Angel's Hunger Pains (LF dom m or f)

Started by Keaira, August 03, 2010, 01:30:57 PM

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Taming the Wife - the thought came from Taming of the Shrew. Where my character had been forced into a marriage with a man with dark and devious desires. My character is strong-willed with a nasty temperament that makes your urge to break me all the more. (More can be discussed or changed as with all the others.)

Daddy's New Petgirl- I play your step-daughter who has finally pushed your last buttons. You decide that it's time for severe discipline and along the way get your hands on me.

Girls Night Gone Wrong - It's a regular night at the best club in town, the bar's crowded and it's hard to move around without bumping into somebody. It was supposed to be a normal Girls Night Out a way for Carrie's friends to help her work off stress. Men were the last thing on her mind so when several come around bumping into her and trying to get her attention, she tells them off- proving that she can be a handful, a force to be reckoned with. You've been watching the red-headed beauty most of the night, planning on ways to knock her down a peg. You finally see your chance when she steps away to use the ladies' room and slip a little something into her drink. When she returns she immediately finishes off the drink and moves to the dancefloor. It only took ten minutes before she was stumbling and struggling to see straight which is when you decide to be the gentleman and help her 'home'.
Where it goes from there is up to whatever we want or discuss.
Blood Slave  - My character would be a human brought in by some vampires. Yours would be one with a high rank. When I am first brought into the dungeons you are feeding from another slave that is used mainly for her blood as well as other needs when they arise. For some reason there is something about me that catches your eye, so much so that you declare that my character is to be for your use only. Being young and still rather innocent she will be fearful and fight to save herself, but she will still be easier to earn her trust.

Random Pairings:
Best friends

Also any other suggestions are welcome, but I am really craving a dominating partner with some NC/bon and anything else we can think of. Feel free to PM or post here. :)

I also need to point out that some of these ideas aren't originally mine. I had been browsing through the one on one requests and saw some other users ideas which piqued my own interest and making me needy. So kudos and thanks to all those that fed my muse.
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*New* Mistress Turned Wife

This idea is based off of a book I read recently titled 'His Lady Mistress' by Elizabeth Rolls.

It's about a girl who had been turned a servant by her aunt and uncle in old England during the 1800's. A lord comes by looking for her but her family tells him that she had committed suicide not long after coming to live with them, the grief of losing her father having been too much for her.
Said lord bumps into the servant girl/ the girl he had met and helped after her father's death and doesn't recognize the girl but wants to save her from the horrid life she seems to be living.

There is far more to the story than I have here but I don't wish to bore anyone with all the details. My idea is based off some of what is here, where a male character comes along and through some twisted laws and rules to society he has to marry my character to keep his name from being smeared as well as to keep her from her family. Somewhere along the way he finds out that she was the girl he had been looking for and assumes that she had done as she had to trap him and comes to loathe her though he deeply loves her. It would go between arguments and many different emotions until finally they both realize they had been wrong on different levels and get past it to love eachother and live their lives happily.

It can be set in either more modern times or a similar time period the book was set in. Many details can be discussed and more, ideas and such are all negotiable.
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Hi Angel

Like all of your ideas so if you have a desire for one in particular let me know and we can discuss the details.  Let me know.