Corporal Punishment [Possible Ex, Female Needed]

Started by Dray, June 14, 2010, 05:31:59 PM

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This is a rather difficult concept to explain so I will cover the basics and if you are interested then we can talk more in detail through PM.

The idea of the plot is that Corporal Punishment has been reinstated in order to compensate for the failing grades and academic ratings performed by students.  Since some choose not to learn and cannot be forced to, corporal punishment is seen as the solution to correct these errors.  With this policy though, a law is also stated that a student cannot be expelled, only punished for their mistakes and corrected.  They must not be allowed to drop out for they will shape and mold our futures.  Of course there is much skepticism  of this idea, thus only one academy is opened up in order to experiment and improve that this plan will work.  Students from all over are brought in, those of all levels of grades and IQ, drop outs, those who are expelled and those who are not, just a wide variety in order to prove that these students can all work and come together to accomplish similar goals in this experiment...with a bit of encouragement of course.

The school has already just started up and right away they hit a very large snag as a loophole is discovered and exploited by several problem students.  Since they cannot be expelled, they fight back against those teachers who try to punish them....trying to use the same tricks of fear and strength in order to win over the school and thus gang activities were on the rise.  This only made punishment more severe and it started to crack down as more and more security guards were brought in and students were practically allowed to undergo any sort of punishment short of extreme torture and death.

Thus both sides did their part to exploit this, some teachers/security guards going too far in their beatings as students fought back...some even going as far as to punish students sexually in private if they could get away with it and often they could.  What was suppose to be nothing more than just experiment was starting to turn into more of a battle for the trying to show they could break these willful students and make them achieve satisfactory grades and such...the students trying to prove the flaws of this system and also trying to get freedom of the campus as well.  There are peaceful days of course, when some choose to attend class while others just skip out...though those that skip are always hunted down.  Some days can be rather bad when several fights break out between students and staff.  Some are broken while others are not.  Most teachers are now male, with some females who are assigned guards.

That is the basic idea.  Now I would be playing a male student, and my role play partner here would be a female student.  From there the details get a little sketchy so this is where details need to be discussed.  My character would be the more dominate one, the 'tough' guy who uses his fists and feet to solve problems while she would be more of the one to seek out a diplomatic way to settle things...but in the end they would both be working together to try and shut the academy down using the resources that they have.  I figure that he would most likely save her/protect her from a few incidents and a romance would evolve between them behind the scenes.  Send me a PM if you are interested in talking details!

I would be playing a male student, and I would want my partner to play a female.