Seeking a Mix of F's (MUL)

Started by MagicalPen, June 04, 2010, 06:38:00 PM

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These are ideas where I am seeking two females - either two different players, or the same player taking on two roles.

Some of the characters are more dominant then others.

Some ideas don't really contain a Master/Sub relationship.

All relationships can be tweaked to my partners likings.

These are just the 'seeds' to get the thoughts going.

Any idea including 'Incest' can easily be switched to a no-incestuous relationship.

Some of these ideas can be classified as EX.

More ideas to come.

Double the Trouble

Professor Richards was a man in his 30's. He was a history professor at an all girls school and he had a very dirty secret: He wrote erotica.

No one knew this of course. It would cost him his job if the school ever found out and he didn't want that to happen. He wasn't married nor was he dating - he had always been sort of a nerd, an anti-social, a scholar. Despite his Erotica, which was posted online at Literotica, he was actually quite inexperienced when it came to women. For instance, it had been years since he had been laid and she had been a prostitute he had paid for. He'd only had sex - once - outside of her, in college, when a girl he was tutoring seduced him. It had been a one time thing, of course, but he didn't dwell on it anymore.

Now, he used his overly active imagination and own desires to write his Erotica. It was a way for him to get release, to escape into his fantasy world. Of course, it didn't help that he spent all day around blossoming young ladies all day. He had even used some of them as inspiration for his stories though no one knew he was a teacher. Little did he know that one of his students had discovered his secret, a browser of Literotica herself, having pieced things together.

Her name was Vicky and she was the most popular girl in school. She was always pushing boundaries, bending the rules, and seeing what she could get away with whenever she could. She flirted with all the teachers and had even been caught having sex with a boy from the nearby all-boys school in the dorm lavatory. She'd also been caught having sex with another girl. Apparently Vicky liked both girls AND boys. Professor Richards did have to admit that she had been the focus of several of his more taboo writings. He also suspected that there was something between Vicky and a quiet girl named Sarah.

Unknown to Professor Richards, he was right. Sarah was almost the complete opposite of Vicky, very conservative and shy. She always sat in the back of class and the few times he had viewed her socializing, she had always stood at the edge of the group of girls with her eyes downcast. What he didn't know was that Vicky and Sarah were room mates and had been exploring a lesbian relationship for some time now. Sarah had never been with a man and was very submissive to Vicky. But all of that was going to change.

Vicky still very much craved male attention. Professor Richards was the only man on campus and she wanted something steady, something reliable. She also wanted Sarahs first time with a man to be a pleasant experience and not have to deal with the fact that everyone would know within 24 hours that she had lost her virginity to Johnny. As much as Vicky loved men, she also hated them for some very good reasons.

Vicky planned on seducing the Professor into a relationship, even blackmailing him into it. She knew her secret and knew she would hold the power over him. Little did she know how inexperienced he was, but being in control had always turned her on.

Looking for a loving Vicky and an innocent Sarah.

Breaking a Slave

Mark and his wife Jessica were not your average couple. They were incredibly attractive, very wealthy, and were planning on kidnapping a young woman.

They'd been planning to do so for a month, wanting to spice up their relationship and their life at home. Having a little playtoy sounded like the best idea. They had been scoping out potential targets for a while before settling on her. They both found her very attractive and after some extensive research, discovered she had no family that would notice her missing. She was also known to frequent bars and had even had a few threesomes (with both couples, two guys, or two girls). She sounded like a perfect match.

Mark and Jessica arrived at the bar and were not disappointed when she arrived alone. Mark and the girl started flirting and he quickly introduces her to his 'open minded' wife. A half hour later things are getting hot and heavy in the backseat as the trio return to their home to have a night of fun together. But Mark and Jessica aren't planning on letting her leave in the morning.

Need a 'Mistress' Jessica and a Victim.

Blackmail in the Office

He had it. He had IT!

The proof was sitting right there, on his desk, in a manila envelopment. His own digging and a 'connected' friend had led to the discovery. He couldn't believe it at first, but after checking and rechecking and rechecking the information again, and it was all certainly there. His Boss and her Secretary were swindling the company out of millions!

He didn't know how anyone hadn't found out yet, but it was there. The numbers didn't add up, the back-room, under-the-table deals. It was a classic and no one had discovered them! Until now, until he did. The thoughts of the possibilities of what would happen now flooded his mind.

Did he expose them? Did he get promoted due to his 'service'? Did he get a massive raise? Employee of the year? It was all so much, he didn't know what to do. But then it came to him.


Both Secretary and Boss were attractive women and he was very much a single guy. Maybe he'd have a little fun with them, at their expense, before handing them in. But his new found power, his control over them, leads to far more then just messing around with them.

Looking for a Female Boss in this one. Female Secretary Role has been filled.

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lips and thorns

Very interesting ... ;-) I'd be interested in playing either of these, particularly the second.

Le Immortelle

Interested in playing Vicky! Love the concept.


Hello there...umm i'd be interested in pl-playing Sarah, if you wouldn't mind that is... I mean, If it's okay... *blush*
;D Yuugi-chan ;D (discord is Princess_Vegeta #1438)

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Can do either role of the second RP if can.


I wouldn't mind playing the victim in the second RP.
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PM's have been sent to everyone who posted here.

Updated Original Post with 1 New Idea (Blackmail in the Office).

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