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Started by Kakihara, August 27, 2006, 12:54:01 AM

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Well, I'm still working myself up to start a group game that I've had in my mind for a while but figured I'd suggest some one on one (or three player games as the last one can bed) while I consider things.  Just a few of the random ideas that keep going through my mind.  These are just a smattering of ideas to get the ball rolling, dying to do some adult role playing, but always willing to consider other variations of these ideas or completly new ideas.

Halloween Wish M/f(Heavy BDSM/tentacles)

This is a story about a goth girl who’s experienced everything there is to do in the scene and is bored, looking for something new.  She goes to the club on a special Halloween party not expecting anything special, like always, and happens upon Nathanial Cole.  Nathanial is a former mage who conjured a demon only to lose himself to it.  Now, the demon, Krinja-ne, inhabits him.  He has been long from the physical world and is looking to test his senses and his capabilities.  He wants a human toy to play with, to enslave as his own, but so far he has not found one worthy of his time.  Seeing the woman, he sees a spark of possibilities that excite him.

The story would involve heavy BDSM and tentacles along with smatterings of other ideas that would be worked out over pm.

Samurai Resurrection M/F(Romantic)

Well, actually more like reincarnation but that doesn’t read as well in a title.  A romantic tale about a 20-something guy living in Chicago, going along on a normal, boring life.  He is a business man that has always felt off from the rest of the world, as if he was born in the wrong time.  He clings to ideals that are strange to others, codes of honor that he holds dear.  Since as long as he can remember, he has been fascinated with Japanese culture and history, especially the Samurai.  He has gone so far as to become a master in Iaido and jujitsu.

A new exhibit comes to Chicago’s Field Museum featuring artifacts of the many of the periods of Japanese history, arraigned by a beautiful Japanese archeologist.  Two strange creatures, oni, suddenly interrupt the opening night of the exhibit, taking an artifact and threatening to take the woman.  Moved by a sudden urge, Marcus grabs the one of the katanas on display and runs to her aid.  A strange thing happens as he grabs the sword and moves with precision, memories of an old life start to flutter through his mind.  Defeating one oni, the other gets away.

The man realizes he was one a samurai in another life, and the woman was a geisha he’d fallen in love with.  She also has an inkling from strange dreams but still does not believe it.  But something happens as they try to figure out what is going on, they began to fall for one another.  A fire from old lives are reignited and they find themselves consumed together.

Ovid Society M/m-ts(Heavy BDSMForced fem/ts/toys/humiliation/enslavement)

The main character had always been curious about it but had done little beyond occasionally dressing in stockings and garters once or twice.  He had been found by his mother dressed in his sisters underwear and had gotten quite a beating for it, being told how wrong he’d been for doing it.  Since then, he’s been trying to life on the strait and narrow, even marrying because it was what he was suppose to do.  And then he visited the website, following a link off one of his favorite sites, and his world changed.

He finds an email in the morning telling him his world is about to change, his wish is about to be granted.  Thinking it spam, he deletes it and heads to work.  Soon, he is fired from his job on suspicion of embezzlement.  He goes to find his bank card doesn’t work and bank employees tell him his accounts are frozen.  He goes home to find his wife isn’t there to comfort him, only a strange box.  A small card is attached that simply says, “I warned you.”  Mad, he opens the box to be spayed with some chemical that knocks him out.

What follows is a harsh journey to becoming a transsexual slave to his new master.

Unknown Passages (Heavy BDSM/piercings/tentacles/dick-girls/enslavement/much more)

This would either be a solo story or possible for two others beyond me to play a man and woman couple.

The couple has been into the occult for years, practicing at being masters of dark magick but mainly use it as an excuse to satisfy their carnal needs.  One day they are at their normal occult bookstore shopping when they stumble upon some strange, leather bound book titled, ‘Strange Pleasures’.  Although in another language, it has some interesting pictures showing bound men and woman so they get it thinking it will at least make a good conversation piece.

At home, they decide to try one of the rituals in the book from what little they can gleam from it.  A fog fills the room and a beautiful woman steps forward to look at them, smiling seductively at both.  She leans forward and kisses them, both of them passing out.  They wake up before the demon queen in chains, nude except for collars.  The demon queen is a dickgirl and she has a tentacle demon as her servant, together they are looking for a way to get beyond their boundaries.  But the spell they used has proposed them as the demon queen’s slave/concubine, binding them to her for what is suppose to end in a supernatural wedding of sorts.  After that, she would be able to cross over.


Been plauged with some more story ideas reading through some of my RPG books and figured I'd offer them up.  They are set in established game worlds though they have some tweaks to put a good spin on them.  They would not be using any of the game systems, just using the setting as one on one system games never all that fun.

Eberron one on one ideas

Following the Lead

A strange new cult is growing in the Five Kingdoms, peaking the curiosity of many.  When a few nobles and dragonmarked disappear, the curiosity of man begins to turn into fear and mistrust, especially when some of the nobles return with completely different personalities.  Once arrogant and bullheaded men and women return acting meek and subservient to their superiors, respectful to their fellows.  With so many of the Dragonmarked houses worried, House Tharashk has found a lead after an exhaustive investigation into a number of the disappearances, a small resort town on the coast near Sharn called Shibari.

House Thrashk has assigned Inquisitor and telepath psion Hardek Kail d’Tharashk and his female partner to go to the town and infiltrate the city posing as a married couple.  They are to visit the gnome artificer Neels who it is believed is their in into the exclusive and selective Malovian Castle, where many of the house suspect the answer to the disappearances lie.  From there, they would have to enter a strange world with the investigator playing the master and his partner playing the slave.  Perhaps she does it out of loyalty or perhaps she really has had lingering wants for both the man and the acts they get involved in.

The storyline would involve heavy BDSM, especially focused on the bondage and discipline angle.  There would be magical tools used to help with many aspects of the work training and disciplining slaves.  There might be some forced sexual activity with other guest, perhaps some orcs and other humanoids depending on the proclivity of the other writer.  Other aspects could be worked in as well if a player wants to explore or enjoy a particular fetish or idea.  The female character can be any racial persuasion you prefer though elven, human or half-elven would seem appropriate, though some of the more exotic races could work as well I suppose.

Dragonstar inspired stories

Bargaining Chip

Moril was a primitive world by most aspects of the Empire but was rich in minerals, magic and other resources ripe for the taking.  The people were a hardy, decent lot, making their way in a feudal society.  Elves, humans, orcs and many other races lived in relative peace except for some border skirmishes, many of the peasants lived in harmony with the land.  On the high holy day of Kreen, everything changed as the black ships of the Dragon Empire darkened their sky.

Footsoldiers of the empire began to appear throughout the land, taking what they could and wiping out what resisted.  Although their magic was strong, they could not stand up to the might and technology of the Empire.  It was clear that if they continued along their path, their people would be destroyed and the land laid bare.  So, the king sent a messenger to the invaders to talk of surrender.

With his men at his side, the Lord High Marshal came to the king’s castle where the leaders of the various kingdoms had met, along with a drow captain of the ISPD, the Imperial Special Police Directorate.  They here the terms of their unconditional surrender and allow a few, though all there know who holds the cards.  The Lord High Marshal seems content to leave it at that but the drow captain adds one condition to the surrender.  The king must give one of his daughters to them, to be taken away as security in case of any insurrection.

The king is unwilling to agree to this despite the pressure, but his youngest daughter finally steps forward to offer herself as part of the bargain, and the deal is done.  The drow captain has little care in using the woman to secure the homeland, but he has become obsessed by secret teachings of a sect of the followers of The Lover and is looking for an unwilling lover to use and hopefully break.

New Vistas

She had watched ships come and go all her life, dreaming of the stars and excitement.  Anything but the boring dirt of her homeworld, the drudgery of her life.  Her father dies, broke and alone, leaving little for her but a life of more of the same.  That day, she decides she is getting off this rock, packing up and stowing aboard one of the freighters leaving.  The crew is not too pleased when the find her and decide to have a little fun, putting her in a non functioning suit and jettison her out the door to see how long she’ll leave with only the small air in the suit to breath.  Eventually, she passes out, expecting to die alone in the darkness.

Surprisingly, she waked up in a ship with a robot looking over her.  She finds herself on a retrofitted Couriership of a rogue, smuggler and occasional spy who goes by the name Hawkes, who is still too much a gentleman to let a woman suffocate to death like some barbarian.  Most of the ship is automated with only him and his soulmech navigator to man the ship.  He is on his way to Uur, the city of Pain, built in an asteroid.  Because of it’s uniqueness and regulations, it is the perfect place for shady dealings with others who’d rather not be known.

Hawkes continues to insist he will put the woman down on the nearest planet before he hits Uur but she argues against it.  She doesn’t want to see another planet, she wants to see the stars and all it has to offer.  Finally, he explains the number one rule of Uur, only one master can come on shore, any others must be his bound slave.  At first she is perhaps shocked but she wants to see things and convinces Hawkes to take her.  He is forced to collar her and dress her appropriately before they go ashore.  The strange feeling in the air, the drinks and food just seem to move them further into the feel of the place, eventually they are either forced to prove themselves truly master and slave or the feel gets to them in private and they start to experiment.

This story would be more light to medium BDSM and totally consensual sex.  I see it having a kind of Goren feel to it, with slaves being collared but also being respected and cared for.  It would be a master’s duty to protect and care for his slave while it is the slave’s duty to be thankful for such care and serve their master as best as they could. I see them starting at first just playing around but eventually being seduced into the full path of being master and slave as Hawkes goes about his business in the plot.