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Author Topic: {F/F, M/M, M/F and others inside} Alizre's Ideas {Original and Fandom Stuff}  (Read 1166 times)

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Offline AlzireTopic starter

Right, first up, I have a link to my Ons and Offs thread in my signature, and here's another one. I've also filled out the Ons and Offs in my profile, if you'd rather look at that. Please don't ignore what I don't want; it's annoying for me and hopefully embarrassing for you.

Anyway, I'm Alzire, I'm 22 and female if you're interested in me as a person, and I have a really wide range of characters to play with. I play ladies, dudes and although I haven't tried it, I'm happy to attempt to play characters who are neither ladies nor dudes, or something in between. I prefer posts of around one to two paragraphs in roleplays, and I wanna play here (or I wouldn't be posting in this forum). All my RP is freeform, and I prefer character interaction to combat. If you're concerned with dominant and submissive archetypes, I can play either, depending on the character involved, but mostly I prefer sexual identities to stay in the bedroom (so, if I have a character who happens to like being spanked, s/he probably won't be submissive to your character when they aren't having sex). I don't care about your specific gender as long as you can craft a character I like.

So, onto what I want to roleplay!


OK, any fandom roleplay with a ♥ is one I have a plot or at least some half-baked ideas for. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in hearing your plot, though, and I'd love your input on my ideas, 'cause if I wanted something without interaction I'd write my own story. I've italicised the characters I'm willing to play (if there's no bold, I'm willing to play either), and so on and so forth. The order is irrelevant because I can never remember which way around they're supposed to be to refer to which role anyway. If you have some horrible aversion to, say, Londo Mollari putting it in ... honestly, I'll probably giggle in that case, but in general, let me know and I'll talk about it with you. All characters will be over 18 in the roleplay, no matter what.

  • Harry Potter: Dumbledore/Grindelwald ♥, Slytherin!Harry/A non-Slytherin (preferably Luna, Ginny or Ron, but others OK) ♥, Luna/Harry, Ginny/Astoria (the wife of Draco Malfoy) ♥, Ginny/Luna, Luna/Hermione, Pansy/Luna, Cho/Luna, Pansy/Ginny
  • Dragon Age: Origins: Morrigan/Alistair ♥ (but I'm hella picky about this), Zevran/Alistair, Leliana/Morrigan, Sten/Female Warden ♥, Anora/Female Warden, Morrigan/Female Warden, Sten/Zevran
  • Ace Attorney: Edgeworth/Gumshoe ♥, Kristoph/Apollo, maybe Edgeworth/Phoenix, Franziska/Maya ♥, Franziska/Ema, Ema/Apollo, Ema/Maya, Lana/Edgeworth ♥, Maggey/Gumshoe ♥, Mia/Edgeworth, Mia/Franziska
  • World of Warcraft: Male blood elf death knight/most races, Male blood elf warlock/most races, Female goblin/most races, Female Drakkari troll/most races Asric/Jadaar, can create some new characters of most races (won't play against tauren or gnomes, and probably not male dwarves)
  • Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson (with or without genderswap, modern AU or original setting)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: NorringtonWill, Norrington/Jack, Norrington/Anamaria, Will/Elizabeth/Jack, Elizabeth/Anamaria, Elizabeth/Tia Dalma, Elizabeth/Norrington/Will (involves negotiating a poly relationship) ♥, Elizabeth/Jack
  • Babylon 5: Londo/G'Kar ♥, Ivanova/Delenn ♥, Timov/Londo
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Post-series only, with aged up characters. Sokka/Zuko, Ty Lee/Suki, Ty Lee/Azula ♥, Mai/Katara ♥, Mai/Zuko, Mai/Zuko/Katara, Toph/Aang, Toph/Zuko, Ty Lee/the universe
  • DCAU/Justice League Unlimited: Huntress/Question
  • Doctor Who: River/Liz X, River/Amy, River/Leela
  • Big Love: Margie/Nicki, Sarah/Heather, Nicki/Ana, Margie/Ana

Note: You're welcome to suggest other pairings, but I'm picky, and I'd have it there if it was a pairing I loved. I'm probably not interested in OC/OC unless it's WoW, and canon character/OC is out unless it's something like Dragon Age (or Harry Potter, where there are a bunch of people named in canon who'd basically be OCs if you wanted to play them).

Non-Fandom Roleplays:

Time-Travelling Transmogrifications (M/M, maaaaaaybe M/F): My character, an 18th century English aristocrat named Rupert Meriwether Hamilton, has come into 200 years of bad luck. He's been transformed into a clockwork doll, and left for years. The doll has been passed through the family and even sold, and has ended up in the attic of a fine old American house.

Your character, whoever you want him to be, has bought or inherited this house and found the strange doll in a box. Of course he winds it, and there the roleplay starts.

I could also roleplay this with your character as a woman, but you'd have to be comfortable with Rupert being queer as a three dollar bill and not unwilling to talk about his past. But, I do like roleplaying more complicated sexualities, so if this is your thing, I'd love to go there. I should probably note that any sex will involve Rupert being at the very least human-sized.

Superheroic Shenanigans (M/M or F/M): I'd particularly like a plot involving my character, a newer superhero, being taken on by a veteran, but I'd also be willing to play him against a villain as long as they're not anything too extreme. I'm going for a vibe that's more Batman/Catwoman than Batman/the Joker, if you know what I mean. That's just how I roll.

Still, I'm also interested in doing two newish superheroes meeting up and deciding to work together, or having my guy join up as a sidekick. Or your guy join up as a sidekick! I'm pretty damn easy that way.

I'd also be willing to do something vaguely based on For the Man Who Has Everything (Alan Moore comic), with original characters.

Lesbian Space Piracy (F/F, duh): A little bit into the future, the Earth is uninhabitable, and the remnants of humanity have scattered into the solar system, existing in ship-based colonies orbiting planets and moons. In this world, piracy is a serious problem, and there's a well-organised Navy dedicated to dealing with this threat.

The problem is, it's an all-male Navy, and Romali Singh was born a woman, although she calls herself George and glues on a moustache (note: Romali is genderqueer, not trans).

Your character for this would be a pirate captain, who kidnaps George to save herself from an attack by the Navy, since they wouldn't fire on one of their own "men." Where it goes from there is up to us, but it should be a lot of fun.

Other Non-Fandom Stuff I Like:

  • Modern fantasy. I'll do anything but vampires and werewolves.
  • Victorian fantasy, maybe even a little steampunk
  • Science fiction, usually somewhere between hard SF and space opera
  • Time travel, which is something I have a number of plots for
  • Ghosts, spirits, mediums and so on -- particularly ghost/normal person
  • Anything involving a separate fantasy world a "normal" character can enter. Something like Oz, Narnia or Wonderland, but the characters involved are adults.
  • Aliens. I definitely have a xenophile side. I'd love a human/alien roleplay, whether set now or in the future. I like my aliens at least a bit humanoid, though, and not furries.
  • The Ancient World (Greece, Rome, Egypt)
  • Humanoid creature (not a furry)/human
  • Detectives, particularly Sherlock Holmes-like detectives

I will be intermittently updating this thread with new ideas, pictures and so on. I know I'm picky, but on the upside, I'm always excited to find other people into what I'm into. Don't be scared of me, I'm pretty damn friendly and I'm only too happy to answer questions.
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Offline Love And Submission

Hmm Superheroic Shenanigans sounds  really intresting but I'm wondering what universe it would  take place. I mean would it be  DCU or Marvel or our own universe?

Offline AlzireTopic starter

Probably none of the above. I'd be more likely to go for a somewhat generic Superhero World, much like the DCU or Marvel Universe but with the serial numbers filed off. Plenty of mutants and heroes and so on, anyway.

Offline Love And Submission

Heh I hate to ask so many questions but when you say  superheros. Are you talking about the mainstream concept of the caped crusader like Superman and  Captain America? Or would you be willing to deal with abstract like The Spectre and Doctor Occult?

Or do you want a superhero without powers like The Question or Batman? I'm not saying I want to play any of these characters , I'm just wondering what type of superhero you like and enjoy.

Offline AlzireTopic starter

I like and enjoy all of the above! I know, superhero is an incredibly vague and nebulous term, but I'm fairly familiar with comics, and I enjoy most of the archetypes for different reasons.

Offline Love And Submission

I'm thinking  of a storyline that would be something like an older superhero works for a JLU type group and is punished for a mistake by having to train  a new superhero? WOuld that fit the roleplay you're looking for?

Offline Gwendolyn

A roleplayer who enjoys HP femslash?  :0  How wonderful!  We seem to be few and far between...

Also, to be honest, the idea of a Slytherin!Harry is rather intriguing to me.  He's such a Gryffindor, and yet... how interesting it would've been if he'd been Sorted into Slytherin!

Offline AlzireTopic starter

DTW, yes it would!

Gwendolyn, I agree about the lack of femslash, but I always need more F/F. And yes, that's definitely my interest in the idea. I don't think it would change how much he dislikes a lot of the Slytherins any, except maybe create even more dislike, but there are bits of him that would fit the house, and the Hat did consider it for him.

Offline Mint

The time traveling rp and the space pirate one both sound completely amazing. :3 If you still have room for more rps and are interested in rping with me, please, PM me.

I am also addicted to time travel in general, so if you have any other ideas pertaining to it, you could shoot those by me. <3
« Last Edit: July 24, 2010, 08:02:37 PM by Mint »

Offline Gwendolyn

Well, I'd love to hear your idea for Slytherin!Harry.  Feel free to PM me whenever you get the chance.  :)

Also, I just wanna say - props to you for liking Margene/Nicki!  I've always thought they had some bizarre sexual chemistry and I think the pairing is more than hot. 

Offline AlzireTopic starter

Ooh, Margie and Nicki. Nicki watching Margie and Bill, then the conversation they have afterwards about oral, so priceless.

Offline zemo8801

I would love to discuss out something with you If you are willing to give me a chance to play out something with You.

Offline AlzireTopic starter

Depends, PM me with what you're interested in.