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Author Topic: Jarods list of desired roleplays open to all comers (revised)  (Read 2083 times)

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Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Here is a list of Roleplays and pairing I would like to do if I have the chance.  I love fantasy, and Science Fiction the most, though I am also a fan of many anime titles, and real world settings are fine as well.  I love playing the hero type.  However recently I've had the urge to play a very submissive character either male or female doesn't really matter to me.  Maybe a servant or a slave or something else along those lines.  Also if you have an idea that you would like to try feel free to contact me via PM I would love to hear from you.

- I will play either male or female characters though I am only interested in hetro when it comes to character relationships. 
-For the most part age isn’t too important though I’m not interested in doing anything involving children.
-Details are appreciated.
New -Looking to play a Submissive character at the moment so anyone that wants to boss me is invited to PM me and discus..   

Pairings  New 4/19
Genie x Lamp Bearer (Have a plot it mind for this)
Human master x Elf slave or servant (set in the world of Fereldan from Dragon Age)
Samurai x Ninja:  (Have a rough plot in mind but looking to collaborate)
Adopted siblings:  (want to discuss plot)
Wizard x Apprentice:
Pirate x princess:  (have a rough plot in mind)
Athlete x obsessed fan
Sith Lord x captured Jedi (I’m thinking a bondage scenario of some kind for this one.)
High School Teacher x troubled student 
Martial arts rivals:  (In this one I’m thinking of something involving a martial arts tournament the two character have been rivals for a long time.  They hate each, but as they say there is a thin line between love and hate.)
Abducted x Abductor: (If interested we can discuss details.)
God of mythology x mortal:
Gladiator (Slave) x noblewoman:
new Boss x employee
Gambit x Rogue   (This is an X-men pairing.  As those who know about the X-men Rogue's power makes physical contact impossible.  There are however devices in the X-men universe that turn turn of mutant powers such as the collars from Genosha.  What I am looking for is someone willing to play Rogue.  We can further discuss plot if there are any takers.)
Love potion (just a fun idea i had not really a pairing but definately fun.)

Origional Idea’s
Roles where I’m the submissive

The Slave market:   Masters and Mistress welcome, welcome to the market where we have slaves and pets of all kind for you to choose from on request.  We’ve got trained slaves, untrained slaves that you can break and train yourself for what ever delightful purpose you might see fit.  We’ve got human, part humans, Elves and much more all for your enjoyment.  Satisfaction guaranteed.   We also have a wide variety of training aids for sale see our flier for details.  (looking for a master or mistress to purchase my character from from the the market, to take home and train.  The kind of training we do I leave completely up to you, I’m open for just about anything.)  (On a separate note this one could be done as a group RP in which case I would be looking for someone to be the owner of the market.  Such benefits include taking choice slaves for yourself.  I am also looking for slaves as well as master and mistress)

[b]Summoners Folly: [/b]  Summoners are taught to respect the powers of those they summon lest mage summon a spirit that they cannot control.  However despite those lesson’s there are still those foolish enough to ignore the dangers.  Sometimes the summoned demon will simply kill the summoner foolish enough to call it.  While other times they chose to amuse themselves with the summoner who call them.  Making them pets and slaves to their will.  (I intend to play the role of the summoner.  The gender of my character isn’t  important.  I”ll play opposite whatever my partner wants to play.)

Teachers Secret: She is new to the school, though not to teaching.  Because of a scandal involving her at her old school she was forced to move far away from the school and hopes to start over.  However her plan does not go smoothly as one of her new students learns the truth about the scandal and hangs it over her head forcing her to do things under threat that he will expose her otherwise.

Adopted Daughter:  Amelia Bell was left at an orphanage when she was born.  Her mother and father for whatever reason had decided that they didn’t want to keep her, though the reason was never told to her.  When she was three years old she was adopted by a by a couple with a young son about the same age as Amelia.  The two children we’re the best of friends growing up until they reached high school.  Amelia was very popular and it didn’t take long for her to find a boy friend.   One day her step brother came in on them and found the her making out with a boy in her bedroom while their parents we’re out.  On a whim the brother spies on the two of them and records them with his cell phone.  Later that day he confronts his half sister with it, and tell her that if she doesn’t want their parents who will be furious  to see it she’ll do what he tells her to. 
(looking for someone to play a manipulative step brother.  I leave the rest of the detail about the brother for you to come up with.)

The Visitor: An alien crash lands on the planet earth.  The ship is damaged and the Alien finds themselves stranded on earth.  Beyond this basic setup I can see this going a couple of different ways. 
1. The alien is injured an found the the military and taken to a secret research facility we’re they run various tests and experiment alien, in a bondage type of set up.
2. In this scenario the alien is found by a civilian, and they work towards running from the military and they fall in love. (this idea has a lot of room to be fleshed out.  The roles are pretty gender neutral at this point.  Though I would like to play the alien.)
3.  It is a case of Alien abduction of a human, the reason behind it is totally open.

Pirates Booty: This could be the old kind of pirates on the high sea’s or we could make it more interesting and have it set in space or something else exotic.  My idea is that while raiding and in the process of taking captives the captain find a lovely jewel full of fire and spirit.  The pirate captain decides that he likes her and decides it would be fun to break her spirit. 

A family touch: This is a story about parent, or siblings and turns either a son or daughter in the case of it being a parent.  Or brother or a sister into a slave.  Of course the victim will try to resist at first but in the end they will come to enjoy it.

Teachers Pet:] We’ve all heard of people called that before.  Maybe even been called a teachers pet, but what if a student really became the pet of a teacher.  Perhaps its a secret boarding school where the normal rules of the law can’t penetrate.  The students who come to the school have no idea what really goes on here until they arrive as the curriculum involves much more than math, reading, and writing

The Mermaid Princess:  Amara is the daughter of King Trident of the mer people .  One day while out exploring Amara is caught up in a violent storm and ends up swept to shore injured and with mild amnesia.  A man finds her on the beach naked and in human form(when she is dry and out of the water her lower anatomy is that of a normal woman,  When she gets wet however her legs become fins.)   He takes her home with him.  What he decides to do with her when he gets her there is open for discussion.  We could play it out as a romance with him learning who she is and teaching her about the surface world.  We could also go with a less romantic relationship where the man takes advantage of the sweet and trusting mermaid as he turns he into his pet.  (I will play the mermaid.  I leave the other role pretty open so as keep the prospects as open as possible)

Project Mercury:  The mercury is a new and advanced spaceship created by the Earth Alliance.  It is a prototype light cruiser with a crew compliment of 20.  The most advanced engine in the fleet making it three times as fast.  While designed more for stealth and infiltration the Mercury had enough firepower and armor to hold its own in fight.  However what makes this ship unique is the specially designed CIC (computer integrated core)  Which incorporates direct interlink with Eva an artificially created life form that has the appearance of an 18 year old woman who physically links to the ship computer and can make split second calculation and and maneuvers that no computer could make giving the Mercury and advantage in combat. (I could see this one playing out in several ways.  We could go the romantic route where the captain or perhaps a member of the crew falls in love with her, or I could see a plot where a member of the crew or maybe the whole crew uses her for their own pleasure since she isn't human.  If we went that way i would probably open it up to a small group roleplay.  I leave your character up to you and we can collaborate what kind of adventure we want to have from there.)   

Switch or Dominant roles

The Outlaw:  When lawmen break the law, and rulers become tyrants it is sometimes necessary for outlaws to step forward and make sure that justice is done.  Based kind of on a Robin Hood type of premise, of a noble outlaw fighting for the people against an unjust ruler.  (This is a very raw idea at the moment and if you have any idea’s I would love to hear what you have in mind.)

Angels and Demons the price of Peace: It is a world of dark fantasy.  War has raged across the lands.  The death toll on both sides has been high with no victor in sight.  The leaders of both clans come together to meet for a treaty knowing that further fighting will only serve to decimate both sides.  After weeks of debate it is agreed that the first born princess of both clans would be sent to the other and married to the first born sons.  (Beyond the basic set up I don’t really have a set plot.)

The Last Hope: A young man from our world soon discovers that in a parallel world, where magic, superstition and the sword dominate the landscape.  That he is a wizard, or he will be if he can survive long enough to learn what it takes.  A dark and evil Sorcerer is after his head fearing that he is man destined to kill him and end his rule.  However the young man from our world is not with help.  A young woman about his age who has been trained in the magical arts has been sent by her order to protect him and teach him in turn how  to protect himself.  (I am looking for someone to play his female protector and teacher.  I am also looking for a lot of adventure and plot along the way as well as romance.  Sex will be included but it is by no means the focus of this Roleplay)

The Seeker or Ancient Knowledge: What secrets lie within the next tomb, what great treasure awaits those brave, daring, and perhaps foolish enough to seek out what lie within.  Its a very simple premise and I don’t really have a firm plot for this.  All I know for sure is that I want lots of adventure in this RP.  Contact me and we can discuss plot.

The Gunslinger:  This one is a western/ romance.  A professional gunfighter (me) rides into a small western town looking for work, and a bed for the night.  It seems the small town could use a person with my kind of talents.  Bandits, or Indians are causing problems all over the territory and they are looking to hire an extra gun or two to help them defend the town against them. As in the genie of the lamp, my partner character can be whatever they wan  Could be a fellow gunslinger, could be the sheriffs daughter, could even be a whore from the saloon, it doesn’t really matter to me on this one.  Just looking for a good story.

I run you chase  The Pretender is one of my favorite tv series.  What I like in particular is the aspect of hunter / prey and would love to do a role play of some kind that involves that aspect.   

Based on Books, Movies, games and other media
Star Wars: I would love to roleplay something star wars preferably without canon characters
Mass Effect: Looking to do something with non-canon characters, but I won’t rule out if you want to do something with established characters.
Halo:  I enjoy Halo and would love to do something along those lines.
Naruto:  Looking to form a 4 person cell.  squad will look take shape like this. 1 jonin and 3 Chunnin or Genin
Dragon Age: Not sure what I am looking for in this but an RP set in Fereldan would be fun.

If any of these tickle your fancy pm me.

Active roleplays
The Flight of Edward Barnett
The Taming of a Summoner
The Last Hope
Changing Majors
Eighteenth Century Love

Slow moving roleplays
Naruto: Desert Love
Genie and the thief
Shining light
Spell of Binding
Fallen Angel

Dying Roleplays
X-Men: Rouge story
Get out of Jail free

On hiatus
Stargate: Lost on Another world
Dangerous School Games
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Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Jarods list of desired roleplays
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2010, 01:17:33 AM »
Not currently looking for any roleplays.  My plate is currently very full and it wouldn't be fair to start another roleplay.

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Jarods list of desired roleplays
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2010, 03:04:17 AM »
Naruto Roleplay:  I am looking to form a 4 person cell.  The structure of the ninja team will be as followd

Jonin (High ninja): my character
Chunnin (middle or genin lower):
Chunnin (middle or genin lower):
Chunnin (middle or genin lower):

Preferably I would like the team two consist of two female players, 1 male player but we can work around that but I am flexible. If you are interested pm me.  We can discuss which village we want to be from and what kind of missions we want to take part in once I know if there are any takers.

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Re: Jarods list of desired roleplays
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2010, 10:02:41 PM »
First post updated.  new pairings have been added.

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Re: Jarods list of desired roleplays
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2010, 09:13:34 PM »
Gambit x Rouge RP added to pairings.

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Re: Jarods list of desired roleplays
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2010, 06:00:01 AM »
Added pairings.  Boss x employee, and Love potion

Offline HotCurryPie

Re: Jarods list of desired roleplays
« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2010, 10:01:38 AM »
oh Gambit and Rogue are some of my favorite characters! I would love to rp Rogue

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Jarods list of desired roleplays
« Reply #7 on: June 13, 2010, 01:43:36 AM »
New plots added.

Slave Market
Summoner's Folly
Teacher Secret
Adopted Daughter
The Visitor
Pirates Booty
A family touch
The Outlaw
Angels and Demons : The price of peace
The Last Hope
Seeker of Ancient Knowledge

More plots to come.

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Re: Jarods list of desired roleplays (open to all comers)
« Reply #8 on: June 14, 2010, 10:24:08 PM »
Two new games added:

The Mermaid Princess
Project Mercury