Story-based BDSM (BON, possibly EX, and other things besides BON)

Started by Dunnuck, October 12, 2010, 07:13:00 PM

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I am looking for a (large) group of people to start a BDSM game with. Heavy and light BDSM. Looking for a diverse crowd with good story and world building skills. The reason for the large group is for diversity, playability, and to keep things interesting. I havent worked out a story yet because I do not want to work on it if no one will play...


Switch here who dabbles between heavy and soft play, very interested in this!

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I'm interested at least potentially. I'd like to know a little bit what it's about before I can be sure. I also want to make sure you are amenable to having a first-timer in the game.  I might need a little help at the start with how a group RP works.
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I'll definitely be interested in some game involving BDSM. Count me as a sub if it ever launches. :)
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I'm interested as well.  I'm primarily submissive, and any time I get to wear a collar I get happy on the inside ^_^