be willing to build on.

Idea Stub: Love in the Trenches
This would be an M/M story taking place in WWI in the trenches. Two members of the British army in the trenches together are in love and having a secret affair, while trying to stay alive and avoid health hazards. There wouldn't be a lot of actual fighting going on, most of it would involve trying to kill time, digging new trenches, and trying to keep their relationship a secret from their commanding officer. As the setting is an intense one, we can definitely have some tragic plot points, but I would also like the occasional bit of comic relief.

Idea Stub: Son/Mother Incest and Rape
I'm not normally big on incest, but I'm kind of weak for a son, or even better, or a big group of sons (all adults, obviously) taking advantage of their unwilling mother. Bonus points if they use her a breeding bitch and we combine this impregnation. I would like to play the mother in this story, and explore her going from being totally unwilling and horrified to being their willing cockslut, turned on by being knocked up by her own sons.
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An Honorary Krogan (M/F, ME Fandom, Exotic, Light or Bondage)
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2016, 04:10:55 PM »
This is a Shepard/Wrex request, and I am looking for someone who can comfortably play Wrex. The story will span the events of the games, focusing on interpersonal interactions and their developing relationship and romance. We'll have the cannon events of the games to fall back on to keep the story moving, but they won't be the focus since I don't want to just play through the games in written form. I want to explore the details of living in the ME universe, from all the time they have to kill during travel to the complications of a cross-species, cross-cultural romance. I want realism to be a plot defining factor here, which means allergic reactions to each other's body fluids (potentially big ones!), having to train and use a lot of lube to overcome size differences, cultural blunders and the arguments that result from them, all of that. An interspecies relationship would be extremely difficult and complex, and I want to see them overcome all of those trials and still want to be together.

This request would begin either when Wrex is first recruited in ME1, or else when Shepard recovers his family armor. We'll include a few missions from the game if there's an opportunity to put in a lot of important personal development into them, such as: Shepard retrieving Wrex's armor; after releasing the Rachni queen; The confrontation on virmire followed by Wrex being in Shepard's party for that mission; and the night before Ilos.

The Normandy going down and Shepard being rebuilt by Cerberus will also be a pretty big point. I want to see them both struggle with it, and have Wrex mourn her more than he thought he would. He knew she was human and he'd outlive her by a long time, but I'd like to see him struggle with mortality striking so early. We can potentially include Liara or an OC asari who has experienced something similar, and have a short sequence with Wrex on his own trying to come to terms with that loss.

In the ME2 timeline, there are some other things that I would like to hit as well: Reuniting on Tuchanka, and the argument that will ensue after Shepard faces (and kills) the Thresher Maw. My Shep is a Sole Survivor who is scared of Maws, and he didn't warn her about it ahead of time. I wouldn't mind departing from the cannon and actually having Wrex come on board the Normandy during the events of ME2, and be there for the suicide mission. We could also include some original plots in this story line that have to do with Wrex trying to unite the Krogan and maybe fighting against other clans. The degree to which we go off the rails is up for discussion.

How we tackle ME3 events and how far we depart from cannon is totally open, but I do particularly like the dynamic between Wrex and Shepard in ME3 on the Tuchanka mission, so I would like to keep that, along with curing the genophage. I would also like Shepard to live after destroying the reapers in our version. Aside from that I'm very open to changes. Whether or not we continue the story past then, I'd like to include an epilogue where Shepard retires to help Wrex raise the many children he's been fathering after the genophage is cured.

Some ship things
Just a random list of thoughts I have about this pairing.

- Krogan have a keen sense of smell and can smell when she's turned on
- He can also smell when she's fertile, which because of the cultural impact the genophage has had on the Krogan, he finds to be REALLY HOT
- Humans have amazing stamina, the same power that lets them run marathons for fun going on for hours and hours translates into sexual stamina as well, so she runs him ragged
- Shepard is surprised to find out that Wrex actually does believe in love
- Dates that include varren fighting and picking on mercs in bars.

Profile of my Shepard
Tess (Shepard)
Age: 33
Species: Human
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual(ish)
Personality: Shepard is a dedicated and determined marine. She is very intelligent and generally caring, though she can be a little hard on people, especially if she doesn't like them. I play her mostly paragon, but she has a hard streak and a particularly bad temper. She doesn't like police or law enforcement, preferring when things can be settled without outside authority even if it means being below board. She does not see the world in black and white, and criminal activity that doesn't endanger innocents is generally tolerated.
Biography: Shepard grew up in one of the large metropolises on Earth. She was orphaned, a biotic kid trying to make it on her own, and fell in with a group of adults who were part of a biotic cult within the territory of the 10th Street Reds gang. The leader pushed the adults of the group to violence against local politicians, including several terrorist attacks which culminated in the local gang coming in to clean out the cult. She was fifteen at that point and joined the Reds shortly after. They ran their territory as the criminal substitute for police, keeping civilians safe as long as they paid protection money and engaging in gang warring and light crimes. At the age of 18 she joined the Alliance Military and became a marine, only to lose her entire squad to Thresher Maws on Akuze.
Settings: Sci-Fi
Other: As should be clear by the profile, Tess is my cannon Shepard, and I will always play her as such. I'm not yet comfortable pulling her into other settings or stories.
Tess has very dark skin, and wears her black hair as a medium length afro. Below is a beautiful rendition of her by Lethallans on Tumblr. Elliquiy doesn't let me post the URL for direct artist credit, but links to the artists' tumblr will be given on request.

I am open to most things kink-wise as long as they aren't in my Offs, and focus mostly on plot, but for the sexy times I wouldn't mind including some of the following things:
- Impregnation kink. Obviously Shepard can't actually get pregnant from him, but I could see it being a feature of mutual fantasy and dirty talk, especially when she's ovulating.
- Rough consensual sex
- Bondage, maybe they spar before sex and the loser gets tied up?
- Humans have a lot of extra fingers compared to most species in the galaxy, so I could see hand jobs and general use of her hands being something sexy
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Broodmother (NC Exotic Extreme, oviposition, incest)
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A man (or woman) is captured by a monster and forced to host their eggs. These eggs incubate at an incredibly quick rate, swelling to a large size over the course of about 24 hours and then the mature offspring lay their eggs in their mother, and so on. In this way one human is incubator to an entire colony of monsters.

I would like this story to primarily focus around sex, and I would like to play the human victim. I would prefer a male who is bred by naga or dragons, but I can convinced to play a woman, and the type of monster is definitely up for discussion.

I tend to like my monsters masculine, making it technically an M/M roleplay, although if they are laying and fertilizing eggs inside of someone's body, than they are probably actually hermaphroditic. The monsters can be intelligent characters, or mindless animals, that is up to you.

I could go for monsters who are sentient or mindless or something in between. Monster ideas include:
Giant insects

but I am willing to entertain other ideas as well.

Kinks Include
Beastiality (if monsters are mindless)
Mpreg (I guess)

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Dr Who/Portal Crossover: Petrichor (NC, exotic, Femdom, possibly extreme)
« Reply #10 on: August 16, 2016, 04:17:21 PM »
Seeking Tennant or Smith era Doctor, or a strong Original Doctor. The Doctor picks up a signal in his TARDIS, that of the perpetual loop of Chell killing GLADOS, which the AI is forced to live through. Realizing what is happening, he lands in Aperture to release her from that torture, not knowing who or what she really is. GLADOS upon waking up confiscates his TARDIS and makes him test for her.

In this alternative Portal 2, he works through Aperture in search of his TARDIS, learning about the history of the Facility, about who GLADOS used to be, and Chell's ultimate escape. Sexual experimentation and torment will be included, and we can also include medical experiments and investigation once she learns that he is not human, if my partner desires. The general goal of the Doctor will be to get the TARDIS back. If you like we can also include Wheatly and his betrayal in order to have PotaDOS. That is totally up for discussion. I do not want to include Rat Man, preferring to subscribe to the idea that the Dens were made by clones of Chell.

Things she would subject him could include:

- Various Testing tortures including unsolvable tests, very dangerous tests
- tentacle bondage using prehensile cables instead of tentacles
- Abuse of his psychic abilities to cause sexual stimulation or play with his head
- Various Companion Cube shenanigans
- Attempting to clone him

This could go two major directions. One being that the Dr. gets his TARDIS back and ultimately escapes, killing GLaDOS out of vengeance. The other could be that her tragic past and her cruelty both resonate with a darker part of him, along with the drive for scientific knowledge, and he ends up staying long after he could have escaped.
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The Old Ways (M/M Light or Bondage)
« Reply #11 on: August 16, 2016, 04:22:18 PM »
Set somewhere in Scandinavia around the year 1500, an upstanding christian man who badly needs to seek the counsel of the dead. Whether it be a departed lover, or head of state, whatever the reason he must speak with the dead. He has traveled to hundreds of churches all over the countryside, but no priest can help him. Finally, whispered in his ear, a pastor suggests that he visit a man who follows the Old Ways.

He's a heathen, a pagan who indulges in sin and who rejects God, but he can do what no one else can: he can speak with the dead through an ancient magical right, and he can teach him how. To learn how, he will need to abandon much of the church's teachings and embrace the Old Ways, which will involve many things he considers a sin, including laying with another man. Ultimately, the two fall in love.

Your character is the christian man, my character is the pagan.

My character will teach yours about the Old Ways, and begin to "corrupt" his christian worldview. They end up becoming lovers.
I'm looking for a story that will hinge on character interaction, and have plenty of self doubt and religious exploration. Whether YC ultimately converts, or learns to strike a balance between beliefs in two different religions, is up to you.

This isn't truly a historical RP and I don't accept tons of accuracy. However, by the year 1500 Scandinavia was much more of a farming community with less of a "viking" vibe, so please leave your battleaxes behind for this one.

As far as details on the religious practice: I'm aiming for a fantastical interpretation of Seidr (the shamanistic magic) rather than a strict representation. I'm fairly knowledgeable about the norse pagan religions, being a member myself, but I'm aiming to tell a good story and am willing to bend some details. Since your character will be playing an outsider to the spiritual practices anyway, I don't expect my partner to have any knowledge about it.

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Space Exploration (M/F or F/F Bondage, NC possible)
« Reply #12 on: August 16, 2016, 04:23:40 PM »
This plot is heavily inspired by classic space/planet exploration sci-fi. Inspiration from Star Trek, Firefly, Farscape, Mass Effect, Lexx, Red Dwarf and others are all welcome. I'd prefer my partner to be familiar with the genre and general vibes and tropes, but you don't need to have seen any of these shows specifically.

The Captain of a ship attends an auction on one of the "civilized" planets in the galaxy. Among the weapons, antiques and curiosities, there are also prisoners up for sale. Criminals whose crimes range from violent and unforgivable, to simply not worth mentioning, depending on the rules of the planet they were on at the time. They purchase a woman from this prison ship, both beautiful and educated. She expects that they will torment her, use her for their sexual pleasure, but she is surprised to find out something else entirely: they need a navigator.

Your character is the Captain, a man or woman on a voyage of importance exploring the galaxy. The specifics of your character's personality and mission are up for discussion. They could be searching for a rare resource, on the run from the law themselves, bounty hunting or maybe just trying to find planets for colonization. Regardless, they need a skilled navigator to help them on their journey.

My character is the Navigator, a prisoner purchased by your character a slave. She is one of the best. The nature of her crimes aren't known, but she is intelligent, capable and strong minded, and doesn't take well to being imprisoned or enslaved. She can be human, or a sexy alien lady of some kind. I'm fine with either. Your Character will have purchased her primarily as a Navigator, but they may want to make her do other things as well.

Your character can treat her like a slave, or try to befriend her and find out why she was imprisoned in the first place, but ultimately I want them to fall in love. There can also be other members of the crew on a permanent or temporary basis, if desired. Much of the plot will take place during and surrounding smaller plots that have to do with planetary exploration.

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X Offender (M/F Extreme, Modern, Stockholm Syndrome)
« Reply #13 on: August 20, 2016, 04:28:24 PM »
Loosely based on the Blondie song of the same name. The plot is as follows:

MC is a prostitute who propositions a cop in uniform (YC) because she thinks he’s hot, and he arrests her.

In jail, he visits her regularly to use her in extreme sexual ways, and her obsession with him grows. Eventually it reaches the point where she is his willing slave, eager to do whatever it is he wants, and she begins to believe that he loves her even though he’s never shown any inclination of that.

There’s a trial where he testifies against her, and her obsession with him is put on full view of the public where she tries to seduce him in the courtroom. (The outcome of this can be discussed, there are a lot of fun things we can do here.)

She is either acquitted on lack of evidence, or else makes bail, and suddenly isn’t seeing him anymore. Obsessed with him and wanting more, she follows him home one day and bursts into his home where he lives with his wife.

The ending sequence is up to discussion, but my thoughts are that she ends up killing his wife and the slave (she) becomes the master in the end.


Looking for a partner to play through this entire sequence with me. I often lose interest in modern settings fairly quickly, so I’m looking for a more rapid pace for this story. I want a partner who posts at least once a day if not several times a day and will be ok with the story ending after a few weeks and not necessarily going on long term.

I would vastly prefer to be the prostitute, who is a kind of unhinged woman. She becomes obsessed with men and stalks them, particularly attracted to men who are unobtainable in some way, and she loses interest very quickly if they want her in return, preferring to play with their hearts.

The cop is a man who is respectable on the surface, but gets a sick pleasure in using this
woman and seeing how much he can force on her before she becomes disillusioned with him. If you make a really excellent case I will consider playing the cop.

Basically both her and the cop are terrible people who kind of deserve each other.

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A Clever Trick (Sigyn/Loki, MCU Fandom, Light or Bondage)
« Reply #14 on: August 29, 2016, 06:09:43 PM »
This is an attempt to reboot this story.

I would like to play an MCU Fandom story with some pretty heavy head cannon alterations. I would like to play Loki versus an OC Sigyn. (If you're dying to play a Cannon Sigyn, that's ok too.)

As children, Loki and Sigyn were good friends who liked to study magic together. She was one of the few people who didn't see Loki as strange, and always enjoyed his company. They mutually had crushes on each other, and sometimes would play kissing games or hold hands, but in the innocence of childhood didn't ever really date or talk about their feelings. Then Sigyn left. Now she has returned and the two meet as adults and find feelings rushing back to them. There's just one problem: She's already betrothed to another man.

The two of them reunite and rekindle their friendship, and their feelings. They enjoy one another's company and even have a small affair, but Sigyn is betrothed to a man who dislikes Loki, and she doesn't want to be. Unable to get out of the marriage, he decides on a trick.
He secretly takes the place of her husband at the wedding and then reveals himself right before the vows are spoken. The idea is that she can back out of the marriage contract and be freed from it, but she decides she would rather have him.

Where it goes from here is up for discussion. We could have her ex plot to frame Loki for treason, or we could take some heavy inspiration from the Thor movies and have Loki discover his true heritage, this time with better support. Maybe he could end up traveling to Jotunheimr to face Laufey, or running away to Earth.
We could even go so far as to have Loki throw himself off of the Bifrost in the aftermath, and have Sigyn travel to Earth to find him. There is a lot we could do here and I'm happy to discuss ideas!

Quick note on how I play Loki:
I play Loki as a bisexual, gender fluid Byronic hero. If you're not ok with presenting and shape-shifting to be female, we can exclude that, but I would like to keep references to such behavior. He is passionate, sensitive, and mischievous, but he is not evil for evil's sake and in fact desires to be honored as a hero the way his brother is. Lastly, I prefer to have Laufey be a woman, rather than a man, since she is female in the original mythology.

Kinks, etc.

I tend to play Loki as submissive in bed, and I would really like to explore a little bit of consensual femdom and pegging in this story. Other kinks are open to discussion, but let's keep everything consensual in this story.
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Unlikely Valentine (M/F, M/Any Fallout 4, Light, Exotic, Maybe Bondage)
« Reply #15 on: October 03, 2016, 04:45:25 PM »
I know I'm not the only person who was super disappointed that you couldn't romance Nick Valentine in Fallout 4. I'd like to see what that looks like, either with a Sole Survivor, or other OC. I'd prefer a woman or genderqueer character to be opposite him, but I'm not against a man.
I would prefer to play Nick, but I could also play opposite him if something thinks they can write very true to character.

I'd like the story to include some things from cannon, such as the Eddie Winter case and Far Harbor events, because I think these things would really impact any relationship with Nick. I also want to explore what being in a romantic relationship with a synth like him would mean, as outlined below.

About Nick's Sexuality
- He's a Gen2 synth, which means no genetalia, and in fact his physical sensations are pretty limited.
- Nick is asexual meaning that he lacks a physical sex drive. This doesn't meant that this RP won't include sex, just that from Nick's point of view there's little emotional difference to him whether you're having sex or just cuddling. It means that my Nick will not be lustful and won't initiate sex, although having a human personality means that he can definitely appreciate sex. Basically, he sees it as just one of many of his partner's biological needs that he doesn't have, and he's fine with helping to fulfill it.
- Since for him sexuality is about intimacy, I imagine that he's pretty vanilla in the bedroom. It might be fun to put him opposite a character who likes to get into some bondage or maybe even a little bit of cop/robber bedroom roleplaying, and introduce him to their tastes.
- Nick is not interested in physically changing himself for his partner's benefit. He has enough issues with identity, I think. Therefore, I'm not interested in stories where he gets a Gen 3 body, or other ways in which he is changed from what he is. I'm all about finding other ways around his physical limitations, though. Such as strap ons and toys, and maybe tinkering with his engineering to try to create more physical experiences for him in return.

I'd like a nice emphasis on romance and story, with some smutty things to spice it up now and then. I really want to explore the intense emotion of Nick's story, and the story of your character, whatever that may be, along with it. This is a story about emotional connection, so if that's not your thing, I'll catch you the next time around.

Kinks that could be included are:
- Vouyerism (watching his partner masturbate, mostly)
- Mutual masturbation
- Toys
- Voice kink/dirty talk
- Cop/Criminal roleplay
- Light bondage

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Bonds of Elsweyr (Skyrim/ES, F/M, femdom, dub-con, bondage, cat people)
« Reply #16 on: October 31, 2016, 10:15:05 PM »
I'm looking to create an original story in the Elder Scrolls setting of Tamriel. This could be set in any region, but my preference would be for Skyrim or Elsweyr. I am looking for a partner who doesn't mind tweaking and building on the original lore, so you really don't have to be a lore expert. I'm certainly not.
I want to do a lot of lore-building regarding the culture of the Khajiit, basing it somewhat off of a lion pride-like society. I'm imaging a culture that is female-dominated, where men are typically given positions where they are visible in society, like the Mane, but actual power is consolidated by women, like the Clan Mothers. Men are culturally pressured to do whatever women wish, and through various social disadvantages find themselves indentured more often than women. Indentured servitude of prisoners is entirely legal, and happens when someone pays off a prisoner's bounty. The prisoner becomes indebted to them, and must work off their debt and their upkeep.

In lore, the Khajiit have "no form of marriage," but this has always bothered me. Every society has some form of social bonding and household structure. In this case, this would be a kind of "marriage" based on rank rather than equality, rather like how in some societies in real life, a woman was considered her husband's property. It's not quite slavery, but how much of a choice YC has in the situation is pretty limited. Our story would center around a man (YC) who finds himself indentured to a woman he barely knows until his debt is payed, and possibly for the rest of of his life. MC is a wealthy khajiit woman named Kalli who will pay off his bounty, an act that indentures him to her until he can work off the considerable sum. She does this with the intention of taking him as her mate. He has no say in this matter at all, which is where the dub-con elements come in. MC is a scholar and alchemist who travels to hone her craft, and expects her new spouse to be her protector and companion on her journeys. Although she is somewhat unusual in her job and what she likes to do, his situation is not unique at all within the khajiit culture.

We could potentially combine this with my picture prompt of a sand mage, to create some Khajiiti-only magic. This would work best if the story takes place in Elsweyr.

Picture Prompt: Desert Dwellers/Sand Mages
I would love to do something involving mysterious desert dwellers who can control the sand like it was water. This could be its own story, or incorporated into one of my other ideas.

Your character and our story's premise could go a couple ways depending on your preference:

- YC is a foreigner of any race, in Elsweyr or a Khajiit-only community in some other province. He finds himself in this system of indentured servitude with little idea of what this means for him, and the culture of the Khajiit is totally alien to him. This scenario would involve more dub-con or maybe even non-con elements, although I would still like to see him grow to accept and enjoy his place in his Mistress's service.
- YC is a khajiit man himself, in any setting. We could have his indentured status upheld by the law in Khajiiti territory, or it be simply a mutual cultural practice in a place like Cyrodiil or Skyrim, where he is compelled by their customs to go along with it.

A lot of the story would be character driven, and I'd like to see them eventually develop romantic feelings for each other, although Kalli will never be an over-the-moon romantic. Along the way we can have plenty of bumps. The scenes should be pretty evenly divided between smut and other things, but I'm very much a fan of going with the flow and writing what feels natural, rather than forcing a circumstance. I would love to have a casual, overarching plot that drives them on their journey, maybe related to Kalli's research. They could go out in search of a rare potion (Perhaps something like Vaermina's Torpor, which can't be brewed without help from a dangerous daedric prince) that brings them into a nest of intrigue and adventure. I'm open to suggestions.

Kink ideas, we don't have to do them all:
Spiny/barbed cock
Pimping/prostitution ("lending out" YC to others, for profit, in return for favors, or just because.)
Dub-con (YC having no say in sex acts even though he enjoys them in the end)
Orgasm denial
Harem/reverse gangbang
bisexual content (YC being lent to men, or maybe F/M/M threesome stuff)
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Hungry for the Whips (Extreme, M/M, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Any Setting)
« Reply #17 on: November 17, 2016, 01:01:05 PM »
I am willing to play either role here.
This is a story that involves a lot of physical punishment and maybe torture, including rough sex as part of that, but not a lot of romantic sex outside of that context. Anything that is not in my OFFs on my O/O page is probably game but my partner should be prepared to discuss the details of the scenes.

Through circumstance, one character is forced to hurt the other one physically regularly for an ongoing period. As this continues, they develop feelings for each other and have to figure out how to balance that love with their assumed roles. They are also forbidden from having sex (except for under certain circumstances.) I'd like to see a situation where the character being punished actually ends up enjoying it, and maybe purposefully acts out in order to get that kind of attention from the other man, without actually telling him that he likes it. This story would have strong sexual themes in the sense that one of the characters is a little masochistic and has sexual fantasies during punishment, maybe even gets off secretly during or immediately after these sessions, but actual sex between the two of them will be rare. I want to see a build up of desire and love between them. As they develop a romantic relationship, the punishment becomes a substitute for sex, at least for the character being punished, where as the one doing the punishing feels guilty and struggles with what he has to do. I want a nice balance between intense punishment scenes and emotional mutual comforting. This story is mostly character driven, but the framework plot should include a way for them to get out of the situation they are in. Rather than a specific setting and set up, I have two ideas we can take from along these lines and are open to others:

- Fantasy: One character is leading the other through a long period of hard physical trials as part of a religious tradition. This would be a requirement for the trainee to become someone important: a knight, a ruler, a member of an elite guild, etc. The idea is that regular physical suffering tones the mind and gives perspective about the world. They would have sexual contact during certain rituals, but be forbidden from it outside of that. This could be coupled with them eventually breaking that rule and both of them having to seek some forgiveness from their gods for doing so.

- Any Setting: They are both enslaved in a system of ranked slavery. One of the long time, more trusted slaves is the one who punishes those below him, but he begins to develop feelings for one man in particular who finds his way into his dungeon quite often. The character being punished is a rebel, always trying to incite riots, rebellion and escape. As time goes on, it becomes unclear to the rebel himself whether he's really doing it for the good of the slaves anymore, or if he's just enjoying the punishment. In this situation, again, sex between the two of them would be allowed only during punishment, perhaps as a public humiliation in front of other slaves, but it would be forbidden otherwise.

- Any other ideas you have are welcome

The ultimate end of this story is that these two characters somehow get to be together and be happy. The very end of the story could include the punished character coming to his boyfriend and asking him for more, and the two of them working through his desire to be hurt to figure out something that works for them both.

Definitely On the Table

Watersport (I don't like it as a sexual thing usually, but might be ok including it as part of a public humiliation scene for this story.)
Broken bones (cracked ribs or nose could be ok, but nothing that is going to seriously debilitate the character)
Drugging (I will not write about the sensations of being drugged but I am ok administering drugs, or writing that my character WAS drugged as part of a transition scene.)

Definitely Off the Table
Dismemberment (including castration and fingernails)
Mortal wounds

This would go great with the Blue Balls/Teasing idea stub
An idea that involves a submissive man being fitted with cock rings, chastity devices, and other toys that prevent him from cumming. He would have to wear these out in the world, to work and while running errands, maybe while also being teased by a vibrating dildo or other device. He'd be tasked with keeping it a secret from everyone around him.

This could be combined with the public use kink where if he is discovered, people may use him as they please as long as he doesn't cum. His dom partner (man or woman) will wait until his nuts are huge and heavy and maybe a little painful before finally letting him cum, but then they start the whole process again.

Obviously this can be worked in an a sub-plot to most of my more fleshed out ideas in this thread.
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Deliverance (M/M Extreme, BDSM, Angel/Demon)
« Reply #18 on: December 28, 2016, 09:48:52 PM »
This is a kind of reverse demon/angel corruption story. I really want this to be an M/M story so please don't ask for M/F. I've written a few along the lines of a demon corrupting an angel (or sometimes they are counterpart gods of Good and Evil) but this time I'm looking for the opposite. We can play this as demons and angels, or spirits or even gods, depending on your preferences. For convenience I'm going to use "demon" and "angel" as generic terms here for good and evil spirits.

This story centers around a demon being punished by an angel sexually and physically over the course of a long period of time, an act that slowly leads to the demon becoming more and more good. In order to do this, the angel must sin by raping and torturing another, and the demon must suffer for inflicting that upon others. Both lose their immortality from this, so that ultimately they become mortal people, that is, sort of "neutral." The angel (or good god) doing the punishing will be voluntarily sacrificing his divinity and staining his soul in order to save the other. Why he might do this can be discussed but them having some kind of history together makes the most sense to me. Perhaps they were friends or lovers in the past, before the demon fell to his darker impulses?

Overwhelmingly, the angel will be the dom strictly speaking. However, a switch would work nicely for this as the demon will sometimes try to turn the tables on his tormentor. The angel would in these cases force himself to get over any pain or rape that is inflicted on him, and simply be disappointed that the demon cannot do better. Ultimately, they change each other and have a close emotional bond. This bond can be romantic love, but it doesn't have to be, they could simply be very close friends because of what they have been through together. By the end of the story each of them will be more complex people. The demon's darker and more twisted desires will never be totally gone, and neither will the angel's righteousness, but they learn to co-exist as mortals.

The cleansing would be taking place in the mortal world in a kind of generic fantasy setting, and the story will mostly revolve around them, although perhaps some of the demon's slip-ups can involve the nearby town people.

This game is extreme and almost nothing is off limits. Here are my hard offs
Dismemberment (including castration)

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Kidnapped By Raiders (Fallout Fandom, M/F, NonCon, Extreme)
« Reply #19 on: May 03, 2017, 12:42:47 PM »
This would be a Fallout fandom game based on the classic sex slave trope, for OCs only please. We can do this in any of the Fallout settings, or develop a totally new location in the ruins of one of the major cities.

A woman is captured by raiders, how this happens can be determined later but it could be as simple as them invading her town and taking her. They decide to keep her as a sex slave to entertain the gang, and also to use her body for other purposes. She is lent to other Raider gangs to settle fights over land and resources, used as bait for super mutants and their centaurs (or mutant hounds) and forced to mate with wasteland creatures like deathclaws, mole rats or even feral ghouls in an arena for the gang's entertainment. 

She repeatedly becomes pregnant as a result of being used. We can resolve these pregnancies however my partner wishes, but I prefer having some way to speed up the pregnancies. The easiest way would be for most of the pregnancies to come from the wasteland monsters, who maybe have short gestation because of mutations. We could also have her become pregnant from the raiders, and resolve it by time skipping when we're ready for her to give birth, having the pregnancy terminated, or finding some miracle radiation drug that speeds up a human pregnancy. Maybe her body is used to breed some of these monsters to provide a source of food for the gang as well.

This game is more sex than plot based, but we will need some plot to keep things going.

I want to include that slightly ludicrous edge that the Fallout games have, which means things like rapid pregnancies, mild cum inflation, and huge size differences are just. I want to include such kinks as: bestiality, humiliation, oviposition, possibly mind break, bondage, suspension, gangbanging, and pregnancy. Although this is an extreme game, I would prefer to not include too much violence or blood, and keep the extreme elements sexual. I would slightly prefer to play the kidnapped character, but I could potentially play the raiders.

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Centaurs in 17th Century France (M/M Human/Centaur, Romantic, Bondage, Exotic)
« Reply #20 on: January 18, 2018, 11:58:44 PM »
This is a request for a consensual and romantic story driven rp involving a centaur and a human. I’m thinking of 17th century France as the setting, but this doesn’t need to be very historically accurate. (If you are a history buff, however, and know a lot about France in this time period, I would love to write with you and learn a few things about it.) The main elements of the setting should be swordplay, early muskets, the French aristocracy pre-revolution. I could play either role, and I have named both of them, but their personalities are still very basic, and there's a lot of room to flesh them out.

Their Dynamic

The human is a musketeer/swordsman in the royal guard and the centaur is in the cavalry. Their affair is a strict secret, and forbidden. The centaur, Aubrey, is mouthy and bratty, where as the human is laid back, playful, takes offense to nothing, and carefree. Their relationship is completely consensual and respectful of boundaries, but also playful. The musketeer, named Bergess, will “punish” his lover for getting too mouthy and uppity by dominating him. Centaurs cannot reach their own genitals, so this story will include a lot of teasing and orgasm denial as the swordsman wears down Aubrey's bratty mouth. The more sexually frustrated and pent up he gets, the brattier Aubrey becomes, so his boyfriend always knows when he needs to be fucked good and hard.
They are in love, but both of them are afraid to admit it because their relationship is forbidden. I’m thinking that it’s forbidden more on the grounds of them both being men, and both being members of the army, than on them being of different species.

Centaurs in 17th Century France

In this setting, Centaurs live apart from humans, in wild herds in the country. However, some do mix with human society. The exact rules they have depend on the particular herd. Some herds living near rural farmers will live with a lot of contact with humans, trade with them, and even trade their labor (such as pulling a plow) for other goods. Other herds want to stay strictly segregated, afraid that humans will drive them out of their home lands.
Some Centaurs leave their herds and join human society. Some are kicked out of herds which are more isolated for being too friendly with humans, whereas others simply move to the city in search of opportunity. As a result, they are a small number of the population in cities, but are not so uncommon that it would be a great shock to see them. They would account for 1-2% of the city’s population. In rural communities you tend to see more of them. Their total population in the wild is unknown but they likely number less than humans over all.

There are regular horses as well. In general, centaurs don’t mind doing work that horses do (such as pulling ploughs and carriages) as long as they are treated with respect and paid fairly. Being compared to a horse is still a great insult. Centaurs still don’t like it when humans ride on their backs, and generally don’t allow it. (When our musketeer is allowed to ride on his boyfriend’s back, that will be a demonstration of trust and comfort).
The cavalry is made up of humans riding horses, and a few centaurs who do not have human riders.

Plot Notes

I don’t have any specific plot arch in mind just yet, but I would like to have one that is outside of their romance. Aubrey is a reject from a herd which shuns humans, so a nice plot point might involve his herd and family, and having to return for their help. Here are some bulleted ideas we could work into a plot

  • The boys discover a secret plot to assassinate the queen, but no one believes them
  • France is facing a wartime threat, and they have to travel to the centaur tribes and ask for extra help for the military
  • The ex-lover of Bergess, a noblewoman herself, gets into some trouble and the boys have to save her, while keeping their affair a secret. This could provide tension if Aubrey fears his boyfriend still has feelings for his ex, and she could discover them anyway.
  • Aubrey breaks his ankle in a dramatic fight scene. Given the challenges of horses healing properly from broken legs, this would be a huge, worrying thing.
I am open to your ideas, including stealing some plot points from the Three Musketeers for our own use.
As for how they meet, I am open to almost any opener. They both serve in the military and as a musketeer, the human would outrank the centaur, so maybe they meet that way? They could also meet while off duty. Let me know your ideas.


As far as bondage and other kink activities, I want to keep it relatively tame. Blindfolds, ropes and leg spreaders are all ok. Spanking with a hand or riding crop would be ok if the spanking wasn’t too rough. This is light and playful bondage, not a heavy D/S story.
For Aubrey topping, we can certainly do that if you want. I imagine him being very anxious about potentially hurting his boyfriend, and it might be nice to have a lengthy preparation/fisting scene ahead of time to keep it at least a tiny bit realistic. We don’t have to skip out on the fun, but that’s something they’d need to do very carefully.

Orgasm Denial
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