Actively Seeking Players for Pulp Adventure Game

Started by NightBird, January 08, 2007, 11:53:47 PM

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After discussion in the GMs/Games Wanted section, Shadow Commission now exists as a game, and I'm looking for a few more players. Setting is early 1930s, and will involve a twist on events surrounding the Manchurian Incident. Since this is pulp, not pure historical, though, expect those twists to bear resemblances to things you might see in Doc Savage, The Shadow, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Hellboy, Big Trouble in Little China, or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

The board is here:

Character sheet should include the following:

Description (physical and typical clothing)

The background should include some kind of plot hook that would bring the character to the attention of someone at the League of Nations doing meticulous research on unusual/outstanding/supernatural/exceptional people, or some reason why the tension between China and Japan in the 1930s would be of interest to the character. An ongoing conflict with a character with potential to be an NPC that could be used in-game would be helpful, as well. Please PM me with questions, or if some help is needed on backstory.  *smiles*


We have the mistress of an opium den, a flying ace, a man with a mecha, an intrepid reporter and a martial artist.

The game will get underway this weekend, I'm holding a spot for one player having computer difficulties, so I can accept only one or two more at most. Please PM me with interest by Friday... I don't plan to add anyone new once play gets rolling.


Making the rough and tumble adventerer type is sooo tempting...


Quote from: Xerial on January 10, 2007, 01:14:59 AM
Making the rough and tumble adventerer type is sooo tempting...

*waves hand like some kind of jedi*  You know you want to.


Lotus is in your mail box NightBird, she is so sweet.......*smiles*
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building


I'll be starting work tomorrow on finetuning the plot to the characters received thus far, but I wanted to put a call out for another lady or possibly two. It'd be just awful for Elvi and I to have these fine, heroic gentlemen all to our lonesomes... ;)


It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building

Celestial Goblin

You did get my Journalist, didn't you? And I'm really going to find time to detail the adversaries too...


Indeed, I did, CG.  *smiles*  There's no problem getting the adversaries to me over the next week or so.


Last call...

Some work around the house delayed me over the weekend, but I'm working on the setup tonight, and will be getting everyone started this week. So, if you'd like to play, and haven't submitted a character yet, please come take a look at the characters thus far ( and send me a PM some time this week.