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A Little About Me

Hello.  Thank you for visiting my one on one role playing idea’s page. 

I consider myself a fairly literate writer though I know I’m not perfect.  I mess up tenses sometimes and miss things in my spellcheck.  I do try but it’s a continuing process.  I'm pretty laid back about things and just enjoy the processes of creating a story with another person.  I love the give and take of brainstorming and writing, new things coming up and being thrown out.  And, of course, all the planning in the world can go out the window a little when the characters start thriving on the page where I find they can change and take on a mind of their own.

Since I want the RP to be a collaborative process I never had any preconceived notion of my partner's character or look preference.  I prefer when my writing partners write and play the character they want to, use what face claims they want.   I will write with anybody, from Lords, Ladies, Lieges and Legates. To me, it doesn't matter what your gender and sexuality are, as long as our writing harmonize well and that you are very willing to write wonderful stories with me as a writing partner.

Storywise, I write traditional third person fiction and can get fairly lengthy in my post depending on the scene and what I might be working with from my partner. I can get pretty long in the words for my opening post, so be warned, I know some don’t like that much. I also understand this is my prerogative, I don’t expect as much length from my partner. I do expect to average at least three to four paragraphs though and usually move to match my partner's post length.

Long term Role Plays
I usually aim for long term RPs which can be quite a commitment and a few years ago I had some personal issues that killed my muse and I couldn't write for a while.  I know we all suffer some muse issues but I want to reiterate that I will try to keep any partner up to day either personally or via my Absence thread if my posting should be delayed.  Communication is essential for good games to continue on I believe.   (Note: I will always check a partner's A/A for any updates but if there is no updates done there to indicate a possible absence, if a month passes without any word I'm going to assume you are not committed to the story and consider it dropped. I do not need the personal details but a simple 'I'm unable to write currently but I do wish to continue the RP when I can' is sufficient.)

Face Claims
I'm open on this one though I do lean towards using Face claims.  I have written more descriptions in the past but I've gotten more used to using face claims.  If we do use face claims though I am open to both using real life face claims as well as artistic ones, though I normally default and lean towards RL ones. (Note, because I support Artist, I will not work with AI art in any story.)

(or What I’m looking for in a writing partner.)
For me, RPing is a collaboration between two writers looking to create a great story. So, I’m more than glad to hear your ideas on one of the ideas I’ve posted, even if it’s a rift off of what I created.  Since I understand life happens, I can deal with one or two post a week or once a day, heck I'm ok with it being weeks in between for good RPs. I have no specific need on length, but I do get a little perturbed if I write a long, detailed post and I get a one line answer. I understand that some post will be short, especially if the action is getting built up or for sex scenes.

I will say a very important thing to me is that both writers contribute to the idea of a story, brainstorming both in the beginning plotting and new scenes as things progress, as I’ve found many collaborations can become one sided.  I am always briming with ideas and will often toss ideas out but I love when my partner throws out ideas and I can add to it, both of us contributing to a great scene or arc.  While I don’t think the whole story needs to be plotted out, we should have the end goal set up and good start at least planned out before jumping in.  Another important part of collaboration, and contributing equally, is that both writers push the story, as I’ve run into many instances where one writer just wants to be along for the ride.  Even if a story includes D/s elements, both parties should be pushing the actual story along.  As part of this, replies that push the story forward is necessary and not just responding to what was given is paramount.  Of course, how far you can push things will vary scene to scene but not having anything has been a problem in the past.

While I do have Discord, I prefer to do my planning in PMs on E just because it's easier to organize and I'm on it more than Discord, as well as it lets me think on replies as I always feel pressured to reply quickly to Discord message if on, and I prefer to give plotting some thought.

  • I don’t enter any story with a smut ratio but most of my ideas are more slow burn, not that I’m against a getting to the smut sooner.
  • I love OCC talk.  Just because we have finished the brainstorming we can keep in communication about future of the story or just to chat.
  • If you reach out with more than a ‘I want to do this’ I will always respond to you even if it’s to say I’m not interested or that I’m full up on RPs right now.  I hate reaching out and getting no response so I won’t do that to anyone that puts in effort.
  • I don’t have any specific metric as far as how much you write though I find it difficult to go below three paragraphs with a partner
  • I’m fine with new writers or those who’s English is not their first language.  I am patient and not a grammar stickler, English is my first language and I still mess up.
  • If you are getting bored or just not feeling something feel free to let me know you are having issues. We can see if there is anything we can do or maybe need to drop this specific RP.

Posting Rate/Availability
I try to reply often but things get hectic and the muse sometimes doesn't cooperate so I would say a few times a week but I will try to update my A/A page with any issues. (keeping up but may slow down the next few months.) Availability -Not Looking for solos currently.

Cravings: Angst.  Lots of angst in a story.

●●● Extremely Craving
●● Mildly Craving
Kind-of Craving



Tears Don’t Fall ●●●

Content: Action, Magic, Fantasy, Historical, Dark Romance, Powerplay, Supernatural, Teasing

Setting: Historical Japan, leaning towards the Edo period though possibly Meiji Restoration if facing the end of the samurai.

Story: He had traded everything for his beloved after his lord was killed and he’d become a ronin, knowing she was in danger.  The mask offered by the yokai was said to contain the power of the oni and would give him their strength and power.  It was made clear in return he would have to dedicate his blade to an Oni master who were fighting their own war, his life would not be his own.  She was worth any sacrifice, and his station long gone, so he readily agreed.  The power was immense and he easily tore through the ranks of the lord of the man who’d taken his life away.   She was there for him, waiting, holding him close to whisper in his ear like she used to, telling him how much he meant to her.  As a tool.

The dagger slipped up into his back too easily, the poison moving through his system so quickly as the blade hit home.  His body collapsed as he stared up at her smiling, leering face, confused, and then it was time to pay the price.  He was now a blade in service of an oni, a slave to her until the contract was fulfilled.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the Oni warrior who is looking to keep her own people safe, using the human samurai as a tool  They should be strong and tough, though perhaps a bit more rough around the edges.  While at first, the samurai is simply a tool, more a pet, as she starts to see his worth, and pain, feelings grow as they get closer to one another.  Though it may take a while to accept friendship from a human, the kind who’ve hurt her people so much in the past, loosing respect for tradition.

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Bent by Storms and Dreams ●●●

Content: Low Fantasy, Adventure, Long Journey, Action, Magic, Supernatural, Sexual Tension, Sorcery, Powerplay

Setting: A low fantasy world similar to the Conan books where magic is dark and dangerous, and there is pockets of civilization and barbarian tribes.  Perhaps some Arabian touches to the prince’s kingdom.

Story: He was a kings son, a warrior in a long line of warrior.  The young man had trained constantly to represent his country on the battlefield and do his father proud.  But how was he supposed to show himself a proud warrior and worthy of taking the throne when it was time when she kept killing everything that came near him!  She was a gift of a treaty with a neighboring barbarian tribe against the Neight Empire, a savage warrior trained to protect the clan heads.  She was a sight to behold on the battlefield, bloody and beautiful.  The men had started to tease him and suggest maybe he should best her in the bed.  When she heard this though all she said was it was he who would be bested.

When a political coop takes his family, and his heritage, he only has his warrior and his wit to rely on and rebuild what was lost.  It is a long journey and one that will range beyond the castle walls.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the female warrior who is both dangerous and bold, but not understanding of the more civilized notions.  There should be both some humor and a lot of action involved in the various encounters in the journey shared between the two main characters.  She should have her own history and motivation with her own tribe though honor forced her into her new position. 

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Year of the Wolf ●●

Content: Slow Burn, Social Differences, Consensual, Emotional Struggle, Age Gap, Modern, Angst, Violence

Setting: A modern Los Angeles and Hollywood area, mainly exploring the seedy underbelly.

Story: The call had some in the middle of the night and for a moment he thought it was the job calling him.  He’d been the person on the other side of the line in his life, giving the heart-breaking news of the death of a loved one.  Things became a blur for a while as he tried to comprehend how his little darling had died so young.  Calling in some favors, he found out she’d been killed and they thought one of her ‘friends’ had seen the person.  The words they used hinted at a bad life, having lost touch with her over the last few years when his ex-wife moved across the country to settle in San Diego.  He’d been a good cop once but life had worn him down and he’d started taking the payments others had been doing just to fund living, it had gotten him busted from the force.  When it looks like the cops aren’t going to do anything, he goes across the state to find this friend, learning his little girl had been turning tricks, protecting the friend and hunting this killer who seems protected and has left a trail of bodies.  A former Marine Recon and SWAT officer, he is an army of one against those who took his daughter’s life and hide behind the protection of money.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the witness and possible former friend of the daughter who has been doing what she has to so she can get by, coming from a hard life.  She could be a stripper, a porn star or prostitute, it’s fairly open, but she knows how bad the world and the people after her can be, but the man is an unknown.  She may be distrustful and wary at first of the father, not knowing him, but after seeing him do what he does, perhaps grows more comfortable with him.  She should be strong and independent and tough, certainly giving as good as she gets, though I’m not against her being submissive when they finally grow intimate.

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The Wolf You Feed ●●

Content: Magic, High Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Femdom, possible Non-Consensual, Bondage

Setting: A high magic world with elements of steampunk or clockworkpunk in a kingdom that is experiencing some internal conflict.

Story: He'd always been a bit of a gambler and perhaps liked to push his luck a little too far sometimes but for one he had to admit he may have been over his head.  Betting the elven mistress, the woman who oversaw the entire battle encampment of the kingdom, that he could easily secure the contract to Jogoku wine seemed a sure thing.  How was he supposed to know she was going to screw him over by getting someone else already in Jogoku to immediately secure a route.  Damn it.  Sometimes his mouth got him into positions he didn't want to be in.  Maybe she would listen to reason, he had plenty of connections.  But seeing her approach on a tamed ogre, drinking the called for wine, he felt he was sinking deeper in.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the elven lady who is one step ahead of the man with so much confidence, both to teach him a lesson and have him as a tool.  She has many political enemies chomping at her and her own plans which he could be useful for, she just needed to let him play into her hands.  She should be both confident and cunning, a strong woman who is ready for anything, though she has her own weaknesses she keeps hidden.  She may start this out as purely an endeavor to keep ahead of things but feelings develop, perhaps.

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Night Never Ending ●●●

Content: Dark Romance, Modern Fantasy, Action, Magic, Supernatural, Sexual Tension

Setting: A modern world with magic and spirits in the world, set in the big city of Chicago (or possibly an East Coast city)

Story:  He consulted for the police on an irregular basis, most crimes involving magic didn't get to the mortal police.  The scene he walked into was horrific, blood everywhere in what appeared to be some kind of ritual magic.  In the middle of it, she had stood, though they had taken her off to the side by then.  She claimed to be a spirit given form, not a human, but he knew that was impossible.  This was not going to be an easy one.

With a checkered past, he once was once the pupil of an infamous necromancer who was accused, censured and eventually hunted by the mage council for violating all standards.  Because of his pedigree, he is closely watched even though he’s focused on spirit and exorcism arts, they know he is well versed in all of necromancy.  But the mystery the spirit leads too, may put him in more danger and force him to call on arts he’s long since pushed down in his memory.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the female spirit who’s missing a part of her memory of what happened to her as part of the mystery to unravel.  She should be fairly strong and determined though a bit unsure with so much of her past missing, not a wilting violet.  Perhaps she might even grow to distrust the man at one point since he can control and use spirits, so it may take earning each other’s trust again. 

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Indomitable ●●

Content: High Fantasy, Adventure, Long Journey, Action, Magic, Supernatural, Sexual Tension, Sorcery, Powerplay

Setting: A high fantasy world where magic is plentiful and ancient races walk side by side with humans following ancient pacts.

Story: Being assigned to help the evacuation of the dwarves from one of their oldest keep was part of a hand of friendship between two kingdoms who’d never gotten along.  But when the elven warrior was forced to work with the dwarf warrior, they thought it would be a short partnership that they didn’t have to like.  But then the dragon came down and gave them a sacred quest, a quest from such a rare magical creature could not be ignored.  Now, they were forced to work and live together under a magical bond until their quest was completed.  As they work on completing the quest, they realize that it is more than a silly notion of the dragon but an important cog in a moving plan which could spend the end of all they know.

What I'm Looking For:  Someone to play the female dwarf who’s watched her home destroyed and is now bound with an elf, forced to follow the whims of a dragon.  She should be strong and independent, perhaps a bit not traditional, and dislike having to be forced with the elf.  I imagine them having fairly opposite personalities where they clash often, taking time to wear down each other’s defenses. 

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Nightmare ●●

Content: Dark Romance, Dub-Con, Obsession, Stalker, Blackmail, Possible Non-Con, Supernatural, Emotional Manipulation

Setting: A Modern city like Philadelphia or New York where dark forces pool in the broken cracks of the world.

Story: The breakup had nearly killed him, literally, having poured so much of him into their future.  When she broke his heart, she broke him and he wasn’t strong enough to help himself.  The blade sliced clean enough, he remembered to cut up along the arm not across like so many failed attempts.  He’d sat in the warm tub as it supposedly made the blood flow better.  But they found him and took him to the hospital, he’d failed at even that.   But in that period between life and death as his blood poured out with his love, it found him and became obsessed.  It’s there in the darkness waiting for him, wanting him, and he’s both frightened but also… strangely intrigued.  He’s not alone anymore.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the demon or creature that grows obsessed with the male character finding him recovering from his deep depression and suicide attempt.  Something about him just intrigues her and decides to take him on and make his life better.  Though her interpretation of making it better will probably not be fun for them, treating it more as a game. 

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No Mercy ●●●

Content: Action, Dark or Light Romance, High Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural, Medieval, Adventure, Violence

Setting: A fantasy world overrun by monsters of all kinds. 

Story:  In a world full of deadly creatures, the Slayer’s Guild was created to give an avenue for those with problems with monster hordes to higher those with skills to take on such matters.  Most in the guild want to make a name for themselves by being strong enough to defeat dragons and demons, seeing the common rabble creatures below them.  But every one has to cut their teeth, so a small group of inexperienced adventures set off to kill a small nest of Goblins.  The goblin family includes hobgoblins, orks and ogres in this world.  A lot of adventures encounter stragglers growing up and they are easy to beat but a group has tactics and smarts, something a lot don’t realize until too late.

With most of her party dead or being breed, she is alone and sure she will be meeting a similar fate when a man in armor decimates the goblins around her. Together, they wipe out the next and rescue the survivors and hostages that are able to be while he kills those poisoned and too far gone.  After recovering, she seeks out the man who saved her finding out most look down on this man who only kills what some see as lesser beings meant for the weaker adventurers.  Perhaps because she sees herself owing his life to him, only feels safe going back out with him or realizes he needs someone to help him, she joins up with him in his gobbling killing ways.  She learns he is one of the few trained as a Revenant from the east, men who live a life of violence to protect others and almost never remove their armor for one must always be ready for battle

After a few missions to train her in the ways of tracking and killing, they receive a call from the arch bishop of the Great Temple of Eliohem and start on the journey there.  Despite his brusque ways, the priestess asks him to clear a nest of goblins from underneath he city which has started to attack the population.  They delve with a few others to wipe out the creatures but in doing so they find a puzzle that will lead to something even bigger.  The goblins-kin are forming alliances between clans by some new leader who is organizing them, leading them to something that will rock the world.  They are gathering ancient magic that would devastate the other races and only those who truly see the threat of the goblins can stop them.

(Obviously the idea is inspired by the Goblin Slayer it will not follow the story beyond the base idea but I do want to capture the violent and raw feel of things.)

What I'm Looking For:  I’m looking for someone who can write a strong woman who still knows her limits and can shows her emotions, perhaps a warrior or ranger or it could be a healer or mage.  The most important thing is she’s patient and caring but not weak or demure.  The male character will be extremely stoic where he doesn’t reach out physically or emotionally for a long while as he’s focused on his mission to destroy goblins.  So it will be a slow burn and it will require a writer who doesn’t see a characters actions as an attack on them.  The character is going to be difficult but eventually the wall will break as they travel and live together on the road. 

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Crazy Hot ●●●

Content: Role-reversal, power play, bondage, pegging, pleasure/orgasm control/denial, femdom, blackmail, adultry/cuckolding, corruption

Setting: A modern University in America.

Story: All I really have an idea of is that not your typical teacherxstudent fantasy wherein the female student sleeps with a male teacher for a love or for grades; bitch is batshit crazy. But she's the kind of crazy that becomes a drug only after he realizes he's in too deep. I would want to spend at least a few pages building tension and temptation between them. Possibly pregnancy?

I was thinking that perhaps he's a professor who's gotten tenure recently so feels a little secure and his life has gotten rather boring. His wife is very much all about the social life and not the poetic sole he'd thought she'd be, worried more about status and the gifts it give. Perhaps she's from money and is a board member of the college, among many other things, it puts the risk of her finding out even greater.

maybe it's a little of both that things start happening, for great and feelings? I was thinking he's bored and spending lots of time on campus so maybe she's not doing well and starts asking for extra work to bring her grade up or for extra attention to understand a subject so they meet often in his office. I was thinking either an English lit professor though I could see possible philosophy or psychology. So it could be she decided to let things go farther because she things she'll get a good grade or maybe because she has feelings. He doesn't really understand what is going on as well as he's just allowing himself to be taken away by his passions, doesn't think logically, she is what he's been needing. Perhaps it's over Spring semester (I mean for some reason I was assuming from your idea that it was college though I'm open to a high school one if that's what you were thinking) and he things it's over with at Christmas vacation and that's when the crazy comes in, now that she's got the grade and he thinks he's just going to walk away?

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the female who becomes obsessed and stalkerish with her professor.  At first it would just be a little romance and sweetness perhaps, nothing big, both of them playing with the taboo but unwilling to go over the line.  But when they do go over the line, she becomes very possessive and even mean for having to share him, so she starts to dominate and control him, possibly using blackmail.

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Older ideas that never took off

Taking Candy
Taking Candy ●●

Content: Action, Adventure, Violence, Crime, Russian Mob, Modern, Grey Morals

Setting: Modern America. Starting in a Strip Club

Story: It was a strange meeting of the minds that night which produced a plan that would be their biggest score or biggest failure.   Oleg wanted to make an impression on a visiting businessman so he sent his best girl along with his head of security to watch out for her. He knew he was good and seemed to have the liking of the bosses back home though he didn’t know the older man was former Spetzna, only that he was a hard one.  Unfortunately, the run didn’t go so well when the clients decided to try and take what they wanted from the dancer, but Viktor wasn’t one to let anything like that happen. 

Seeing her in a state, Viktor takes the woman to a private place, another hotel or his place, to sit and calm down and talk. As they talk, they realize neither of them are quite happy working under Oleg and want to get out.  They don’t have any illusions of who or what they are.  But they both have some very interesting knowledge. The stripper knows Oleg has been skimming off the top from what he sends the rest of the organization and filling a private coffer with cash.  Viktor knows that the bosses have some people coming to inspect things so the cash will probably have to be moved soon as it seems suspicious.  With paranoia whipping up at the place, it seems a limited window to get the cash and leave Oleg holding the bag to the big wigs to screw them over.

But things never go smooth and the next few weeks will be intense and they will either come out having turned things around in their favor or dead.  Either way, it’s going to be a wild ride.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the stripper who’s experienced and ready to get out of what she’s doing but not much options she can find.  I’m open to the relationship that develops between them, it could be one of romance or it would be a bit D/s going on either side or even Switch.  I haven’t really set it in my head yet.  While it will be on the realistic side we may get into some over the top action at some point.  I don’t think either character are angels so there is a lot of possiblity

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A Witcher's Curse
A Witcher’s Curse    ●●●

Content: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Power Strugle, Dark Romance

Setting: The Witcher universe, derived from the books and the games, though not restricted to what has been as this is not a fandom.

Story: Like many of his order, Merrick was a loner and wandered the lands looking for work wherever he could find it.  Wherever he was needed.  His current employer had claimed there was a white furred beast on the snowy mountain, hiring him to rid the land of this thing preying on travelers and pilgrims.  It had been a long, hard trip to track the creature and even harder to bring it down, the creature’s claw nearly ripping him in two. It was only because of his order’s legendary endurance and toughness that he was able to stumble out of it’s den.  Knowing he would not survive the trip back to the village, he looked for a place to hole up and bandage, hoping he could last the night, and saw the smoke rising from the old keep.

He found her there with a fire going and stew bubbling when he walked in, dribbling blood on the dusty stone.  It was about as far as he got when he passed out and awoke with her attending him, a strange but beautiful woman hidden away out here.  The wounds were well cared for and seemed healed well for simple poultices.  He began to suspect she was something more but he realized he had no weapons, his dual blades no where to be found.  She’d known he’d realized something was up and offered that she meant him no harm but he had nearly died in the night, only her gifts allowing him to live.  By all accounts he owed her a debit and she needed to collect, the magic in his blood now binding them so he could not harm her.  Looking inward, he knew she was right feeling the magic lacing his blood, something that should not be possible with his kind.

She told him that a curse had been placed on her and her family but she could do nothing for them, they had been killed in their arrogance.  But she was not about to let herself die so easily.  There was a place she believed they could find the answer but it was in unforgiving territories where only someone with the skill of a Witcher could get too.  Break the curse and free himself.  And even earn some coin. Magic was funny that way and there was no guarantee killing her would free him, but there was a way she looked at him, acted towards him, that told him it was going to be a long journey. (While it may begin as a simple quest to solve her curse, it could lead into much more that we can plot out.)

What I'm Looking For:  Someone to play the female person who is cursed.  Perhaps she is a mage or perhaps she is some kind of supernatural creature.  I am not a master of the lore so I’m not looking to keep strictly too it so I’m open to ideas.  I imagine there would be some butting of heads with either one trying to show they are in control, they are dominant.  I am looking for someone who can write a strong woman who can stand up to a strong man and give as good as she gets if not better.  I’m open to how the relationship develops and what kinks may be involved though I imagine it would be a  somewhat slow burn for feelings to develop. 

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Culture Clash
Culture Clash ●●●

Content: Police Procedural, Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Struggle, Magic, Modern, Power Struggle, Hate-To-Love

Setting: A booming Wilmington, NC filled with elves, fairies and other strange creatures which are generally called aliens derogatorily.

Story: 15 years ago, a mysterious hyperspace gate appeared over the Atlantic Ocean in our world. Elves, fairies, and other fantastic creatures came through the gate from the other side and established diplomatic relations with Earth after initial conflict. In the present day, Bull Head Island, North Carolina and its nearby city of Wilmington serves as Earth's "front door" to the magical world on the other side of the gate, and over two million non-humans live within the city, mixing with additional human residents. This results in both prosperous growth for the island, and a seedy underbelly of criminals who seek to take advantage of it. The Wilmington Metropolitan Police Department is established to keep order within the city between those two forces.

After a drug bust goes horribly wrong, a detective loses both the fairy being sold as a catalyst for new drugs and his partner of four years in the Metropolitan Police to a Semanian attacker. Despite his attitude towards the Semanian people he derisively calls "aliens," he is forced to partner with a Semanian knight to find the fairy lost in the drug bust, as they consider the fairy an important Semanian citizen.  Things grow complicated when they learn that a well-secure Semanian noble and the wizard behind him are behind the ‘fairy dust’ epidemic and they have deeper plans.  There are a great deal of culture class between Earthers and Semanians as well as the social strata of the Semanian’s.

The idea is based on Cop Craft and influenced by Alien Nation.  The names are taken from the one source but I’m totally good with world building a new name and idea of the alien stratus.  The story could go as one long, overall story of conflict or it could be more episodic with one big bad they are slowly working towards, such as defeating the noble but the wizard getting away and slowly trying to get to the wizard.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the Semanian knight who is a noble warrior dedicated to justice.  A fierce and strong willed woman who will conflict with the former soldier and detective she is assigned too.  She would be a wielder of sword and some magic in a modern world. I see her having some pride and strictures of being a knight so that perhaps she gets kicked out of her hotel not willing to give up her blade so she has to end up staying with the detective.

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Lost in the Dark
Lost in the Dark ●●

Content: Science Fiction, Alien, Action, Possible Power struggle or D/s relationship

Setting: A distant future but in galaxies far, far away in a galaxy held under the tight thumb of a dominant empire with a few bands of resistance here and there.  A ship that is sentient.

Story:Inspired by the likes of Farscape or Buck Rogers, an astronaut is launched into space as part of an experimental test.  Everything seems to be going well when things start going haywire and either he is frozen in space, hurling to the reaches, or a wormhole develops, sending him across the galaxy.  He is awakened when a rare space species, a symbiotic creature, finds him and attaches.  Their race have been dormant for years as few species can seem to adapt to them.  But he soon finds himself in a cell with a woman who is a warrior, while he is more smart and charming but out of his depth in this new world.  The symbiote does give him knowledge but its like book learning, not practical, so he finds himself having to follow this warrior, helping her out where a blade or blaster isn’t sufficient, but often forced to let her handle the rough patches.

What I'm Looking For:  Looking for someone to write one of the female alien warrior he wakes up in the cell with who will not trust him but find she needs him to get out of the prison they find themselves in.  Together they escape and find a special ship locked away which they steal and head off into space.  I see her as being from a proud warrior tradition, think Klingon or Amazonian.  I see a lot of conflict between them at first but they have similar goals and she may have ties to the small resistance, perhaps reluctantly.  Their relationship would be a powerplay at first but it could develop into a more D/s relationship or something more, I'm open to where they head but I figure they will be butting heads in the beginning.

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The Paladin's Temptation
The Paladin’s Temptation

Content: Protector (YC) x Protectee (MC), High Fantasy, Action, Adventure, War, Struggle, Light or Dark Romance
Setting: A fantasy setting, possibly steampunk, with a deep religions background in a kingdom recently done a large war, long enough that lawlessness was rampant on the border areas. 

Story:He was not always the nicest of persons having grown up hard on the streets, doing whatever was needed to survive.  Eventually, he joined a raiding crew for more money than what he’d been doing to live hand to mouth.  On one raid, he goes to a temple to take their treasures but the old priestess won’t give things up easily, there is a struggle and he knocks her down, ready to kill her.  And then he saw it, his mind and eyes flooded with the beauty of the Goddess.  He wept for the first time he could remember in a long time.  The goddess asked him a simple question that day and kissed his cheek, his world forever changed.  But he was a man of violence, not a scholarly priest, so he joined the temple as a Paladin to dedicate himself to bring her honor.

The mother superior has called on him now, a woman needs to be escorted across the country to safety at the main temple.  Perhaps it’s a princess looking for refuge from a royal plot or perhaps it’s a priestess/sage who’s learned something others don’t want her to know.  So it would be a journey of them across the country while being attacked.  The level of tech could be from your standard fantasy into a steampunk/western level depending on feel and preference.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the female looking for an escort into the more dangerous areas of the kingdom to a grand temple in a great city.  I see her having had her life touched by these raiders so when she sees the tattoo or brand on the paladin she recognized it.  It could lead to some distrust and worry.  Or perhaps she even set out to make sure it was him and has had him in his sights since the beginning, that the whole thing is a ruse.

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Deadly Force
Deadly Force ●●

Content:Horror, Modern, Police, Rivals to Buddies, Sexual Tension

Setting: A modern city in the detective bureau of the local police department.

Story:Inspired by the buddy cop moves of the 80s, my character has had a hard time and recently lost a problem, becoming a bit of a loose cannon.  Your character has been assigned as his new partner in violent crimes.  The first case they catch is a murder that seems very familiar, perhaps it’s one he’s seen in the past or perhaps it’s once she’s been too.  It’s a killer that should be dead.  Now, this could be more like Silent Rage where it is a killer has been subjected to experiments that have brought him back to a Jason Vorhees like state.  Or it could be a more supernatural thing like The First Power or Split Second where the killer has transcended into the supernatural realm. 

My character has faced some personal tragedy and is considered a lose cannon, perhaps a bit mentally unstable.  But he lives by a code and has remained an honest cop all these years. 

What I'm Looking For:  Looking for someone to write the partner in the Violent Crimes division.  Perhaps she has her own past following her and no one else wanted to work with her so she got thrown my character.  Perhaps they are hoping my character will drive your character to quit.  Perhaps she’s newer to the force and he’s an old vet, so there is some Rookie remarks to get past, or perhaps she’s been on the force for a while.  I see them having a rocky start but they realized they are the only two they can rely on, most of the rest of the force would be happy that they quit.

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Scholarly Pursuits
Scholarly Pursuits  ●●●

Content: Adventure, Action, Humor, Fantasy, Romance, Power Struggle, Size Difference, possible Femdom

Setting: A fantasy world where magic is codified and part of everyday life, having made the civilized world comforted but much of the land still is wild and untamed.  The world is built on an older civilization little is known about, mages in universities working to decipher the past.

Story: A new discovery in the old ruins of Zakar points to a massive lost city that has sat for ages, though there is some discussion on the exact mathematics needed to triangulate based on the information in the map room.  Because of the argument and the various mathematical formulas, three separate locations are found.  The first two formulas are pretty standard and the most confidence is put in those especially where they point, it is a known hub of the Ancients.  But the third location, an outlier in the wastelands, must be checked out so it is decided a small team will check that out. 

A mage of a more scholarly slant is selected to head out into the wastelands and check out that there is nothing at the location.  Magical Universities are all about reputation and the board knows they can’t send one of their colleagues completely alone into the waist, it is awash with savages, bandits and monsters.  The mage is rather excited by the prospect and a little bothered that they think he needs protection though it makes sense once he learns of where the location is.  But when he meets the towering mass of a woman, he is a bit frightened by her but then hopes that is the point and the things out there will be as well.  Taking a ship to the last outpost of civilization, they head out on a cart into the wasteland. 

Against all odds, the outlier is the place and they find an ancient city buried for ages with secrets to tell after a long and perilous journey.  What they find though unleashes an ancient evil that has been locked away by the elder society, lost in oblivion.  And now it is free. The duo are the only ones with the tools and knowledge of the ancients now who can put the evil back in its prison, if not, it will lay waste to everything.  The question is can they even stand each other and work as a team when the world needs them the most. 

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the massive bodyguard who will tower over the mage and most humans.  It could just be a very large human, an orc or some other unique race you might have in mind.  It is meant to play on the size difference.  The woman should be fairly aggressive and strong, not a push over.  I see there being some conflict between the two but I also want lots of humor too, this should be a mix of serious, funny and even some romantic perhaps.  I do want to play with the size difference as it’s one of the reasons for the initial idea and not something I’ve delved into.  I’m open to there being a femdom aspect to the relationship between the woman and the mage, but it’s not a necessity.  Though I do see her being much more aggressive and outgoing than the scholar.  While she may be brutal in some aspects, that doesn’t mean she needs to be the typical dumb warrior, this is really up to my writing partner how they will want to work her personality.

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The Oni and the Maiden
The Oni and the Maiden ●●●

Content: Light or Dark Romance, Story-Driven, Emotional Struggle, Action, Adventure, Historical, Fantasy, Supernatural

Setting: Edo period Japan with fantasy elements.

Story: A lowborn samurai, Kotaro Ishikawa, was born out of blood and hatred.  A young man who watched his family slaughtered in a skirmish between two feudal lords, simple pawns in political maneuverings.  After downing one solider with a naginata, he pulled a katana from one of the fallen samurai in his village and did not stop until he’d butchered every last man attacking his village.  On that day, the Oni of Aomori was born in the blood of others.  Gathering what he could, he started a life as a ronin, leaving behind the dead including what had remained of his family in his small village.

As a ronin, he grew his name quickly and found service under a number of lords, proving his name quite well.  It was said there was not a more savage or deadly opponent on the battlefield, though some questioned his honor behind his back.  Despite his tactics, he did hold to bushido deeply as one of his few anchors, though he often acted like the demon he was named after when not in battle.  On one major battle, he got lost routing a number of warriors into the forested hills, only to be ambushed by a number of samurai.  It was only with ferocity and skill that got him out of the attack but not without being grievously injured.  Stumbling onto a shrine, he fell before it, covered in blood and dying.

Laying there, the shrine maiden approached him saying she could not help the stains on him but if he dedicated himself to the temple and its ideals, she could save him.  Without thinking it, he agreed.  And then, he is bound to the service of the goddess of the temple, to hunt down the demons and others doing harm in the land. 

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the shrine maiden who is forced to work with the samurai.  She should not be a push over and I see there being some back and forth between them.  I see her having some magic that can assist in the battle against the supernatural threats.  Their relationship could be a simple romance or a bit darker depending. 

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The Meaning of Words
The Meaning of Words ●●

Content: Light or Dark Romance, Consensual, Deception, Action, Adventure, War, Struggle, Psychological Struggle, Historical (possible FXF idea)

Setting: An alternative history of World War 1 and it’s end, it’s aftermath with some fantastical elements. The main setting would be in an alternative England.

Story: The war stretched on for years with entrenched forces dying by the thousands, nations ruined by blood and hatred.  Before the war a scientist had perfected creating life for his ill wife so she could have a child before she passed.  The technique for the homunculus was refined until beings could be fully formed and taught essential skills.  What was meant to be a step towards improving humanity was soon enough turned towards war as the first shots of World War 1 rang out. Like many other new technologies, the homunculi were turned towards war being made into great soldiers. Since they were not numerous, most were assigned to officers of well-off families who would afford to pay for them.

My character was an officer by field promotion having not been of any high birth, he was a simple man of a merchant family.  He met with the Major once and his homunculus who went everywhere with him. In a major offensive, his unit got pinched by the Germans with everyone slaughtered but him, left bleeding and broken under his men.  After major rehabilitation, he went back to civilian life and invested his saved up payroll in setting up a letter messenger delivery service combined with an Auto Memory Doll business.  Auto Memory Doll is a newer business where women are able to help people interpret their thoughts and feelings into a proper letter to communicate, started initially because of the large illiterate population.  It mainly employs women who dress up fancifully, hence the name.

He is informed by the army that the major he sparked up a friendship with has died and is delivered a message from him.  He asks him to see after his homunculi, wanting her to be free and experience a life of her own.  He was killed one of the last pushes and the woman that protected him was hurt badly, losing both arms and has been in a rehabilitation hospital having received metal prosthetic arms.  The man puts her in his delivery service to start. (This is based on the Violet Evergarden anime where she then goes into the Auto Memory Doll part but that is up for discussion depending on how we want to take the story.)  They are both recovering from the war and he has a lot of trouble though he hides it away as much as possible.  The story would follow them from when he brings her from the hospital and go from there.  If we want a little action we can also add in there are some dissidents.

What I'm Looking For:  I’m looking for someone to write the homunculus, and I’m totally ok with brainstorming a different name for the created people, it was the best I could come up with to make the spark of the idea work.  She would be a bit cold and more like a machine at first I imagine, more like a machine, not having had to deal with feelings or such.  She would have served her Major for a long time and perhaps there was feelings from him towards her, things that confused her, which she is looking for answers for.  She finds it hard to adapt from military life and still salutes and acts like she’s in the war in her manner, still an efficient soldier.  The idea it’s based off of the metal arms start at the bicep areas on both arms but it’s not a definite need, though the idea of some injury seems to feel right for the story.

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Necronomicon Abend
Necronomicon Abend ●●

Content: Dystopian Future, Horror, Action, Cyberpunk, Mystery, Sexual Tension, Powerplay, Age Difference

Setting: A Distopian Future.  A large city that have become countries unto themselves ruled by the powerful corporations who leach off the workforce filling it's concrete chambers.  A high tech world but underneath ancient cults maneuver to bring forth the Elder Gods back into the world from their lumbering slumber. 

Story:Daedalus Corporation is on the cusp of releasing the newest game as a follow up to the hugely popular Stygian Dark MMO. Maddox Black is a veteran of corporate security and has been tasked with hunting down a hacker messing with the company's system and spending false information. Chasing down info on the notorious hacker how surprised is he when the hacker tracks him down and shows clear evidence of deaths after a round of testing the new game, the disappearance of others. Maddox has always been loyal but he also has a code of honor. A dive into things finds a cult of ancient gods and strange mathematical code being introduced resulting in death and madness. Are these two people enough to stop the rise of the elder gods and the end of the aeon of man?

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the female hacker opposite my male detective.  Early on they may not even meet in person but only virtually or via old fashion voice/text.  Neither trust the other but she needs him, someone, on his side and he strangely holds to old ideals of wanting to know the truth.  It would be a cat and mouse game initially before they finally decide or are forced to partner up

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Hel Without You
Hel Without You ●●

Content:MxM, rebirth/reincarnation, Modern Fantasy, Norse, Androgyny, Romance, Action

Setting: A Modern American where the Norse Gods of old have been gathering for the coming battle of Ragnarok.  A world were mythical creatures and magic have come back and great portents of a coming end battle are starting to be seen. 

Story:A viking warrior and a shield maiden who've stood shoulder to shoulder in battle and found the fates had wrapped them together.  The found love in their arms but a glorious death was not in their cards, lost at sea to drown in the deep waters, holding each other until their last breath.  Their are many parts of the soul, per Heathen mysticism, and Hel has a surprising soft spot.... but a mischievous one.  She set their souls on to when the gods would reemerge for Ragnarok, needing mortal warriors on their side.  The timing was not right so the man was reborn first and has lived the life of a modern warrior but the shield maiden was reborn feeling confused, a man in the modern world.  What happens when the find each other again and feel the strange pull of fate, the ties of old lovers?  The idea of the end though doesn't suite Hel's thoughts so she tasks the two once they find each other to find a way to stop Ragnarok from coming and bringing a respite to the world for a little longer.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the male who holds the soul of the female warrior reborn into a male form.  I am seeing him as a more androgynous person though it is possible that they are more early stages of transition.  They are two warriors who once fought side by side and loved passionately together but now they face this strange obstacle of being in bodies that don't fit together as they once did.  At the same time, they are feeling the need to complete the task given to them by Hel, if only for their own sake, but they have been without each other for a while.  I see it as a complicated relationship especially when it comes to sexual expression, a conflict between their old souls and their new bodies.

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The Game
The Game ●●●

Content: Age difference, action, humor, modern fantasy, Power Struggle, Wrestling

Setting: The late 80' or 90's American set in Las Vegas or possibly New York for a more gritty wrestling feel and culture.  A small start up company trying to bank on a few known names from the big boys to help build up their brand and grown their name. 

Story:Inspired by an old idea, a veteran of wrestling is forced out of the sport by injury and addiction after starting to get some heat.  He is picked p by the newly started GLOW wrestling league to help out and lend itself a known name.  The former wrestling is hooked up with a woman who’d character has a dark back story but he doesn’t know that ancient spells are being used by the owner to bring in more eyes.  Slowly, the woman wrestler is becoming her character, whatever that is can be discussed, and the veteran is along for the ride and trying to help her.  This would be some 80’s goodness with what I imagine would be an interesting power dynamic as I imagine the female wrestler isn’t a push over as she becomes her character.

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for someone to play the female wrestler who has been assigned to the ring veteran.  Perhaps she's someone that's always wanted to wrestle or has family ties but is willing to put up with the stupid gimmicks to get in a wring and work with a legend.  Perhaps she's got a big personality to start out with but maybe not.  But as the character starts to take over and strange powers develop, she starts butting heads with the veteran and finally feels the need to set things straight who is in charge.  It would require the woman to be physically and mentally dominating though there may be periods where her old personality comes out.  I just see a rather complex relationship between the two because outside of the weirdness that is happening their careers are now tied to each other and are stuck with one another.

Dark Waters Run Deep
Dark Waters run Deep ●●

Content: Science Fiction, Horror, Supernatural, Light or Dark Romance,

Setting: A futuristic research and mining facility deep under the ocean.

Story:I’ve been obsessed with 80’s flicks lately and I watched an analyst of Underwater and it got me thinking of some various ideas.  The idea of combining something like Leviathan or The Abyss with Lovecraft’s The Temple.  A group of men and women have signed up for a research and mining operation in the deep blue, the deepest station built yet.  It is a minimum two-year tour.  In exchange everyone gets a piece of the profit, a stake in the endeavor.  The place is tight quarters and there is only so many people you can interact with.  Perhaps the two main characters have gotten together for a game of chess or a video game, so they are not strangers.

My first idea is the guy, my character, would be part security/part maintenance diver while the woman, your character, would be a scientist or engineer working on her own project while also working the mining.  They are fairly new to the base, the whole project is fairly new, and the woman wants to check out an unexplored area with the diver driving her out in a small sub.  There they discover what appears to be an ancient city underwater.  Eventually they get back but then something starts attacking the station and it’s a run to get off and get to safety.

There are a few ways this idea could go and I’m up to consider variations.  It could start undersea and they continue above water.  How dark the horror is can be adjusted in many ways, I’m open on most things.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the scientist or engineer in the underwater facility.  She will be a mental foil for the diver working to keep the facility up and running.  Perhaps they have a history or perhaps they just met when they were assigned here.  Something drover her to want to be away from civilization and deep under the water.

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The noble man stood. And the people looked to him. For he was a beacon - hope given form, yet still only a man. And within that truth there was a great promise. If one man could stand against the night, then so too could anyone - everyone.

In his strong hand the man held a Rose. And his aura burned bright.

When the man journeyed on, the people remembered. In his wake hope spread. But the man had a secret fear. His thoughts were dark. A sadness crept from the depths of his being. He had been a hero for so long, but pride had led him down sorrow's road.

Slowly, the shadows' whisper became a voice, a dark call, offering glories enough to make even the brightest Light wander. He knew he was fading, yet he still yearned.

On his last day, he sat and watched the sun fall. His final thoughts, pure of mind, if not body, held to a fleeting hope - though they would suffer for the man he would become, the people would remember him as he had been.

And so the noble man hid himself beneath a darkness no flesh should touch, and gave up his mortal self to claim a new birthright. Whether this was choice, or destiny, is a truth known only to fate.

In that cool evening air, as dusk was devoured by night, the noble man ceased to exist. In his place another stood.

Same meat. Same bone. But so very different.

- Destiny Volume One: Dark Mirror (Thorn, The Rose)



These were One shot ideas but I'm ok with considering making them a longer RP if interested.



Retired Ideas

Ideas that have never taken off or have been used and failed too often or are already in play.

The Legend of the Lone Ranger
The Legend of the Lone Ranger ●●

Content: Action, Adventure, Friends to More, Alternative History.

Setting: A fictional late 1800’s Texas

Story: Johnathan Reid was born on the plains of the expanding west, his parents trying to make a new life together.  Always out playing in the land, he stumbled on a young Indian girl who had stumbled into a coyote trap, the jaws holding her firm.  He helped her out and bandaged her ankle while hiding her away from the ranch hands after her.  They part ways but remain secret friends.  One day while out playing with his new friend, he returned home to find the house burning and his parents killed.  He ends up having to stay wit his friend’s tribe, living with them for two or three years before his uncle comes from back east to get him finally.

He is raised back east with his big brother for a few years but he goes back to Texas to join the rangers.  Jon goes on to college and gets a job working for the Secret Service.  One of his first assignments was to investigate strange reports of organized crime and possible sedition coming from upper Texas and into Indian Territory.  Jon enlist his brother Dan to help and when word reaches them of a recent attack, they gather a posse and head out.  But they are betrayed and ambushed by Bartholomew “Butch’ Cavendish, believing to have killed every one of them.  But Jon remains and he is found by his old friend who nurses him back to health.  Finding everyone corrupt in the area as he recovers, he realized there is only one option.  He will become a phantom working to bring down Butch’s organization with his friends help, though he refuses to cross certainly lines.  The Lone Ranger is born.

What I'm Looking For: Basically, looking for someone to play the gender swapped Tonto.  Obviously, some playing around with the original will be required so a different name and such.  I like the idea of this friendship blooming back up while also being vigilantes, and it possibly develops into more, and how that effects everything else.  Could him having deeper feelings push Jon to break some of his ideals to protect or save her?  It just feels like an interesting twist on a Legend that many people consider passé these days.

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A Silent Voice
A Silent Voice ●●

Content: Extreme, Dark Romance, Dub-Con, Revenge, Emotional Manipulation

Setting: A modern city.

Story: A younger man has had some rough bumps over the last few years.  Once a successful football player, an injury in college ended any prospect of going professional.  He was not the brightest student and had put a lot into his sports so with that out of the picture, he struggled and eventually had to drop out.  Soon after, his parents died in a car accident leaving him alone in the world as an only child.  He has had to get a menial job in a factory, working hard to keep a roof over his head. At this time, his high school sweetheart and the woman he’d loved so deeply dumped him hard, telling him what a poor man he was, and ran off with his best friend who was still playing.

The world felt cold and lonely so he was left feeling like he had no choice but to end his life.  He realized he’d made a lot of bad mistakes and went about making up for what he could.  Selling everything he had, he went about making up things to those from his past, thinking he had everything in order.  But he is walking down the bridge and standing at the edge ready to throw himself over when a woman grabs him to pull him back.  Looking at her, he realized he still hasn’t made things right and it feels like fate.  The woman in front of him was a young girl in school he used to pick on relentlessly because it’s what was expected, it kept the jackals from turning on him.

He chases after her and asks what he can do to make things up for her for what he did.  She is at a point in her life where she is a little angry and vindictive and after brushing him off once she decides she’s going to get her revenge for all the hurt he caused her.  And it did hurt because she liked him back then.  Eventually he may have to stay at her place to further him repaying her since he’s sold everything.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the woman who has a history with my character from school.  Perhaps her life is going good but some personal speed bumps in her life had made her feeling like that sad girl and willing to make her old tormentor pay.  He was practically asking for it anyway.

Additional Imagery: 1

Lost in the Blue
Lost in the Blue

Content: Science fiction, action, survival, worldbuilding

Setting: An alien planet composed of more than 75 to 85 percent water.  Life has evolved under the sea with huge creatures and complex cultures growing over the years.  An alien society exist outside of this planet, a highly technological society but this water planet is far off from their normal colonies.

Story:A ship crash lands on a planet where over 80 percent of the world is water, smashing into one of the great oceans.  The crash was sudden and only one crewman was able to get to an escape pod but it was so late they were in the atmosphere by the time it ejected.  The pod hits hard damaging systems.  The crew member is able to get out to way pod but is floating in the water far from the ship but scavenging though the survival kit he finds a water suit. Diving in, he has to contend with alien sea life, perhaps it is when he is nearly killed by one that he stumbles onto your character.  Perhaps she is a siren or mermaid of legend like those told on Earth, or maybe just a complete different lifeform.

She takes him back to her people but they are wary of one who does not breath water and his ship has woken one of the great Leviathan, an ill omen, along will destroying the homes of many sacred fish. She learns they are going to kill him, sacrifice him, after they give him permission to his ship, waiting to see what he brings back before killing him.  He goes to the ship and she goes with him, perhaps telling him what is going to happen.  Perhaps she has been a bit of an outcast in her society or lonely in it, so eventually she agrees to go with him to find land and a place he can perhaps call for help.

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for someone to play the alien woman who ends up trying to help the sole survivor and runs away with him.  She could be a loyal member of the society where it is difficult to do what she feels is right or perhaps she is an outcast so it's more dealing with her own dislike of him, helping him only to thumb his nose at her old tribes.  The exact nature of the alien is left up to your beyond it being fairly humanoid, for obvious reasons, but  she could be based more on the mythological creatures of earth or a whole made up look and culture.

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Her First
Her First


Setting: A Fantasy world with multiple kingdoms with varying levels of magic and technology. 

Story: Your character is the second most powerful woman in the realm as sister to the Queen. It is a matriarchal society where women are the rulers and intellectuals of the society and men live to service the females and know their place. The royalty are expected to maintain a harem of men as a sign of their status. The queen's sister has put off starting a harem even though she has the room for it but now her sister the Queen is forcing the issue by making her take the winner of the coming glatorial fights that are part of her sister's official coronation. The position of the 'First' is a high honor and gives the male a higher status among the society, though never close to equal of a woman,

My character is from a different society. He comes from a martial society where men rule the tribes but women rule the household. Although he is the chief's, many see him as weak and this is only worsened when their ship is damaged in a storm and the have to land on strange, foreign land. When one of his men kills a soldier, he insists on taking the full blame for it as their leader. Normally such an act would end in a death sentence but because of the exigent circumstances the woman presiding over thing offers him a chance to prove himself and secure his men's freedom by fighting in the games.

The man fights with a passion and ferocity never seen before quickly going through opponents. However, his last opponents is the new queens hand picked champion and he cheats to get an advantage over the foreign fighter. Blinded, MC puts up a good fight but is slowly whittled down until the death blow is about to fall. But your character saw the cheat but no one else has it seems, and this man is so different from the men of your land. You do the only thing you can do and award the Quebec's champion the victory but announce you are taking my character as your 'First'.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the female queen needing the gladiator on her side and willing to do whatever it takes to get them there.  Driven and determined.  There is multiple reasons for why she needs this but ultimately she should feel the need to get him under her yoke to do what she asks. 

Additional Imagery:

Away From the Sun
Away From the Sun ●●

Content: Dark Romance, Dub-Con, Obsession, Violence, Modern Fantasy, Alternate Universe, Emotional Manipulation

Setting: An alternative modern world where things lurk in the darkness and the broken among humanity find strange powers.  A modern, bustling city like Philadelphia where many live in poverty, struggling with physical and mental health in a world where they are forgotten. 

Story:Inspired by Split and Kiss the Girls, a strange tale about broken people.  This is a strange one I know but it’s intrigued me.  A woman is kidnapped by a strange man, hidden away.  He tells her she is special and something is coming for her.  The man is no normal though, different personalities visit her, hinting at one that doesn’t, the beast.  They have taken her to protect or, though others have agreed because they want to lure the enemy in.  Six personalities reside but the seventh is something more, something outside of the circle.  But in this idea the seventh personality is a dark protector, one meant to protect the chosen one and defeat the darkness.  I see this as being a more fantastical run-down mental health and broken people.  I would avoid any child personality as well just for reasons of comfort though there may be some weird ones but all things that can be worked out in brainstorming.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the woman that my character kidnaps to protect her.  Perhaps she is a runaway living on the street.  Or perhaps she is an abuse survivor trying to move past what happened to her as a kid but she knows she is broken, doesn't' fit in with the others around her.  The character is pretty open the main thing is that she have some issues as well, one more among the broken.  I imagine the relationship would be intense and a bit frightening with various personalities to contend with, learning each as the obsess over her.

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Fatal System Error
Fatal System Error ●●

Content: Futuristic, Sexual Tension, Action, Gentle Dominant, Violence,

Setting: A future city where robotics had become so ingrained in life it’s second nature.

Story: A women of repute, perhaps a well off business woman or a high family, has fallen into the sights of someone with lots of resources to do her harm.  Perhaps she crossed someone or decided not to do what was asked of hers, either way, she is in danger.  Not trusting human agents, she purchases a high end android bodyguard with new AI meant to make calculations behind the pale of any human.  He is quickly put into work and at first is a rousing success.

At first, he is a cold machine learning to understand how to deal with the woman and others around him.  The emotional processing programs are fairly experimental but still his logical circuits are always forefront.  It quickly comes to his attention that the woman’s urges and wants are becoming a danger to herself.  He realizes if left to her own, it is a perfect weakness that could be exploited by any assassin with any decent skill.  Considering this factor, he realizes his only option is to take control and give her what she needs.  At first, it may be purely for her own protection but he finds himself growing close to her as well, which can make some of his choices harder.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the businesswoman who’s in trouble and purchases the male android/bodyguard.  She should be fairly strong but also have some weaknesses, things that could be exploited.  Perhaps a drug issue or something along those lines.  Along with liking being dominated, seeing perhaps certain sex clubs, that he will have to fill eventually. 

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Breaking the Code
Breaking the Code

Content: Crime, Dark Romance, D/s, possible dub-con, violence,

Setting: A modern city in America, something like New York or Chicago.

Story: You character is a damn good hacker but sometimes she goes poking around places she really shouldn’t just for the challenge.  When she stumbles into a database held by one of the major players in the Russian Mob in the city, she finds herself on a list without even knowing it.  At first, they want her dead but their own tech expert talks about how he doesn’t even know how she got in, so the boss decides on a new plan.  To get her on the team at their beck and call, if possible.  So, a specialist is called in, one that will break her and hopefully make her more pliable to working for the group, all under his strict hand.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the hacker who has been poking her nose in stuff she shouldn’t and gets caught.  The hacker’s reason and personality are fairly open as is how the two will interact.  I see it as being fairly adversarial in the beginning but they could eventually start to have something more over time.  It can go as dark as preferred.

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The Lady of Pain
The Lady of Pain ●●

Content: High Fantasy, Supernatural, Extreme, Dark Romance, Possible Non-Con, Violence

Setting: A fantasy world with a complex political outlook and multiple factions to pull from.

Story: Once, they were children in love growing up in the country side holding onto silly romantic notions.  But such things cannot withstand the nature of the world.  Perhaps she saw a chance to improve her station, or perhaps it was her family.  But she was offered up to the local baron as a wife but when he died soon after the marriage she fell in the sight of the new king and has been the queen side.  The young man was left with a broken heart and a need to prove himself after the baron took her hand, joining the army to earn more money and rise above his station.  But the war dragged on and after a large clash with the barbarian tribes, he lay dying on the battlefield, remember his beloved, and her betrayal.  He offered himself up to the Lady of Pain, his very soul, if he could just extract his revenge.

The Lady does not receive many requests but this one intrigued her, as did the man.  She granted his request if he would make them all pay, be her avatar of pain in the world, which he readily agreed.  While it could go a more like Count of Monte Cristo style, I see it being more barbaric with him gathering an army of those outside the kingdom, barbarians, orcs and others to lead a campaign, finally taking the capital.  He finds the queen, remembering the girl he loved, and feels pangs of caring and hatred.  The king is taken away to be executed and he takes the queen to be an example to all of the kingdom of who rules now.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write the woman who was friends with the young man and for some reason rejected him when they were young.  Perhaps she is cold hearted and just wanted a better life or perhaps there was other reasons for why she did what she did.  Their relationship would be complex and rocky and it could go many different places.

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High School of the Dead
High School of the Dead ●●

Content: Emotional Struggle, Adventure, Forbidden Love, Horror, Light or Dark Romance

Setting: Modern Japan at the beginning of and during the first wave of zombies emerging in the small town, starting in a high school as classes start.

Story: Let me preface this one by saying I’m not a huge anime/mnaga fan but I do appreciate them, and have friends that are huge fans, and I grew up on Starblazers which was just a dubbed version of Space Battleship Yamoto.  But I do occasionally find the manga or anime that really is enjoyable and sticks with me.  Anyway, on with the idea.

I don’t want to play any Canon characters nor do I want my RP partner to write cannon too, unless they really want to for some reason.  Nor is knowledge of the manga/anime necessary.  The story starts in a high school when the dead suddenly start to walk.  A desperate bid to get to safety starts.  Cell service goes down.  People are becoming savage all around.  Eventually an EMP detonation is made making all tech useless.  The Airport is supposed to be where all the defense force has set up for evacuation but when you get there they are all dead, nothing is left.  What do you do now?

I am looking for a story that starts the day of, when the dead first attack, starting at the high school. My first idea is a TeacherxStudent pairing with the male teacher being an American, part of an exchange program so they don’t know their way around the city as well.  Another idea is a possible Step-parentxStep-daughter idea.  I don’t normally write multiple characters but I’d be willing to write a second male character as well if there is a preference.  I’m also pretty open to how the story unfolds, it can be a nice romance, a power play or even a D/s type relationship, I feel like there are many possibilities with the setting and characters.  It could even be turned into a RP for more than two writers but that would require some coordination I suppose.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to write a last year student who suddenly finds herself in a high school filling up with zombies and the dead.  There are really multiple ways it could go, she could be a more soft girl who needs help as she is trapped.  Or maybe she’s the strange goth girl who takes control but the numbers get too much until a teacher helps out.  Or perhaps she is the class president and a go getter.  A lot will be determined by the student’s personality. 

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Bad Luck
Bad Luck 

Content: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Steampunk, Light or Dark Romance

Setting: A fantasy steampunk world. 

Story:  Once, he’d been of the Obsidian Guard, a famed unit in the military known for being able to accomplish anything.  Often considered the elite of the elite, he was forced to run when he was framed for murdering a noble of the high house.  He only suspected he was a patsy used to further some political mechanization; it was evident quickly that no one was going to believe him.  Leaving his old life behind, he started making a new life being a hired gun and a rogue on the edges of society.  Still, having a shred of honor and care made it hard sometimes in a world of backstabbers and thieves and he often found himself on the bad luck of things.  It kept him moving a lot and also forced him not to be too picky about his clients. 

The newest job had promise in at least it seemed a simple job of delivering a case across the country, it even included a free airship ride.  He should have known it wasn’t going to be easy.  So when what appeared to be air pirates, they flew only a black flag, tried to board the ship he knew his luck was not going well.  But when those boarders turned out to be mercenaries mixed with some special assassins, he knew it was going downhill, especially when they didn’t give a damn about valuables.  They were going right to one of the female passengers, a noble from all the looks, and damn it to the seven hells, he wasn’t’ just going to sit back and let it happen.  The ship was starting to not look so good and they were in the middle of nowhere, which told him this was going to be a long day.

From here they could go on to adventure though the wilderness ala Romancing the Stone, to get to civilization and all the problems that may deal with since they are still being hunted.  All of the motivation and goals are all something to work out with a partner.

What I'm Looking For:  Looking for someone to play the noble woman.  My idea is for her to be someone with fire, think Princess Leia or the like.  She could be a foreign noble coming to the large kingdom for some reason or she could be related to the noble he was accused of trying to kill.  The story is pretty open.

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High Caliber

Content: Action, Romance, Powerplay, Violence, Sexual Tension, Age difference

Setting: A modern world with a secret criminal organization underneath borrowing many ideas from the John Wick movies.

Story: Inspired by John Wick, a former agent for a house of the High Table earned his exit by offering up a blood oath marker to another family.  It let him get out and try to have a normal light but that didn’t work out.  Now, alone in the world again, his marker is being called in and to refuse is to offer up a whole lot of trouble from the High Table.  The man he gave the blood marker too has given it to his daughter on his death bed, a daughter who is now in trouble as her power base is being taken away by another family.  Maybe she’s Russian or Triad, whatever is preferred, but she needs all the help she can get so she’s calling in the marker from the Oni.

It’s a fairly vague idea using the unique universe set up in John Wick movies as the basis.  I’m seeing two powerful people butting heads but the agent who’s been a protector and a killer forced to be second to a woman.  Perhaps there is some past to make them hate each other even more, plenty to be worked out in the future.  I was thinking the agent may be from either the Yakuza or another family, still not fully set in my head.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the woman who's recently inherited a criminal organization from her father who is now the target of multiple other families, perhaps even some inside her own.  She needs to be her own commanding force but wise enough to know she needs help and someone she can trust.  Really looking for someone who enjoys writing action scenes as I see this as being a pretty action packed story with a few breathers here and there, a lot of tension.  Someone who likes to write a bad-ass woman.

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