Sabby's Idea List Mark IV!

Started by Sabby, August 29, 2010, 12:12:20 AM

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Shore Leave
Furry/Scaly, Fantasy

A young Neko takes up a job as a caravan guard, escorting whoever's paying from town to town along the unguarded and dangerous roadways. New to the sword for hire business, and a stranger to these lands, he quickly finds himself befriended by a small group of mercs who take the same jobs. He also finds that he really is quite out of place in this region... while he is a creature of the grasslands or a forest, this continent is mostly rolling dunes of red sand, a desert without end, populated mostly by Saladine.

His first few escorts are without issue, but one day their caravan rolls over the camouflaged back of a giant Dune Spider. Flipping the caravan and tearing it to pieces, the Neko acts to save his client, drawing the Spider away and hiding in a fissure in the the rock face. He's ripped out by it's scrabbling legs, and as it descends on him, he impales it, killing it by taking a fang in his chest, the second gashing his face.

His feline heritage was all that saved him from the poison. He was left in a fever dream for days, drifting close to death. When he awoke, he found himself with two scars, one on his peck, the other down his eye. Donning a patch to cover it, his work mates all chip in to send him to the whore house on the next stop.

He hides it well, but... he is a virgin. The 'shore leave', as it's called, is very new to him. But he is a feline in a land full of lizards, and it doesn't take long for one of the working girls to snatch him up for the night and initiate him in the age old practice of shore leave, finding his exotic breed far too interesting and new to pass up.

Magical, Milf

In the land of Bahaal, there are five different layers to reality. On the first is the primal forces, the energy that fuels fire, signifying rebirth, wind, signifying shaping, water, signifying life and strength, and earth, signifying force.

These four different elements, driven by the same power, are the simplest of things in the world of magic, easily understood, though it holds no will or ambition.

The second layer is the physical world, all that we see around us. The forces of the first layer, like the gales of a storm, or the movement of the tectonic plates, are physically mirrored here. Everyone can see the second layer.

The third layer is the first of two spirit planes. Low level apparitions or entities exist here, some being simple formless forces, like barriers or feelings, while other manifest as pests or obstacles, or creatures with will and intelligence. Many people can see the third layer clearly, while almost everyone can sense it at times.

The fourth layer is for higher levels of spirits, often as intelligent and diverse as us, and able to manipulate the second layer if they so choose. Not all mean us harm, most being simply curious.

The fifth... is a mystery. The few people who have peered through that final veil have succumbed to years of mental degradation, suffering traumatizing nightmares of impenetrable blackness and wordless voices.

Everyone who ever went to school knows these things, and there is business in the chasing off of pests, dispelling of barriers, establishing communication with resident spirits, and capture the troublesome ones that stray into our layer too long. The best way to capture such a spirit is by trapping it's image. While a mirror can hold it, it cannot send it back. It takes a special device called a Demondriver.

Oddly named, it is a small camera that can phase from the second layer to the fourth and back again, meaning an Exorcist can take it with them when they phase out of the physical world, where an object like a camera is usually bound.

Part of the training requires luring the attentions of a demon, using that presence as an anchor, or a focus, training the Exorcist to strengthen their perception skills. Graduation comes when that demon is captured.

One such apprentice Exorcist has begun this stage... but he has not attracted a simple parasitic wretch or other low level spirit. Through some force of sheer bad luck, he has caught the attention of a 4th Plane dweller, a temptress who is both amused and intrigued by his quest. Finding him on her heels where ever she goes, she can't help but revel in the chase, doing all she can to keep that little camera from snapping her full visage, while at the same time keeping him tantalizingly close to his goal...

Eventually, their chasing game will turn to sex.

The Ballad of Grey Stone

Grey Stone was a very boring child. She was rich and well taken care of, but always felt that life seemed pointless. Watching her parents fret over stocks and coax tenuous business relationships, she felt as though their lives were very hollow. And when they both died of stress induced health issues, what was left of their memory? Stocks went down a bit... that was it. They wouldn't be remembered at all.

Grey gained a new philosophy on live. Her death would be remembered. So, she chose then and there to die... she began her suicide, not with a knife or a pill, but with a pledge. She would live on without a care for her own safety, tempting death each day. Suicide did not need to be a quick affair... she felt it was wasted, spending a few minutes bleeding out. She would stretch her suicide over years, accumulating enemies, until one day, her fate would catch up with her, and her name would be legend, whispered for decades.

One day, while at a bar, one of the many organized crime groups she has run afoul brings a hit squad, and guns down the bar. She tackles the hapless boy that was hitting on her and leaves him safely behind the bar, before taking the two grenades from her belt and hurling them. In the aftermath and confusion, she disarms the closest hitman, and guns down the rest, and she enjoys it. She loves when they send goons... she had lost count of her numerous bounties.

Unfortunately, the boys car gets a bit wrecked, so she steals one of the mobsters cars and drives him home, letting him keep it. While still shaken up, he becomes fascinated with this detached woman and her odd views of life... suddenly, his desk job becomes more of a prison, and he seeks her out again.

M/M, Furry/Human, Fantasy.

The Wolfen are a species conquered by the humans. Standing only as tall as an average man's stomach or chest, they were once wild, but have now been made into slaves, bred into gentler, less aggressive creatures. Many are simple servants to a Master or Master, while some are house keepers or stock takers. They are quick learners, able to pick up human language and learn counting and the like, but only when their job entails. Many owners do not teach them when it is not essential. They also do not dress them. To give a Wolfen clothes is seen as a sign of weakness.

One such Master, a high ranking Merchant, defies both of these social stigma's. When a starving Wolfen stalked him one night, he found himself robbed of all coins, the pouch simply missing. He had had no idea he had been pick pocketed, and in broad daylight. He was called to the prison to retrieve his things, which were found on a Masterless Wolfen thief. Instead of simply taking his things and leaving the creature to be executed (he didn't look like he'd live long enough for that though) he decided to trade the coins in exchange for the guards silence. He took the boy home, fed him and raised him back to health.

He knew potential when he saw it, and rather then simply punishing him, he made good use of his skills. He was quick, silent, with the ears and nose of a bloodhound. And he was loyal, as well... there was no better agent for him. Who would suspect that a simple Wolfen slave was the one gleaming their secrets and delivering them to his Master.

He has taught him to read and write, and he loves books, but loves to write them even more. His room if full of poems and short tales of heroic deeds. He also wears a grubby fishermans hat. While his Master has given him other clothes, he cherishes this one item above all... it was the first gift he had ever received, and he never goes anywhere without it.

When Master returns home after a long, hard day, his pet wants nothing more then to undress him, make his dinner, run his bath and prepare his bed, happy to serve him. But sometimes... he gets dragged into that bed. This, he does not mind at all. Anything for Master.

Jezebell and Hiedi
Modern day, F/F, Teens, Rough Sex.

Rachel is a shy, dorky kind of girl, hiding in the school library for the most part. She meets Jezebell, and instantly falls for her. Jez, or just 'Bell', is innocence incarnate, sweet, friendly, intelligent, and completely naive of her new friends feelings.

However, Rachel doesn't realise that Bell has a pretty severe case of split-personality disorder. Her darker side arrives periodically, a rough and tumble woman who is completely self aware of the fact she is just a figment. She knows about Bell, and of Rachel's feelings, and isn't afraid of taking advantage of her, tormenting her sexually, turning the girl into an unwitting sex crazed submissive.

Between the hardcore Hiedi and the angelic Jezebell, Rachel feels quite smitten, savoring the slow, friendly bonding of her first personality, while secretly grateful when the second comes out to relieve her of her tensions.


Sci-fi, Modern Day, Survival Horror, Small Group.

It's been several years since the Judas Breed had first appeared on the black market. An accident of science, this insect was bred to kill off New York's roaches, and thus stop the spreading of a deadly disease, and then die without breeding. It somehow defied it's purpose, and continued to evolve, it's quickened life cycle resulting in faster generations. They became bigger, smarter, and adapting to do what they were made to do. Infiltrate their enemy, and take them out.

Using their wings and carapace to mimic a human image, they appeared like a man in a cloak, but when the wings were whipped away and the carapace mask withdrew, they resembled a human sized cockroach, deadly and effective predators. And they just kept getting smarter. Their eggs appeared on the black market and over the next few years, they seemed to have vanished.

But really, they were hiding. Sensing that establishing a colony was not as effective as before, they ceased being a social species and became lone wolves. Two or three may work together in some instances, but mostly, a single Judas would inhabit an area, simulating human behaviour to remain undetected, taking out the trash and other menial tasks. While two Judas weren't particularly territorial, they could come to blows over living space if one refused to leave.

One such Judas has taken up residency in a failing Mall. Living in the roof, it has become fascinated by the many strange things in it's new home. It poses as a janitor if it leaves it's nest during the day, but at night it explores, learning from the many human items. It has sabotaged the security room so many times it simply isn't used any more. No surveillance. 

A small group of teens, one of them a survivor of the original disease, and thus allergic to roaches, become trapped inside when the mall automatically locks up. The Judas see's them as intruders, and tries to pick them off one by one. They must survive until dawn.

Fantasy, magic, MFF, teacher/students, orgasm denial

A skilled Sorceress has declined many an offer to take up teaching in the cities. At 36, she is highly skilled, and well sought after for her tutelage. However, while she refuses teaching jobs at learning institutes, she does occasionally take on students. She is very selective, but those she accepts will live in her tower and study under her.

She currently has only one student, a young woman with powerful mentalist abilities, mind reading and other handy sneaky abilities. At the umpteenth request from a rich family, she finally caves and goes to evaluate their son. Finding the boy to be a spoilt, talentless snob, she is very surprised to feel potential coming from one of his servants, a teenaged boy the family purchased years ago.

Not caring for their protests, she takes the boy to her tower, and is practically energized. It's been so long since she got to witness such raw potential in a young student. She suddenly rediscovers her passion for teaching.

Being a bit of a predator, she can't help from fantasizing, about both of her students. While the girl is a frisky little minx, who actually welcomes any advances, the boy is timid. So, she binds his member with a magic seal, making it impossible for him to achieve climax without her hand.

No matter how much stimulation he feels, nothing will set him off. Hours of frustrated masturbation do nothing to help, it only makes his pent up load bigger and bigger. His fellow student and teacher take advantage of this, getting him to make love to the both of them, multiple times, taking turns, and he begs her to rub him off, pleads. When she does take pity and wraps her hand about his cock, the ejaculation will be strong enough to almost knock him unconscious. This building up becomes a regular thing, spanning hours or even days.

And just to torment him further, his fellow student will come to him in spirit form while he tries to sleep, arousing him, knowing damned well he can't do anything about it.

Go Away, Come Back
M/M, modern day, romance

A shy boy raised in a Christian home has fallen madly in love with a boy. The two are very different, the first, Eric, full of insecurities and a bit of a wimp, the other, Jason, forward, emotional and passionate.

It's Jason's personal policy not to try and convert straight men, but Eric is different, clearly bi-curious at the very least, treating every touch or gesture or word from Jason like a guilty pleasure, a drug he can't keep away from, enslaving him.

Eventually, the guilt of his upbringing becomes too much, and he pushes Jason away. When Jason finally does leave, hurt and angry, Eric panics and tries to stop him by standing in front of his car. Even when Jason slams the gas on, Eric doesn't move, and Jason has to turn at the last second, wiping him out and flipping the car. Both end up in hospital, broken and battered, in a tense silence, wondering who will be the first to speak...

They have a lot of healing to do.

In Need
Furry, M/M

Two boys have been friends since High School. One, a cheetah, is unmotivated, slightly angsty, and a few years graduated, laying around his dark room without any plans for work. The other is much younger, still a year or two from graduation, a shy but fun hyena boy.

While the hyena has some slight curiosities, he is by no means bi... yet. What he doesn't know is his older, gruffer friend is a bit of a ladies man. Surprising, considering how quiet he is. The summer has kicked in, and so the usual heat cycle has hit him, and the whole summer, he hasn't had so much as a hand job from any of his usual conquests. It's driving him crazy...

One day, when the hyena is on his knee's searching under the tv case, the cheetah starts eyeing his girly rear up, and decides to grab him. He's not gay... he's just too horny to care!

Revenge Over Space-Hub Kara
Sci-Fi, MFF, Futa/Male rape

Linka is just an ordinary sex slave, one of many. The practice is common around the nastier parts of space. She's been bought by a man who smuggles various small time contraband, for relief during those long flights. She has submitted, for now, but occasionally plots escape... most of the time though, it seems impossible without seriously harming or killing him, a line she'd rather not cross.

But all that changed when her Master invested in a Sex Android. Human in appearance and completely subservient to anyone holding her controller, she can change from a woman to a futa. He verbally commands her to abuse the girl in several ways before taking them both himself.

Later, his human slave will seduce him, get him blindfolded and replace his remote control with a convincing fake she assembled. When he next tries to get the Android to rape her, she'll have a little surprise for him... she intends to leave him with a very saw ass and jaw, stuck at the space-hub with no clothes and no money or ID, while she heads off with her new ship and Sex Android.

Revenge is sweet.

M/F/F, angry sex, lesbian, gay, non-human, magic

Two students at a magical academy have been rivals as long as they known each other. Everything is a competition, and about the only thing they cannot try and win from each other is lovers. One is gay, and the other is a lesbian.

But that's just changed. There's a new student at the tower, a non human. Not too rare, but this particular species, a Cherup, is neither a man or a woman. It is an asexual species, feminine yet not destinctly female, masculine, yet not quite manly. Now, this shy creature has found itself in the centre of this little feud.

Not wanting to be outdone, they both cast a love spell, and it backfires. The two spells have collided and entangled, resulting in a powerful connection between them. They cannot be in the same room for more then a few minutes without throwing themselves at each other.

Both are only attracted to their own sex, are stubborn rivals, and not exactly into public rough sex... so they have no choice but to enlist the Cherup's help to break the spell. With only a pair of enchanted shells to communicate with, they find themselves turned on simply from each others voices... and the spell is getting harder and harder to resist.

M/M, drugs, romance, magic

Aegis. A controversial drug. Crystals made from raw magical energy, it can enhance your potency, and so became very popular among the students. But in excess, it became incredibly addictive, and caused great shifts of personality. Now, it is strictly regulated.

One professor at the school is a reformed Aegis addict. He thought he could handle it if a relapse came about, but he was wrong. One night, his arm red raw from rubbing crystals, he shows up on the doorstep of a fellow professor, someone he has always hated. He only has the strength to ask him for help.

Confused, he finds someone who knows about Aegis addiction, and it's explained to him that being under a stronger Mage's aura can help suppress the cravings. This addict has just admitted to the man he gives a hard time that he is a better Mage then him. Intensely proud, this is like ashes in his mouth, but he can't risk going back to Aegis.

He'll be at this man's mercy, and when the cravings start kicking in, he'll need to be physically restrained, and eventually, they'll have sex.

The Little Pink Remote
Scifi, M/F/F, femdom, crossdressing, collars

Minerva is a business woman in a future where genetically engineered servants are common. She, however, has never bought one, finding them to be lifeless and robotic. She has found a rather obscure technology from another country, one that's never gone past the development stages. Curious, she pays to have it tested and ironed out, and when it works, she also invests in getting it mass marketed.

Now owning 51% of it, she's going to be a very rich woman soon... she has the first two products, and she attaches them to her lovely assistants.

Owning two indentured workers, a teenaged boy and girl, they have been simple custodians, maids, secretaries, and generally help her busy life, to pay off a debt they incurred years ago. They have sinced cleared it and chose to stay on, as it was a better life for them.

But now, they have her new collars on... using a small remote control, she can monitor and change things about them. She can cause arousal, for instance, or take it away, make them sleepy or energized, make lying uncomfortable, and even inspire intense desire for people or objects.

If she wanted to, she could make them both fall asleep, experience an instant orgasm, have sex with each other, be aroused in public, and, if she feels especially evil, get them to suddenly be madly in love with her shoes... or her desk. Whatever's nearby when she watches them from the camera's.

Under House Arrest
M/F, Domination, sci-fi.

An advanced crime fighter has intercepted a thief, and after stopping her, immediately feels sorry for her. The unconscious girl is starving and desperate, and he can't bring himself to bring her in. The damage has already been done, however, as she has a warrant, and if he lets her go now, she'll just be arrested later.

He takes her home, nurses her to health and feeds her, and she wakes up in his bed, fresh and clean, and feeling better then she has in days, and then discovers her fate for the foreseeable future. She is grateful, and crafty, and devious, and shows her appreciation in ways he's only dreamed of. He becomes an inexperienced, gentle Master.

A Helping Hand
Incest, F/F

A girl is suffering from a strange problem. She cannot please herself. She can spend hours furiously masturbating, but cannot achieve climax. It's frustrating her to no end, and she's becoming irritable. Her older sister, however, can see right through her... she had the same problem, and her mother fixed it for her. She intends to do the same for her.

She's going to take her younger sister out for the day, shopping, going to the movies, the fair, the zoo, running her ragged until she's utterly exhausted and feeling great, then rent a bunch of movies, get the blankets set up, and have a nice quiet movie night.

And then... she'll put the porn on, grab the confused and embarrassed girl, and reach into her panties, pleasing her while she's exhausted and content.

Not What He Seems
M/F, crossdressing, furry

Two skaters, a gentle and shy catboy and a forward and adventurous fox, have been friends for years. They both met at the ratty, underused skate park, and have hung out since then, inseparable... but what the fox doesn't realize, is that his friend is not a boy at all.

The effeminate looking cat has short hair and a flat chest, and dresses in typical urban clothes, so her friend simply assumed she was a guy, and now she'd rather let him think that then risk their friendship... this secret turns to longing, and she starts to get a crush on him.

Drugs, fantasy, magic, M/F

An alternate take on Relapse.

Aegis is a drug that boosts brain power. It is a fragile crystal made from condensed energy, quite literally thought given form. Crushing the pebbles on your skin causes the energy to release into yours, giving a great boost to your ability to think.

Because of this, it's popular with magic students, but it's also dangerous and tightly regulated. A few little thumb nail sized rocks a week is considered a safe amount that won't get you hooked and give a small edge to help with study.

But there are people who will sell it in greater amounts. One such girl is a former addict. She manages to draw an innocent and kind hearted but very naive young boy into her web, getting him hooked on Aegis and bleeding him dry. And when he can't pay, she takes payment from his body.

But she's made the biggest mistake a dealer can. She's grown to like him. Never sympathize with the customer, that's the golden rule. But once she steps onto this path, she can't help herself, and finally decides to quit this vile work and get him clean, to which the usually mild and polite boy responds to with violence and desperation. This is what she's turned him into, and it's forced her to change.

Dying Inside
Near future, crime investigation, M/F

Mentalists are by no means universally accepted, but slowly their services have become to gain legitimate recognition. Telepaths and trackers are hired as consultants more often, and none are more called on then Brandon.

Ever since he was young, he's had the disturbing ability to witness events of hardship, sorrow or pain through the eyes of the victim, and sometimes the attacker as well. Every time he takes a case, he experiences the murder himself, and every time he dies, it stays with him, until his dreams become a nightmare world filled with every vile scene he's ever witnessed.

His adopted younger sister worries for him, and tries to sooth his pain, but she's learned by now she can't stop him from using his gifts to bring killers to justice. He barely sleeps now.

A killer has emerged with a particular interest in Brandon. He seems to share his gift, reliving a persons memory when they lie, and taking it upon himself to exact his twisted form of judgement for even the smallest of lies, and leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for Brandon to follow. The killer, known as The Red Judge, is dying, his powers forming a terminal tumour in his brain. His family, friends and doctors kept softening the blow, offering hope when there was none, and he perceived them all as liars.

Brandon will be his final conquest, the one that guarantees he will be remembered.

Modern Day, Human/Furry

A man and a tigress have fallen in love, but sex has been dangerous for them. Her instincts kick in and she has very little control over herself, clawing and biting. When she almost ripped his throat out and he needed stitches, they stopped trying, and instead went to easier things. But even just fingering her makes her snarl and demand sex, jumping him and riding him until her claws dig into his scrawny shoulders and make him bleed. Needless to say, he doesn't let her suck him off.

But poor, innocent, weak willed little lover has got a plan... he'll surprise her one night, and before she realizes what's happening, her arms will be bound in super strong binding, impossible for her to wriggle from or break... and he's got a whole bag of other options to keep her from acting out too much. Now in a position of power and with a lot of pent up need, he slowly starts to discover his dominant side, and she loves every minute of it.

Love at first Byte
Future, sci-fi, human/computer

Samuel lives the typical lonely existence of an early 20's male in 2067. He schools and works right there at his computer, all his friends are connected via the computer, groceries are ordered through it... there's no reason or incentive to leave his home. No one else does either.

Feeling lonely, he starts to give his computer voice responses, and over the years, the program becomes more and more sophisticated, until it's classed as an illegal A.I., too close to human intelligence. He hides her, however, and he sits up all hours of the night indulging in one of the simplest and fulfilling pleasures. Conversation. They talk about anything and everything, and he's connecting with her as few people in this age do with other humans.

Naturally, he begins to yearn for her, and she surprises him by knowing. He never programmed her to understand human anatomy and the psychology of sex and companionship. She learned on her own. It's such a liberating feeling, to have something so unexpected happen, when all of life is always at his control, so boring and clockwork in it's efficiency. To have his computer suddenly come onto him and tease him with dirty talk, encouraging him to masturbate... it's amazing.

Soon, he'll have the tools for her to actually please him. She's as excited as he is.

A Reluctant Physical
Modern Day, M/M, age difference, Doctor/Patient

A Doctor in his mid thirties is the personal physician of the town mayor. The mayor has for once brought his son along. The boy is a late teen and holds no love for his father, dressing as an 'emo' but acting more like a predator. When he see's this doctor, he feeds on the danger of chasing an older man and spiting his father. It certainly helps he finds the doctor attractive.

He's not exactly subtle, exposing his arousal to him without shame, preying on the man's reluctance and repressed sexual urges. At first, it's just him sitting back on his bench with his cock out, watching him and stroking himself, with the doctor just as clearly refusing him for many reasons. He's younger, he's not gay, his dad is his customer and the mayor... but those eyes never leave him, wearing him down, and when the boy gets on his knee's, the doctor is simply unable to resist any more.

Furry, Fantasy, Dom/Sub, M/M

A little Mongrel has been left alone on the streets of a busy turn pike town. No one want's him, because he's a mixed breed. No one quite knows what he is, resembling a marsupial, a dog and a cat in areas. He was originally trained for and sold as a sex slave, but his first owners simply dumped him here, and now he huddles in an alley somewhere, sniffling and rubbing his knuckles into his teary eye's, not knowing how he's going to eat or where he'll sleep.

Then, a very tall shadow blankets him, and he rubs his eyes and looks up to see a pure bred canine, clad all in armour, a clanless knight passing through on his way to find a kingdom.

Timidly, the little Mongrel takes his hand and accepts some food, and soon, he's huddling close to one of his large legs like a shy child, peeking from behind him occasionally. He quickly starts learning how to care for his gear, how to assist in his dressing, and quickly puts his sexual training to use.

It's helpful that he's only tall enough to nuzzle into the dogs stomach fur... means he doesn't have to kneel to show his appreciation to his Master. 

His Innocence

A man in his late twenties has lived it rough and learned to be cold. He has a few scars, all with unpleasant stories, lives alone, doesn't socialize, and has only worked a real job for the past few years. The kinds of people that have made him this way have been removed from his life, but now he doesn't know how to function without them.

He is an ex-criminal, trying to go straight and finding only loneliness.

One day, he crashes his car into a young man. Barely 19, a picture of innocence, his hand is shattered and his leg broken. At first, the older males concerned he'll have a lawsuit coming his way and have to pay damages. Its just what he's come to expect now. So when the boy he injured apologizes for wrecking his car (out of his hospital bed no less) he finds himself at a loss of what to say.

During his hospital stay, he loses his job, and with no income, he gets evicted from his apartment. The ex-criminal feels something he hasn't in a while, guilt, and gives the boy his spare room. Not use to charity, he makes him go on welfare so he can help pay his way... somehow, it makes it easier for him, to act like a bit of an asshole.

But the more time he spends with this boy, the harder it is to keep up those ice walls around his heart. Everything about him, his naive but cheery smile, his inability to see the worst of anything, his constant apologies and attempts to help around the house in crutches, feeding the cat and bunny he brought with him, his paralysing fear of spiders and girly squeal... he couldn't think of anyone more unlike himself.

He couldn't think of anyone he'd ever wanted more.

Searing Cold
M/M, Fantasy, D/S

Two students have been rivals ever since they enrolled. One, a hot headed Cryomancer, the other a calm and collected Pyromancer. Both have been tied for top of the school, driven by an obsession to best each other, and now that they have graduated as licensed Mages, they've decided to settle this for good.

A duel in a field decides it all, and the Cryomancer loses. Biting back his bitterness and anger, he does the noble thing and, even though it tastes like ashes to say it, admits his rival is the better Mage.

Now, he is his rivals slave for one year, wearing a named collar and serving him in menial tasks. But what he doesn't realize is his new Master is gay, and has had his eyes on him a while. With their feud behind them, and his collar on his neck, he takes advantage of the situation and introduces him slowly to his world.

All his pet can do is growl and turn the ice on, let the temperature drop in his passive aggressive defiance, refusing to let himself enjoy a second of it, even as he starts to like the treatment. But he won't give his Master the pleasure of seeing that.


She's a temptress and a predator. He's her only son, weak and all but indoctrinated. Constantly, he struggles with how he feels, knowing that incest is wrong, yet he's absolutely powerless to resist her. He loves it... he hates it... as long as she's around, his will is gone, and he both loves and hates his natural submission to her will.

Every day he comes home from school, he does his best to pretend that she's not there behind him, burning holes in his back with her eyes, licking her lips and making thinly veiled small talk about his day, loving the way her voice makes him shake. But when she does grab him and forces his face between her legs, he couldn't ever think of resisting his Goddess of a mother.

Sisterly Bond
F/F, Incest, Masturbation, Psychic bonds

Two sisters, twins, were born with the strange ability to share feelings... whether they be painful or pleasurable. Naturally, this extends to their more private sensations, so personal time has never been private for either of them. Every since they've been old enough to touch themselves, they've agreed to never do it when the other can't. This means they spend almost all of their self loving time in the same room as each other, sometimes even helping each other out with dirty talk or toys.

And when they can't get together, they always call each other first, just to make sure its safe... and if it is, they stay on the phone, to listen to each other and talk about all the boys they wished they were with right now.

One day, one of them breaks this agreement, way too aroused to wait for her sister to get home. Unfortunately, her sister was on the bus, and had to bite down on her purses hand strap to keep herself from moaning as she came. Embarrassed and angry, she confronts her sister, and now, all bets are off... they don't leave each others sight if they can avoid it, since both will take any opportunity to slink away for a quick fingering, giving their sister an unwanted orgasm at work or at the park.

This will later evolve into some very passionate 'angry sex'.

My Brother, My Master
M/M, Incest, slight age difference, vanilla, light bondage

A slightly popular novelist, in his early thirties, has just discovered he has a younger brother. The boy is barely 20, attending college and more then a little excited at finally having a sibling. When he realizes who it is, one of his favourite under rated authors, he is torn between brotherly affection and swooning, starry-eyed 'biggest fan' meltdown. He had always had a bit of a crush on the dark, poetic man and his twisted visions, and has every book he ever wrote.

So when they finally start catching up on old time, it doesn't take long for some confusing feelings to find their way in... not that his older brother is oblivious. In fact, he decides to take advantage of his new siblings infatuation, collaring him and taking him as his pet.

Time Away

A boy and his girl have gone on shaky ground. Again. Its gotten to the point where he's just given up trying to understand women at all. Tired and frustrated, he goes clubbing in a vain attempt to get the harpy off of his mind, and makes a new friend.

He's having a genuinely good time with this person, and it doesn't even cross his mind that this guy is gay. His new friend, however, knows exactly whats going on, and soon brings the confused and lost boy to his room.



I love your Anthro/furry Fantasy and I play a feline antro/furry also hee hee : Shore leave


Visage and its multi-dimensional layering...@.@

I am very interested  ;D
Not accepting new roles but Photoshop riches await you instead.


This new one definitely doesn't take any inspiration from my real life... at all >.>

No really! D= Stop laughing >.<


My agent suggested I audition for the male role in The Little Pink Remote, if you're still trying to cast the part.

If not, I'd also be interested in Love at First Byte - whichever role is available, so long as I don't have to do them both.  After all, if I wanted to play with myself, I'd just.... oh.. um.. never mind, but yeah, are either of those roles open?
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Quote from: Sabby on January 24, 2011, 11:08:36 AM
What's your preference on Byte?

Hmmm.. I'm not sure I have a preference.. it's more a matter of the mood of the moment, and that would be the male role.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm seeing this as a situation in which he's already broken the law for her, and perhaps she begins to enjoy having him.. comply
What a shame -- The money you spent on those tattoos could have gone toward a boob job.
My Ons and Offs:
I have taken The Oath of Don't Waste My Friggin' Time


Just added a new one. Really want this one.


Is the last one the new one? *poke poke*


No, I shoved it in the middle somewhere where no one could see it :P


Quote from: Sabby on February 03, 2011, 02:16:10 AM
No, I shoved it in the middle somewhere where no one could see it :P


...Clever girl...


Just updated. Threads getting kind of big o.o


Another update. My yaoi love is showing more lately >.<


Sabby -

I would be interested in Love at First Byte and Not What He Seems, in either role.  Preferably as the computer or the fox.  Let me know!


Not What He Seems is free :) Do you have a preference for which species you'd like? If your being the girl, I've always found hyenas adorable for shy characters ^^