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Author Topic: Come Play with SeductiveLips [updated 7 October 2010]  (Read 956 times)

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Come Play with SeductiveLips [updated 7 October 2010]
« on: October 05, 2010, 11:19:15 PM »
The Palace Maiden 
The Plot
Reika entered the palace at the age of 13 to become the palace maiden. The palace maiden were all highly reputable as they were carefully chosen by the royal family. All new maiden must be below the age of 14 and if they were shortlisted, they would be sent for the maiden training. When they reached the age of 18, they would be sent to one of the royals and be their personal maiden. The prestige of becoming the maiden of the crown prince was something that every maiden would fight for. However, no one knew why some of the maiden that were sent to the crown prince palace always disappeared mysteriously.

Reika's father was a gambler, her mother was ill and her younger brother needed the money for education. The highly paid role of becoming the crown prince's maiden was something that she had worked hard for the past 5 years. On her 18th birthday, the order finally came down to inform her that she was successfully chosen to serve the crown prince together with 3 other maidens. Reika was very happy and she decided to report to the crown prince palace immediately.

When she arrived at the palace, she realized that there was no one in sight. She walked around the palace curiously and suddenly she heard a woman's sobs coming from the room on her left. Moving quietly towards the room, the sobbing grew louder and she noticed that there was a man's groaning sound coming out from the room too. She noticed that one of the window was left ajar and she looked into it. She gave a loud gasps when she saw one of the maiden cuffed to the bed post and the crown prince was sexually abusing her.

My male partner would be the crown prince and he would be a dark character who abuse the palace maiden to satisfy his desire. There would be light bondage involved in this play but I want to keep it LIGHT. Settings would be in Medieval period.

Additional ideas
The crown prince can share his maiden with his brothers or guests or friends. I can play more than one maiden at a time but strictly not F-F contact.

The Wrong Room 

The Plot
Britney is a call girl. Upon a phone call, she would meet her customer in the hotel room. On this day, she received a call from a new customer and headed off to the hotel. The customer had requested for her to check-in before him so that she could get the room prepared for a romantic setting that he wanted. Picking the room key from the receptionist, she was playing with it while striding towards the lift lobby when a lady who was running towards the same direction bumped into her hard. The two of them collapsed onto the floor with the hard bump. The lady said a quick sorry and picked up the card key that she had dropped on the floor. Feeling pissed, Britney picked up her own card key from the floor and headed towards the lift lobby. The other lady was nowhere in sight. Checking out the room number, she took the lift to the 12th floor and began searching for room 1208. Glad to found the room, she opened the door and was shocked to see the customer had already arrived. "Oh no, you are early. Now I can make up the room as per your request but I promise to make it up to you very soon." She winked flirtatiously at her customer.


Celeste is an insurance agent. She was 30 minutes late for her meeting with her new client and was rushing through the hotel lobby. Earlier today, she had left the other key with her client's secretary and had arranged to meet for lunch and discussion of the policy in the room. However, due to the bad traffic, she was late for the appointment. She silently cursed herself for leaving such a bad first impression with the client. When she arrived at her room 0808, she was shocked to find that the room was empty and the client had not arrived. Putting down her bag, she picked up her cell phone and was dialing the number of her client when the door opened. "Oh there you are! I was worried why you weren't here yet." She was going to pretend that she had been waiting in the room for the past half an hour.

I would need either one guy who can play multiple scenes at the same time or two guys to play the two different roles. If there are two guys taking up the different roles, I will post the thread in small group forum.

Additional ideas
This is actually a play about the two girls entering the wrong room after bumping into each other at the lobby. The insurance girl picked up the wrong card key and hence visited the room with the customer who was expecting a call girl whereas the call girl entered the room with the potential client of the insurance agent.

The potential client would be puzzled and shocked when the call girl made her move on him but thinking that this is a special service provided by the insurance agent, he gladly accepted it and enjoyed himself. When the call girl told him that he could make any request, his actions gets wilder and rougher. What he didn't know is that the call girl would be expecting good monetary payment from him at the end of their acts.

In the other room, the insurance agent would be pounced by the customer who was angry that the room did not have the settings that he required. He would rape her and torture her (mild torture) without listening to any of her explanation. The agent did not know why her client had gotten so violent but afraid of offending him, she let him had his way with her after the initial struggle. When she asked him if he would close the deal he promised her, he just said yes and she thought he would be signing the insurance policy with her after the end of their act. But she didn't know that she was going to be humiliated by him when he threw tons of cash at her after this.

The ideas could be discussed and fine tuned if you are interested in the play.

Sleep Assault 

The Plot
She was asleep on the couch on a hot weekday afternoon after class. Everyone was away for the week and she had the home alone to herself. Dressed down to just a camisole and knicker, she took a nap on the couch.

The elder sister's boyfriend/her uncle came around to pick up something from the house and saw the delicious looking girl on the couch. Aroused and always having a thing for her, he assaulted her in her sleep.

Male partner

Additional ideas
She would be having a wet dream about her prince charming hence when he started feel her up, she thought it was a dream and completely adhere to his words and actions. When she was finally awake, she was shocked to find him on her but given the pleasure, she couldn't say no or bear to have him stop fucking her.

Hooker's Cafe 

The Plot
A decent cafe in the light but at the back of the cafe, there is a dark room filled with a bed, a pool table and a couch. The dark room is available to all customers if they wish to grab the waitress of their choice and make out in there. The waitresses were not allowed to choose or reject the customers if they were chosen.

Cher is a sex addict. She loved the highly paid job at the hooker's cafe and she also got paid for her own addiction. On a normal day at work, she had just had sex with one of her regular customer and was preparing herself to make rounds in the cafe when she bumped into her step father. Both of them were shocked to see each other in the secret cafe. Her step father was sexually aroused when he smelled her scent of sex still lingering on her body. He decided to pick her for the day. She couldn't say no but she couldn't betrayed her mum. When they were in the room, her mind was saying no but her body's reaction to his teasing was a strong yes.

Male partner

Additional ideas
After the scene in the room, we could move it back home and add in other plots like him sexually arousing her at home with the fear of being caught by her mum.

Sleep with me? 

The Plot
She fancied the widowed father of her best friend and she knew that he was attracted to her too. During a sleepover, she slipped a sleeping pill into her best friend's drink and sneaked into the father's room....naked. He would not be able to resist the sight of his attraction standing naked in his room with the knowledge that his daughter is sleeping soundly.

They would moved from the bedroom to the dinning room where food play would be involved. In the middle of their play, the brother came home abruptly from his midnight shift as he wasn't feeling well and he stumbled upon his father eating her up. The brother had a crushed on her and aroused by their act and invited by them, he joined them.

I would prefer my male partner to be able to play both roles.

Additional ideas
I'm still thinking if I should made the sister woke up and caught them in the act. They could possibly force her into joining them.

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Offline @nthony

Re: Dirty play with seductive lips [updated]
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2010, 07:33:21 AM »
Very interested in this.

I have PM'd you.

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Re: Come Play with SeductiveLips [updated 7 October 2010]
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2010, 09:08:33 AM »

Offline TheDoctor46

Re: Come Play with SeductiveLips [updated 7 October 2010]
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2010, 09:25:18 AM »
Very Interested in the Wrong Room story

have PM'd you

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Re: Come Play with SeductiveLips [updated 7 October 2010]
« Reply #4 on: October 07, 2010, 10:11:40 PM »
Thanks for your interest but I'm still looking for someone suitable for the roles.