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June 26, 2022, 11:40:07 pm

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Author Topic: Saint’s Academy [Interest Check] [EX][Horror]  (Read 706 times)

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Saint’s Academy [Interest Check] [EX][Horror]
« on: June 18, 2010, 08:56:58 am »
A Drake Valentine Teaser/Interest Thread Production.

Greetings one and all and I am happy that you have taken the time to click my thread. You may be wondering what this RP is going to entail, well my friends, I can assure it isn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine. *Chuckles.* But seriously, this will be a darkly based roleplay, Horror themed, if you will. To what extremes it will take? Hmm, well, I am positive it will fall into an extreme area with blood, gore, whatnot. Though I also don’t want that to be the main focus of the RP. Yeah, there will be killings there, insanity here, but what drives Horror besides all the killing? Suspense! Mystery! These are key elements I want to pull and bring into one setting that keeps every reader and writer on the edge of their seats of what may happen next, without going to over the top with it.

The prime focus of the Academy itself is  going to be an institute for trouble young adults or more matured ones. Think of it as an ‘asylum/school’ if you will, where teachers/doctors help those whom have some sort of disorder and molding them with an education and place out there in life. The institute itself will be isolated from most of the world, miles and miles and miles away from most civilization. Makes escape for all you would be runners impossible. ;o

Do expect a better over all plot idea to be written in the next few days, this is just an interest check to see who would all be game in a survival setting. I have not yet decided other elements to include in it, but I feel more leaning towards ‘realism’ than ‘fantasy.’ In other words, this is going to be a ‘human’ only RP, whether or not there may be a touch of supernatural is up to ya’ll if you want it included or not. I thought about it myself, but then I felt iffy on it.

Also, do not expect this to be fast pace RP environment, I honestly prefer those that put effort in their writing to bring about long driven posts; so this may not be for everyone.

FAQ- that some of you will probably ask.
'What are the character age limits?' Site rules, but in this driven RP, it will be eighteen and older.
-'Why?' I say so. ;o

 'How active posting you want' I would say at least one post in every one to three days. 

‘How descriptive/long the posts you want?’ Multi paragraph format is fine, two to three paragraphs minimum. I honestly don’t mind anything more than that, I encourage it even, I give as good as I get after all. ^.<

  ‘Is this going to be free-form?’ Yes and no.  There is going to be no system implemented in the RP, so it is all free-form writing; but free-form with limits. No GM-ing, no PP-ing without anyone’s approval. For those that are new, Gming is for god moding, pp-ing is for power playing. *Shakes finger at both.*  I shouldn’t need to give an example of either…

‘Who will be driving the story?’ Well, everyone will, actually. Though in elements of who will be doing all the horror scenes. I will and maybe share with others that I feel comfortable with and I know won’t abuse that type of power.

‘Will my character be killed?’ Maybe. It is a possibility. It won’t be like me putting in ‘the killer puts a axe through your character’s head.’ I don’t GM like that. But if your character gets trapped, can’t escape, and can’t logically get out of the situation, than yes, possibly they will die.
-’What if I don’t want my character to die?’ Then that is too bad, it could happen, it might happen, it probably will happen. Get over it.  This is a horror environment, if you can’t accept the possibility of your creation being killed, as it is a gamble of them being in the situation, than you shouldn’t bother joining this type of RP.  Not trying to be a prude, but I am being realistic here and if you read or watch things of a Horror nature, you would know that not everyone lives, even main characters end up dying sometime or another.

‘Erotica?’ I’m not stopping you.
-’Non-con..?’ Sure, go ahead; but not everyone likes to have their character raped.
-’But not everyone likes to have their character killed either…’ Good point, but not everyone here is going to be playing the killer(s) either; so get over it.

'So we all just play students...?'  Nooooooooo. There will be students/patients and teachers/doctors(whatever/however you want to relate to either of the parties) positions.
-'Experiments?' Do what you want as long as you have consent from that writer.
-'You're so vague.'  I know. 

These are questions/statements I expect would rise, other  questions are welcome, the idea is still in the works, so do not inquiry too much on that.

Also note the answers to the random questions are for purely humor, I will not answer you in a smartass manner, unless you happen to give a smart-alecky question.

Any who, as I stated, more will be added in later, I am going to pop off here for a bit; so I’ll check on all my potential vic- writers later. ^.< Toodles.