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Author Topic: Gladiatrix-Blood,Sex and Sand. NC,EX. Interest check.  (Read 1751 times)

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Offline PolymorphTopic starter

Gladiatrix-Blood,Sex and Sand. NC,EX. Interest check.
« on: September 26, 2010, 08:32:54 AM »

The year is 62AD. The setting, ancient Rome. On the farflung edge of the Roman Empire a revolt in the province of Britannia led by Boudicca, warrior queen of the Iceni tribe has recently been crushed by the legions of Rome. However, the lurid tales of wild warrior women and their savage vengeance on the Roman inhabitants of the cities they sacked and the shocking revelation that the entire Ninth legion was slaughtered, put to flight or captured has fired the imaginations of the masses. Of course as was proper to Roman thinking, these warrior women of the uncivilised barbarians ended the revolt either slain or enslaved.

Gladiatrixes have existed in small numbers for generations, but officials of the games have always been slightly contemptuous of the ability of women warriors. One Dominus has seen that the demand for female warriors amid the frenzy of speculation in the streets of Rome is a golden opportunity to rake in the denarii. For three months, he has been training slavegirls as gladiatrixes in his ludus. Soon he will march them to the city and test their skills in the arena. Each of the gladiatrixes has been chosen equally for her looks as for her fighting ability. If they are defeated, they can choose to offer themselves for sexual violation in the arena by the victor in return for their lives being spared. .

Characters: Anyone who has watched Spartacus will have a good idea what sort characters are suitable for inclusion.

Gladiatrixes and Slaves - Drawn from anywhere in the Empire or it's borders, either born slaves, criminals or captives from war. The bottom of the social order.

The Dominus and Domina - Wealthy patrician class Romans with complete power of life and death over the gladiatrixes. (TAKEN)

Overseers, Trainers and Guards - Could be freedmen or slaves, limited power over the gladiatrixes.

The ludus is situated beside the villa of the Dominus. Household slaves serve in both as he and his overseers sees fit. The gladiatrixes are housed in a barracks and locked in at night. Full sexual relations between the gladiatrixes and men is forbidden (Pregnancy will be considered theft of the Dominus's invested coin) Of course forbidding something never deters some people. Sexual relations between the gladiatrixes is unofficially encouraged by the guards, who vie for the post of standing guard by the iron barred door to the barrackroom (Probably the most diligently guarded door in the Empire).

Overseers and equal rank can hand out punishments to the gladiatrixes as long as they remain fit to fight.

The gladiatrixes are both collared and branded to mark ownership. The collars have PROPERTY OF LUDUS LUPARA stamped on them, the brand is on the inner thigh and is the house symbol of a wolf.

Offline Dashenka

Re: Gladiatrix-Blood,Sex and Sand. NC,EX. Interest check.
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2010, 09:14:02 AM »
I might be interested. Is there a story plot? Or is just fight, sex and misery?