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May 12, 2021, 12:31:15 am

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Author Topic: Virus outbreak, end of the world, rescue mission, survival, monster kind of game  (Read 807 times)

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Online DashenkaTopic starter

Sorry for the stupid title I just didn't know what to call this. If any of the above interests you, even only vaguely, please read on.


The year is 2020, or somewhere close and what started as an innocent test wreaked havoc on the New Zealand islands. A man made virus got out of control when the plane carrying a sample crashed infecting people, wildlife and fauna on the islands. Immediately the world took action and completely isolated New Zealand from the world. A curtain of warships protects the waters between Australia and New Zealand, holding every ship and plane entering the area. Giant fishnets have to prevent contaminated fish to reach out in the oceans. This was in the year 2005. Five years later, August 22, 2010, the United States, in agreement with the European Union, Australia, China, Japan and the Russian Federation, launched a full out bombing mission on the islands. After that, four tactical nukes were set off.

The world thought the virus was contained and in the course of the following decade nobody really bothered anymore. After all, who really needed New Zealand? A paradise was lost but the impact on the world was kept to a minimum due to the swift actions of world leaders. Many innocent lives were sacrificed, many conspiracies been held up. Just when the rumours began about a rebuilding mission and lowering the measures containing the island, one of the Russian satellites picked up something from the New Zealand capital of Wellington. Immediately the images are being sent across the globe to various intel agencies. Something was alive...

In all due haste a taskforce of scientists, biologists and other various experts is being put together to investigate. They launch from an aircraft carrier in the Tasman Sea on the border of the contamination zone with a helicopter, they will search the land in any kind of transportation (read: most likely an abandoned aircraft) take samples and pictures and fly back. However while on their trip, a freak storm cutts them off from the aircraft carrier and they are left on their own on the island. The simple search mission turned into a wild survival..

The taskforce is us, the players but before you jump off your seat in excitement, there are some limitations and requirements.

A) The taskforce is there to investigate but the scientists should not out greatly outnumber the military
B) You will either be a scientist of some sort or a soldier safeguarding the expedition.*
C) Although the year is 2020, the equipment in New Zealand is from 2005 at newest but most of it will be damaged by the continuous bombing. Keep that in mind.
D) I want your character to be a team player but also have his/her own story. No pointless shooting or random porn please. Your character came to the island for a reason, make that show.
E) Please only make a stereotype character if it's worth it. Play Schwarzenegger as a soldier only when it makes sense. Only play Scarlet Johansson as a sexy doctor only when it makes sense. I like outrageous characters if played well
F) Although I have a very good and detailed time line in my head I do want you to be able to carry out your own story while still being in the group. Your character is an individual on a mission in a group. If you think you cannot do that, please PM me with the ideas you have and we'll take it from there.

Quick summary on what I'm looking for:

Experienced roleplayers who can carry a game with their own character's plotline, while still keeping an eye on the group aspect. Somebody who can give input to the game and ideas and somebody who is creative when it comes to characters.

I will allow it to some extend for one player to play multiple roles. For example I can see one player, playing out a platoon of SWATS or something. More meat for the offering. Unless you want it, your character will not die.

*One or two players, when proven to me, could play a native if they wish. Bare in mind that you will have suffered a rampant virus, bombings and 10 years of radiation.

So far about the players and characters, a little more on the setting. The country has been plagued with a deadly virus. Compare it to the T-Virus in Resident Evil except this doesn't turn people into mindless zombies, it mutates people into all kind of things. Superhumans, mutants, but also walking dead. Basically anything goes. The virus did not only affect the humans, it also affected wildlife and animals and vegetation, just like the humans have mutated into weird things. To some extend even the earth itself has changed there. City structures will be in tact. There will still be roads and houses but most of them are abandoned. It is up to the search team to find and locate any survivors if any at all and to research how much of the virus is still active, how the wildlife suffered etc.

They will wear special suits untill they know it's safe to take them off (which it will be to make the game a little easier).

Now that we've got that cleared a little disclaimer.

I picked New Zealand because it had to be isolated. Yes Hawaii is isolated as well but the wildlife and nature is much less diverse than on New Zealand. So why not other islands like the UK or Madagascar. Well Madagascar is Africa, meaning it's too damn hot and the UK... well, I shudder to think what happens when a virus would mutate Welsh, Scots and English :D The savages you would get would be unplayable.

If I in any way offended New Zealand, or British citizens I do hereby apologies, I did not mean to.

Any questions or interests, feel free to ask in this thread, and I will try and answer them.

Offline TheVillain

Was considering trying for one of the native slots. How extreme were you thinking for their mutations?

Online DashenkaTopic starter

I will already give up the character I will be playing.

Her background is here (this is titled EX for a reason, if you are not into that, but are interested in her background, you can contact me.)

After Staicey's body had been taken away from the prison, she was taken by secret organization. The injection was not lethal, it merely faked it and when it's effect had run out, the young woman woke up in a proper bed, still wearing the white rags she had been wearing at her execution. Confused and dazed by everything she swung her legs around the bed and sat up, trying to figure out what had happened.

Not long after she woke up, a dark man walked into the small room, accompanied by two others. All of them were dressed in a light grey suit with a black tie.
"Hello Ms. Walker. Welcome to Japan."

Japan? What on earth was going on here?
"Who are you? Why did you bring me here?"

She tried to stand up but failed and fell back on the bed, still too weak to stand up.

"We work for a secret organization. For now that is all you have to know about us. We brought you here because we need you for a special mission."

The dark man spoke quietly and patiently, making sure Staicey really understood what he said.

"As you may or may not know, there have been some strange discoveries regarding the situation on New Zealand. Strange as in, unpredicted. Various governments are putting together one team of specialists and soldiers to investigate and we want you in that team."

She knew about the situation in New Zealand, however the fact that news had been discovered had gone past her. Not strange since she spend the last time of her life in prison. Confused she looked at the three men. Me? What could I possible need in a team like that?

"I will leave the official briefing to the coordinator of the team. You will work undercover for us. Nobody will know your real identity, nobody will know your real mission."

The man nodded to his helpers and they opened a briefcase. In it was a new passport, a cell phone and some other items.

"Kelly Ashwood, your new identity, is the head of a big company specialized in AI. She has been sent on this mission to see the impact of the virus and radiation on machines. At least that is what they think you are going to do. In reality you are going to sample the virus from various species and bring it back to us. For now it is not yet important why. In this suitcase you will find a key to a locker. In it is your gear you will need for the trip, an adress for you to freshen up yourself and sleep and a time and date for the official briefing."

Again the man nodded, this time to the helper on the other side and quickly, before Staicey realized she was being drugged again and driven to an abandoned gym.


For now that is all you need to know about her. More info on her later on in the game :D