Uncharted territory [ MUL, UN ]

Started by Hemingway, October 17, 2010, 05:17:20 PM

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I had absolutely no luck with this the last time I tried, so naturally, I'm going to try again. With a few improvements.

What I'm looking for is, basically, things that are different from what I normally do. Other things will be thrown into the mix, too, but first and foremost, I'm looking for something in which I'm either playing ( or playing opposite ) a relatively submissive male character, or a male paired with a futa/hermaphrodite. I have a few vague ideas.

Brother x Sister: The sister is a few years older than the brother, and definitely the dominant of the pair. In spite of what she sees as weakness in him, and a lack of manliness, she likes him. As her brother, and having a somewhat twisted mind, something more. When she approaches him with her desires, he's hesitant, obviously, but goes along with it, admitting that despite her being his sister, she does manage to arouse him.

Succubus x human: By whatever strange machinations of fate, a young man ends up in the "possession" of a demon of lust. Until she turns the tables on him and shows him just who owns who. Futa succubus strongly preferred – will ensure my undying love.

Queen x Prince: She's the Queen of a vast kingdom, and though she has all the riches, jewelry and clothes she could possibly dream of, she lacks male company, for whatever reason. Enter the Prince, either her son, a stepson, or from a foreign kingdom, a young and handsome man for her to seduce.

Pirate captain x captured rival: Imagine Pirates of the Carribean. Imagine the captain of a pirate ship as a dangerous and dusky-skinned beauty, and her captive as someone like James Norrington. You can't really escape from a pirate ship at sea, and given the scenario, who knows if he'd even want to?

Ideas will be added as they occur to me. If you have one that may fulfill one of my desires, that isn't listed her, you're more than welcome to share – I love hearing ideas.

So! Here's hoping this attracts more attention than my last try!