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Started by Loner, July 19, 2010, 03:53:29 PM

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 Hey all

Im kinda new here. Only have been in 1 game that didnt go to well. I am looking to try this agian and do better then last time. I am open for most story ideas so if you have an idea you would like to try I am game. I have no prefrence between what way to play by but play by IM sounds a bit easier but am willing to play how ever youd like.
I may not write books or massive paragraphs but I will write more then "yes" or just one or two lines.
If you would liek to help me learn how to do this better then I have in the past I would love it. Feel free to PM me or post here.


It's hard to know what you want to try with no story ideas and no ons/offs.  :)  Any ideas?


I guess I should have added that to the first post. Sorry. =)

I am up for anything really. Maybe not the sub/dom thing at the moment since I will need a lil help getting into the flow of it (first time doing an RP like this). Likes or dislikes are kinda normal for a lack of a better word.  I do enjoy a good step-sibling or cousin story but I am open for anything honestly. And Id like one day to be the kinda sub of a seasion (not  talking like lick my boots. More like she says what she wants & demands that i give it to her that way).