The Doctor's Office (M seeking F - NSFW Imagery)

Started by TheDoctor46, September 17, 2019, 04:40:49 AM

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The Doctor's Office

Status and Availability: March 26th, 2020 - Seeking One or Two New Stories - Not necessarily the ideas below, I am open to ideas you may have too.

Hi! Welcome to my request thread. It's been actual years since I've done one of these and it's certainly not up to the same high standard as some of the amazing people on this site, but I thought it would be the perfect way to find new partners in crime

My Plots are below but I think it's important to list my Ons/Offs first in their briefest form first.

If there aren't any stories you like the look of, but you think we have compatible tastes, please message me!



  • Objectification
  • Transformation of Reality / Paradoxical Realities
  • Being Cursed / Hexed / Afflicted with a Condition
  • Enforced Nudity / Being the only one Naked or Exposed
  • Embarrassment / Humiliation
  • Submission / Bondage / BDSM
  • Non-Con / Reluctance / Force / Free Use
  • Sex Magic / Sexual Science / Sexual Society
  • Forced Orgasms / Orgasm Denial
  • Romance
  • Original Ideas and Detailed Settings
  • Mind Control
  • Betrayal
  • Dirty Talk
  • Sexual Acts
  • Incest
  • Anal
  • Impregnation

  • Narrative Incoherence
  • Fan-Fiction / Existing Worlds / Existing Characters
  • Cutting / Blood / Scat & Urine
  • Extreme Pain
  • Death

Plots & Ideas

What you came here for (hopefully), below I've listed out some of my plot ideas. Please be aware that I have shamelessly stolen some of these ideas from friends and past partners on site albeit with their permission. I've tried to give as brief a synopsis as possible, all of these ideas are original settings with original characters and I've put some 'tags' underneath the title of each to give an at-a-glance idea of the themes or things they're similar to. If you're inspired by any of these please get in touch with me and we can discuss and develop an idea to suit us both.

Please contact me via private message rather than posting on this thread, just so that I can keep it nice and tidy  :D

The Newest App
(MF+/f, Modern, Reality Changing, Black-Mirror-esque, Transformation, Non-Con, Humiliation, Public, Free-Use / Other Kinks)

No one knows who wrote the App, how it works, or how it managed to get installed on the college intranet, all they know is that every two days whatever the highest voted post in the app is – becomes reality.

When the first messages arrived to their campus email accounts most of the students ignored it as just another knock-off of reddit. It called itself RealityVote and it invited students to anonymously post suggestions of things they wished were true about other students. Other users could then upvote or downvote suggestions and then, the site claimed, whichever was the most popular suggestion at midnight every two days would become reality for that person. It also made clear that, when reality was changed, the record would be erased, the countdown reset and only the student whose reality was changed would notice, everyone else would be left aware of the Apps power but with no memories or idea of what the world had been like before.

Zara ignored it at first as just another stupid prank. That was until she got messages from her friends telling her to check out the first highest voted post - "Zara Fisher is allergic to clothes"

- Based loosely on the idea of the Black Mirror episode 'Hated in the Nation'. I thought it could be most interesting to explore what might happen if power is confined to a controlled environment like a University campus, and the same person is being victimised multiple-times by a group that don't understand / remember that she's been targeted over and over again. My interest would be that once the first change happens, it makes her more noticeable, more of a target, and she gets changed again, becoming even more noticeable, and it snowballs. If this has inspired you at all let me know! :) I'd also be open to playing our 'victim' as a male -

Higher Education
(FF+/M, Modern, Non-Con, Mind Control, Objectification, Exposure, Humiliation

Robert Dantas has a unique power, a power he can only increase the more he humiliates and objectifies a young woman. Building an entire, all female, university, Dantas does everything in his power to increase his control, pushing a poor girl, and her best friend, into an endless inescapable cycle of public exposure, humiliation and pleasure…

The Curse
(MF+/f, Modern, Cursed, Transformation, Exposure, Public, Free-Use / Other Kinks)

When YC attended that frat party she never expected her whole life to get turned upside down. Kissed by a mysterious blonde in the most unusual way, YC finds herself unable to eat her usual food, and quickly develops a craving for something only her best friend can provide...