Opposites Attract (M/M game)

Started by Nimmy, August 03, 2010, 04:26:41 PM

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Important Information
Please look at my O/Os before requesting a game - there's some important information in there
I like at least an even ratio of plot to sex, please - I don't do PWPs
I also like detailed characters with some depth in their personalities - feel free to share thoughts, feelings, and likes/dislikes
No god-modding - characters must have flaws
No explicit powerplay - if you need to borrow my character to move the plot along and have them do something small (like driving the car to their destination), you may. Anything bigger than that, please don't
I like partners who can give me one post a week minimum. If you cannot, that's fine, but please let me know. Also, please let me know if you are going to be away for a while - I really appreciate that
Also, please look here for other game ideas if none of these interest you!

Alright, all that aside, here are the ideas (since I have two variations):

Basic premise: there are two high school students, both in their final year and both 18. Bo is a model student, among the top ten students in his class, and extremely popular since he's a nice guy - everyone knows who he is. Ace is an average student when it comes to grades, and has snuck through his high school career mostly out of sight. He's moody and has a short temper, and so tends to keep to himself, although he does have a few friends from the previous high school he attended before moving to this town with his mother four years ago when his parents split.

Variation 1: Bo has had a crush on Ace since their sophomore year, and has gone out of his way to try to be nice to the other student. Ace, however, repeatedly brushes him off, since he has been involved romantically with one of his friends from the previous town until a few months prior to the game, when the boyfriend broke it off, and Ace is still sour about it. Now that Ace is no longer attached, though, he begins to set his eye on Bo, and not just as a friend.

Ace (who has some sexual experience) gets his hands on some sort of information that Bo wouldn't want getting out to the public, and blackmails Bo (a virgin) into spending a weekend with him and doing as he says. Bo agrees, not just because of the blackmail, but because he's a little interested in seeing what Ace has to offer, but even so is a little hesitant.

I would love to play Bo in this game, and I'd like it to include bondage, use of sex toys, some coercion, and Ace being the dominant partner.

Variation 2: Ace is in the closet to everyone, including himself, but is somewhat more open to Bo's advances of friendship. As a result, the more time he spends with Bo, the more he finds himself attracted to the other student, even if he's too nervous to approach him in fear of being shot down. Ace withdraws from Bo's company at one point because he can't control himself, and somehow stumbles across something that Bo wouldn't want to get out... except it's a lie that Bo planted to see if his suspicions that Ace was attracted him were correct, which Ace doesn't find out until later.

Being the opportunistic person that he is, Ace tries to blackmail Bo into spending a weekend with him so he can figure out if it's merely hormones that are driving him nuts, or if he is actually attracted to Bo. Bo agrees to spend the weekend, but on arrival tells Ace it was a trick to see if he was right about him or not.

I have no preference for which character I'd like to play here, but I would like a more romantic game here, as it will be Ace's first time.

Please PM me if you are interested in either variation!