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Author Topic: A divided land. Interest Check (War based rp, with a system/freeform combo)  (Read 817 times)

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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

A Divided Land
For generations the land of Eveoria has seen itself ruled by a great number of tyrants, however a sudden and vicious coup on the last of the royal line has left the entire land in complete chaos. Those responsible for The King’s murder have been brought to justice however the toll of which has all cost a great deal. In the End the casualties include King and Queen, both princes, and even the princess to avoid any rights to the throne. The Grand General and his lieutenants, ten generals including those involved within the coup. And various random soldiers and nobles in their attempt for power.

Eveoria has no government, and the entire continent has erupted into anarchy. There are many who would claim it’s power for their own. Some ridden with the sins of lust, greed, and pride. Others would bestow great virtues and see a golden age rise into the land. Who if any will claim a new country from the ashes of the former? Who can unite the divided land?

The Setting and Feel of the RP
I would like this RP to take on a combination of Freeform and system. System involves a set method of business and funnels the imagination, while Freeform follows the event of reasoning and a bit of luck overcoming experience and chance. To be more specific there are a number of classes and then specializations to fight in which to model your character off of. The most important of which are Commanders who will take the main roles of setting up business as usual.

I would like to have 2-4 commanders vying for power. I have created 4 basic stigmas to surround their actions and decisions. And every Officer has to be approved by the respective commander and every battle will follow their orders. When a commander is captured or killed their force is destroyed. The Goal is to be the Last Commander Standing which will then make you king.
I will probably make a thread for each force, with a OOC and a WAR thread as well.

        War, discovering spies, Deals, and public relations will be given a advantage or disadvantage factor in which I will see too it that the area around the characters are either good or abd for them. Every class will have bonuses and negatives or nothing at all they bring to their army. At the moment I have it narrowed down to 4 traits. Offense, Defense, Stealth, Diplomacy (NOTE: I am willing and will probably go more in depth but this is just the rough draft).
If  A prophet with a combined total of +15 Offense, +10 Defense, +20 Diplomacy, and +5 Stealth
Were to attack a Tyrany with +25 Offense, +20 Defense, 0 Diplomacy and +10 Stealth

They would find themselves at a disadvantage due the the Tyrants high offense and Defensive rakings. This doesn’t mean they will lose the fight it means they will be at a terrible disadvantage. In order to win they’ll have to devise tactics and plans based largely on Stealth in order to pull out the victory. It’s in this basis I hope to combine System with Freeform but if it get’s too complicated I may just redesign the system. As always input and ideas to improve are valued as these events will be critical to the story.

As far as sex and everything goes it just depends on your character and who you work for. Romance is far more likely in a Heroic Force, while Politics may govern Noble and Prophet. While Tyranny probably has a lot of rape.
This is a RP where the more users the better, and we will always be accepting.
If you wish to be a Ruler PM me and we’ll discuss the details and fine tune everything.
I’ll also allow multiple characters as this RP is supposed to be big. Hope this picks up some interest

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

The classes I have up right now are basic and more can be added but this is just to start

Soldier- Soldier’s are those who rely on their physical skills to see themselves through a battle. They posses little if any magic and are the main force of any successful army.
Scout- Skilled in infiltrating Compounds and surprise attacks, +2 Stealth Missions, -2 defense, +1 Attack, -1 Diplomacy
Guardian- Good for Defensive struggles and specialize in high Risk Situations -1 Stealth, -2 Offensive, + 2 Defense, +1 Diplomacy
Berserker- Are Best used in Offensive battles and Suicide Missions, -2 Stealth, -1 Diplomacy, +1 Defense, +2 Offence
Officer- Make for good leaders when no one else is present, they possess traits in every skill but are not the best at any. They fight when all else has failed, -2 Offense, -1 Stealth, +1 Defense, +2 Diplomacy
Grunt- Have nothing particularly good or bad to their name as most have never wielded a sword. They are the most numerous and the first to die in a fight, (no positives or negatives)

Mage- Mages earn their place by discovering the uses of war and magic. In a physical fight they are weaker, however their knowledge and skills often are the downfall of the most experienced sword. Mages are most often used as support
Wraith- Specialize in magics aiding stealth. Nulling Sounds, and shrouding invisibility, with other nasty hexes and tricks to help their units +3 Stealth, 0 diplomacy, -3 Offense, +2 Defense
Warlock- Are Masters of battle, while they may not be as well fortified as a Berserker they serve their purpose specializing in the elements and other magics made to kill rather then to trick or protect +3 Offense, 0 Diplomacy, -3 Stealth, +2 Defense
Cleric- Keepers of Lore and Healing. They are far more of a support then they are made for battle. They are fewer but far more valuable, and are known for keeping those who might turn the tide of battle alive, -3 Offense, 0 Stealth, +2 Defense, +3 Diplomacy
Wizard- Those that bear great knowledge and skill, they may have traits in everything but are best used as advisors and backup in desperate situations. -3 Stealth, +3 Offense /Diplomacy 0 Defense
Apprentice- Those new to their role, having smaller traits in everything, they have yet to prove their worth anywhere and are usually the first to die. (no bonuses or negatives)

Rogue-Rogues are normally felt as the elites of any army. They specialize on their own, and usually report to their commanders exclusively. They are easily the fewest, and have high casualty risk should complications arise in their work
Ninja- Ninjas specialize and work entirely on stealth. Should a ninja be discovered more often then not they are doomed to die. They act to discover and kill but are not dominate in either +4 Stealth, -2 Offense, -2 Defense, +1 Diplomacy
Spy-spies are the most common and hated form of Rogue. They are always on the enemy side of things, looking for the slightest bit of information that can help. While many possess skills to help them escape should they be discovered. Few know they are compromised until they are dead or captured. +4 Diplomacy, +2 Stealth, -4 Defense, -2 Offense
Thief-Thieves are commonly thought to as new ninja’s. They like to avoid detection, take what they need, and get out. Very few have found a calling in combat or theft and are usually worse at moving undetected resulting in the highest of casualties. +2 Stealth, 0 Offense/Defense, -2 diplomacy
Assassin-These are the triumph card of any army. They are responsible for only the most important and secret of missions. Capable of fighting through numbers, while moving with great stealth, they are almost only used for top level targets or to help liberate captured spies and allies. Often the force with the best Assassin’s is the most successful, though there are very few to go around. +4 Offense/Stealth, -4 Defense/Diplomacy
Mercenary-Like assassins, these individuals are good at combat, and better at it on their own. They are perfect for distractions or duels, and make their living off of surviving the impossible. There are many mercenaries to go around, just don’t expect them to go sneaking +4 Offense/Defense, -4 Stealth/Diplomacy

Commander-The commander is the single most important position in war. It is their decisions and actions the dictate who will survive the coming battle and who will not. They shape the land and it’s their qualities that shape the future
Hero- A hero is the type of leader who makes himself known through selfless actions and reasons. Above all else the common people is where his concerns lie and is more likely to risk losses of his forces to benefit innocents. While they are high in public opinion, it isn’t unlikely that the Heroes may be drawn into traps by those willing to exploit the people for power
+10 Defense (they protect the people above all else)
+5 Diplomacy/Offense (they are usually military based but can help strike deals in their favor)
-5 Stealth (A hero serves the people and therefore recognized everyhwhere)

Tyrant-A Tyrant is about the opposite of a Hero. They will take whatever means necessary to see their ends meet. Usually It involved using the innocent to distract or destroy their enemies. They lead through fear and force rather then generosity and charisma. It is not uncommon for Tyrants to win battles, it’s also just as common for the Tyrant to be betrayed by his chain of command for misdeeds
+10 Offense (They will use power above all else)
+5 Stealth/Defense (If they need to crawl in the mud they can, and are made for battle)
-5 Diplomacy (a ware based force has little concern with politics)

Noble-A noble is only ever as good or as evil as it takes to make profit. Every move, every step needs to have a gain. Their strongest Weapons are resource, they have the best equipment, the best armies, and the best people there are to buy. Some are loved, some are hated, but politics are where they make their mark. In a game of pure war the noble may well not survive
+10 Stealth (A Good noble knows how to hide his true objectives and just how dirty his hands are)
+5 Defense/Diplomacy (They are good at keeping themselves safe, and using politics to their advantage)
-5 Offense (Really aren’t military savy and aren’t good taking a battle on themselves)

Prophet-A Prophet is a leader by faith. These men have been the greatest of heroes, the worst tyrants, and the greediest of nobles. But all of their qualities are shrouded by a high force. Their soldiers do not fight for them, but for god, and for that purpose they may be lead to do anything. Some are raving mad, some are geniuses, angels and demons alike. To fight a army lead by prophets is to fight a people as a whole, the biggest weakness of a prophet driven army is that more often then not, the less skilled inhabit them.
  +10 Diplomacy (They convince thousands to join through faith alone)
+5 Offense/Defense (They are as strong as those who fight for them)
-5 Stealth (A prophet is like a hero, they will be spotted anywhere they go)

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter


Commander Profiles (If you are interested send to me via PM)
Account- (E user name)
Name- (character name)
Age- (Character age)
Gender- (male or female)
Race- (if you want to be a mythological race, be one mankind will reasonably follow)
Name of Potential Country- (what are you planning to name your country when you take over?)
Colors- (the color of your army garb, like the British were Red, the Americans were blue)
Specialization- ( Hero, Tyrant, Noble, or Prophet)
Personality- (What are you like, make sure it matches your specialization)
Background- (what events lead up to you vying for power?)
Picture- (Anime or real picture describing your character)

Follower Profiles (These can be posted and will be will be accepted so long as the leaders believe you’ll fit in their force)
Account- (E user name)
Name- (Name of character)
Age- (Age of Character)
Gender- (male or female)
Race- (If mythological, one your force would accept, for example, heroes probably won’t accept vampires where a Tyrant might)
Desired Force- (What force do you want to join?)
Class- (Soldier, Mage, or Rogue)
Specialization- (What subclass did you pick?)
Weapons- (What weapons to you wield, NOTE: mages will have only basic)
Magic- (What Magic do you wield, NOTE: Soldiers will have only basic
Personality- (what are you like)
Background- (History leading up to listing into your respective force)
Picture- (A real person or anime pic describing your character)

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I'm totally interested in this, whether as a commander or a follower.

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Well everything is needed right now so make a profile on what you want to do and we'll go from there

Offline Drake Valentine

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;o I wanna be a tyrant, but I don't have time to fully complete the profile for one as I'll be leaving for work in a few minutes. v.v

Reserves or is this first come first serve basis? I'll have the app up sometime by tomorrow after work.

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

You can fill one of the spots no problem, just get me the profile when you can

Offline Drake Valentine

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Sorry, taking a bit, I have everything written so far but background. Do you have certain paragraph or so limit as far as character history goes?

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Really just give a general history to understand motivations and such. A paragraph or two should be fine.

Same goes with posting, writing a short story makes it easy to miss important details I think

Offline SuperHans

Looks fun, can I join?

Account- SuperHans
Name- Kargem
Age- 28
Gender- Male
Race- Human
Name of Potential Country- Empiria
Colors- Red and Blue
Specialization- Noble
Personality- Kargem's family come from the older nobles. He cares little for war, considering it an unsophisticated enterprise. He has maintained what little power he was born into primarily with Machiavellian schemes and plotting. Instead of leading troops on the battlefield (he has never been skilled in combat) he sits in his palace, his mind working on how to advance his own position. He prefers the 'long game'; opting for complex plans with many intricacies rather than seeking instant power or gratification. He is perhaps not evil, but his selfishness and vanity knows no bounds. And if there's even the slightest chance he can bend the rest of Eveoria to his will, he'll stop at nothing to do so.
Background- Kargem knows that the old ways are over, and that force is now the only thing that seems to influence others. With an estate to protect and no considerable force or army to defend himself, Kargem schemes to protect what's left of his birthright. He will make deals wtih heroes, tyrants and all manner of unscrupulous partners in this aim.
Picture- Kargem
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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Looks like a good character. Hopefully you'll get a chance to put it too use. Thus far you're the third to show interest, but to speed things up, I have a character made for every force.

Account- Untamed_Skies
Name- Cross
Age- 32
Gender- male
Race- Human
Desired Force- Empira
Specialization- Mercenary
Weapons- Boradsword, Claymore, Battle Axe
Magic- Holy Cross for undead
Personality- Cross is a very ruthless man. He is good at his job, and his job is killing. If that means it’s the enemy good, if that means it’s some annoying piss ant who can’t keep his mouth shut, just as well. He was once regarded as the symbol all paladins should follow but has fallen far from it. Opting to become what he’d destroy to see the ends met properly. It’s speculated he’s after something, what that something might be however no one knows.
Background- Cross was once known as Victor Rishari, and was once the proudest son of a dying cleric. However during one of his purging missions, a terrible tragedy changed his mindset. He doesn’t use excuses, and willing has accepted he is easily as evil as everything he was destroying. The point was they died, and someday he would too. He was given the name cross due to the medallion he wears around his neck. Every worthy opponent will find it heated and etched onto their skulls after he kills them. Cross elected to pledge his allegiance to Kargem mostly because it seemed he had the least military expertise which meant he would see harsher odds and more respect when it came to planning battles. Whether or not he was made a general or would be following orders didn't matter. So long as he obtains what he needs.

Offline Drake Valentine

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Drake Valentine
Shenovi Katsakachi
Name of Potential Country:
Black & Gold
Sickly Sadistic:
This is a man you don’t want to be alone in a room with, hell he is the type of guy you don’t even want to be in a hundred feet of. His antics often put some of the most harden of demons and criminals to shame and others to shudder in either repulsion or fear alike. To begin with, he is bloodthirsty, but perhaps that is obvious enough coming from his cruel leading role. Still, he doesn’t just kill his victims, he will take everything from them. He is the type of man that will begin prime cuts on the corpse and remove and even decorate the organs about for all to see in a morbid fashion of art. Not gross out there yet, then let us try cannibalism as he has quite the appetite for the flesh of his victims that may of once been strong enough to put up a good fight; before their inevitable end. In Shenovi’s sick and twisted head, feeding upon powerful foes gives him power, perhaps this sidetrack of thinking comes from his own demonic nature; though it hasn’t been proven yet whether or not he does get any stronger in his cannibalism ways.

Still, he has plenty of fun with his prey while they are still alive. Why pass up the amusement entirely, he takes his pleasure seriously when it comes into terms of humiliating and torturing his prey, sexually or not while they are breathing. If they die on him, he could always continue his fun, even though it would be a bit dulled afterwards without something living to toy with. Regardless, his sadism ways have other ways in striking fear in the hearts of his enemies and that of the innocent. Shenovi isn’t the type of guy that would just sit around and do nothing when others oppose him or don’t pay him tribute. He won’t hesitate to have an entire city burned to the ground and its inhabitants either slaughter or enslaved to create an example to all neighboring cities. In his line of work, might is right, only the strong are allowed to live and the weak to be pawns for entertainment purposes.

Psychopathically Deranged:
Maybe his sadist side didn’t scare you enough, but now we are only taking a peak at the tip of the iceberg of the workings of his mind. Jigsaw anyone, for that is the game you will find yourself playing frustrating over and over when it comes to Shenovi’s sanity level. He is a peculiar man, sometimes in his possession one might find a rejected female puppet, another tribute to his mentality. He relates to the puppet as different things, mother, sister, maybe some woman he might of ravaged recently or murdered. Sometimes he even lets his victims play with it and determines their handling with his fucked up little games to decipher whether or not they should live. He is always judging, from the start and to the end of another’s life. Those that are determined worthy are allowed to live a bit longer, till his train of thought may sway him over that they may not be. Keeping up with his mind is too much of a task, even for the longest lived of individuals who might hadn’t gone insane by just miraculously surviving his company enough to even attempt to figure him out.

Furthermore on his psychopathic traits and borderline insanity, he has quite a temper hidden beneath most of his calm, appealing exterior. Such a temper which often results in the deaths of some of his pawns, when they choose to disobey him or fail miserably in an objective he may hand out for them. Failure is only a result of the ‘weak’ after all, this is again the twisted workings of his jumbled mentality. It is also a foundation that may often keep him with few subordinates, but useful subordinates nonetheless. All of which whom- in his opinion- should feel honored in giving their lives to him as he believes himself to be some higher power above all mankind and other fiends out there alike. What is more frightening is his emotions, like a true demon he doesn’t display fear, he doesn’t show remorse, nor does he hesitate on any decision he makes.

Devilishly Manipulative:
 Beyond the fractions that play into the grotesque side of things of him, he possesses an incredible amount of cunning and wisdom. If he ever decided to play chess, may-haps he might even be a master of it, as he knows all the rules of the game of survival. He knows how to use his pawns, when to sacrifice them, when to draw them back. When to attack, and when to defend, and just when to toss aside a valuable piece and sharpen even a tarnish one into something flawlessly unimaginable. He also keeps an eye out on talent, and usually can wield fate into his favor into bringing such newly skills into his own possession. If he isn’t playing mind games, that are entitle into scaring his opponents shitless or using coercion to lure enemy or possible friend into his seductive web of control; than clearly he is playing other cards that may bribe them over. He knows full well that everyone has a price, though finding out what is the difficult part and from there the pieces simply fall into place. Though don’t take such an act as part of diplomacy, Shenovi’s lines of politics is you are either with him or against him, there is no middle ground. He will force others into submission or he will destroy them; they will learn that brute strength and cruel justice is the answer to all of life’s problems if they fail to give into his ‘subtle’ talkings.

Therefore his dealings with the good, evil, and other align creatures alike must be kept under close surveillance. Shenovi is a man that must be handled carefully, though he shows minor signs of treachery from time to time, he will not do anything to endanger his army as a whole. He is a dangerous poison, that seeps into everyone he comes into contact with. He is always there behind the currents of disaster, chaos is the best role in life he plays. He has no shame in ’befriending’ the law, socializing with those of other wicked nature, even toying with the people lingering on neutral ground upon sides. Little do they all probably know that they are nothing more than a means of amusement to him and that is enough to keep them alive in his company, till they may attempt to up one on him.

Strong Murderous Intent:
To sum it all up, he carries the true makings of a serial killer, rapist, and even fearsome manipulator alike. If one wondered why he is like that, then ask ones self why one might be the way they are? Why does anyone kill? For pleasure, for excitement, for power, for money, or just because they can? For him, it is mostly all of the above and beyond the fact he chooses to, to keep his existence an entertaining one. For him, it is all a game and the moment his eyes set their marking on their target, that preferred prey will already be playing his game, whether they want to or not. Murdering is an influence of power, a demonstration to stir fear and also to generate chaos. Because of this, any simpleminded human may possibly pick up on that murderous and bloodthirsty aura of his the very moment they lay eyes on him; it is there, marked dead from the personality that influences those ill creatures that choose to follow him. Evident from his demented way of watching someone, even if they ask or tell him not too. And further revealed from his insane leadership and overwhelming desire to become a true conqueror, one the world has never laid eyes upon yet. By all means, he isn’t afraid of getting his own hands dirty, and it isn’t a rare sight to see him on the frontlines with the rest of his bloodthirsty army.

One may ever wonder how someone so bloodthirsty, someone so crazy, can easily rise in power. It is because of these traits that he has gotten where he is now today. It is through brute force and fear that motivates those of an lesser, evil nature to follow. It is through those same principals that often forces innocents into obedient submission. It isn’t any surprise that Shenovi has gotten where he is today with his demented tactics. He isn’t the type of leader one may find sitting in some fortress while his underlings do the dirty work, he has gotten where he is today by always being on the front lines, driving the iron of terror into the hearts of everyone whom oppose him.

Aye, Shenovi has always been this way, from the very start of his upbringing he was from a tribe of demons as warped and twisted as himself. His kin often wage war with neighboring tribes and in the end what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger; though for Shenovi, it is what makes him ruthless. Still, his tribe could never see the bigger picture at work, they only cared for ruling the territory of their land and the lands that others competed for them. They held no concerns for government, for armies, for the continent, how sad a life it would be for Shenovi to live amongst them and continue to settle for less when there was much more out there to gain. He desired it all, why stop at enslaving a handful of  tribes when one could bring chaos to all of Eveoria?

 Thus there was no need to waste his natural talent, as much as he was a respectful and fearsome fighter within his tribe, he abandoned it and left his kin to their own fate. There is no need for tradition, old family practices are outdated. It is from such that silly peaceful politics rise and no land should ever be ruled in harmony. Shenovi has made a mark through history in destruction, attracting other negative attention that may seek a thrill as much as he. He has enlighten many of the criminal nature with the carnage and he sees no better companions than those that seek to be bringers of destruction. Those that desire to rule over the weak so easily answer his call and this is how his growing faction continues to increase in number. There will always be those type of people who seek the ultimate freedom, doing whatever they desire without fear of the law, fear of being punished, and this is what Shenovi greatly enforces. An utopia for the wicked, that is the greatest of freedoms he offers his subordinates and with his guidance and ‘protection,’  what more can they really ask for?


Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Looks like you have a good Tyrant in mind. I'll accept him, though I might caution a tyrant so brutal creates anarchy he probably has many ready to betray him. I'll add a character for him later.

You guys might want to pick up a few extra of your own to help boost your army. To keep things even I'd say limit them to three extras. Right now we really don't have enough to have a good war.