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Author Topic: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!  (Read 2027 times)

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Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« on: February 20, 2010, 12:17:57 PM »
Well, ran out of room in my second thread... but I knew that'd happen eventually >.<
This is getting to be a long list, so will be starting a new one, but I am going to add Tags to all of these ideas listed here first :) All future lists will be tagged as well. <-- my second thread. The first is linked within.

Breaking The Rules
Yaoi, Crossdressing, Romance, Incest, Fantasy

Two princes, teenagers and bored with the life of private tutoring and formal dinners, become unusually close to each other. In the past, a pair of cousins, or brother and sister having 'relations' has been turned a blind eye too. Once the Queen catches wind of the two's secret night time antics, she splits their room up and forbids them from having sex.

One night, the youngest, but boldest of the two appears in his brothers room, wearing one of the maids outfits. He seduces his brother, insisting that he is 'just one of the scullery girls in to change his sheets'

And so, a game arises out of this. Every night, its another costume, another persona... and with no limit to what their private wardrobe's hold, the possibility for roleplay is quite endless. Besides, they were only forbiddon from making love with each other... but Suki the martial arts expert, Calihan the noble Knight, Wind Runner the Indian huntress... those are all different matters!

The Cat and her Mouse
Light Sci-fi, Shame/Infidelity

Daniel Sorenson, affectionately referred to as Danny Boy for his Irish accent, is a well respected and accomplished police officer. In an age where there are legalized zones for grafitti and skateboarding, the use of parkour has long since been a staple for the common thief. By the time grafitti artists were recognized as actual artists and skateboarders as true athletes, the times also had to adapt to free running thieves.

A police force constrained to cars and streets only made it easier for an adept parkourist to escape. Once police officers in AMF's (Assisted Movement Frames) started patrolling rooftops, it became harder and harder for smash and grabbers. After a while, the people began to refer to the special forces gear as 'AMP's'.

Daniel is one of the AMP's. Acrobatic and light on his feet, the light graces on his legs and arms enhance his movement speed and allow him to scale sheer walls at a canter and survive drops that would break anyone elses legs. He was a talented gymnist in high school, and only a year after being called a 'Rookie' in the force, he was respected as one of the top AMP's.

While there are knock off's of the AMP gear out on the market, not many thieves can outrun Daniel. When he singlehandedly apprehended a would-be assassin in AMP gear, making up the difference of two city blocks during the chase, he was suddenly a very popular man, but refused all offers to take up work in larger cities. He simply loved his city, and his wife and child, too much.

But now, a dark chapter of his past is calling him out. A woman in red with highly sophisticated AMP gear, is making short work of all the AMP forces. Not only can she effortlessly put down any officer in combat, she sports a red visor that seems to link up her reaction times to her AMP gear, making her almost inhumanly swift and precise.

While she's made a point of never killing, she seems to be stealing simply for the chase. She's enjoying this... its all a game to her. A game where the objective is to draw Daniel out. He immediately recognizes her. A friend turned lover when he was young and stupid. While he got over them and found love with his wife and began a family, she doesn't seem quite so ready to let him go.

While he may end up with a sprained ankle and a few concussions, he feels compelled to pursue her, but can he resist her temptations?

The City of Silk and Light
Furry/Human, Furry/Furry, Group, Public, Fantasy

Surrounded on three sides by frothing brooks, hugging the edge of a colossul water fall, the city of Dhala rests. Built from high, smooth walls of dazzling white stone, topped with beaten copper and draped with tapestries and hanging vines and plants, it appears to sparkle and shift on the horizon, the sun striking its stone and the water spray like millions of tiny stars.

Here, the Icarikek, a native species, has long been worshipped as a messenger of the Gods. While the religious significance of these creatures has long since started to dissolve, the creatures are well loved and treasured.

Shaped like people, the size of a young human teen, their bodies are covered in fur, sporting the tails and ears of a cat. While they share the mannerisms and behaviour of felines, small feathered wings sprout from their packs, allowing them to glide and flit about the city as they please.

They come in every colour, pattern and fur density, and are pampered by the citizens, unafraid of human contact, and sometimes actively seeking it out. Many keep special combs on their persons, just in case an Incarikek should approach them, seeking a grooming.

To harm one of these creatures is a serious offense. Many who have beaten an Incarikek have faced banishment, and in one case, a man who had been caught stealing them to sell their meat was bound in sight leather and placed on a raft, sent adrift, where eventually the pull of the water would take him to the long drop, and the rocks below.

It is considered the greatest honor to be chosen as a mate. While a human male cannot impregnate one of them, and a male Icarikek cannot impregnate a human woman, the pampered creatures will often choose a citizen in broad daylight. Orgies have even occured in plain sight, but to disrupt an Icarikek mating is forbiddon.

Forgive me Father, for I have Sinned
Furry/Human, Temptation, Modern Day

A young cheetah neko had lived all his life by the cloth. In recent yearsm his faith has dwindled greatly, but he simply buries himself in his work to Church, finding some measure of closure in his service. While he does not feel the spiritual side of it, he genuinely loves his Missionary work.

He is an innocent boy, sweet, selfless and well loved by the locals. He has settled in Africa now, and helps with the daily life, gathering water and food, building and repairing, treating the wounded... he is not the only one there though, so he is rarely pushed in his duties.

His innocence has brought the attentions of a most unlikely predator... a human woman. She is an unmarried local, dark skinned but lighter then the rest. She goes to him for confession often, confessing her desires and urges. The cheetah has never once felt release in his life, but he has always felt the allure of a woman... this large chested, seemingly innocent girl has him flustered and hard each time, and he finds it increasingly difficult to stamp down his urges. His furry balls are constantly swollen.

Now, she's using the innocent Christian girl act to get closer to him, aroused by his feeble attempts to resist and his saintly aura of child like innocence. When he does finally let his defenses fall, and feels her soft skin on his fur... well, he's 20 years old and never masturbated... poor thing must have such a build up!

His Broken Angel
Light Bondage, Romance, Modern Day

Terry had been a small, shy boy all through out school, and the favourite of a notorious school bully. Alicia had a rich family, throngs of friends, and was quite beautiful. Almost on a daily basis she would taunt and tease him, sometimes even physically abuse him. The worst of these incidents was one slushy day when the snows were melting into gravel mud. She had kicked his bag open, destroying his school books and kicking gravel and slush into his face and hair as he tried to retrieve them, her friends laughing as they watched.

This memory would burn itself into Terry's mind and remain there in the years after high school, even after he had gotten over her and put the bullying behind him. He heard from somewhere that her family was having financial troubles, but never followed that up.

One day, while walking home from work, he see's a quiet, depressed looking girl standing silently on the curb. For five whole minutes she simply stood, not paying any mind to the world around her. Then, she closed her eyes and walked out into the traffic. Without thinking, Terry dropped his bag and threw himself at her, saving her from an oncoming taxi, and narrowly avoiding it himself.

When he saw who she was, the memory of that day after school resurged. He always wondered how he would react to seeing Alicia again... would he feel angry? Reclusive? Looking into those empty, lifeless eyes, he felt only pity for her.

He took her home, and she was practically mute, simply sitting in the room he provided, hugging her legs in a corner. She was filthy, starving and had no wallet or valueables. Finally, she allowed him to bathe her, and ate a few tentative bites.

He didn't know what had happened to her since she had been cast to the streets. One hell of a wake up call, he guessed. After a few nights of silence, she uttered a feeble, yet genuine apology. A few nights more and she held his sleeve when he turned to leave the room, and told him she didn't want to be alone. He shared his bed with her, and her intense need for closeness and comfort lead to sex.

This bully, who had made his life so miserable... Terry could see clearly that he had just been the unfortunate object that she chose to vent her frustrations on. Had she been this lonely back then as well? Did making his lis life a misery somehow help her with her own empty life? He couldn't bring himself to hate her, or to be mad with her... he simply took her in, and she clung to him fiercely, fulfilling every sexual desire, both from her fear of being alone, and her intense need to atone.

He couldn't keep himself from getting into it either, letting out some of his buried frustrations on her, often calling her a bitch and getting rough. She doesn't mind. In fact, she craves it when things get more heated then usual. Despite this venting of their unhappy past, they grow to love each other deeply, and she'll wear his collar, becoming his willing and content Slave, calling him Master whether he's forcefully fucking her, or holding her like a prescious figure of glass.

Teaching their Child
Crossdressing, Gender Confusion, Whole Family, Toys, Light Bondage, Modern Day

A loving couple is quite open with their sexuality, and when they decided to have a child, they didn't seem to care what they would end up with... boy, girl, gay, straight, bisexual, whatever the childs future, they would love it and support it. They had a beautiful baby boy, but it became clear early on that he was 'different'. He preferred to dress as a girl, and his body and voice were effeminate enough to pull it off convincingly. Even his behaviour was girly, giggling and squealing and still using 'mama' and 'papa' at age 17.

Most parents would have been horrified. This mother and father were only worried for their son's happiness... so they simply monitored him and made sure that he was comfortable as a transgender, and always made sure he knew all his options. That was how they were raised, after all... given the knowledge and then left to handle it their own way. Never encourage him, but never discourage either.

They also don't seem to mind if their son hears their love making, or see's them naked. They often talk about sex as well, though the son is often embarassed by these talks. One day, however, he walks in on his mother using a strap-on on his father... he is slightly confused, and later, his mother approaches him to make sure he's okay. Naturally, they end up having sex, and when the father finds out, he doesn't seem so opposed... in fact, he joins in!

Taken, Taught, Turned
Scaly/Human, Sci-Fi

A gifted archeologist, medic and a trained soldier, is sent with a small team to study ancient ruins on a prehistoric planet. While there, a humanoid creature hunts and kills the entire team, and then captures her. Bipedal, with scaley skin, and small nubs where undeveloped spines or horns show, it seems young, but incredibly strong and agile. It understands tools well enough, and has a basic language, though a crude one. All its weapons and clothes are hand made but sturdy. Its best weapon, however, seems to be its tail, and its smart enough to realize this, binding a blade to the end when it needs to.

It didn't realize to search her, however... leaving her with her bag and most of her supplies, her knife, her pistol, and most importantly, her PDA. She finds many chances to attempt escape, but feels compelled to stay and document her time with her captor. When she is brought to the creatures home, and his people, she is fascinated, obsessed even, and begins to gain a crude understanding of their language and culture.

Soon, she discovers that she is her captors right of passage... to be presented to the alpha male, to be eaten. But in his time with her, he has grown attached, and just as fascinated as she is with him... but he also see's her for what she is, or what she would be if she were a part of their tribe... a warrior and a Shaman. Presenting the alpha male a woman to mate with and then feed upon is one thing... but presenting a champion to challenge another for the right to join their tribe? That is something else entirely... a Shaman, even more so.

The alpha male could very well just take her regardless, but holds no love for the younger male, and wishes to see him fail... so, he permits him to keep his human, for now, and present her later to fight a champion of his choosing.

In her documenting, she has lost almost all desire to escape, fascinated by these people, and now, she wants to join them...

Escort Mission
Post Apoc, Magic/Steampunk, Sub-Humans other then Furry's/Scaly's, Incest

The Kingdom of Malkane had fallen long ago, its pursuit magic and conventional technology eventually culminating in a great war. WMD's had scorched most of the landmass and sent it awash with arcane fire. From the ashes, tribes formed, and from those tribes, cities arose. Roads were pounded into the earth by traveling feet and carts, walls erected, the remains of a better time rediscovered and put to use.

However, travel by anything other a guarded road is dangerous. Thats why Escorts are held in such high regard. Tough, resourceful and efficient with navigating and surviving the cruel wastes, they'll get you and your prescious cargo to wherever you need, faster then taking the roads, and in one piece.

Out in the fields, a village of Satyr's rests in the crater of a dead city that had collapsed long ago into the tunnel network underneath. Life in the pit was good enough, but their leader has grown old and weak, and will soon be replaced. Fearing for her children, the Alpha Males mate hires an Escort to take her son and daughter away. and tells them that when, and if they feel ready to contend for leadership, return. If they stay, they could be murdered, just to keep them from one day challenging the next Alpha Male or Female.

Satyr's are humanoid from the waist up, with furred goat legs, tiny horns and floppy goat like ears. They are fast, nimble and sure footed. Their Escort, however, is a Centaur... something quiet foriegn to them.

Human from the waist up, her lower half is that of a horse. Her face is passive and proud, blond hair tied into a short ponytail, athletic upper body covered only by a length of cloth wrapped about her chest. She is quite strong, wielding a halberd without issue, even if only in one hand. She is also an excellent shot with either a long range gauss rifle, or the semi-auto machine pistol she keeps at her side.

She bares two injuries, the lower half of one of her back legs a cybernetic limb to replace a lost one, and a metal patch over her eye. Three red lights on it flicker and flash. It is both to conceal her damaged eye, and also a targeting system.

So, incestuous Satyr siblings, a post apoc/fantasy setting, and a hard as nails Centaur who goes Cougar on the much younger, innocent Satyr boy.

The New Secretary
Cheating, Seducing, Work Relationship, Modern Day

A shy, nerdy book worm has been under the heel of his selfish, cruel girlfriend since high school. They have been married for 3 years. The relationship is unfulfilling, yet he simply doesn't have the backbone needed to stand up to her, nor does he believe he can do any better. Thankfully, her attempts to become pregnant have failed. He has no desire to bring a child into this loveless relationship. He has also been aware of her cheating on him.

Despite all of this, he is a good, loyal husband, and always tries to make his stern wife happy, hoping that all it will take to renew their love is the endurance to wait. He gets a new job as a personal secretary, and his new boss takes an interest in him... young, submissive and wanting, he seems perfect for her advances. She is older then him, but has quite a lot of experience.

What begins as implied attraction and advances will soon be obvious stalking and sexual harassment, and as much as he hates to admit it, he hasn't felt such passion in a long, long time...

Incest, Yaoi, Threesome, Modern Day

A mother and son have had a casual sex relationship since his mid high school days. It had gotten to the point where she was jumping him minutes before the bus arrived for a hurried quickie on the counter top, or he'd begin to grope her until she'd pull the car over and they could drag each other to the back seat.

Now, he is a graduate, and in his first year of living at home with no school. He is working and taking online classes, which leaves plenty of time for his mother to grab him for sex. However, he seems different now... he's not enjoying it anymore. He's growing soft during the act, and seems only to persevere to not hurt her feelings. She fears that she's getting old and ugly... During one session where she practically forces him, he blurts out that he has a boyfriend.

Yes, he's gay, and no longer finds his mother attractive. Despite him trying to reassure her, she is still hurt, though quite understanding. When she meets his new boyfriend, however, she is delighted to find that he is only bisexual... and when her son catches her on her knees sucking him, a little feud erupts between the two.

Now they're fighting over him, one stealing him away for the other to catch, and then vice versa, both trying to please him as a way to spite the other, and he remains hopelessly in the middle.

Eventually, it will all boil over into the open and become a threesome.

Furry, Crossdressing, Seducing, Fantasy

It's gotten very hard to find a job, and one neko is desperate enough for work to apply for a service girl's position at a cafe, in a kingdom where many other sub human and non human races co-exist. Dressing the part and pulling it off convincingly, he gets the job, but understandably avoids the girls changing rooms and instead uses the toilet cubicles at the back of them.

However, his boss catches him skirtless, and realizes that his new 'service girl' is not a girl at all. Desperate to keep his jobk, he allows the wolf to take advantage of him, and a workplace affair starts. At first, it's simply to keep employed, but the bonuses he finds attached to his regular pay only sweeten the deal, and soon he finds himself falling for the older, more experienced man.

Revenge is a dish best served... by surprise!
School, Futa/Male, Rape, Modern Day

A rich boy who considers himself quite the Playboy treats his high school like his own personal Harem. Sadly, the female students and teachers that gain his attentions have little choice but to surrender to his will, and many of them are getting very sick of the sexual harassment they must endure.

But a new student has arrived, and can tell exactly what is going on. Being a woman with a well endowed manhood, she takes it on herself to get her fellow ladies some much needed revenge, seducing him and them giving him a taste of his own medicine. A nice, hot, unlubricated injection of it.

Size Matters
Furry, Romance, Toys.

A shy and sweet puppy boy and a proud pony girl are a loving and happy couple... but the sex is not working. For either of them. The puppy is too small to feel much from her, and her own sex is too big to get any pleasure from him.

He can get off by taking her in her rear, or her mouth, or her hand, and she can achieve orgasm if he uses his arm on her, but this doesn't help very much. She doesn't enjoy anal, and he is actually starting to get hurt by the pressure around his arm.

They don't mind doing it for each other, as they care deeply, but then only one is receiving pleasure. They both want to enjoy proper love making...

...And so the puppy finds the courage to slip into a sex shop and will surprise her with a 25 inch, studded, vibrating strap on, with a fake vagina just his size worked into the end. Strapped on secure, she will get the size she needs, and he will be inside something his own size.

Bunk Buddies
Body Possession, Masturbation, Fantasy

2 young students at a magical academy could not be more mismatched. A merchants son, suffering from OCD and prone to panic attacks and bouts of irritation, and a gypsies daughter, care free and confident. They are room mates, and his attempts to be 'serious' or when he is uncomfortable serves only to amuse her, and she has no issues with giggling and telling him his many issues are cute.

But something has gone wrong... through a class gone wrong, the gypsies daughter has been trapped in the merchants son. Both consciousnesses are now sharing a body, and while only one of them can control it at a time, they are both constantly aware of each other. Whoever is in control will hear the other in their mind.

Naturally, the boy will feel very violated by this, and will refrain from masturbating for several days... she will easily pick up on his frustrations, tease him about, and when she can coax him to relieve himself... she will feel it as well. She may even take control of him later on when he has become a little more comfortable with masturbating while she is in his mind, so she can satiate her love of anal masturbation... ignoring his protests.

Mother's Cherished Son
Incest, Modern Day

Bridgette used to be a porn star, and a rather good one at that. Once she got pregnant, however, she gave it all up, and started anew, a single mother with a smart, charming and innocent son. But one day, he get's his hands on a porn magazine with his mother featured. When she tries to clean his room, and he suddenly, hurriedly offers to do it himself, she gets suspicious and fishes out his porn stash. Smiling knowingly, she sits him down and gives the much rehearsed speech, turns a blind eye to the stash and recommends he hide it a bit better. And yes, she saw the picture of herself splayed out...

...she's just going to ignore that as well, for the moment. It should make teasing him easier when she jumps him.

Karma is Not Always Such a Harsh Mistress
Romance, Fantasy, Sub-Humans other then Furry/Scaly.

A young man is kidnapped by pirates, taken off of the cobbled streets of his home town high in the icey mountains, and whisked away on a flying ship. He has no idea why.

He is half Aeobias, meaning he is a quarter reptilian. His skin flashes in the right light, his eyes liquid and black, small pink patches at his neck fluttering as he breathes. While he cannot stand the cold in his home, the air is dry. His people cannot take the moisture in the air. Over long periods, it will strip their lungs inner walls, and they will cease to breathe.

But this man has a bigger problem. The air in the ship is damp and filthy. The putrid moisture in his system is making him sick. Very sick. The doctor must deal with an untrusting and stupid captain, but she cares for him and see's him through the trip.

Apparently, he was witness to shady doings by a Mage, and was brought to be convicted as an accomplice and give testimony, but the doctors own intervention cleared him of that. He was simply there by bad luck.

The doctor is an honest criminal, a pirate with a sense of honor and decency, and was only on that foul ship for that one trip. She stuck around to make sure he was okay, and then left, after more work, more coin, and a ways to leave.

The fever played terrors on his mind, and he remembered the events as if they were a dream. With nothing back home, and many other sights closer by that would not harm his weak lungs, he began to find his own work. He became a simple helper on the air ships, the travel often dry if a bit too cold for his liking. He proved an able deck hand, if a bit skinny, and many of the other men would take him to their bed rolls. At first, he was resistant, but soon, he warmed to the affections of the kinder men, and would often seek a strong and good hearted pirate whenever he changed ships for both protection and companionship. The union between two men was no longer strange to him... it was actually quite common.

But he never forgot that nice woman that helped him so much... even if she was just a blurry memory that he couldn't quite grasp. He proved quite intelligent, and spent some time with puzzles and other mind games bought for him on shore stops by his friends, and when the captain saw his potential, he trained him in lock picking.

Being a half breed, from a species that navigated with touch as much as sight, and his quick mind, the most hardy of locks became just another puzzle, the subtle vibrations and clicking sounds giving away the contraptions secrets. He could break any vault or open any door that wasn't barring a Mage's personal stash.

One day, he jumps to a new job, and finds himself on a less then desirable ship. Not the first time. He plans to jump ship after the next shore, get his pay and then find another ship. But fate has come into a neat circle, and he finds that this ship is carrying a high value prisoner, a woman committed of a dire crime against the country, one impossible for one such as her to do...

...the same woman that had kidnapped him, and shown him such mercy and compassion at the same time. Now, she is the one under his care. Owing her his life, he would steal the arrest papers from his captain, pick her lock and help her escape.

"Quit Buggin' me!"
Incest, Crossdressing, Femdom, Voyeur, Modern Day

Living in the Bronx ain't easy when your parents both work a 9 to 5. Ya learn to be self sufficient, and take care of each other, even though you drive each other nuts.

That's the case with these two siblings. One is only 16, a boy with a love of video games and messing around, while the other is 19, a 'hardcore' goth chick and amateur photographer. She has always had to play 'Mummy' for her brother, and he's had to be the older one whenever some boy hurt her. They are as close as they can be, but a simple hug can turn into chasing and death threats just like that.

Lately, he's been calling her a pornographer, and has had to escape more then one thrown hair brush. One night, when Mummy and Daddy are away, they break out the Jack Daniel's and get drunk, and become a little too intimate. When she passes out, he grabs a quick feel of her breasts.

The next day, she remembers, and is out for revenge. Pornographer? She'll show him! She'll corner him, force him to wear her lady clothes and model for her. Let's see him bug her now with a few dozen snapshots as blackmail. Eventually, she'll make him eat her out, and feel guilty and suck him off in return, and they'll have sex... all of which would be accompanied by many, many photos... a short sighted decision, as they now both have blackmail material.
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Online Wolfy

Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2010, 10:58:26 AM »
:P if it wasn't M/M, Sabby, I'd take you up on that idea. xD

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2010, 11:07:27 AM »
...its not gay if they're dressed as girls. Really >.>

Damn it, don't make me drag you to PM's! >:

Online Wolfy

Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2010, 11:17:44 AM »
xD Maybe if his Gender changed when he put on the costume..:P

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2010, 01:51:26 AM »
Hehehe... these last two I just added are a little more creative then usual ^^

Online Wolfy

Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2010, 01:52:31 AM »
:P Weren't we going to do an RP where I was a Scaley that you were taking care of during the winter or something? :P

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2010, 01:59:30 AM »
Oh... heh, I forgot all about that... probably because of all that other stuff we were doing at the time *grins evilly*

Online Wolfy

Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #7 on: June 16, 2010, 02:05:17 AM »
Oh... heh, I forgot all about that... probably because of all that other stuff we were doing at the time *grins evilly*

*blush* Well, are you still interested? :P..You'd have to play a kind, loving, caring FEMALE. :p

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #8 on: June 19, 2010, 04:52:16 PM »
His Broken Angel sounds like it would be fun, if it's still up for grabs ^.^ Which character would you want to play?

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #9 on: June 19, 2010, 05:27:10 PM »
Playing the Male on that one right now, but I may be alright to play another version some time soon... just not now. Still have details to work out with Wolfy ;) *hides cuffs behind his back*

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #10 on: July 04, 2010, 03:03:29 AM »
Okay, currently craving Bunk Buddies, Competition, and The New Secretary. PM or post if interested.

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #11 on: July 10, 2010, 03:05:51 PM »
Secretary and Cherished Son sound interesting....

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #12 on: July 10, 2010, 10:34:31 PM »
Have a preference? :)

Offline Gman001

Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #13 on: July 13, 2010, 07:47:16 PM »
Mom, definitely.  Then the secretary one.  Take a look at my on/offs...any of those work for you?  They aren't requirements, mind ya.  ;D

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Re: Sabby's New NEW Ideas! Again!
« Reply #14 on: August 28, 2010, 11:47:34 PM »
This list is done. Opening a new one.